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The Black Professionals News
Volume 1 Issue 3
June 2011
June is Black Music Month
Philadelphia’s Wawa Welcome America! Fourth of July Jam
An impressive line-up of world-class musicians
will perform the largest free concert in America on
July 4th in Philadelphia.
Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that four
time Grammy award-winning band The Roots will
headline Philly’s Fourth of July Jam during Wawa
Welcome America! The band and their Musical
Director ?uestlove will be performing their set as
well as sets with special guests Earth, Wind and Fire,
Michael McDonald, Estelle, Sara Bareilles, DJ Jazzy
Jeff and more on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
The concert will also include a special
tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Gamble and
Huff’s iconic Philadelphia International Records,
“The Sound of Philadelphia.”
“Philly’s Fourth of July Jam is one of the many
reasons why Philadelphia is the place to be to
celebrate July Fourth,” said Mayor Nutter. “There
truly is a musical act for everyone, and a few
surprises are even in store. You don’t want to miss
this concert, on the last and biggest night of Wawa
Welcome America!”
The all-star cast of musicians will perform
nearly every genre of music from R&B and hip hop
to rock and funk for the largest free concert in
America, followed by a spectacular fireworks
show, with the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a
dramatic backdrop.
Musical Director ?uestlove states, “We are
excited to help put together such a great show!
Philly’s a natural fit for the Fourth of July concert–
The Fourth of July on the Parkway should be what
New Year’s Eve in Times Square is to New York.”
Additional big-name entertainment is scheduled
throughout Wawa Welcome America!, June 24 –
Photos: ?uestlove, who will take on the role as musical director of the Wawa Welcome America! concert on the
Benjamin Franklin Parkway on July Fourth, and Tariq sign an autographed photo for Mayor Michael Nutter, as a
keepsake after the kickoff event with Melanie Johnson City Representative.
Photos by Tony Webb/ City of Philadelphia, Office of the City Representative
July 4, 2011. Popular jazz and blues musicians,
including Aaron Neville and Gerald Veasley, will
take the stage at Penn’s Landing during Taste of
Philadelphia, the Festival’s signature culinary event
June 24 – June 26. And, starting off the amazing
Festival is a showcase concert at The Dell Music
Center in Fairmount Park featuring Nancy Wilson. It
takes place on Thursday, June 23 and is a ticketed
The music of our Nation has always spoken to the condition of our people
and reflected the diversity of our Union. African-American musicians,
composers, singers, and songwriters have made enormous contributions to our
culture by capturing the hardships and aspirations of a community and
reminding us of our shared values. During African-American Music
Appreciation Month, we honor the rich musical traditions of African-American
musicians and their gifts to our country and our world.
From the cadenced hums of spirituals to the melodies of rhythm and blues,
African-American music has been used to communicate, to challenge, to praise,
and to uplift in times of both despair and triumph. The rhythmic chords
embedded in spirituals have long expressed a deep faith in the power of prayer,
and brought hope to slaves toiling in fields. The soulfulness of jazz and
storytelling in the blues inspired a cultural renaissance, while the potent words
of gospel gave strength to a generation that rose above the din of hatred to move
our country toward justice and equality for all.
Today, African-American musicians continue to create new musical genres
and transform the scope of traditional musical formats. The artistic depth of soul,
event. For more Wawa Welcome America! event
highlights visit www.welcomeamerica.com. Wawa
Welcome America! is a multi-day festival that
celebrates America’s birthday in America’s
birthplace, Philadelphia, and is produced by
Welcome America, Inc.
rock and roll, and hip-hop not only bring together people across our Nation,
but also energize and shape the creativity of artists around the world. The
contributions of African-American composers and musicians to symphony,
opera, choral music, and musical theater continue to reach new audiences and
encourage listeners to celebrate fresh interpretations of these and other genres.
In cherished songs passed down through generations and innovative musical
fusions crafted today, African-American music continues to transcend time,
place, and circumstance to provide a source of pride and inspiration for all who
hear its harmonies. This month, we celebrate the legacy of African-American
music and its enduring power to bring life to the narrative of our Nation.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of
America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of
the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2011 as African-American Music
Appreciation Month. I call upon public officials, educators, and all the people of
the United States to observe this month with appropriate activities and programs
that raise awareness and foster appreciation of music which is composed,
arranged, or performed by African Americans.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this
thirty-first day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the
Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.
2 Black Professionals News • June 2011
The City's Procurement Department and the Office of Economic
Opportunity have reached an agreement with the general contracting firm of
Ernest J. Bock & Sons, Inc. (EBS) to address alleged irregularities identified in
the City Controller's Auditor's Report of July 2010 concerning EBS's
compliance with the City's Antidiscrimination Policy, and the City's
administration and enforcement of the Policy in connection with the
construction of the building exterior and certain interior work for the new
“connector” building between Terminals D and E and the Philadelphia
International Airport.
In a joint effort to address the alleged irregularities in the Controller's Report
concerning compliance with and enforcement of the Policy, EBS and the City
have agreed to undertake the following actions.
First, EBS has and will continue to voluntarily refrain from bidding on any
City or City-related contracts until April 1, 2012. This extends the period of
negotiated withdrawal from the City's procurement process that began with
EBS's withdrawal of its low bid on another airport contract in August 2010, and
will total approximately twenty (20) months.
Second, EBS and the City will jointly prepare, develop, and present a series
of workshops and seminars to provide contractor integrity education and
strengthen the capacity and independence of ready, willing, and able minorityowned companies participating in City contracts. EBS will collaborate with the
Office of Economic Opportunity on the content of this series and will fund this
effort. The educational effort will focus on compliance with contractual
obligations, and technical assistance for minority-owned businesses. In addition,
the workshops will also address the potential legal consequences of violating the
City's Anti-Discrimination policies.
Mayor Nutter offered his view on the agreement: "This agreement with EBS
is unprecedented with regard to the City procurement process. It accomplishes
two key goals: it demonstrates that the City has turned a corner using a new
approach to enforce M/W/DSBE provisions in its contracts, and it puts
contractors who want to do business with the City on notice that practices that
circumvent equal opportunity goals will not be tolerated in any way, shape or
form. We said more than three years ago that it was a new day, and this
agreement demonstrates our resolve. We mean what we say.”
City Procurement Commissioner Hugh Ortman said, “We are now going to
be taking a closer look at those who seek to do business with the City,
especially with respect as to how M/W/DSBE contractors will be included in the
competitive bidding process as we move forward.
City Controller Alan Butkovitz said, "This agreement is a first step in
ensuring that when vendors are awarded City contracts, they will follow through
with their commitment to the City by fulfilling their minority participation goals
in accordance with the contract."
Angela Dowd-Burton, Executive Director for the Office of Economic
Opportunity, expressed her commitment to working with EBS on this
educational endeavor. "Building a portfolio of qualified M/W/DSBEs able to do
business with the City and in the private sector at a higher level is what we strive
to achieve.”
Thomas Bock, Vice-President of EBS, expressed his enthusiasm to work
with the City in order to improve awareness and appreciation for the City's
Anti-Discrimination policies: "Ernest Bock & Sons is eager to assist the City in
developing a universal understanding among contractors performing public
works contracts that, with our efforts, the Philadelphia construction industry will
be able to provide invaluable, and much-needed assistance in the development
of a quality MBE, WBE, and DSBE program.”
Rahel Solomon reports for the Black Professionals News and aspires to be an all
platform multimedia journalist. She is currently a Reynolds’ fellow at Maynard
Institute’s Multimedia Editing Program at the University of Nevada in Reno, NV.
Prior to her fellowship at Maynard she participated in the Poynter Fellowship
for College Journalists in St. Petersburg, Fl.
Black Professionals News • June 2011 3
TUESDAY, June 21, 2011, 11:00am CH: Press Conference, Mayor's Reception,
Room 202. Presention of City Resolution to PHILAFILM and introduction of
Robrt Minor, III, Keynote Speaker ofr PHILAFILM's Information Technology
Career Conference.
WEDNESDAY, June 22, 2011, 7:30pm - 10:00pm, HH: "Icon Series" screening
featuring KARL MALDEN in "On The Waterfront" and five (5) short subjects
by local Independent filmmakers. FREE.
THURSDAY, June 23, 2011, 5;00pm, workshop - "Merchadising &
Distribution of Music Content In The Digital Marketplace...MARKET
MIKE CASH, RAY GEISSL, panelists...FREE; 6:00pm - 7:20pm, tribute to
"Icon" LENA HORNE, screening of "Stormy Weather"...FREE; 7:25pm "Teachers: What They Have to say", CLAUDE PARKER, Dir., USA, 201º0,
33:00, color, DVD, ENG. Documentary...teachers and administratrs and students
of all ages are interviewed on hoe the proession affects them; 8:00pm "American Teacher", NINEVE CALEGARI, Dir., USA 2011, 81:00, color,
DVD, ENG., DOC. "American Teacher" tells the collective story of those
closest to the issues in our educational system - the 3.2 million teachers who
spend each day in classrooms; 9:25pm - "Alana", BERNARD GRAY, Dir., USA,
2011, 30:00, color, DVD, ENG. Short Subject..."Alana" delves deep into the
psyche of a woman broken by life, her quest for love leads to greater despair
which proves to be fatal; 9:30pm - "Paradise Cove", JACOB CLAPSADLE,
Dir., USA, 2011, 96:00, color, DVD, ENG., Feature...In this film noir, a young
hoodlum tries to uncover the truth about his father's murder in a shadowy and
corrupt waterfront town (BEN GAZZARA and KAREN BLACK costar);
FRIDAY, June 24, 2011, 8:30am, LH: PHILFILM's Information Technology
Career Conference, LOEWS Hotel, 12th & Market Streets, HOWE Auditorium,
ALLIED SPECTAGUARD...resumes are accepted by these companies, dress for
job interviews; 12:30pm, SENIORS Day...reception, screening, "The Secret",
TYLER A. CZAJKOWSKI, Dir., TEMPLE UNIV., USA, 2010, 7:05, color,
Sunset Jazz Music Series
Camden Waterfront
Enjoy a night on the Delaware River and see
the hottest Jazz artists perform on the Wiggins
Park Riverstage.
June 28, 2011
Opening Sunset Jazz Concert
The Soul Rebels Brass Band
DVD, ENG., Student...Dr. Vancouver is called into a hospital to try to discover
a very dark secret held by one of his patients; 12:45pm, "Cry of the City: The
Legend of Cornbread Pat I", DARRYL MCCRAY, Exec. Producer, USA, 60:00,
color, DVD, ENG., ...this documentary chronicles the life of "Cornbread" who
is credited as being the "father" of urban graffitti and Hip-hop; 2;10pm, "Free
Man", TARIK TANRISEVER, Dir., TURKEY, 163:00, color, DVD, Turkish
w/English subtitles, Feature...this is a real story that tells about a man's life who
was an influential philosopher, Said Nursi, living in TURKEY between 1877 and
SATURDAY, June 25, 2011, 12:00noon, AAMP: workshop, Content &
Distribution In the Digital Marketplace, focusing on trends in digital marketing
of films, television programming and internet-online distribution - panelists,
ART HARTELL, Esq, motion picture & television technical consultant, ADAM
MOORE, Diversity Directo, Screen Actors Guild, DARLA HENNING, on-line
producer and distributor, TONY REGUSTERS, film & television Director,
Producer; 2:05pm, "Heartbreak", KENYA CAGLE, Dir., USA 85:00, feature;
3:30pm "Warrior Queen", HEZEKIAH LEWIS, Dir., GHANA/USA, 25:00,
Color, DVD, Twi W/English subtitles, short subject..."Warrior Queen" reveals
the powerful, yet intimate story of Nana Yah Asantewao, a legendary Ghanaian
queen who led the Ashanti Fang clan in a war against their British colonizers;
4:05pm; "Superfly: The True Untold Story of Frank Lucas", RON CHEPESIUK,
Dir., USA, 60:00, 2010, color, DVD, ENG. DOC...Frank Lucas, the much
touted, new-era Harlem, "gangsta' " is this film's opus; 5:10pm, "Ike Atkinson,
Kingpin: In His Own Words", RON CHEPESIUK, Dir., USA, 63:00, color,
DVD, ENG., ...this documentary chronicles "gansta' " Ike Atkinson who was
featured in the television series, American Ganster; Ike Atkinson will be on-hand
to autograph his latest book; 6:15pm, "The Magic of Giving", MARC
DUNSTON, Dir., USA, 30:00, color, DVD, ENG., TV Series ...using the power
of "Magication," Magic Marc kids teaches kids the wonders of the sea, on-location at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia; 6:50pm, "Punch Me",
ROBERT X. GOLPHIN, Dir., USA, 14:00, color, DVD,ENG., short subject...a
young man is frustrated y his inner self, unable to shed it, he seeks escape by trying to punch out the evils that plague him; 8:00pm, Awards Ceremony
Reception; 9:00pm, gala black tie Awards Ceremony.
For information call Larry Smallwood, [email protected]
& Glen David Andrews 8pm
July 12, 2011 Steve Turre Quintet 8pm
August 16, 2011 Gerald Veasley's
Electric Mingus Project
featuring Carol Riddick 8pm
July 26, 2011 Tribute to Rick James & Teena
Marie featuring UGO Urban Guerilla Orchestra
August 30, 2011 Grover Washington Legacy
Band featuring John Blake, Doc Gibbs, Tyrone
Brown & more! 8 p.m.
August 02, 2011 Ramsey Lewis
and his Electric Band
The Sun Goddess Tour 8pm
For more information www.ccparks.com
4 Black Professionals News • June 2011
NAACP, Wells Fargo open
Financial Freedom Center
to assist ethnic consumers
The NAACP has opened the NAACP Financial Freedom Center, the
next phase of a groundbreaking agreement with Wells Fargo & Co. to provide
financial education and banking resources to consumers. The Center will be
the headquarters of the NAACP Financial Freedom Campaign, an initiative to
influence change in the banking industry, prevent unfair mortgage lending
practices, protect the community against predatory mortgage lending
practices, improve fair credit access, and promote sustainable
homeownership, financial education and wealth building strategies in
historically disadvantaged communities.
The agreement with Wells Fargo and NAACP was initiated last year and
through this partnership, Wells Fargo became the first bank to endorse the
NAACP's Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles. The agreement also
includes a process for sharing data, assessing Wells Fargo's lending and
servicing practices, and a shared accountability for progress.
The NAACP Financial Freedom Center will provide workshops on topics
such as money management and home preservation through partnerships with
community groups in the D.C. area. The Financial Freedom Center will serve as
a base for NAACP units across the country to learn and organize around
financial and economic empowerment. It will also hold gatherings to
educate leaders in the financial industry about the historical impact of racial
discrimination and best practices in achieving racial equity.
The Financial Freedom Center will be staffed by a team of NAACP
professionals. Volunteers from nonprofit organizations, financial institutions
such as Wells Fargo, and others will be on site at the Center and across the
country to provide guidance in such areas as home preservation, attaining a
mortgage, credit repair and more.
"We applaud Wells Fargo for agreeing to increase financial education and
wealth building opportunities tailored to communities of color," stated NAACP
Chairman Roslyn Brock. "This partnership will increase awareness and assist
minority consumers in making informed decisions regarding financial products
and services."
"Our aim is to change mortgage lending industry practices that have
shattered families and neighborhoods and to rebuild our communities," stated
NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. "We commend Wells Fargo
for voluntarily providing us increased access to information on its business
practices that will allow the NAACP to better assess its lending practices and
continue our mandate of protecting and advocating for our communities.
Direct Placement, Temporary & Temp -to Hire Staffing Solutions
Whether you need to fill a permanent role or require
temporary assistance. We undertake to deliver the top
candidates who meet your specific requirements.
We are a full service staffing company that provides:
6703 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia PA 19119
Cool Out radio host and indie feature filmmaker Tim Greene takes the show
on the road with his “Discover Your Greatness 20 City Tour”. The tour rewards
kids in underprivileged areas with great grades in school with free workshops,
prizes and cd’s that will teach kids and parents how to be more focused future
business owners and multi millionaires.
I also have a new generation of very young kids pledge to use the new “B
Word” when they address females. That new “B Word” is “Beautiful”. When I
had the males use the word every females face in the house lit up with happiness.
I also have “Make It Rain With Greatness” parties for the exceptional young
ladies at the events. Instead of thinking about making it rain on a female in the
club for dancing, grandma and the whole family makes it rain when their
daughter brings home good grades from school. Then after I leave each city it is
up to each community to keep the “Make It Rain With Greatness Parties” going
on every report card period. Tim is now shooting an inspirational short film that
he will give away for free on the Internet this coming fall after the film's
Hollywood debut on July 19th 2011.
Tim Greene’s discover your greatness tour will also hit New York City, Los
Angeles, Chicago, Texas, Washington D.C. and Baltimore over the next two
months. For more info call: (213) 399-0600.
Working together, we can address problems before they affect our community
and provide the financial education needed to strengthen the movement taking
place for sustainable financial strategies and real wealth building."
"We take very seriously our commitment to responsibly serve all customers
across the credit spectrum and are working with partners across the nation to
increase homeownership, prevent foreclosures, and stabilize African American
communities. We are pleased to work side-by-side with the NAACP to provide
financial education to those who are struggling to put their lives back together
again," said Jon R. Campbell, executive vice president of Social Responsibility
at Wells Fargo. "In the spirit of collaboration, the NAACP is already providing
valuable input into programs being planned to make further improvements in our
consumer outreach, education programs and our foreclosure prevention efforts."
Black Professionals News • June 2011 5
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6 Black Professionals News • June 2011
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Black Professionals News
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Black Professionals News • June 2011 7
8 Black Professionals News • June 2011
New Jersey News
Landry’s Announces Restaurant Opening in
Conjunction with Purchase of Trump Marina
Landry’s, Inc. announces the opening of Chart House at The Golden Nugget
Atlantic City, *formally the Trump Marina, adding to their list of spectacular
waterfront locations.
The prestigious collection of 30 Chart House restaurants is known for
stunning views and delectable fare. Chart House’s spectacular waterfront
locations on the East Coast include highlights such as John Hancock’s restored
18th-century office on Boston’s Long Wharf; Annapolis’ Eastport location with
views of the City Dock, U.S. Naval Academy and the state capitol; the
Alexandria location situated on the Potomac River offers spectacular views of
the Capitol dome and Washington Mall; Philadelphia’s scenic location with
expanded riverfront dining areas and the Weehawken location overlooking the
Hudson River and glistening New York City skyline.
“The opening of this Chart House marks a special occasion as this will be
our 30th location,” said Tilman Fertitta, chairman and CEO of Landry’s, Inc.
“We have been hard at work renovating the first phase of the property so that we
can give our patrons something fresh and exciting that reflects the new spirit of
the Golden Nugget. The addition of this concept is just one of the many exciting
changes patrons will experience over the next few months as we prepare for a
complete transformation.”
Extensive renovations have been completed on the Chart House space
including all new furnishings, flooring and wall finishes, custom light fixtures,
chandeliers and contemporary art. Additionally, the bar area is being renovated
and expanded to include televisions and lounge seating overlooking the
spectacular marina view. The exterior of the Chart House has been totally
refinished and enhanced with new signage and awnings. The new exterior look
will provide patrons with a preview of what the modifications to the entire
casino and hotel building exterior will look like upon completion.
Chef Carl Colucci, is excited to share his passion for seafood and fine
dining. As Executive Chef of Chart House in Atlantic City, he brings
extraordinary skill and creativity to the table with sumptuous and artful seafood
specialties. Chef Colucci has acquired more than 30 years experience as Chef at
various upscale restaurants in Atlantic City and New York. Known for his
culinary ingenuity, Chef Colucci was educated at the Culinary Institute of
America in Hyde Park, New York. He's a "hands-on" culinary professional with
considerable experience in Italian, French, American, and Continental cuisine.
The menu is tailored to complement local cuisine while introducing a taste
of the exotic - menu items change daily depending on seasonal availability.
Menu Highlights include:
• Pan Seared Scallops
• Macadamia Crusted Mahi
• East Meets West Tuna
• Slow Roasted Prime Rib
• Hot Chocolate Lava Cake
The Atlantic City Chart House is located right on the water and the interior
features a fresh and vibrant décor and a beautiful view. This spacious restaurant
offers plush seating to watch the sun set over the water with an unparalleled view
of magnificent Farley Marina.
With a renowned menu, an incomparable setting and impeccable service, the
Chart House boasts at 60-seat private room which is the ideal place to host
business functions, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, birthday celebrations
and anniversary parties.
Chart House will be open for Lunch Monday through Friday 11:30 A.M. to
3:00 P.M. beginning May 27th. Dinner Service is 3:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday 12 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Happy
Hour is Monday through Friday 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M with fantastic
appetizers and a assortment of cocktail and wine offerings. Reservations are
recommended. Please call 609- 340- 5030 or visit chart-house.com.
The Golden Nugget Atlantic City, located on the Frank S. Farley state
marina will serve as a premier resort destination, offering guests more than 700
rooms and suites. The entire property is currently under renovation and will take
on a fresh, modern look to include a high-energy casino featuring the most
popular slot and video poker machines, table games, race and sports book, and
poker room; nightly entertainment, new bars and lounges, stylish retail offerings,
as well as Landry’s signature world-class restaurants such as Chart House and
Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse; a luxury spa and salon; and H20 poolside lounge.
New owners, Landry’s, Inc, will introduce first-class accommodations,
exquisite dining options and fun-filled entertainment venues unlike anything
else available in Atlantic City, with all renovations slated for completion by late
Fall, 2011. The Golden Nugget has already established strong brand recognition
worldwide with locations in both Las Vegas and Laughlin, NV.
Hotel reservations and additional information are available by calling
800-777-8477or by visiting online at www.goldennugget.com.
Landry’s is a national, diversified restaurant, hospitality and entertainment
company principally engaged in the ownership and operation of high end and
casual dining restaurants, primarily under the names of Rainforest Cafe,
Saltgrass Steak House, Landry’s Seafood House, Claim Jumper, Bubba Gump
Shrimp Co. and The Chart House as well as the Signature Series: Vic &
Anthony’s, Brenner’s Steakhouse, Grotto, LaGriglia, Pesce, Willie G’s and
Oceanaire. The Company is also engaged in the ownership and operation of
hospitality businesses, including the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos in Las
Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada, the Kemah Boardwalk, the San Luis Resort, Inn at
the Ball Park and the Downtown Aquarium in Denver and Houston.
The ACES (Atlantic City Express Service) train, connecting New York and Atlantic
City, has announced its summer schedule. Convenient and Direct Service Between New
York City and Atlantic City Starts at $29.
"ACES is committed to offering our riders a variety of options to make the most of
a weekend getaway," said Jennifer Weissman, Regional Vice President of Marketing for
Caesars Entertainment. "With this new summer schedule, more travelers will be able to
ride conveniently between New York and Atlantic City again. We look forward to
another great summer which is already jam-packed with concerts, festivals and events
taking place at Borgata, Caesars and Harrah's Resort."
The joint venture partnership between Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah's Resort
Atlantic City and Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa remains committed to ACES, which has
proven to be a valuable marketing tool not only for the partner properties, but for
Atlantic City Summer
Youth Jazz Camp
The Chicken Bone Beach Historical Foundation
Inc, advocates of jazz music, presents, for the first
time, the opening of their Summer Youth Jazz Camp
in collaboration with the Richard Stockton College's
Carnegie Library Center in Atlantic City, N.J.
Chicken Bone Beach Historical Foundation,
INC will present a five week jazz camp, starting
Tuesday, July 5th 2011. The camp, which provides
Atlantic City.
With only one stop in Newark, the two-and-a-half hour ACES trip offers passengers
upgraded leather seating, both first - and coach-class travel experiences as well as a
lounge available for private booking. First-class seating is found on the upper deck of
the train and features seat-side food and beverage service. Purchase of the lounge offers
customers four seated tickets with the opportunity to invite friends along to socialize in
a relaxed atmosphere complete with four plasma televisions, table-top space and group
seating. The ACES train makes various round trips every weekend.
musical workshops, connects the youth to professional and master musicians who teach them the
legacy, skills and traditions of Jazz while serving as
positive role models.
Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 9
am to 3pm at the Carnegie Library Center located at
35 South Dr. MLK Jr Blvd in Atlantic City. The
camp is open to Atlantic County area Middle and
High School students. The camp starts Tuesday July
5th 2011 thru August 4th 2011 and will culminate in
a performance that will include youth from across
the region at Kennedy Plaza on the boardwalk in
Atlantic City. The performance on August 4th is at
7pm and is free and open to the public.
Chicken Bone Beach strives to carry on the
legacy of culture and family values in the Atlantic
City Community
The CBBHFI Summer Jazz Camp is sponsored
this year in part by Richard Stockton College and
donations from participating parents and interested
citizens from throughout the Delaware Valley.
For more information and how to become a
sponsor, please contact: Cynthia Primas, CBBHFI
Project Consultant- 856-577-8337
Black Professionals News • June 2011 9
New Jersey News
Caesars Entertainment Announces LineUp for 2011 Food Network Atlantic City
Food and Wine Festival
Celebrity Chefs Sunny Anderson, Guy Fieri, Robert Irvine, and Pat & Gina
Neely, to Host the Third Annual Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival from
July 28-31, 2011
Tickets are on sale now at www.acfoodandwine.com
Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City and Food Network proudly present the
third annual Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, set to kick off on Thursday,
July 28, with events throughout the weekend and concluding on Sunday, July 31,
2011. The festival, which will take place across all four Caesars Entertainment
Atlantic City casino and resorts - Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Showboat & Bally’s
- will feature some of the culinary world’s most renowned chefs, including
Sunny Anderson, Guy Fieri, Robert Irvine, Pat and Gina Neely. The 2010
Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival was a tremendous success, and this year
promises further growth.
This year’s festival will present a bevy of exciting gastronomic talent on
both a national and local scale. In addition to Sunny Anderson, Guy Fieri, Robert
Irvine, and Pat & Gina Neely, the 2011 Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival will
showcase culinary luminaries such as Gary Moterosso, Michael Green, Divya
Gugnani, author of Sexy Women Eat, various Cooking Channel personalities,
and Caesars Entertainment’s top in-house culinary talents. The festival will offer
more than 30 events such as cooking demonstrations, wine and spirits seminars,
and walk-around tasting events. Some of the highlights include:
• The Grand Market: This world of indulgence will excite, inspire and amaze
as you eat and drink your way through this tasting village. Showcasing more
than 125 stations featuring food, wine, spirits, ales and more from world
renowned restaurants and brands, experience it all during a three-hour journey.
• Chefs on Stage: Your favorite Food Network stars take the stage at Circus
Maximus Theater at Caesars Atlantic City for a series of exciting culinary
demonstrations. Get closer than ever to your favorite celebrity chefs.
• Sweet & Stylish Hosted by Sunny Anderson: Blending designer fashion
and sensual desserts, Sunny Anderson will showcase specialty cocktails while
featured chefs serve their favorite desserts and models walk the catwalk in
today’s trendiest fashions.
• Guy Fieri’s Cheesesteak Battle: Regional chefs go head-to-head in the
ultimate battle of the best judged by Guy Fieri and event participants to see who
will receive the award for top cheesesteak.
• Restaurant Invasion: Join Food Network chef and personality Robert Irvine
as he invades the kitchen at Caesars. Robert puts his own twist on the foods
specific to the garden state in this one of a kind festival dining experience.
• Beers, Blues and BBQ: Bringing together 20 craft beers, mouthwatering
BBQ from Pat and Gina Neely, and live blues music, last year’s most popular
event makes its return to The House of Blues for another session of cool grooves,
stellar brews and tasty barbeque.
• Harrah’s Resort Viking Cooking School: A major hit from 2010’s festival,
come stop by the Viking Cooking School at Harrah’s Resort for a hands-on
experience with some of the finest Cooking Channel talents. Festival goers are
taught how to prepare true gourmet flare in a relaxing and fun environment.
"Atlantic City is rapidly evolving into a culinary destination and Food
Network is thrilled to once again be partnering with Caesars Entertainment,"
said Sergei Kuharsky, General Manager, New Enterprises, Food Network. "The
Caesars teamwere wonderful hosts to our talented culinary team last year and we
look forward to cooking and entertaining new and returning guests of the
festival this summer.”
Building on the success of past festivals, Caesars Entertainment has
remained focused in expanding their culinary experience for visitors.
Undergoing a complete gastronomic revolution, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic
City has partnered with national restaurateur Stephen Hanson to open three new
restaurants, just in time for the 2011 summer, with Dos Caminos, set to open late
May, Bill’s Bar & Burger and Atlantic Grill at for mid-June. Additionally,
renowned chef Luke Palladino, famous for his seasonal Italian cuisine, will be
making his return to Atlantic City with the opening of his latest venture: Luke
Palladino at Harrah’s Resort, set to open in May.
“Caesars Entertainment has fantastic events planned this year and none is
bigger than the return of the Food Network Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival
in late July,” said Jennifer Weissman, Regional Vice President of Marketing for
Caesars Entertainment. “We have a talented line up of chefs for the Festival,
including our new chefs from Dos Caminos, Bill’s Bar & Burger and Atlantic
Grill, along with celebrity chef, Luke Palladino. Atlantic City is such a great
destination for entertainment all year long, summer festivals and other City-wide
events such as the AC Boardwalk Rodeo, the Fourth of July Fireworks and the
AC Air Show. These events showcase how Atlantic City continues to evolve as
the Entertainment Capital of the East Coast,” continued Weissman.
Food Network, now distributed to over 100 million cable subscriber households, connects viewers to the power and joy of food and is committed to leading
by teaching, inspiring and empowering through its talent and expertise. Its
partnership with Atlantic City further represents Caesars Entertainment’s
commitment to providing one-of-a-kind signature events in Atlantic City
showcasing the highest caliber talent while promoting the city as a unique and
appealing destination.
Tickets for the Food Network Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival will be
available starting at only $30. Tickets will be on sale starting April 15th, 2011
www.ticketmaster.com or by calling Ticketmaster at 800-736-1420.
About Caesars Entertainment
Caesars Entertainment Corporation is the world's largest casino
entertainment company. Since its beginning in Reno, Nevada, more than 70
years ago, Caesars has grown through development of new resorts, expansions
Pat & Gina Neely will be featured at the House of Blues for the
2011 Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival Blues, Brews, and BBQ Saturday, July 30
and acquisitions, and now operates casinos on four continents. The company's
resorts operate primarily under the Harrah's®, Caesars® and Horseshoe® brand
names. Caesars also owns the World Series of Poker® and the London Clubs
International family of casinos. Caesars Entertainment is focused on building
loyalty and value with its guests through a unique combination of great service,
excellent products, unsurpassed distribution, operational excellence and
technology leadership. Caesars is committed to environmental sustainability and
energy conservation and recognizes the importance of being a responsible
steward of the environment. For more information, please visit
About Food Network
FOOD NETWORK (www.foodnetwork.com) is a unique lifestyle network,
website and magazine that connects viewers to the power and joy of food. The
network strives to be viewers’ best friend in food and is committed to leading by
teaching, inspiring and empowering through its talent and expertise. Food
Network is distributed to more than 100 million U.S. households and averages
more than 9.9 million unique web users monthly.
10 Black Professionals News • June 2011
Need a Catering Hall?
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Seeking motivated individuals
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references to email: [email protected]
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Black Professionals News • June 2011 11
Grammy Award Winner R. Kelly Announces Philly Performance
July 3rd with Keyshia Cole & Marsha Ambrosius
Three-time GRAMMY winning King of R&B, R. Kelly will bring his “Love
Letter” tour to the United States this summer including his highly-anticipated
return to Philadelphia at The Mann Sunday, July 3rd. This electrifying performer
will tour in support of Love Letter (Jive Records) his R.I.A.A gold-certified
eleventh studio album. Love Letter has produced two hit singles, “When A
Woman Loves” and the title track which held the # 1 position on the Urban AC
chart for four consecutive weeks. Kelly is one of the biggest-selling R&B artists
in the world selling over 34 million albums, releasing 11 No. 1 singles and seven
No. 1 albums. His new CD incorporates classic soul music influences and features chivalrous lyrics concerning love and forgiveness. Kelly, who wrote,
produced and arranged Love Letter, pays homage to soul artists such as Marvin
Gaye, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and Stevie
For tickets & info for R Kelly live at The Mann July 3rd, Ticketmaster.com,
800-745-3000, AEGLive.com, MannCenter.org or Mann box office.
with special guest ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA
Aug 10
The Mann • Fairmount Park • Philadelphia
Tickets available at Ticketmaster.com, 800.745.3000,
AEGLive.com, MannCenter.org
TicketPhiladelphia.org, 215-893-1999
or The Mann box office.
For more info on The Mann, visit manncenter.org
Hair du jour specializes in hair care and
hair loss, looking for liscensed styist with
or without a follow contact 215-877-3101
12 Black Professionals News • June 2011
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