LCS Preschool Welcome to our programs! Special points of

LCS Preschool
Special points of
Welcome to our programs!
Thank you for choosing LCS
Preschool to begin your
child’s educational journey!
We are so excited to get to
know you and your family
this year.
LCS Preschool is a part of
Kids and Company and
Lapeer Community Schools.
We are a licensed center
through the state of
Michigan. Our staff have
education and experience in
early childhood and/or child
development. We strive to
provide the highest quality
preschool in order to help
your child be successful in
kindergarten and beyond!
Please be sure to return all
required paperwork as soon
as possible. All required
paperwork and appropriate
fees must be paid in order
to hold your child’s spot.
Please don’t hesitate to ask
if you have any questions
about this process.
Please be sure to check out
our Parent Handbook. You
may request a copy at our
office or access it on
our webpage located at
This has very important
information regarding a
variety of policies we have
here at Kids and Company.
All of our programs utilize
the Creative Curriculum:
Teaching Strategies Gold.
recognized program for
preschool curriculum.
Early Childhood Curriculum
Guide for more specific
information regarding our
curriculum and goals for
the children in our program.
This can also be requested
at our office or on our
website. You will receive a
copy of this guide at the
 September 8, 2014:
First day of LCS 4 Year
Old Preschool
 September 9, 2014:
First day of LCS 3 Year
Old Preschool
 You will receive a letter
in early August stating
your teacher’s name and
date of our Preschool
 During
Orientation, you will
me e t
yo u r
ch il d ’s
teacher and be given
more details regarding
the classroom, what to
expect in preschool, and
what supplies may be
Kids and Company
3145 W. Genesee St.
Lapeer, MI 48446
From the Director
Welcome to our programs!
As the year progresses,
please stop in and see me!
My office is located across
from the main Kids and Co.
office. I enjoy getting to
know all of our families.
Please do not hesitate to
call or stop in and talk to
me about any questions or
concerns you may have
throughout the year. We
are here for you and your
child and want you to have a
positive experience with us.
Your child’s first experience with school is so
important and we want him/
her to begin developing a
passion for learning and
(810) 667-2454
exploring the world! Thank
you and see you soon.
Melanie Berry
Childhood and Child Care
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