Targets on teachers in the Post-2015 Education Agenda

Targets on teachers
in the Post-2015 Education
Margarete Sachs-Israel, ED/EFA
Two Proposals
Muscat Agreement:
Overarching goal “Ensure equitable and inclusive quality
education and lifelong learning for all by 2030”
7 targets focusing on: ECCE; basic education and learning
outcomes; adult literacy; skills for work; knowledge, skills, values
and attitudes for global citizenship and sustainable
development; teachers; and financing of education.
Two Proposals
Open Working Group:
17 Goals, one on education.
Overarching goal, ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality
education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all’
7 core targets, and 3 means of implementation.
Core targets focus on: primary and secondary education; ECCE;
access to TVET and tertiary education; skills for work; equity and
skills for sustainable development.
MoI: learning environments, scholarships and teachers.
Proposed Targets on Teachers
Muscat Agreement
By 2030, all governments ensure that all learners are
taught by qualified, professionally-trained, motivated
and well-supported teachers.
Open Working Group Proposal
By 2030, increase by x % the supply of qualified
teachers, including through international cooperation
for teacher training in developing countries, especially
LDCs and SIDS.