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FALL 2014
Ghosts and goblins will soon be
haunting our neighborhood, beginning with this year’s HallowFest on
Saturday, November 1st. The
costume parade begins at 3:30
corner of Maypole and Deerfield Avenue. The parade,
led by one of the Township’s loudest fire trucks, will proceed down Deerfield, turn left onto Kentwood, right onto
Woodcrest and down to Durkin Park where the party begins. Enjoy games kids and adults alike and our annual
Oktoberfest-Style buffet/cookout. Hotdogs and beverages will be provided by the association. Please bring a
side dish, salad, or dessert to share. Bring your favorite
beer mug and lawn chair. See you
at the party!!
Our traditional Chili Cook-off will
be held at HallowFest. Anyone
wishing to enter should bring a
crock-pot of their HOME-MADE chili to the park by 4:00.
Voting will be done by all attending HallowFest. The winner will be awarded the Good Hope Farms traveling
“Silver Ladle”. Come out and sample the community’s
Dates to Remember
8:15 AM
Garden Committee Update by Johanna Brown-Scherer
A big thank you to all our front entrance garden volunteers. They deadheaded flowers, weeded and watered all spring, summer and fall. The garden
has looked fantastic! When you see the following families, please thank them for
Wood, Lundblad, Scott, Benner, Kruger, Navin, Fogarty, Brosious,
Betza, Levis, Shockey, Beam, Dravk, Solenberger, Schalles, Motter,
Ryerson, Titus, Wilken, Crawford and Hibbs.
Did you see the latest Gorgeous Garden?
Check out Cathy and Jack Hiebert’s yard.
(5252 Strathmore Drive) I always love their
weeping spruce and purple fountain beech, but
their purple asters are just showing off right
now. Also, take a walk around the neighborhood, because all the fall shade trees, asters
and chrysanthemums are amazing.
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New School Update by Doug Works
As the proposed construction
looms closer for the new Good
Hope Middle School, please continue to monitor the Cumberland
Valley School District as well as
the Hampden Township websites
with links on the home page of the
GHFCA website,
The results of the traffic study
should be posted soon.
The school district must present
their Land Development Plan at an
upcoming Hampden Township
meeting. We have been told that it
will NOT be in October, but that
may change. This would be the
appropriate forum at which to
voice any concerns you may have
concerning lights, noise, potential
water problems in basements,
property values, etc.
for all of us to be involved and
aware of the changes that will affect us all for many years to
If your land does not border the
school, it may not be a concern to
you. Indeed, it is probably a huge
"plus". But please try to consider
as well this situation from the point
of view of those who live directly
adjacent to the property.
Lastly, we are trying to make sure
that residents of Good Hope
Farms South, Westover, and Indian Creek are aware of the potential increase in traffic due to the
400+ students being added to
GHMS and that the needs of all
the residents are taken into consideration.
Regardless of our individual feelings about this construction project, and the potential good and
educational opportunities it will
afford our children, it is important
Welcome New Board Members! by Teri Guelcher, President GHFCA
The current GHFCA Board Members are pleased to announce the
addition of four wonderful neighbors who have joined our group.
Brooke has also joined the board
bringing a newfound love of our
neighborhood along with her own
ideas and enthusiasm.
We welcome, Liz Motter, Kristen
and Steve Wolf, Valarie Ryerson
and Megan Cline.
Megan Cline who lives on the corner of Deerfield and Maypole
along with husband Brian and their
three children, Brooks, Audrey and
Bennet moved in just before our
Block Party this past year and graciously agreed to host, as the
Crispino Family had over the past
few years, the “kid’s bounce house
and Huffy the Clown in their garage and yard. Megan will be serving the board in the role of Membership and the maintenance of
our neighborhood database. This
is the information we utilize for
printing our neighborhood directories every few years. We are
grateful to have Megan’s skills and
experience for this role.
Liz Motter, husband Greg and
daughter Valerie have lived in the
neighborhood since 2010. Liz has
agreed to serve in the role of secretary for the board. It was obvious
from her very first meeting that Liz
will do a great job in this board position.
Kristen and Steve Wolf and their
daughter Kyra have lived in the
neighborhood for 5 years. Steve
will assist Tiffany Young as Block
Representative Coordinator while
Kristen will be helping the board
with Social Activities and bringing
new ideas and energy to our
Valarie Ryerson who moved into
our neighborhood last November
with her husband, Marc and their
children, Gina, Bennett and
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We would welcome two additional
Board Members whose interests
and expertise would lend themselves to the roles of managing
our website and another
person who would like to act as
the leader of
the Social
simply communicating
with helpers and delegating needed tasks to carry out the fun neighborhood events we have throughout the year.
It is so gratifying and rewarding to
do what we do together for the
good of our wonderful neighborhood.
Thanks to each and every board
member and neighbor for the contributions and support that make
all the difference for Good Hope
Thank you
Engineering Co.
for printing the
GHFCA Newsletter
FALL 2014
It’s Time to Trot by Johanna Brown-Scherer
In an effort to assist the Central
Pennsylvania Food Bank and give
back to the commu y, Good
Hope Farms
476 Woodcrest Drive.
249 participants, 21 dogs, 1,165 lbs. of food
and $1,181!
Every year we have increased the
number of participants. The
smiles and joys at this event are
always pretty awesome, so let’s
spread this incredible spirit by
inviting more friends to join us.
Please reach out and ask your
new and old neighbors, your extended family, your friends, your
church members, your children’s
teams, your book club, your ....
Make this your family’s Thanksgiving Tradition. Giving to those
in need is a great way to show
your thanks this Thanksgiving.
All we ask is for food donations.
Away for Thanksgiving? You can
drop off food donations before
you leave. (476 Woodcrest Drive)
So put your
bird in the oven and bring
your family
and dinner
guests to an
event that provides a way to
truly be thankful this
and give back
to the commu y!
Find additional information on our
Welcome to Our New Neighbors
Cookies & Cocoa with Santa
The Englebright Family
– 5261 Meadowbrook Drive
December 6 @ 2:00 p.m.
The Shuttlesworth Family
– 5254 Meadowbrook Drive
The Nodes Family
– 5252 Meadowbrook Drive
The Glover Family
– 497 Woodcrest Drive
The Shugart Family
– 5251 Deerfield Avenue
Upcoming Board Meetings
The GHFCA board meetings are open to all
neighbors. Meetings are at 7:00 PM and are
hosted by one of our neighbors.
Nov 10, 2014 - Teri Guelcher
- 5277 Strathmore Drive
Jan. 12, 2015 - Valarie Ryerson
- 474 Woodcrest Drive
March 9, 2015 - Megan Cline
- 5254 Deerfield Ave
May 11, 2015 - Kristen Wolf
- 5263 Meadowbrook Dr
Summer Off
Sept 14, 2015 - TBD
Come one come all to enjoy some time with SANTA at
Durkin Park! Cookies and Cocoa will be provided.
Pictures will be taken!
Hope to see you there and bring a friend too!
Attention Seniors
One of our seniors, Delphine Albert, is looking for other
seniors in the neighborhood to form a pinochle card game
group or groups to be played at her home or to rotate
homes, as decided.
Other ideas she had included: a game night, a book club, a
bible study group, senior night out, senior group to volunteer to help Vets, wounded or not , or to pray with or visit
other seniors in nursing homes, or even a water color or oil
painting group. The possibilities are endless but first let’s
see who’d like to share time with other seniors.
You can call Del with your interest or your ideas and discuss what you think might work best for our Good Hope
residents. You will find Delphine in the Good Hope Farms
Let’s take “dull” out of the winter months and get to know
each other better.
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FALL 2014
We are preparing for a Good Hope Farms holiday tradition of lighting Luminary Candles on Christmas Eve.
As is our custom, we will be lighting the candles at 5pm on Christmas Eve. It is a beautiful and inspirational
sight to walk or drive through our neighborhood on Christmas Eve. In addition to the beauty of the tradition, proceeds from the event will be donated to a local charity and used to improve the park.
Please fill out the order form and return it to your Block Representative by December 16th. The kits are sold in sets of five
which includes the bags, sand and candles to make 5 luminaries. You may purchase as many sets as you like. They will be
delivered to your house by your block representative. If your
are going to be out of town on Christmas Eve, we have volunteers throughout the neighborhood that are willing to set-up and
light your luminaries so the whole neighborhood can be illuminated.
For further details or if you miss the deadline, please contact
Melissa Shunk before December 24 at 761-5018.
Events for
Your Calendar
Please return by Dec. 16th to your Block Re e e a
(Note: Block Reps are listed on the web page.)
Cookies and Cocoa
with Santa - Saturday,
December 6th 2:00
PM at Durkin Park.
Name _______________________________
Address _____________________________
# of sets ______ x $5.00 = _______
Kits will be assembled and distributed to block reps on Dec 20 .
Thank You!
Luminaria orders due
Tuesday, December
16 to your block rep.
Luminaria fabrication
Saturday, December
20 at the Shunk’s
house beginning at 9
Go to Our Website for a List of Block Reps!
We’re on the web!
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