High quality yearbooks: Stapled Binding, Perfect Bound Glued Binding, and Hard
Cover options
Multiple creation options: Create the yearbook yourself, or use the School Portraits
by Adams Photography in-house creation option
Multiple yearbook software options: YearbookFusion or Pictavo software
Complete control over entire layout process, including the layout for student portraits
and names. It is up to you as to what you want to include on your pages and how
you would like to design them!
Unlimited number of pages and images
You have Immediate and unlimited control of printing proofs that display everything
that will appear on the page
Powerful design features at a simple click of a button
No multiple deadlines for completed pages
Ability to change your book quantity and page count
Superior customer service and support
Yearbook Software TIPS
For the best results from your yearbook software:
Make sure you meet at least the minimum computer requirements
Set your digital cameras to Medium setting
Clean up your computer system if necessary: Delete Temporary Internet files, Defrag
your computer, etc.
Preview, edit and delete your pictures before you upload them!
Watch the webinars. They will save you hours of time!
Use the HELP file in the software. It is actually helpful! 
Tech Support is also helpful:
Pictavo: 1-800-447-3274
YearbookFusion: 1-877-586-2749
Yearbook Steps & Tips
• Organization is Key!
• Step 1:
• Step 2:
• Step 3:
• Step 4:
• Step 5:
Plan, Plan, Plan!!!!
Save yourself tons of time by planning ahead!
Take Note of your
Yearbook Due Dates!
Sell: A good sales campaign is critical to
the success of your yearbook!
Create 2 sales campaigns for the year: Yearbook Pre-sale & Sale
Gradually increase the cost of the yearbook for each sales campaign
Advertise everywhere with color posters or have students help you create your own posters
Save time using our money collection envelopes and customizable forms and flyers
Advertise the yearbook sale in the school Newsletter or on the school website.
Get the students involved: Use custom cover contests, have Kindergarten students draw self-portraits, ask
students what they want to be when they grow up to add onto pages, etc.
Add to the morning announcements or use the school marquee
If your school has a phone, text (Remind 101 app), or email service,
send an announcement home to each parent
Have a table set up at every event
Keep detailed records of yearbook purchases!!!
Sell your yearbooks online with the Pictavo
Community or online option for YearbookFusion.
Sell: Signing Bonus for 2014-2015:
Customized Sales Flyers!
As an Signing Bonus for the 2014-2015 school year, you are able to request a set of customized sales flyers for
your school.
Flyers are 8.5x11 colored sheets that we can customize for your yearbook sales campaign.
Flyers include a detachable envelope
We have a few different versions of flyers to customize including an English/Spanish version and an online
ordering version for those schools selling their yearbooks online.
We are happy to pre-bundle these flyers for you in the bundle amounts that you select:
Ex: 20 classes with 35 students. We will make bundles in that amount. Please indicate how you would like them
bundled and remember to include extras for the school office.
We recommend that you begin your pre-sale
now and end your pre-sale before winter break.
You can then begin your sale in the new year
and end it before your yearbook goal due date.
Please order your sales material using the
Yearbook Sales Material Order Form. A proof
and or suggestions will be emailed to you before
flyers are printed.
Sell: Yearbook Kick-off Banner Special!
Save time by using our Yearbook
Helpful Forms and Flyers!
Customizable Forms for:
-Sales & Marketing
-Portrait Page Approval
-Cover Contest Forms
-Picture Collection
-Kindergarten Self-Portraits
-Dedication Ads
…Don’t “Re-create the Wheel!”
Collect & Create: How do you plan to
collect candid images for your yearbook?
Choose who will do the photography or how you collect candid images. Will
you assign people to take pictures at events, or collect images from students,
staff, and parents?
Request digital images (Beware of cell phone pictures)
Request that discs contain ONLY school related images
Place a box in the school office where parents can drop off discs
Use the Community Upload function within Pictavo or the Yearbook Dropbox
function within YearbookFusion
Include online uploading instructions and reminders in
newsletter, website, sales flyers, text, etc.
Put a time limit on when you will accept photographs
Ask room parents to collect images for their class and
your school
provide them with a
Create: Attend our Yearbook Workshops!
We will host monthly workshops to help you with your yearbook pages.
Workshops will be held in the mornings and evenings. Our morning workshops will be
held from 10am-1pm and the evening workshops will be held from 5-8pm.
We will provide you with lunch or dinner when you attend.
Space is limited, so you will want to RSVP as soon as possible.
We ask that you bring your laptop with you and any questions you may have.
We will have a workshop schedule posted for you in advance so you can reserve your
Create: Take part in our Page Design Contest!
Create: Beware of Copyright Images!
A copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States and other countries to authors of “original
works of authorship”, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other creative works. This protection allows the
creator exclusive rights to these works, and to determine who has the right to copy or use these works.
School Portraits by Adams Photography, Inc., refuses the right to print any material if for which you are not the author of
or proof of permission to reproduce is not provided. Therefore, yearbooks will not be printed with copyrighted images,
unless a copyright waiver is attached with your final order.
Print & Proof: All Portrait Pages need to be
proofed, approved & signed by the teachers!
To ensure that your portrait pages are free from errors, all portrait
pages must be proofed and approved by each teacher.
TIP- Layout your portrait pages and add the title to the top of the page. Print out the
pages in black and white to save ink. You can add your backgrounds after you
have printed all of the pages.
TIP- Attach the Portrait Page Approval Form located with the support material and
place pages in teacher boxes. The approved pages should be turned back into
the school office sometime in January
After you have made any necessary changes, place the signed portrait pages in
the Portrait Page Approval envelope and turn into School Portraits by Adams
Photography, Inc., on or before the February 15th. We will keep these pages on
file for you.
have to have your page completed with backgrounds, candid pictures, etc, by
February 15th!
Print & Proof: All final yearbook pages need
to be proofed, approved & signed by 3 people
To ensure that your yearbook pages are free from errors, all yearbook pages must be proofed and approved
by 3 people
After you have completed your yearbook, you will want to print out all pages in your book. You can print
them in black & white, but color pages are often easier to view.
If you meet your GOAL DUE DATE, we will print you a full color proof of your yearbook in book form!
If you find any errors in your book, you will want to make the changes in your program and print and staple a
new paper to the top of your old page.
The yearbook advisor will initial each page to indicate that is ready to print EXACTLY as it was submitted.
All yearbooks require 3 signatures in order to be accepted for printing
Signatures denote that your final yearbook files have been proofed for errors and your book is ready to print.
Signatures are required from:
1. School Principal
2. Yearbook Advisor
3. Third person of your choice. We suggest an office manager, PTA member, or
someone that is familiar with the students and activities at school.
Submit: Final Yearbook Cover
All Yearbook Covers are due on or before January 15th!
you are selecting a pre-designed stock cover, you may send us an email with the stock design number. We just
need your cover design choice in writing.
you are creating your yearbook within the Pictavo software or YearbookFusion, you may send us an email with a
PDF attached of your final cover.
you are submitting a custom cover with student artwork, please place your custom cover artwork in the Custom
Cover Submission Envelope. You will want to identify what drawing should be on the front cover, as well as the order
of the artwork for the back cover. Please also indicate what color you would like used for your cover.
Submit: Important Final Submission Tips
It is your responsibility to proof your yearbook for errors. Books are printed exactly as they are turned in to School
Portraits by Adams Photography, Inc.
You will turn in your completed and approved yearbook files at your scheduled Yearbook Submission Meeting. Please
schedule your meeting in advance!
A 50% deposit is due within a week of turning in your final yearbook files. An invoice will be sent to you after you turn
in your Final Yearbook Approval Form.
Each school will receive up to 5 complimentary yearbooks. The main yearbook advisor and the school Principal should
automatically receive one of these complimentary books. It is up to your yearbook committee who the other 3 books
should be given to. Since these complimentary books are given as thank you gifts for taking the time to create the
yearbook, we would suggest that you offer them to people that helped you with the yearbook process.
If your school has qualified for complimentary shipping & handling through our early signing bonus,
please note that you must turn in your completed yearbook files on or before your final yearbook
due date in order to receive complimentary shipping on your order. Yearbooks turned in after the
due date will not qualify for this incentive. Please refer to your Yearbook Confirmation Form for
details on your Goal Due Date, Final Due date, and whether your school qualifies for this incentive.
Final payment of your yearbook balance is due on the day your yearbooks are delivered.
Submit: Important Final Submission Tips
yearbooks require 3 signatures in order to be accepted for printing
Signatures denote that your final yearbook files have been proofed for errors and your book is
ready to print. Signatures are required from:
1. Principal
2. Office Manager or member of a parent committee group
3. Yearbook Advisor
you submit your yearbook cover, portrait proof pages, and final yearbook files, please use our
yearbook submission envelopes and remember to fill out all of the information requested on the
outside of the envelope
Constantly SAVE and back-up your work!!!!!
Taking extra measures to save your yearbook files is the
most important thing that you can do!
YearbookFusion Users:
On occasion, save your yearbook with a new file name. It is
beneficial to save the file with the date of when you saved it.
Example: Yearbook 10-15-14
If you are using the New YearbookFusion Online version, your
yearbook is saved on a web-based cloud.
Pictavo Users:
Your yearbook is saved on a web-based cloud. Therefore, you
can just save while you work. There is no need to create backups.
For a Successful Yearbook Season,
Remember to:
-Know your plan
-Know your school
-Know your software requirements
-Know your deadlines
-Know your limits
-Know your budget
-Save your work
-Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
Tips for 2014-2015
• Go to the Idea Garden Blog for Ideas:
• Pictavo Users: Use the Pictavo Community to have parents upload pictures,
order their yearbooks, and create their dedications:
• YearbookFusion Users: Use the YearbookFusion Dropbox to have parents
upload pictures
• Yearbook Creation Schools: Begin collecting pictures from your parents and
teachers and upload into your software
• Great tips from our Yearbook Advisors….