Ponca City Country Club October 2014 Newsletter From the Board President

Ponca City Country Club
October 2014 Newsletter
From the Board President
Fall is in the air and we have perfect golfing weather! I look forward to seeing
you on the golf course.
We currently have over 30 resumes for a golf pro. We plan to start the interview
process very soon so that we can get a new golf pro hired by the first of the
year. In the meantime Pixie and John are working very hard to take care of all
of your golfing needs in the Golf Shop.
Things are moving along well with our capital projects. We have a new roof,
new canopy, outdoor carpet at the entrances, a handicap incline lift to the
upstairs ballroom and we have purchased some golf course equipment. Our goal
is to have the grill room redecorated by late October. It is not too late to make a
contribution if you have not done so.
I would like to thank the ladies on our decorating committee for doing such a nice job keeping the Club
decorated for the various seasons of the year. If you would like to volunteer to help on the decorating
committee please contact the office at 762-2436.
Have a great October.
Stuart Powell
Board President
[email protected]
New PCCC Members In September
 Rocky Flick
 John McNeese
 Mary Lou Bourgeois
 Jim Bowen
 Michael Tiller
Clubhouse News
Well, here is my first newsletter as Clubhouse Manager! I’m happy to say that I
survived the Cherokee Strip Golf Tournament. In fact, I really enjoyed seeing so
many of you having a good time during the tournament.
I would like to thank Virginia, Maureen, the entire PCCC staff and, most of all,
our members for their support in my new position. I am working on a new server
training program as well as getting new uniforms for our servers. Colleen Young,
events coordinator, and I are planning several new events for this fall. We are
having Indian taco nights and 50 cent wing nights. We are going to bring in some
live music, stand-up comedy and a 50’s style sock hop. We have had requests for
a singles group here at the Club and that is also in the works!! If you have any
ideas on things you would like to see happen please contact me.
We have a new cappuccino machine here at the Club. Come on out and have a gingerbread, pumpkin spice or
salted caramel cappuccino.
Halloween is approaching and we will have a Super TGIF on October 31st so wear your costumes!
Feel free to call or stop by the Club with any concerns, comments or just to visit. Members can reach me
24/7 on my cell 580-763-0517. Thanks again for all of your support.
See you at the Club.
Zakk Stovall
Clubhouse Manager
[email protected]
Upcoming Events
I can’t believe September has come and gone! October is here which means that
it’s time for some FALL celebrations! We have some exciting events planned for
this month and we hope to see you all here to celebrate with us!
This month will be our second Kids Night Out event! We will be hosting this
event on Friday, October the 17th from 6pm to 9pm. We encourage all the
children to wear their Halloween costumes or a fun Halloween themed shirt. All
the children that wish to can join us in a fun
parade through the grill room and lounge to show
off their adorable Halloween attire!! We will also
be serving dinner, telling spooky Halloween
stories, creating some personalized crafts and
watching Hotel Transylvania! We hope to see
you all there!
The “Tipsy Artist” will be joining us again this month! She will be assisting
us in painting the “Give Thanks Scarecrow”. This event will be held on
Saturday, October 18th in the ballroom from 6-9 pm. You must contact the
“Tipsy Artist” to reserve your spot. Her telephone number is 405-822-0481 or you can visit her website at
www.tipsyartist.com. We will have a cash bar upstairs that evening so be sure to bring your friends for a
night full of fun!!
Take care and I hope to see you all out at the club!
Colleen Young
Events Coordinator
[email protected]
PCCC members can call The Running Chef, order from the PCCC menu, and have it
delivered to their home and charged to their member account. The exceptions for home
delivery will be specialty nights, buffets and holiday items. The Running Chef is open from
10:30 am until 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday.
Their website can be seen at http://therunningchef.com/
October Birthdays
Faye Askew
Eva Ballard
Matthew Bintz
Danny Blum
Mary Bohannon
Garrett Bowers
Jerri Boyer
Lyndon Boyer
Barbara Bridwell
Hal Brown
Paul Brown
Dennis Buss
Heather Cannon
Cheryl Chanslor
Grace Chism
Lynna Clark
Jodi Cline
Ross Cline
Wanda Council
David Cummings
Deanna Cummings
Tim Dancey
Joan Dick
Nathandale Farris
Kim Flick
John Gardner
William Graham
Bill Greenfield
Allen Hardesty
Jessica Hensley
John Hron
Jack Hudack
Michele Jean
Colleen Johnson
Randy Kretchmar
Peggy Krider
Ed Latimer
Randall Lauritsen
Jay Layman
Rick LeMonnier
Brook Lindsay
Lynda Martin
Karen Meyer
Rod Murray
Park Nelson
Juli Oakley
Wayne Oakley
Kris Parton
Janell Peace
Mark Riley
Tawna Scantlin
John Schatz
Debbie Seals
Jan Sewell
Jack Shears
Andrea Shepard
Homer Slief
Charles Starks
Joe Theobald
Chuck Van Cleave
Amanda Wachtel
Howard Wells
Come out to the Club and use your $15 birthday credit during the month!
Please tell your server that you are celebrating your birthday so
that you will be sure to get your birthday credit.
Cookin’ With Chef Whit
I can’t believe that summer is already over! I hope you all enjoyed the food at
the Cherokee Strip Golf Classic this year as much as we enjoyed preparing it
for you.
We’ll be bringing back comment cards for a couple of weeks to get your input
on what foods you like and what we can do to make your dining experience
We will be offering 50 cent wing nights during NFL on Thursday nights.
All steaks, including prime rib on Saturday night, will be $2 off while supplies
last. The special for Wednesday nights this month is Indian tacos. Burger night
will be on Thursday, October 23rd.
Don’t miss the big Halloween Super TGIF!!
God Bless and Bon Appetit!
Whit Baker
Executive Chef
[email protected]
PCCC Fitness 1st
Come by or call to schedule a time for a fitness consultation or just to look at what we
have to offer!
Greg Armstrong
(580) 761-0752
Golf Course News
Everything on the course is going well and on schedule. Bermuda growth is
beginning to slow and soon we will be enjoying the colors of fall. It’s a great
time to be outdoors so everyone needs to get out and get a few rounds in before
it gets too cold.
One of our goals on the course is to maintain a more firm greens surface. The
issue with our greens is thatch. This is the accumulation of dead and living
organic matter just beneath the turf surface. Our program consists of water and
fertility management, along with aerification and vertical mowing. During
periods of heat stress we minimize our program to ensure the health of our
greens, but with the onset of fall we become more aggressive. The staff has
already completed one round of spiking and our vertical mowing is in full swing.
I am positive we are making an impact and will continue to make this a priority.
Tree care will be our first winter project. Cart path improvement is also on the
top of the list.
It won’t be long before frost will dictate our start time. Please use caution and check in at the Golf Shop
before starting play or practice.
If you have any questions or comments please come by the shop or give me a call.
Doyle Brookshire
Golf Course Superintendent
[email protected] 580-352-2256
From The Golf Shop
It is hard to believe that the 53rd Cherokee Strip has come and gone. The tournament was a huge success and
we received numerous compliments throughout the event. I would like to thank all of the PCCC employees
who worked so hard to make sure that everything went off without a hitch. What can I say about the
volunteers besides “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” You always play such an important role in the
club’s biggest event of the year and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I also want to give a special thanks
to Stuart Powell and Don Lockwood who spent countless hours helping in the shop during this event.
During the last week of August and the first 10 days of September, we could not ring up sales in the
computer. This happened because it was decided that we should take the inventory out of the computer and
then re-enter it in a more detailed way. This was a very challenging task, but it was finally completed with
much help from ProShop Keeper, Stuart Powell and Virginia Kirkendall. Because of this situation, we had to
write down all sales in a notebook and then ring them up at a later date once the computer was ready to go.
This involved not only merchandise, but also cart rentals, range fees, beverages and guest fees. I’m
explaining this because many members will notice items on their next PCCC bill that were rang up on days
that you were not at the club. If anyone has any questions regarding this, please give me a call at the shop.
Upcoming golf events in October include the following:
*Wednesday, October 1st…WGA Ladies Horserace…2:00 pm
*Sunday, October 5th….Ponca City Elks Lodge 2002...1:00 pm
*Saturday, October 11th…District Elks…1:00 pm
Sunday, October 12th…Phillips 66 PCSEA…1:00 pm
*Wednesday, October 15th…Bliss Industry
*Friday, October 17th…Jesters…1:00 pm
*Sunday, October 19th…PCCC Couples Tournament . . .1:00 pm
At least half of the course will be open on the dates marked with a star * because these are smaller events!
Please keep in mind that the outside events generate considerable income for the club.
We will continue the Wednesday night “9-hole golf game events”. Please call ahead to sign-up and meet at
the shop by 5:00 pm. Everyone puts in $10 with all money going back in cash prizes. We will keep this
event going as long as we can, depending on darkness and colder weather.
Fall is a wonderful time of year to play golf. Come out and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Pixie Rowland
Golf Shop Manager
Club Management
Stuart Powell – Board President
[email protected]
Don Lockwood – Operations Manager
[email protected]
Zakk Stovall – Clubhouse Manager
580-762-2436 or 580-763-0517
[email protected]
Virginia Kirkendall - Office Manager
[email protected]
Karen Thompson - Beverage Manager
Whit Baker – Executive Chef
[email protected]
Pixie Rowland – Golf Shop Manager
[email protected]
Doyle Brookshire –
Golf Course Superintendent
[email protected]
Mike Morris – Activities Director
[email protected]
Colleen Young – Events Coordinator
[email protected]