Teaching Leaders Competency Framework

Teaching Leaders Competency Framework
We use this framework in our selection process to assess candidates applying for the TL Fellows programme.
The selection process consists of an online application form and an assessment centre.
Acts in ways that are principled, built upon a clear set of personal values.
Contributes value as a middle leader and is passionate about making a
positive difference to the lives of children and families.
Has an unswerving belief that schools have a crucial role to play in
changing lives and improving life chances.
Takes action and makes decisions with the best interests of children at
heart. Is energised and motivated by the prospect of making a difference.
Tackles challenging targets and achieves the highest standards within
their role that go beyond normal expectations.
Self-motivated, energetic and willing to take on new challenges to
improve own levels of performance.
Makes decisions having assessed what will be in the best interest of their
team & students.
Seeks out opportunities and new challenges showing a desire to improve.
Aware of own strengths and areas for development.
Understands how their behaviour impacts on others; aware of emotional
triggers and identifies ways to manage these more effectively.
Takes ownership for what they can do and shares out responsibilities
when others are better placed to carry out tasks.
Resilience and
Demonstrates a level of emotional maturity that enables them to remain
tenacious and focused when faced by increasingly challenging circumstances.
Responds appropriately, managing uncertainty, and bounces back even in the
most trying of situations.
Impact and
Has a positive impact on their teams and students through persuading,
convincing and bringing others round to their perspective.
Understands others’ perspectives and priorities, and tailors their communication
to suit their audience.
Holding to
Clarifies expectations, sets high standards for others and ensures goals or
objectives are achieved.
Holds others to account for performing in line with expectations, using
their position or authority to get others to do what has been asked of
Moral Purpose
Personal Drive
them, and at times, makes tough or unpopular decisions.
Curiosity and
Eagerness to
Relating to
Instigates these actions with the best interests of students and
colleagues in mind.
Develops and empowers their team so that they experience real,
significant professional growth.
Proactively looks for ways to develop others, through both long and
short term strategies, even when they are not required to do so.
Continually seeks out opportunities to develop colleagues through
activities such as mentoring, supporting, championing and guiding, in
order to bring out the very best in them.
Demonstrates a curiosity and willingness to develop or acquire new
knowledge, skills or experience regardless of the challenges involved.
Makes the most of opportunities despite being outside of their comfort
Uses initiative to create opportunities for learning, discovering different
ways of doing things both within and outside of education.
Sees the Teaching Leaders Fellows Programme as an opportunity to
learn, and develop.
Spots patterns between potentially unrelated concepts, effectively using
data and drawing upon awareness of the bigger picture to understand a
Simplifies complex issues and develops innovative solutions.
Builds relationships through being able to pick up on and understand the
thoughts, emotions and feelings of students & colleagues, identifying
reasons for why others behave the way they do.
Uses excellent interpersonal skills to empower others to achieve, and
builds a strong rapport to enable a culture of collaboration.
Leads through motivating and energising students, colleagues and other
educational staff, uniting them around shared goals or objectives.