Syyskuu / September 2012

Syyskuu / September 2012
House of Finland /
Finnish Community Calendar
Sept 29th 5pm
Sept 30th 4pm
Dec 1st
Dec 7th-8th
Dec 15th
Dec 15th 4pm-10pm
Dec 23rd 4pm
Syysmessu – Fall Service
Itsenäisyyspäiväjuhla L.A.
Int. Christmas Festival
Sport: TBD
SoCal Finnish
Christmas Party
Kauneimmat joululaulut Christmas Carols
House of Finland
Monthly Meetings:
Oct 7th
Nov 4th
House of Finland,
at Balboa Park
Every First Sunday
of the Month
at 4pm
From the President’s Desk
Kathy's Corner
Even it is somewhat difficult to notice, but fall is here
and summer is over! Many of us have eternally lasting
beautiful memories after visiting Finland during the
summer. It is friends, relatives and culture what we are
looking from our homeland, not that much the weather,
which I heard was pretty normal this year.
The Fall is always an exciting time of the year―gone
are the lazy days of summer and here are the start of
many activities, from children returning to school, to
adults beginning to plan who will do what over the
For us, who stayed at home, House of Finland kept us
busy during the summer: June 17th we had our
traditional Lawn Program, where we made our culture
and our national specialties familiar to enthusiastic
audience. August 25th was Nordic Night, where our
dear Scandinavian friends celebrated summer more
Scandinavian style. Our traditional volunteering work
appreciation event and well-earned picnic to Silvola’s
garden was once again great experience offered by
Family Silvola, thank you having us. After filling the
table with food and goodies all participants brought, it is
easy to say that our community keeps our culture alive,
especially food culture.
We have many new faces around and eager volunteers
are wanted to share ideas and keep Finnish culture
knowledge high among Sandiegans. If you like to
promote our culture, now it is time to raise yourself and
let us here of you. There are plenty of different
possibilities to help our community stay most active one
at this area.
House of Finland at Balboa Park is our base and
physical symbol for our community. We need to keep it
running and very important part of it are Sunday
openings, where you can host and share your knowledge
to curious visitors – if you haven’t done your turn this
year, check available Sundays from our website, choose
best suitable one for you and let it burn! If you like to
bake something, you can do it, but it is not mandatory.
Most valuable thing is open the doors and welcome
visitors to familiarize themselves our nationality.
Looking forward to meet you in our happenings – be
part of Finnish community and stay active.
Yours, Jouni
There is much happening both on the local and
international level these days. It has been almost six
months since the Consulate General in Los Angeles sent
their portable passport machine to San Diego. The
Consulate is ready to send it again if there is enough
interest. According to the Consulate, there need to be at
least 20 people signed up to justify sending the passport
machine to San Diego. I have heard from 8 people
informally that they would be interested in applying for
a Finnish passport here in San Diego in the next several
weeks. Are there 12 more out there? According to the
Consulate, they would probably bring the passport
machine to San Diego close to Thanksgiving or the
beginning of December. Anyone who is interested
should contact my office at (619) 236-9202 or via email at [email protected]
The Consulate in Los Angeles does not yet have a new
lease on a new office location. I have heard that the
Consulate is in negotiations with a couple of
possibilities and that they hope to have an official
announcement soon. The Consulate will then plan its
move, and undoubtedly will be unavailable for a short
period of time during the move itself. Stay tuned for
further news as it develops!
On the international scene, Finland along with the
United States and 11 other founding partners established
the Equal Futures Partnership this year. President
Niinistö and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tuomioja
joined US Secretary of State Clinton on September 24th
in New York to launch the partnership. The Equal
Futures Partnership is committed to new actions to
enhance gender equality.
The United Nations began its session in September as
well, and Finland is a candidate to join the UN Security
Council. The vote likely will take place on October 18,
2012 and will be for the 2013-2014 term. If elected,
this would be the third term for Finland. Finland
previously served on the Security Council in the 19691970 and 1989-1990 terms.
Kathy Mautino
December Nights
Balboa Park December Nights is the largest free community festival in
San Diego, attracting more than 300,000 visitors over two days in the spirit
of the holidays. Long-standing traditions include food from around the
globe at the International Christmas Festival at the House of Pacific
Relations Cottages.
Olen Marjo Heino, Suomitalon
December Nights -tapahtuman
mieheni työn vuoksi San Diegoon
maaliskuussa 2012. Perheeseemme
kuuluu myös kaksi kouluikäistä
lasta. Vapaa-aikani kuluu eritavoin
liikkuen, lasten kanssa kaikenlaista
puuhaten sekä ystävien kanssa
kokaten. San Diego tuntuu olevan
mainio paikka elää tällaiselle
sosiaaliselle suomalaiselle.
My name is Marjo Heino and I'm
the new House of Finland project
lead in the December Nights
festival. We moved to San Diego
in March 2012 because of my
husbands job. There are also two
school aged children in our family.
I really like to do diffrent sports on
my spare time as well as do things
with our children. Cooking is also
my passion, specially with friends
around. It really seems that San
Diego is a good place to live for a
social finn.
International Christmas Festival is fast approaching. We are starting to get
ready for the biggest fundraising event of the year. Mark your calendars
these days and get ready to have a lot of fun, meet international people and
most of all, represent Finland at its best!
Friday, Dec 7th, 4-10pm
Saturday, Dec 8th 12-10m
Marjo Heino, one of our newer HOF members, will be our new dynamic
team leader to organize the House of Finland's participation in the event this
year. Due to the large scale of this event there are two teams to separately
handle food and drink serving. In addition to to the event team leader role,
Marjo will lead the Food Team which will plan, prepare and serve the
Finnish style delicacies in the HOF. Marianne Modig-Seay will continue
as the team leader for the Spirits Team which will organize and run the
Finnish KossuBaari at the International Spirits Garden.
Marjo and Marianne will need a supporting team to make the fundraiser a
huge success. Please contact Marjo how and when you are available to help
with this big event. There are things that need to get done before the event
such as baking workshops, food preparations, shopping for ingredients,
decorating workshops etc. During the event, a number of people are needed
to prepare and serve the food in the House and to serve drinks in the HOF
booth in the International Spirits Garden. Every helping hand is highly
Please contact Marjo to let her know how you can participate and help HOF
to secure funding for next year to come!
Marjo Heino 858 999 7883, marjo.heino(at)
Suomi-talon vaalit lähestyvät!
Suomi-talo tarvitsee uusia innokkaita
hallitukseen. Yhdistys hakee uutta
sihteeriä ja
vuodelle 2013. Näiden lisäksi tarjolla on lukuisia muita
vapaaehtoistyötehtäviä. Ilmoitathan halukkuudestasi
osallistua toimintaan tavalla tai toisella ottamalla
yhteyttä Hanna Rantamäkeen:
hanna(at) tai 858 705 4231.
House of Pacific Relations (HPR)
delegate and alternate house
These two people participate in
HPR monthly meetings and report
to the House of Finland´s board
and members of the meetings.
House Interior decorating team
(entinen cottage decor)
Seasonal redecorating of the house
and creating the decor for special
events, such as International
Christmas Festival.
Sunday Hosting Coordinator
schedule for Sunday open house.
Web page Coordinator
Updates and maintains House of
Finland's web page.
Join HOF team many exciting open positions available!
There are a lot of opportunities to help HOF to have
successful next year. We are looking for a new
governing board for 2013. HOF board consists of
Vice President
Secretary and
Please let Hanna know what positions sounds
interesting to you!
Email Hanna [email protected] or call her 858
705 4231.
Special events teams
All the following events take place
in the House of Finland and the
adjacent lawn area.
International Food Fair organizing and coordinating House
of Finland's participation in this
one full day event to showcase
Finnish food. The event takes
place in the Memorial Day
Lawn Program - Once a year
event for the general public to
promote Finnish food and culture.
event ,
including the food and program.
International Christmas Festival
- Our biggest and most important
fundraiser event held in the
beginning of December to secure
funding for next year.
The event highlights Finnish
Christmas traditions in the form of
food and drinks. The team
organizes and coordinates the
House of Finland's participation in
the event. Due to the large scale of
this event there are usually two
teams to separately handle food
and drink serving.
House of Finland has Open House on
Sundays from 12 to 4 PM
in the
International Cottages area in Balboa Park.
We need your help to make this happen so
please, let us know when you can take your
turn in hosting and make the House of
Finland and Finnish culture more well
HOF Sunday Hosting Guidelines for the
* Keeps doors open from 12 to 4 PM.
* Arrives early enough and fills in the 'Host
food handler program' form (can be found
on the kitchen table).
* Provides the snacks to be served
* Takes care that there will be refreshments
(coffee, tea, juice) available for the visitors.
* Cleans the house after hosting for the
next Sunday.
* Informs supply coordinator Kati
Nupponen of any supply needs.
* Closes the blinds and locks the doors
when leaving.
* Sends the house key to the next Sunday
* Writes a check for the donations/tips
collected and sends to treasurer Kirsi
Tulossa joulukuussa:
1.12. Suomen 95-vuotisitsenäisyyspäiväjuhla
Los Angelesissa, Sherman Oaks Marriott Courtyard.
- liput $95
- päivällinen ja tanssia
- esiintyy Pepe Willberg Suomesta
- yhteiskuljetus San Diegosta suunnitteilla
15.12. Suomi-Talon ja Suomi-Koulun
yhteinen joulujuhla San Diego, Town & Country Resort, California Ballroom
- klo 4-10 PM
- jouluista ohjelmaa ja joulupukki lapsille
- päivällinen ja tanssia
- liput $30 ja $15 lapsilta
Lisätietoa molemmista tapahtumista seuraavassa uutislehdessä
sekä House of Finland -nettisivuilta.
Open hosting days:
Oct 14, 21, 28
Nov 11, 18
Dec 2, 23
If you can host in any of these days,
please contact Jouni:
[email protected] or
858 774 7512
You can check the days:
From the Consulate General of Finland
in Los Angeles
Suomen konsulaatti Los Angelsissa sai kuulla iloisia uutisia
kesäkuun lopussa. Konsulaatti jatkaa toimintaassa entiseen tapaan
- tosin supistetulla budjetilla. Yhtä hyvin ei käynyt Kantonin,
Sydneyn, Hampurin ja Las Palmasin konsulaateille. Niiden
toiminta joko lakkautetaan tai keskitetään suurlähetystöille tämän
ja ensi vuoden aikana.
Finnish Consulate General in Los Angeles will continue its
operations in LA - with a reduced budget. The consulates in
Canton, Las Palmas, Sydney and Hamburg didn't receive as good
news. These consulates will close or will be merged with the
country Embassies this or following year.
Kalifornian kesäloma
Koululaisten kesälomille kirmatessa
kouluaamujen kilpajuoksut kellojen
kanssa. Kuppi kotitekoista kahvia
kahvikupponen kuohuvalta.
keränkäsittelytaitojaan, kuski katseli
kuningaspalmujen kiilaan, kelpuutti
kärventämistä krillitikun kärjessä
keksien kaveriksi. Kuun kiivetessä
koruttomaan kangasmajaan kauniita
katselemaan ,
karkkivaahtopallojen kera kahvin
korvikkeena kurkkuunsa, kivasta
kesäleirielosta kokemusta keräsi,
kuiskintaa kuulematta.
Kesäkuun kuluessa kerkesi käly
Kalifornian kesää, katseltavuuksia
käppäilemään, kalavesien kuohuihin
kastautumaan. Kintut kipittivät
kastumaan, kellumaan, kerähyppyjä,
kiertoliukumäkiä kokeilemaan. Kesä
käristi kalpeita kehoja, kutrit
kirkasti .
Kelien kuumetessa kynänkäyttäjä
kipaisi katraineen kiekkohalliin
kesämekossaan ,
kantavarvastossuissaan, kaikkinensa
konsteja kokeili kääriytyä keveään
kangashuopaan kelmeyttä karkuun.
Kotelomaisen kääriytymisen konsti
käy kätevästi, kunnes kokee
kysyntää käyttää käsiään.
kirjoittaja keräsi kiireettömästi
kallioilta, kukkuloilta, kavereista,
kuntoilusta ,
kesävarpaiden koristelusta, katoksen
köllöttelystä .
Kokonaisuudessaan kartutti kehon
käteistä kaikenlaisesta kesäpuuhasta
Kiteytetysti kommentoiden:
Kärsivällinen kiireettömyys kallossa
kunnioitettava kauneus katseltavana
kaino kaiuttomuus korvissa
kepeä kuumuus keholla
kotoisasti korvapuusti kielellä.
Kaiken kaikkiaan Kunnon
Terhi Kunto
Suomen kesää Suomi-Talon
Lawn Programmissa
17. kesäkuuta 2012
Suomi-Talon vuoro oli järjestää Lawn Program –
ohjelmaa 17. kesäkuuta 2012. Ohjelman teemana oli
Suomen kesä ja juhannus. Suomi-talolla oli tarjolla
Suomi-herkkuja ja esillä suomalaista kesää saunaasetelman,
pienoismallin keinoin. Viime hetken muutoksilla
muokattu varsinainen Lawn Program –ohjelma
koostui Ilo-kuoron laulannasta, Jenni Marinin laulusta
ja Mikko Palatsin säestyksestä, Iisak Niemelä and
Friends -bändin sekä Netta ja Atte Ahmavaaran
lavatanssikimarasta kahden rohkean tanssiparin
Finnish summer at the House of Finland
Lawn Program
It was HOF’s turn to provide Lawn Program on the
June 17th of 2012. The theme of the day was Finnish
summer and Midsummer Festival. Finnish Flavors
were offered at the House of Finland and the Finnish
summer and Midsummer were presented to the house
visitors with a sauna display, pictures of birch trees
and a miniature midsummer bonfire crafted by a HOF
member. The actual Lawn Program consisted of
performances by the ILO choir, Jenni Marini and
Mikko Palatsi, Iisak Niemela and Friends band and
Netta and Atte Ahmavaara. We also enjoyed a ‘lawn
skiing competition’ and a potpourri of Finnish
‘ballroom’ dances…
Sirpa Ikonen
Ja meillä kaikilla oli niin mukavaa . . .
And we all had so much fun . . .
The annual Silvola picnic in Fallbrook was
held on August 19th, and it was again a fun way to
spend a day in one of the friendliest places around.
Aarre and Salme have welcomed the HOF members
with open arms for eight years already, so it is really a
tradition that keeps on going. This year’s picnic was
another fun-in-the-sun day. If you were one of the 50+
people enjoying the weather, pool, good company and
the food of course, you were in for a real treat. In the
past, HOF has provided the hamburgers and hot dogs,
but this time BBQer extraordinaire Juha Silvola had
barbequed pulled pork that melted in your mouth.
There were other delicious foods and drinks as well, so
you did not go home hungry. The pool kept kids and
adults busy if you wanted to cool down, and many
guests took advantage of that opportunity.
The annual picnic is a “Thank You” to all the
volunteers who make it possible for the House of
Finland to keep on doing its business: promoting
Finland in the San Diego area. Thank you all for giving
your time during the year in various activities. Looking
forward to seeing you in the future events.
HOF would like to
thank family Silvola
for hosting the Picnic
once again!
Lost and Found after Silvola picnic:
Vauvan hattu, kaksi valkoista mekkoa (froteinen ja
pitsinen) sekä kaksi puutarhatuolia.
Tavaroita voi kysyä Silvoloilta.
The Tuesday Team meetings
- Mark your calendars:
When and where:
Oct 2nd – Hiking trip, Torrey Pines
Nov 6th – Christmas Activity
Dec 4th – Getting ready for International
Christmas Festival
Time: 10 am
Contact: Kirsi Ahmavaara [email protected]
Sirkka Huovila
Toikka Birds at Mingei
Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park is
currently displaying “True Blue Exhibit” which
celebrates the four natural materials, indigo, turquoise,
cobalt and Lapis azuli, in different art media. The
exhibit is a genuine pleasure to the eye. Three blue
Toikka birds are on display as a part of this exhibit,
which runs through February 17, 2013. Click on for more information. Also, their gift
shop has a variety of Finnish items for sale.
Sirkka Huovila
Tuesday Team at September 2012:
Walking Tour at Downtown and
lunch in Little Italy
Nordic Night 2012
It was a sunny Saturday morning, when project team
started to gather all event ingredients and pack them
into car, which was filled from floor to ceiling. Now we
needed to fit passengers and go – magically it happened
and cargo was delivered to Suomitalo, where punch of
eager volunteers already waited to start arrangements
for the evening: carry tables and chairs to the lawn,
finalize serving area, warm up the food and get drinks
cold before attendees would arrive.
Sixty attendees came and populate tables, we opened a
convenience bar, where attendees were able to fill up
their glasses whenever needed. This helped discussions
started early and participants got familiar mostly with
their own country fellows, even the idea was get to
known other Scandinavians. When it was time to serve
the food, caper salmon with creamy citrus sauce,
fingerling potatoes and roasted vegetables, hungry was
gone in a minutes. Many headed back to our house and
asked the recipe, it was that good!
After dinner, Nordlympic games started, the goal was
have fun more than be serious, but like always will of
winning wins… olympic rings, golf, javelin throw, pass
the sand and mölökky were five events and competition
was very tight. Our team Kalle Ahmavaara, Kari
Kopakka, Juha Ponkala and Juha Rantamäki did well
until mölökky, where all that manpower shoot down the
team and Denmark’s international team overtook Finns.
Norway was third and Swedish ladies fourth, they did
great and showed excellent sportsmanship.
Everything good ends and after having mouthwatering
desert and drawing, field got empty pretty fast. It was
time to cleanup and disappear as well.
Like any other event, these are not coming up by
themselves, some amount of work needed to run
everything smoothly forward and have satisfied
customers. Special thanks to Irma and Kati to create
such a great dishes; Karoliina, Milla and Susanne of
your fantastic serving attitude, Mikko and Pasi to raise
up the atmosphere and all other volunteers to make this
happen with your positive and gratuitous attitude.
Thanks also to Anna from House of Sweden for loan
your kitchen.
Like Olympics, we are organizing this event next after
four years – see you there!
Jouni Nupponen
Syksyn (syys-joulukuu) koulupäivät ovat:
syyskuun 8 & 22,
lokakuun 6 & 20,
marraskuun 3 & 17 ja
Joulukuun 1 & 15.
We will be meeting on the following Sat:
September 8 & 22, October 6 & 20, November 3 & 17, and
December 1 & 15.
kello 10:00 – 12:00 (pienten, esikoululaisten ja
ala-aste ikäisten ryhmät)
kello 10:00 – 12:15 (isojen ryhmä)
10:00 am - 12:00 pm (youngest ones,
kindergarten and elementary school-age groups)
10:00 am - 12:15 pm (the oldest ones)
Opettajina toimivat:
Our teachers are:
Terhi Tuominen-Moles, [email protected]
kaikkein pienimmät (2.5-5 vuotiaat) / youngest ones (2.5-5 yrs old),
Minna Scarlata, ([email protected] ),
esikoululaiset (5-7 vuotiaat) / kindergarten-age group (5-7 yrs old),
Anu Crawford, ([email protected]),
ala-aste ikäisten ryhmä (6-10 vuotiaat) / elementary school-age group (6-10 yrs old)
Niina Kivilahti-Korkala, ([email protected]), isojen ryhmä (yli 9 vuotiaat) / the oldest ones (9 and up).
Sisaralennus lukukausimaksusta: 1. lapsi $95, 2.
lapsi $75, 3. ja sitä seuraava lapsi $55
Koulun Facebook sivut:
Sibling discount on tuition: 1st child $95, 2nd child
$75, 3rd and each additional child $55
School Facebook pages:
More information:
sästä iä
S uo m
jen ry
Muiste Suomi-koulun iso
Kirjo itt
Tuuli Suomessa
Viime kesä
Viime kesänä minä menin Suomeen
minun naapureitten kanssa. Me
mentiin Helsinkiin, Ruotsiin ja
Viroon. Me menimme myös meidän
serkkujen kesähotelliin Villinkiin.
Sitten me käytiin torilla. Siellä
syötiin mansikoita ja muikkuja. Pari
päivää sen jälkeen me menimme
laivamatkalle Tukholmaan. Sen
laivan nimi oli "Silja Line" ja me
näimme Muumipeikon ja sen toiset
Kun me pääsimme Tukholmaan me
mentiin ostoksille ja syömään.
Sitten me menimme takaisin
laivalle. Kun me päästiin takaisin
Helsinkiin, me mentiin takaisin
Villinkiin. Seuraavana päivänä me
lähdettiin Tallinnaan. Siellä me
nähtiin vanha torni. Kun me päästiin
Helsinkiin, me lähdimme meidän
kesämökille, joka on Heinävedellä.
Siellä minä uin järvessä ja kävin
Kesällä minä menin Suomeen.
Siellä oli kivaa. Suomessa voi tehdä
juttuja mitä täällä ei voi tehdä. Niin
kuin, uida lammessa, hiihtää ja olla
minun mummun kanssa. Kun minä
menin Suomeen minä hoidin minun
serkkua Sasua. Me leikittiin
leikkipuistossa ja sitten mentiin
Kun me pääsimme Suomen minun
täti Tanja haki meidät lentokentaltä.
Me oltiin Helsingissä 2 viikkoa ja
sitten mentiin Tallinnaan. Sen
jälkeen minä ja äiti ja veljeni
mentiin mummulaan. Minä leikin
kavereiden kanssa ja meillä oli
yokyliä. Kesä meni aika pian ja piti
lähteä jo kotiin. Suomi oli mahtava
ja haluan mennä taas ensi kesänä.
Tuuli Sutton
Kesällä Suomessa
Minulla oli paljon hauskaa ja haluan
mennä Suomeen kavereiden kanssa
Minulla oli hirveän mukavaa
Suomessa. Kaikista kivintä oli, että
mä sain olla mun Mummun ja
Papan kanssa. Oli myös mukavaa
nähdä kavereita.
Anna Laine
Ville Jokitulppo
Kesämuisto Suomesta
Sonjan kesä Suomessa
Hauskinmat muistoni Suomesta ovat
muorin ja vaarin mökiltä. Siellä on
tosi vihreää ja kaunista. Pelaamme
paljon korttia ulkona, menemme
saunaan ja grillaamme ulkona.
Olin kesällä Suomessa ja kävin
mökeillä .
Heinäkuussa lähdin Amerikkaan.
Olin kaverillani monta kertaa
kylässä ja yökylässä. Kyläily oli
Muori ja minä menimme mustikkaan oikein kivaa.
yllätykseksi Uin Suomessa paljon järvessä,
daddylle ja äidille, kun he tulivat kuten myös Amerikassa, tosin
Italiasta. Haluaisin mennä takaisin meressä ja uima-altaassa. Lopulta
Suomeen ensi kesällä!!!
kesäloma oli oikein mukava.
Marja Crawford
Sonja Norta
Kevyttä ja
Kevaäniemi kirja sisältää Pirjo
romaania, jotka nostivat hänet
Kevätniemi" (1997).
Kirjassa Matintalon sisarukset ovat
ainoana, oikeana kotinaan. Sinne
on kokoonnuttu juhlimaan ja
muistelemaan menneitä. Anna-äiti
on ollut suvun kantava voima.
Anna-äiti suututtaa keski-ikäiset
tyttärensä luopumalla perinteistä ja
alkamalla elää vihdoinkin omaa
elämäänsä. Tuttujen kuvioiden
horjuminen aloittaa muutosten
sarjan naisten elämässä. Kukaan ei
pääse helpolla, mutta kolhut
vahvistavat niin ihmisiä kuin
ihmissuhteitakin. Naiset oppivat
todella tuntemaan toisensa ja
Kirja tarjoaa oivaltavia naiskuvia,
tarinankaaret ovat laveita.
Suosittelen lämpimästi, Sari N.
San Diegon Suomalainen Kirkko The Finnish Church of San Diego
San Diegon suomalaisessa kirkko aloittaa syksyn
toiminnan aikuisten kinkereillä lauantai-iltana, 29.9.
klo 17.00.
Kinkerit pidetään Eeva Schreckin kotona, Powayssa.
Tarkemmat ajo-ohjeet löytyvät kirkon ilmoituksista.
We start Saturday night, 9/29 at 5 p.m with adult
“Kinkerit” at Eeva Schreck in Poway. More
information later about this special event.
On Sunday, 9/30, confirmation class students of
2012-13 academic year will meet at the church
2012-13 starting at 3 p.m. All those who will be 15 years old
rippikoululaiset kokoontuvat kirkolla ensimmäiseen by the end of next year and older qualify for the class.
tapaamiseen alkaen klo 15:00. Kaikki viimeistään ensi Parents should attend this first meeting as well.
vuonna 15-vuotta täyttävät ja sitä vanhemmat saavat
osallistua. Ensimmäiseen tapaamiseen toivotaan myös Sunday, 9/30, our Finnish language worship service
vanhempien läsnäoloa.
will begin at 4 p.m. We will bless schoolchildren of all
Sunnuntaina 30.9. syysjumalanpalvelus alkaa klo
16.00. Siunaamme koululaiset ja heidän opintiensä.
Welcome to the installation service for Rev. Dr.
Jarmo Tarkki as the pastor for Finns abroad, Sunday,
Pastori, TT Jarmo Tarkin virkaan asettamismessu October 21st 2012, at 2 p.m., St. Paul’s Lutheran
pidetään lokakuun 21. päivänä, 2012 klo 14 St. Paul’s Church, 958 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403.
Lutheran Church, 958 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
90403. Kaikki ovat sydämellisesti tervetulleita.
The most beautiful Chrismas song sing-along,
December 23, at 4 p.m.
Kauneimmat joululaulut lauletaan San Diegon
suomalaisessa kirkossa 23.12. klo 16.
Incarnation Lutheran Church in Poway at
16889 Espola Road, Poway, CA 92064.
Lisätietoja/for more information:
Pappi Jarmo Tarkki:
[email protected]
(805)350-1667 tai
Annina Lukiini-Johnson:
[email protected] 619-962-0856
It’s taking shape – FinnFestUSA 2012 here in
Tucson! It will have elements of all FinnFests, our
special feature being The Education Seminar on
Saturday, 11/10 with Dr. Pasi Sahlberg (Finnish
Lessons) and experts from the two AZ universities and
teachers who are teaching the winning Finnish method.
FINNFEST 2012 in Tucson:
The HUB is the Tori or Market Place open every day
from 9 to 5 with vendors from all over. There’s a café
with Finnish pastry, and several continuos events
taking place the same time including live music,
dancing and reciting.
The Opening Ceremony is on Thursday 11/8 with
the Finnish ambassador for US presiding. The
Genealogy workshop is also on Thursday with experts
from Finland.
Friday features two recitals, the Saana Ensemble, a
staged reading of Sinikka Garcia’s “The Evacuees” by
Dr. Metz’s Dramatic Artists of Tucson, a lecture on the
Labor movement and a Variety show.
Saturday, see paragraph one, plus a mini-Salolampi
and a Kaivama concert.
On Sunday, there’s a Lutheran Church service in the
morning, a Hotel Brunch with the chef from the LA
Consulate and Merja Reynolds., and “The Evacuees” at
Eeva Syvanen
Prudential California Realty, Del Mar
3790 Via De La Valle, Suite 217
Del Mar CA 92014
(858)337-6223 (cell)
(858)259-6400 (office)
[email protected]
There are seven Finnish films with Finnish film experts
giving presentations.
FINNFEST is up and running:
Please support these businesses.
- They support House of Finland.
Telephone registration available
Call (520) 812-6640.
After Sept. 14 the costs: 4-day
registration for adults: $60,
students $30.00, children 6-14 free
with a paying adult.
$22.50, students $18, children 6-14
free with a paying adult.
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