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August 15, 2013
Join Monotype at TypeCon2013; Monotype Experts Present on Type Trends
Woburn, Mass. (PRWEB) August 15, 2013
Monotype is a proud sponsor of TypeCon2013 — the annual conference presented by the non-profit Society of Typographic
Aficionados (SOTA). Several of Monotype's resident type experts from around the world will be sharing their knowledge and
skills. Come by and join Monotype experts as they take a look at topics such as ornamentation and decorative lettering, and
the modern legacy of the ampersand — which is a part of this year's conference theme: Portl&.
TypeCon2013 not to miss highlights include:
— Bring your creativity and forget the technological side at TypeCon's hand lettering workshop titled "Back to the Drawing
Board: Exploring Letterforms by Hand." Monotype's Jim Wasco, together with Laura Worthington, will revisit lettering techniques
including drawing, brush, broad-pen or crow-quill, chalk and ink. A rich assortment of examples will be shown to provide
Wednesday, Aug. 21 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the Pacific Northwest College of Art
— Join key members of the MyFonts team at "Font Marketing for Indie Type Designers & Foundries" a workshop drawing from
their experience and insights into font marketing, learned from watching foundries experiment with various formulas for
promotion in the "marketing playground" that is the MyFonts retail platform. Designed for micro foundries and independent type
designers, this workshop will help them develop effective marketing plans. The MyFonts team will discuss how successful
foundries have built effective marketing mixes using pricing promos, affiliate schemes, social media and merchandising,
drawing on examples both from within MyFonts and from foundries that have remained totally independent. Finally, as MyFonts
continues to develop its tools and systems for foundry support, they will discuss suggestions for new features and
improvements to the platform.
Thursday, Aug. 22 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the Pacific Northwest College of Art
— Carl Crossgrove will present "Type in 20: Roots of Ornament," a visual review of highly ornamented lettering and type.
Ornamentation and decorative lettering have resurfaced periodically in printed and hand-lettered work. Carl will examine how
Celtic, Mediaeval, Renaissance and other periods have all birthed exquisite and elaborate decorative graphic works.
Friday, Aug. 23 at 10:50 a.m.
— Steve Matteson will present "Type in 20: Diggings from Many Ampersandhogs." Steve will share the beauty, craftsmanship,
scholarship and humor of the book "Diggings from Many Ampersandhogs," which was printed by the NY Typophiles in 1937.
Explore the origins of the written form of &; the evolution of the & as type; an article written on actual SANDpersand Paper; the
strange tale of Gulliver's travels to the Island of Et Cetereans; and a beautiful "ampersand machine" made from type
Saturday, Aug. 24 at 2:45 p.m.
— 2013 (In)famous Type Quiz: This year's brain-bending shindig will feature delicious desserts, refreshing cocktails, and the
(In)famous Type Quiz with your host and Quizmaster Allan Haley who provided these details: "Are you a true typographic
aficionado — or type geek in training? Do you know more than a little type trivia? Then you might be ready to take the 2013
TypeCon (In)famous Type Quiz. If you've taken the quiz before — or have last year's results — it won't help. We've got all new
questions — with more than a couple dedicated to our host city. This year's quiz will be even more fun and more rewarding
than those in the past. There will be more prizes and even a series of questions for the typographically challenged. It promises
to be an evening of food, fun and font frivolity.
Saturday, Aug. 24 from 8:30 - 11:00 p.m.
— Join Monotype's Akira Kobayashi, together with John Downer and Matthew Carter during Sunday afternoon's Type Crit
where these masters of typographic analysis and elucidation will provide gentle, constructive criticism as they review the latest
Sunday, Aug. 25 from 1:30- 3:00 p.m.
Please join Monotype at TypeCon2013 to talk about fonts and typography, and share typographic items of interest. For more
information about the TypeCon2013 program, click here: http://www.typecon.com/program
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