Render unto Caesar

29th Sunday In Ordinary Time
October 19, 2014
Render unto Caesar
Jesus words today from the Gospel of Matthew are often misunderstood. The Pharisees are testing him and trying to entrap
him into admitting having divided loyalties between God and the
Roman emperor. In response to their trickery, Jesus tells them to
‘repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs
to God.’
What does Jesus mean by this? Is Jesus telling us that we
should be responsible followers of God by following his laws and
also responsible citizens by obeying the laws of the state? Many
commentators have interpreted Jesus’ words here to mean that
we ought to strike a careful balancing act between loyalty to God
and the State, and that we often need to compartmentalize our
loyalties when the commands of God and the State are at odds.
This interpretation is not one that is accepted by the Catholic
Church. Jesus is not telling us to divide our loyalties between two
rival authorities, as if God and the State are of equal authority.
Instead, he is telling us that we must choose between loyalty to
God and to the state. We must follow one of the other; there must
be no compromise. When our loyalties are at odds between the
two, we must choose God. Being a follower of God commands our
total devotion and obedience. We must give God our all.
On reading this passage one is often tempted to think that
Jesus is telling us to be clever in how we are to compromise His
teachings. But Jesus reminds us here that being His follower
makes great demands on us and often requires us to make difficult sacrifices. God takes priority. We do indeed render unto Caesar, but only when it does not get in the way of rendering unto
God. - Fr. Patrick
Alaska Catholic Conference Letter
Manna Bags
Affordable Care Act Presentation
Trunk or Treat/Halloween Carnival
Mortgage Pay-Off Celebration
Avivara Update
Thank You Gene Ori
Bishop Tobin’s Quick Response
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Fall Cleaning Sat. Oct. 25th
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29th Sunday In Ordinary Time
October 19, 2014
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Please Pray For:
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Saturday Vigil: 5:30pm
Sunday: 8:30am 11:30am 5:30pm
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Monday to Friday: 9:00am
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Rosary follows Mass
Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:00pm
Saturday 4:00pm to 5pm
Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows
Sundays and Holy Days: 6:00pm
Mass Cards
Giving the gift of a Mass is a wonderful way to celebrate a
variety of occasions in the lives of your family and friends.
Be sure to stop by the office to see our Mass Card selection
which includes cards for: Birthdays, Spiritual Intentions,
Get Well, Anniversaries and Repose of the Soul. We would
be more than happy to help you.
Liturgical Schedules
Liturgical schedules for Sacristan, Hospitality and Lectors
can be found on our web site at
Readings For The Week
Monday, October 20th
Ephesians 2: 1-10
Psalm 100: 1-2, 3, 4, 4-5
Luke 12: 13-21
Tuesday, October 21st
Ephesians 2: 12-22
Ps. 85: 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
Luke 12: 35-38
Wednesday, October 22nd
Saint John Paul II
Ephesians 3: 2-12
Psalm 96: 1-2, 2-3, 7-8, 10
Luke 12: 39-48
Thursday, October 23rd
Saint John of Capistrano
2 Corinthians 5: 14-20
Psalm 16: 1-2, 5, 7-8, 11
Luke 9: 57-62
Friday, October 24th
Saint Anthony Mary Claret
Isaiah 52: 7-10
Psalm 96: 1-2, 2-3, 7-8, 10
Mark 1: 14-20
Saturday, October 25th
Ephesians 4: 7-16
Psalm 122: 1-2, 3-4, 4-5
Luke 13: 1-9
Sunday, October 26th
30th Sunday In Ordinary Time
Exodus 22: 20-26
Psalm 18: 2-3, 3-4
1 Thessalonians 1: 5-10
Matthew 22: 34-40
Sarina Germany
Solita Encarnacion
Irene Peterson
Deb Raburn
Laura Young
Ken Young
Laura Turpin
Henry North
Linda Lappi
Joe Shaw
June Goard
Mike Schneider
Chuck Berns
Dorothy Miller
James Malneritch
Glenda Miller
Katie Elliott
Cindy Davis
Julia Gebert
Bennie & Julie Rodriguez
Repose of the Soul:
Gordon Lilly,
Father of Fr. Tom
Alex Torre, Son of
Steve & Debbie Torre
Austin Rykus, Son of
Kenton & Cheryl Schoch
Catherine Evans
David Christopher,
brother of Carol Connelly
Mass Schedule and Intentions
2nd Int.
2nd Int.
2nd Int.
2nd Int.
2nd Int.
Sp. Int. Marilyn Roth
Sp. Int. Maureen Vincent
People of the Parish
Sp. Int. Jim and MaryAnn Bove
Charles Hickey
Marvin and Eileen Glassman
Gordon Lilly
Sp. Int. Solita Encarnacion
Alex Torre
Fred Picou (1st anniversary)
Evangelina Villasenor
Col. Sam Roberts
Alex Torre
David Christopher
People of the Parish
David Goodwin
James Irany
Col. Sam Roberts
Pray for Our Priest Each Day
Eternal Father, we lift up to You these and all
the priest of the world. Sanctify them.
Heal and guide them. Amen
Mon, Oct. 20
Tues, Oct. 21
Wed, Oct. 22
Thurs, Oct. 23
Fri, Oct. 24
Sat, Oct. 25
Sun. Oct. 26
Rev. Alfred Fisher
Rev. Leo Desso
Rev. Leroy Clementich
Rev. Stanley Allie
Rev. Alan Abele
Rev. Donald Bramble
Rev. Gerald Brunet
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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish / Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows
Faith Formation
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
“Those who stand before the
Lord are therefore fulfilling an
eminent service. They are presenting to Christ all those who
do not know him; they keep
watch in his presence on their
behalf.” --- Pope John Paul II
Adores Needed for the following hours:
6 PM to 7 AM
3 AM to 4 AM*
1 AM to 2 AM
6 AM to 7 AM*
3 AM to 4 AM
11 AM to NOON
7 PM to 8 PM
*We are in need of co-adorers for these hours.
Hourly substitutes are also needed.
Please call: 830-4472
Or email: [email protected]
“With the Rosary,
the Christian people sit
at the school of Mary
and are led to
contemplate the beauty
on the face of Christ and
to experience the
depths of his love.”
St. Pope John Paul II
The Rosary is prayed in the church each
weekday immediately following the 9:00am Mass.
Please participate in this prayer that is so easy
and yet so rich. SCHEDULES and TIMES
PS-KN ~ 11:30-12:45pm
1st– Adults ~ 10:00-11:15am
October 19,26
November 2, Community Sunday, “Manna Bags”
November 9,16,23
Celebrating the Lectionary
Sundays ~ 10:00am ~ POC ROOM
(room next to the elevator)
Immerse yourself in scripture and grow
in your faith!
Sunday, November 2, 2014
Manna Bags
In the Bible, the food miraculously provided for the
Israelites in the wilderness during their flight from Egypt – “good
things which have been provided as sustenance”.Y ou are invited to
meet the need of the hungry by assembling a bag of food sustenance
to our homeless friends on the street. Please help donate to “fill” the
bags with :canned tuna or chicken , granola or cereal bars bags of
peanuts, sunflower seeds Beef jerky or Slim Jims Small boxes of raisins Individual pudding cups wrapped packages of
crackers ,wrapped packages of cookies small cans of
zip top fruit or fruit cups Individual size chips or pretzels ,hard candy, Please drop donating items in
box located in church foyer.
THANK YOU for your generosity!
Martha and Mary Women’s Ministry
Thursday, November 13th
11:30 –1:00pm
Pray with Women of Joy Icons
Presenter: Maureen Cowles Year as
Please remember to stay for lunch.
Director of Faith Formation: Bonnie Bezousek
[email protected] or 644-9718
29th Sunday In Ordinary Time
October 19, 2014
Youth Ministry
October 23 ~ Evening with Fr. Patrick and slideshow of pictures from the Holy Land
October 30 ~ Halloween Costume Party , Pumpkin carving,
Food and Fun!
Bring a friend to the Thursday Youth Night!
Check out Facebook SEAS CAYAC for Young Adults activities and
events. If you need more information please contact:
Oriele Jones at [email protected]
Road to Emmaus: “Receive the Promise of the Holy Spirit”
November 14-16, 2014
Birchwood Camp
If you would like to chaperone, be a small group leader, help
coordinator games, please contact Bonnie Bezousek.
This is an awesome retreat for both confirmandi and adults!
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
7:00PM Mass
Contact with questions or concerns:
Fr. Patrick at [email protected] or
Bonnie Bezousek at [email protected]
Stewardship Opportunities
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion. Open to Catholics in good standing who have received Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation. Must have a firm belief in and
love for Christ in the Holy Eucharist.
Respect for Life –
A chairperson to lead the group in the Gospel of Life.
Liturgical Receptions –
Leads a group that prepares and/or serves refreshments for
celebrations such as First Communion, Confirmation, etc.
Page 5
October 19, 2014
Twenty-ninth Sunday in
Ordinary Time
As indicated many times previously in these reflections, it is
difficult to reflect comprehensively on the totality of the readings for a particular Sunday, and it is often more effective to
focus our thoughts on something smaller, although significant. Saint Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, our second
reading, offers one of those insights.
Most scholars believe that the letter to the people of Thessalonica, Greece (the Thessalonians) was perhaps the first of
the many letters Paul wrote. Note that in his opening greeting, Paul makes it from not just himself, but from Silvanus
and Timothy as well. As successful as Paul was as an evangelist and an apostle, he recognized early on that it was not
something he could do or accomplish alone.
In addition to God’s help, St. Paul gathered a team around
him, which he used and empowered in many ways. Sometimes each of us may think we are more efficient operating
alone. Stewardship on the other hand calls us to see that we
are part of a community, and that community can accomplish more as a group than any one of us can individually.
That is the strength of community stewardship, a faith-filled
people working hand in hand to build the Kingdom of God.
There is a Tibetan proverb which states, “If you help someone to the top of the mountain, you reach the peak also.”
October 1% & Youth Collection Benefits
Providence Hickel House
The Walter J. and Ermalee Hickel House is a hospitality
house that offers an affordable, comfortable “home away
from home” for outpatients and their families receiving
medical attention at a Providence Health & Services Alaska
facility. The Providence Hickel House also takes food donations for their fully equipped kitchen where the residents to
prepare their meals. For additional information please call
at http://
at 907-212-4100 or
Our Gifts of Treasure
Annual Budget FY2015
Year to Date Needed 10-12
Year to Date Received 10-12
Sunday Collection 10-12
Building Maintenance Fund 10-12
Thank You for Your Generosity!
Page 6
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish / Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows
Capital Campaign
Even though our newly-remodeled school building is open
our fundraising efforts continue as we seek to pay down our
mortgage. We now have a truly-beautiful faith formation
space of which we can be justifiably proud. Thank you to
everyone who has sacrificed to make this project a reality.
Thank you for your continued support of our Capital Campaign to renovate our school/faith formation building. We
are at 86% of reaching our goal of $3.0 million with one year
remaining in our campaign! Thank you very much for helping in this effort!
Total Amount Pledged to Date: $2,580,570*
Cash Amount Received to Date: $2,157,809*
Total Number of Participants: 392
* $64,708 Pledged prior to start of Campaign
Please call Steve Siebs in the Office of Stewardship and
Development with any questions at 644-9734.
Thank You!
A special thanks
to Gene Ori for
volunteering to change out our parish sign.
Knights of Columbus
Knights of Columbus
2014 Pot of Gold Raffle
Grand Prize:
9 addition Prizes: $1,000 each
$25 per ticket
Limit of 3,000 tickets~tickets are selling fast!
Drawing: Friday, December 5, 2014
Holy Family Cathedral Anchorage, AK
Permit #563
Need not be present to win
Tickets available from
Knights of Columbus
***Proceeds will be used for K of C charitable activities
Service, Peace and Justice
“The great danger in today’s world, pervaded as it is by consumerism, is the desolation and anguish born of a complacent yet covetous heart, the feverish pursuit of frivolous
pleasures, and a blunted conscience.”
(Evangelii Gaudium, 2).
World Mission Day, Oct. 19th: A Message from
Pope Francis: “Humanity greatly needs to lay hold of the
salvation brought by Christ… The joy of the Gospel is born of
the encounter with Christ and from sharing with the poor. For
this reason, I encourage parish communities, associations,
and groups to live an intense fraternal life, grounded in love
for Jesus and concern for the needs of the most disadvantaged. Wherever there is joy, enthusiasm, and a desire to
bring Christ to others, genuine vocations arise…There has
been a growing awareness of the identity and mission of the
lay faithful in the Church, as well as recognition that they are
called to take an increasingly important role in the spread of
the Gospel.”
The full message is available on the Peace and Justice Bulletin Board.
Avivara Update: Next weekend we are blessed to host
Ann Austin, a co-director of Avivara in Guatemala. Ann, formerly a teacher in the Seattle area, spends her days during
the school year traveling to various pueblo schools, offering
classes to students as well as teacher. As well she and the
other staff members seek students for scholarships. As the
school year comes to a close and fund-raising commences,
Ann and the rest of the staff hope to fund scholarships for
90 students, among whom 20 would be attending university
level classes. Ann will be available throughout the weekend,
including a special Saturday evening gathering at a private
home. If you wish to learn more about her work and the children of Guatemala, contact Pat at 345-0306 for further information.
Mortgage Pay-Off Celebration:
Habitat for Humanity
staff and volunteers celebrated with Wilson and Gedalia
Rosario as they held a mortgage burning. Fifteen years after
moving into their home, they own it, even paying it off early.
Photos of the happy family and friends can be seen on the
Peace and Justice bulletin board and Facebook page.
Family House Celebration, Nov. 2nd, Noon-1:30pm, St Mark’s
Lutheran Church, 3230 Lake Otis Parkway: As the Rosario
family pays off their home, the Dak/Jal family begins the
journey to own their own home. They’ve fulfilled their work
commitment and embark on the financial one. Come and
celebrate with them.
29th Sunday In Ordinary Time
October 19, 2014
Respect Life
In Rhode Island, LaSalle Academy, a Catholic school
removed the photo of an alumna from its halls after she endorsed abortion in her campaign for governor.
Gina Raimondo had publicly stated, at a Planned Parenthood PAC’s endorsement of her candidacy Sept. 25, that
she does not support the Church’s teaching on life and
would work to support abortion.
"You know the Catholic Church has a clear position, and
I have a clear position,” the state general treasurer said,
according to ABC. “And I am clearly pro–choice and as I've
said, I as Governor, support the decision in Roe v. Wade."
Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin responded the
same day in a statement on his Facebook page: “It is always
disappointing when a Catholic candidate for political office
abandons the teaching of the Church on the dignity of human life for the sake of self-serving political gain,” he said.
“Such actions demonstrate an inexcusable lack of moral
“Pope Francis has explained how evil abortion really is,
that every aborted child bears the face of Jesus Christ,” he
continued. “Similarly, I wish to remind Catholics of the Diocese of Providence, in the clearest terms possible: Abortion
is a sin, and those who provide it, promote it and support it
will be held accountable by Almighty God for the unjust
death of unborn children.”
Raimondo said as well that she is “more pro-choice”
than her Republican opponent and that she opposes the
Hobby Lobby ruling in support of religious freedom for employers.
According to the Providence Journal, the candidate also
said she would oppose efforts to incorporate an option in the
Rhode Island health insurance exchange that would exclude
abortion or contraception. She has even pledged to seek
repeal of a 1997 Rhode Island law banning partial-birth
Many bishops and cardinals, Donald Cardinal Wuerl,
Thomas Olmsted, Charles Chaput, Raymond Cardinal Burke,
Leo Thomas Maher, John Cardinal O’Connor, William Weigand, Thomas Nauman, Joseph Martino—to name a few—
have grappled with the scandal brought upon the Church
with prominent Catholics espousing pro-abortion positions.
This prayer vigil to end abortions will run through Sunday
November 2ND from 8AM to 8PM in front of Planned Parenthood at 4001 Lake Otis Parkway. Go to http:// to sign up for vigil hours
and bring a pro-life sign or pick one up at Golden Donuts at
Tudor and Lake Otis.
Page 7
Health Ministry
Your faith has made you whole. Lk 8:48
Health Ministry Team invites you to
Presented by
Samantha Longacre
Anchorage Neighborhood Health
Certified Application Counselor
Miki Center Classroom
Learn about which plan
is morally acceptable,
signing up for coverage,
and what the plan offers.
The Office of the Archbishop
has approved this presentation.
Page 8
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish / Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows
A Note from Fr. Tom
"Thank you, Lord Jesus"
I have wonderful and heartfelt news to share with
you. Following 94 years of faithfulness to God and to
his family my dear father, the greatest man I have ever
had the pleasure to know, went home to be with our
Lord on Friday, September 26th. I entrust my Dad
into the mystery of our Savior's love with deep gratitude and profound joy. While, of course, I feel a personal sense of loss, the overwhelming emotion I feel is
gratitude. My brothers and I each had a chance to say
goodbye to Dad while he still knew us. We have had
plans in place for awhile now as to how we would
honor Dad's memory upon his death. He has been
cremated and has returned to my younger brother
Doug's home in Idaho where he will remain until a family gathering at the cabin he built as a teenager near
Mount Rainier next August. Following this celebration
of life Dad will be buried with his father and extended
family near his boyhood home of Queen Anne Hill in
My Dad loved South America, especially Bolivia.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to concelebrate Mass in his memory at Our Lady of Mercy in Potosi, one of his most favorite towns. Trusting in our
Lord's abundant gift of mercy, and through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, I am completely at
peace with Dad's death. May we pray together for our
loved ones, living and deceased. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the gift of my father's life and for welcoming
him into Your arms!
Someday we will all be as lucky as my Dad.
Written with love,
Many Anchorage babies are in need of disposable
diapers (especially sizes 4, 5 and 6) and baby wipes,
as well as baby formula and baby food. The items you
place in the SEAS Baby Crib downstairs will benefit clients of St. Francis House. Thank you for your continuing generosity.
Monday, October 20th
9:00am Mass & Rosary
6:00pm Baptism
7:00pm CSSI Class (POC)
Tuesday, October 21st
9:00am Mass & Rosary
10:00am Magi Group
10:00am Scripture Class (POC)
7:00pm Prayer Shawl Ministry (Foyer)
7:00pm RCIA (1-3 & 2-4)
8:00pm Young Adult Fellowship
Wednesday, October 22nd
6:00am CSSI
9:00am School Mass and Rosary
10:00am Preschool Gym Play (Miki Gym)
5:30pm Reconciliation
6:30pm Scouts Leaders Mtg.
7:00pm Boy Scouts Mtg.
7:00pm Choir Practice
Thursday, October 23rd
9:00am Mass and Rosary
7:00pm Al-Anon (room 1-3)
7:00pm High School Youth Fellowship
7:00pm Adult Faith Formation
7:30pm K of C Officers Mtg.
Friday, October 24th
9:00am Mass and Rosary
9:00am Art and Environment
6:00pm Trunk or Treat
Saturday, October 25th
9:00am Parish Fall Cleaning ALL ARE WELCOME
1:00pm Affordable Care Act Workshop
4:00pm Reconciliation
5:30pm Mass
Sunday, October 26th
8:30am Mass
9:30am Coffee and Donuts
10:00am Faith Formation Classes 1st grade to Adult FF
11:30am Mass
11:30am Preschool/Kindergarten Faith Formation Classes
5:30pm Mass
7:00pm Family Basketball
Help! We Need You!
Are you looking to help someone? Consider volunteering to set up a few tables in the Miki after the Saturday
5:30Mass. These tables will be use for Sunday
“Donuts and Coffee” gathering. Our elderly parishioners would be most grateful.
Please contact the parish
office 345-4466x734 if you
are interested.
29th Sunday In Ordinary Time
October 19, 2014
Page 9
The Altar Guild and
Knights of Columbus
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Presents
What He really wants is
for us to clean his House.
What He got was
unconditional loving service.
Come Join Us and Spend an Hour or
Now welcoming donations of bagged candy
Don’t forget to try and sign up your
trunk beforehand.
You can find the Trunk or Treat bin and
signup sheet In the foyer.
Come see the decorated trunks,
enjoy some snacks,
and More...
Get dressed up, and have some fun!
Come Trunk or Treat with us!
We’d love for ALL of you to come!
For more information please free to
contact Shannon at 230-4922.
Two Helping Clean up the Church Pews
and Miki Tables & Chairs.
Saturday, October 25th
from 9am – 11:30 am
A Stewardship Production
In the foyer there is a display of men & women in the
military from our parish. If you have a son, daughter,
husband, wife, grandchild or any other family member
in the military please submit their name and, or picture
to Debbie at the office. Let us continue to pray for
these dedicated people & their families.
Food for Saint Francis House
Food is collected for St. Francis House in
our foyer and delivered after the 2nd Sunday
of the month (Sunday, November 9, 2014)
Please bring your non-perishable items to
donate to the foyer. Thank you for helping
feed the hungry!
Page 10
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish / Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows
The 29th Sunday In Ordinary Time
October 19, 2014
Page 11
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
School Auction
Kindergarten enjoyed going to the
play “Beauty and the Beast Jr.”, and gave
it a thumbs up! We are currently working
on Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes in Language Arts. In science we are enjoying all
of the students animal reports which have
been very informative. If you walk down
the school hallway, you may have noticed
all the reports hanging on the bulletin board. Kindergarteners are looking forward to Halloween and All Saint’s
Day. The students will be honoring the kindergarten tradition of celebrating All Saint’s Day by dressing up as our favorite Saint . We will have an “All Saints” parade around the
school. During the month of October we have been saying
the rosary with the whole school. We always keep our parish
family in our prayers. We hope you all have a great week!
First graders
are working on a beautiful birch tree
painting for our school auction. We are so lucky to have
Mrs. Boedecker helping us with this big project. When it is
finished and framed the painting will be on display at the
school and then sold to a lucky winner at the auction. Big
kudos to Helen Boedecker for her inspiration with this project.
Third grade students are learning about the geography of the United
States and the Cardinal directions. We
are reading about planets in our solar
system in language arts. We are studying about strategies for figuring out
word problems in math, in addition to
mastering the addition fact family of
9s. We are working away at the number of the day; each
day students round and add and subtract with a specific
number. All students have mastered rounding and this
keeps us in practice! We are discussing St. Theresa of Avila
who celebrates her feast day this week in religion, and students are all reading individual saints books in preparation
for the feast of All Saints.
The Fourth graders
are beginning their altar server training and are
so excited to be more involved in the
Mass! Part of their training allows them
to serve at the daily Masses.
Our 31st Annual Auction “An Evening in Paradise” is Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the Anchorage Marriott
Downtown starting at 5:00 pm. Tickets
are available at the auction office inside the school. We are looking for
donations of new items, basket items, and artwork. Donations can be dropped off at the school or picked up at your
convenience. We also have advertising space available in
our auction booklet.
The Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows is a
mission of Saint Elizabeth’s. The community opened the doors of its new Church
on Christmas Eve 2005 and welcomes
you to use the chapel and the Meadows
Community Center for family and other
gatherings. The Chapel is set in a small
mountain community with year round and weekend residents, who seek refuge to ski, hike and generally renew their
hearts and souls in the peaceful surroundings of the Girdwood valley. This is the perfect setting for weddings, retreats
or public gatherings. Mass is Sunday at 6:00pm. Adoration
First Monday 7:30pm to 8:30pmPlease contact Joan Lower
223-3112 or [email protected]
Bishop's Attic │has free pickup service on Tuesday and
Thursday for donated items. Please call 279-6328 to schedule. Proceeds of all sales support Catholic Social Services
and programs at the Archdioceses.
St. Paul’s Corner│ Looking for Catholic books, gifts, and
items of faith? Come see what’s new at St. Paul’s Corner at
the Holy Family Cathedral. Saturdays 10am-2pm; Sundays
11:30am to 5:30pm; Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 11am–
2pm. Fridays - closed. 646-3070
Call Office at 345-4466 for - ADVERTISING POLICY - or click here for online version
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