25 SOUTH ISLAND SUZUKI SUMMER CAMP 20th – 25 January 2015

20th – 25th January 2015
You are invited to attend our Suzuki Summer Camp for
at Craighead School, Timaru
Registrations close 13th November 2014
Guest Tutors
Toni Robson Melbourne
Lih Foo Auckland
Haruo Goto Sydney
Sally-Anne Brown Auckland
Trudi Miles Hamilton
Sheila Warby Sydney
Emma Fetherston Auckland
Jane Doig Christchurch
Anne Lardner Christchurch
Music Enrichment
Tessa Grigg Christchurch
Register on-line at www.suzuki.org.nz
Register Early
Early registration, NZSI membership and full payment, assures you a place at the camp.
Registrations MUST be received by 13 November 2014. Late registrations are subject to
a $50.00 late administration fee.
Note: Workshop places are limited so early registration is advised.
Waiting List
Once all places have been filled, subsequent registrations will go on a waiting list.
All registrations include a non-refundable deposit of $50.
Refunds are only given under exceptional circumstances. To apply for a refund, send
a detailed letter to the NZSI South Island Committee, PO Box 31 044, Christchurch,
Rules for Registration
The family is a current member (2014/2015) of the NZ Suzuki Institute.
If NOT, update your membership as outlined at www.suzuki.org.nz .
Your place at the camp will be confirmed when your membership status is current.
Each student attending the workshop has a supervising parent/caregiver with
them, both for safety reasons and to support them.
Each student learns from a registered Suzuki teacher.
1|P age
Financial Assistance
Some financial assistance for the tuition fees may be available for families
experiencing hardship. To apply for a subsidy, send an email in confidence to
Tessa Grigg, outlining your circumstances and the Summer Camp Committee will
consider your application.
Camp Communication
Email address
Camp information will be sent to you via email. Please supply us with a current
email address.
Tessa Grigg 03 358 2288 [email protected] - admin details
Lois McCallum 03 352 7769 [email protected] - musical details
Camp Schedule
Tuesday 20th
Registration: 3.30pm – 5pm in the Dining Room
Wednesday 21st
– Sunday 25th
The Play-In: begins at 7.00 pm. Please come to the Auditorium for tuning at
The concert programme will be provided to you before the camp starts.
Daily: All students participate in a master class, a group lesson, and either musical
enrichment or orchestra/ensemble.
Master Classes: small groups of 3 - 4 students. Each student takes a turn to receive
individual tuition (15 – 30 minutes) during each hour-long master class.
Much thought goes into the master class groupings. They are decided by a
combination of factors, not necessarily by the current piece.
Students need to have one or two of their well-polished pieces ready to play
for their tutor (the most recent piece is not suitable for a master class).
Parents should take notes during classes. This helps you remember what was
All students are expected to remain for the entire master class as much can
be learned from observing the other students’ lessons.
Parents who have two children with a master class at the same time can
request that their child take the first or last turn so that the parent can attend their
other child’s class also. This is usually arranged by the parents of the group.
A plain white top with black shorts, skirt or trousers are required for the evening
recitals and the Final Concert (Sunday). Each student is rostered to play a polished
piece for a solo performance during camp. The rehearsal is just before each
concert. The concert programme will be provided to you before the camp starts.
Solo Concerts: before dinner (4:30 p.m.) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evening (senior students ),
Friday afternoon – Concerto Concert,
2|P age
Summer Camp 2015
Saturday night - Fun Concert
Concert Piece: The concert pieces are well polished pieces the student can play
easily with accompaniment (where possible they have been mastered 6 to 12
months ago). It must NOT be the student’s working piece or the piece before.
Discuss this with your teacher.
Senior students - please provide two concert pieces so that a balanced
programme can be determined by the musical directors.
Concerto Concert: On Saturday afternoon, senior students play Suzuki concerto
pieces with an orchestra made up of local and guest tutors.
Fun Concert: The Fun Concert, on Saturday night, enables everyone involved in
the camp to perform short ‘fun’ items. Students are encouraged to plan/rehearse
their item before they come to camp.
Play-out Concert: The Play-out Concert is the final event of the camp. It is on
Sunday afternoon, and is attended by family, friends and the general public.
Further details will be available after registration
Musical Information
Before you come
to camp
Play-In and Play-Out: fun warm-up and warm-down for everyone! Holiday reviews
are essential so that students can benefit more from the Play-In, Play-Out, and
group lessons. Make sure all your pieces are well reviewed over the Christmas
break as repertoire includes all of Books 1 - 8.
Every ensemble/orchestra player needs to have a music stand, pencil and eraser.
Put ensemble/orchestra and duet music in a named folder/scrapbook. It is worth
naming your music AND music stand! Ensemble and duet players need to learn
their parts before camp. This year the main orchestra will be an ‘All Comers
Orchestra’. Parents are welcome as well as piano students who play another
instrument. Please indicate on the registration form what instrument you will be
playing and what level you play at.
Antonio Strings
World class Yoshito Ishido of Antonio Strings with be at the camp and he can
service your string instrument if required.
We will send this closer to the camp after registrations have closed.
It can be very useful for children who can read if you cut and paste their timetable
so that it only shows what they have to do each day. Make it small so they can
keep it with them. The name tags will be double sided so you will not be able to
put the timetable at the back of the name tag. Some creativity will be required
Library and Sale
The South Island Branch has a library of books for issuing to parents. The library will
be available before and after the evening concerts in the Auditorium Foyer. There
are a few books available for sale. These include: With Love in my Heart; Practice
Book; and Practiceopedia.
There are Lanyards available for sale at camp registration for $4.00 each.
3|P age
Summer Camp 2015
There will be a Parent Talk on one evening after the evening concert. Sheila
Warby from Australia will be doing this and we know she will have some interesting
As this is a new venue, there will be an Orientation Gathering on Tuesday at
4.30pm. This will involve a short talk, time to answer questions and a quick tour of
the school so that you know where to find things.
Music Gear to
Spare batteries
Suzuki CDs
Spare strings
Suzuki Music books
Notepaper and
Printed Camp
Footrest for piano
Music timetable
Music stand
Lanyard from
previous camp
General Information
Camp Location
General Gear list
Craighead School, Wright’s Ave Timaru.
3.30 pm – 5 pm Tuesday 20th Jan in the Dining Hall at Craighead School. This is in
the centre of the school.
Black and White
clothes for concerts
Snacks and
Sleeping bags or
Light clothing
Insect repellent
Clothes pegs
Warm clothing
Toilet gear
Tennis racquet
Rain Gear
Sun cream
Indoor games
Togs and towel – we
can use the school
pool this year.
Plug in reading
Camping gear
Box of home baking
First Aid
Group living can create opportunities for the spread of infection. To avoid
outbreaks of Viral infections at our event, we ask that you follow careful hygiene
precautions with your family.
Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the dining room – please use it.
Basic First Aid is available at Camp.
Please contact Tessa or Drew immediately if a member of your family becomes
unwell. We have several doctors on site and we can take action quickly.
4|P age
Summer Camp 2015
Young children find Summer Camp fun and exciting, but also very tiring. On behalf
of the tutors, we ask that you make sure your children get enough sleep so they
are alert enough to concentrate at their musical classes for the whole week. This
will also help avoid accidents and illness due to tiredness.
Lights out
All younger children not involved in Teenage or Tweenage Programmes should be
in their dorms or tents by 9.00pm
Lights out for senior students is 11.00pm
The first of these will be made at the Play-In at 7.00pm on Tuesday 20th. Please
attend this gathering.
Other announcements will be made during Morning Tea and after the evening
concerts. Copies of announcements will be posted on the notice board at the
entrance to the dining room.
There are a number of parking areas you can use at Craighead. Please refer to
map. However do not park in staff parking as they still use this in the holidays.
Teenage /
Teenage Programme eligibility: All students in years 9 and above in 2015, staying
on-site, are encouraged to attend the Teenage Programme of activities every
evening. $15 will cover most of the costs, but off-site activities may incur an extra
cost. Parents are rostered to supervise the teenage programme.
The Tweenage Programme is for all students staying on- site, in years 7 and 8 in
2015. There will be two evenings of activities for these students, at the school. There
is no additional cost. Register for both programmes on arrival.
There will be NO laundry facilities available at the school
Name everything
PLEASE NAME EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, especially music stands and musical
instruments/ equipment.
The school is locked at night. However we encourage you to leave your valuables
at home.
There are two types of accommodation at the school. If you choose to live off-site
there is a charge of $100 per family for the week:
1: Camping in your own caravan or tent
2: Dormitories in the Boarding Houses. There is a mixture of configurations, but there
will be one price for all dorm beds as they are all of a similar, very comfortable
If you are staying in a tent, you need your usual camping equipment. There are
NO POWER SITES or sewage dumps at the school, so if you are taking a caravan, it
will have to be used as a tent, i.e. no power, no toilet.
Dormitory accommodation: linen is not supplied, You need to bring your own
pillow, pillowcases, towels, and sleeping bags or sheets and duvets
5|P age
Summer Camp 2015
Tennis racquets, togs and towel, soccer balls, cricket gear, petanque, badminton,
board games, and other indoor games. We strongly suggest that electronic
games and similar be left at home! There is no-biking around the school grounds,
but children can play games on the playing field and tennis courts.
We are able to use the school pool. The pool will be supervised by Suzuki parents
and there will be a roster for the times it is open.
Parent Suppers
Please bring a packet of biscuits or baking for parents’ evening suppers (one per
family, slices and biscuits are best). Tea and coffee are supplied each evening.
Please bring any contribution when registering on Tuesday. There will be a special
supper for the children on Saturday night after the final concert and this food is
used for that event as well.
Parents with children who have allergies can request the menu so that they can
see where they will have to patch gaps. The school provides vegetarian and
gluten free options.
Morning Tea
Morning Tea will consist of fruit and a biscuit. If your child needs to have something
more substantial to get through to lunch, you will need to provide that.
Photos/ Video
Parents should request permission of tutors and others to record master classes.
They should record only their own family’s performances unless arrangements
have been made with another family.
Drew Hartstone 027 4 416 914
Tessa Grigg
027 477 4825
Name Tags
These will be given out at Registration. Suzuki lanyards and plastic pockets for
name tags are available at registration, but bring your own if you have one. The
colour of your name tag will indicate that you have paid for all meals. This means
you will need to bring your name tag to every meal.
Please take care of name tags and tickets as we have clear policy - no ticket, no
meal! There will be a list of who is having casual meals each day which will be
checked off.
Additional Meal
The best option is to order these as part of the registration. This helps the kitchen for
meal planning. These will be given out at the Registration.
Any additional meals can be ordered and paid for BEFORE THE DAY from Tessa or
There is no lunch provided on Tuesday (the day we arrive) but lunch is provided on
Sunday (the day we leave) before the play-out concert
Tuition Fees
The tuition fees pay for all classes, concerts, Orchestra, Ensemble and Music
Enrichment. All concerts are free to attend and we encourage young children to
watch some of the Senior Students.
Twinkles programme (students on twinkles and in their first year) includes group
lessons and music enrichment.
All other programmes include master classes, group lessons and music enrichment
or orchestra each day.
6|P age
Summer Camp 2015
Live-In Costs
The live in fee pays for all the food and accommodation costs for the five days of
the camp. Note that children over 12 years of age pay the adult fee. Meals begin
with Tuesday dinner and end with Sunday lunch.
Families who do not stay at Craighead pay a flat rate of $100.00 per family for the
use of the school facilities and morning tea.
And casuals
Casual visitors (often a parent will join the family for the weekend) are welcome.
Add them to the registration. There is a casual rate for nights and meals.
Payments –
Account Name:
NZSI South Island Branch
Westpac, Canterbury Centre
Account Number:
Please be sure to reference your payment with ‘(family surname) – SC’.
If you do not have access to internet banking please go to any Westpac branch
and deposit the money. You need to tell us the amount, day and time you made
the deposit so that we can match it up with your registration.
Living Expenses
Dorms -Adults (12 years +)
Dorms - Children (5-12 yrs incl)
Camping- (12 years +)
Camping- Children (5-12 yrs incl)
Children under 5 TBC
aged < 2 years TBC
(living in)
aged 2-4 years TBC
Living out:
Optional lunch
and dinner meals
Facility fee per family
Adults (12 years +)
Children (5-12 yrs incl)
Tuition Fees
Pre twinkle
Bk 1-2
Bk 3-5
Bk 6 +
Guitar/Cello/Piano Other 1
Guitar/Cello/Piano Other 1-3
Guitar/Cello/Piano Other 4+
Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to have fun. We look forward to seeing
you in Timaru.
Tessa Grigg and Drew Hartstone
Camp Administration
NZSI South Island Branch
7|P age
Summer Camp 2015