ATLAS The much-needed guide to investment portfolio taxation
The much-needed guide to
investment portfolio taxation
Portfolio taxation has always been underestimated. However,
huge financial, audit and reputational risks can derive
from an incorrect booking of the taxes or simply by their
Atlas is a dynamic tool providing users with up to date
investment portfolio taxation all around the world. You will be
able to assess quickly all relevant information on withholding tax
and capital gain tax suffered by your funds in just a few clicks.
Your challenges
In this context, fund managers may need to:
1. closely monitor the tax burden on the investment portfolio of their fund
(awareness of different tax systems, different types of securities);
2. manage potential reputational and tax risks;
3. identify opportunities (are you aware of all the possibilities local tax
systems offer you?).
Our solutions
Atlas is a dynamic web-based service providing users with the latest developments in, as well as up-to-date details on,
investment-portfolio taxation and covering up to 49 jurisdictions.
All the relevant information on managing capital-gain tax and withholding tax on securities held by investment funds is now
just a few clicks away. You can customise your information search based on the type of securities you’re interested in (e.g.
shares, bonds, government bonds and derivatives).
Our tool
Easy access
Simple authentication password and log-in
attributed to clients.
Easily accessible interface allows for quick
navigation in just a few clicks.
Understandable and Pragmatic
Data is regularly updated and is clearly
presented by using concise tables and
printable pop-ups.
In-depth technicity
Each country file does not only contain an overview of headline
rates, but a wealth of information on listed and unlisted securities,
treaty benefits, exemptions, potential risks and procedural
obligations which will allow you to properly monitor and book your
taxes but also benefit from exemption, reduction or refunds.
Your contacts
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