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FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 Listed below are family histories on file in the Genealogy Section of the Westminster Branch, Carroll County Public Library. They represent more than 25 years of donations by the authors or compilers. Some are in book form; others are unbound manuscripts. They are single copies – not for sale – for use in the library only. They may not be checked out or borrowed on interlibrary loan. Please consult with CCGS to assure availability if you are looking for one of these histories. Upon request, we will attempt to find addresses of the authors in case you wish to inquire about purchasing a copy from them. SURNAME Title and Author/Compiler AGNES see ZEPP ALBAUGH Albaugh-­‐Spurrier & Allied Families, compiled by Marian L. Brown, 1990 ALBERS see FOWBLE ALGIRE see COX ANDERS see SHRIVER ANGEL see WAMPLER APPLER Two Centuries of the Appler Family in America, 1747-­‐1947, by Charles Ross Appler APPLER The Appler Family History, by Charles Ross Appler, 1976 ARMACOST Descendants of Adam Armacost, by Peter McIver 1992 & 1994 ARMACOST see COX ARNOLD ARTHUR ARTHUR Arnold Family History and Genealogy, Descendants of Anthony Arnold, Late 1600’s-­‐2000, by Verle M. Arnold The William Arthur Family, by Robert L. Arthur see EBELING, ZEPP BABYLON Babylon (Ba-­‐Bil-­‐On) Family History, by Rev. Dr. William Babylon Duttera and Maurice Duttera BABYLON see HAIFLEY BAILE The Journal of Nathan H. Baile, transcribed by Robert M. Barnes BAILE The Story of the Baile Family Cemetery, 1819-­‐1876, by Byron Shutz, 1992 BAIR see HAINES BAIRD see EBELING BALDWIN see RILEY BAKER see DERR BAKER BANISTER Descendants of John Baker, Sr., by Ressie Baker Johnson, Elizabeth Miller Baker, Bonnie Showalter Johnson see EBELING 1 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 BANKERT see ZEPP BARNES Kindred Spirits, Barnes Family Reunion 1999, compiled by Linda Newman BARNES The Kindred Ventures: History and Genealogy of Peter Barnes (1744-­‐1814) and Related Families, by Shirley Moore Barnes BARSINGERS A Genealogical History of Barshinger Families in America since 1735, compiled by Stephen Harold Smith BASEMAN see BEASMAN BAST The Bast Family, by Steve Bast BAUER see LAUER, DAVIS BAUERSACHS A Genealogical History of the Bauersachs Family in America, 1665-­‐1988: Johann Line, by Dorothy LeVier Bowersox BAUMGARDNER see ZEPP BEALE The Beale Family Saga, by Lucille Kates Beale BEAM see GORSUCH-­‐LOVELACE BEARD Ten Year Update on Beard Family: 1983-­‐1993, Bemiller, by John and Bernardine Bankert BEARD Beard Family Record of John Frederick and Mary Catharine from Carroll Co., MD, by Sophia Jean Brown Hall 1983 BEASMAN A Partial View of the Beasman-­‐Baseman Family of MD, by Catherine C. Hiatt BEAVER see ROBERTSON BELL see ZEPP BENKO see DAVIS BENNETT see CRAWFORD BEVINGTON see BARNES BIERCE This I Remember: A History of the Bierce Family, by Alice Bierce Thomas BIGATTO see FORTHUBER BILLINGSLEY Billingsley, by George Albaugh Billingslea BIRCKENBUEHL Birckenbuehl Family, by Sandra L. Delaney and Melba B. Purkey BIXLER see ZEPP BLAKISTONE see RILEY BLIZZARD The Families of Alfred and brother Peter Blissard BLISSARD see BLIZZARD 2 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 BLUMMER see LANE BOHN The German Bohne-­‐Bohn-­‐Boon-­‐Boone Family: Descendants of Johana Diehl of MD 1711-­‐1764, by Nellie Woods Whedon, 1945 BOHN see SULLIVAN BOHNE Descendants of Johann Diel Bohne 1711-­‐1764, compiled by Mary Frances Conner Williams and Genevieve Gunderson Board, 2000 BOMBERGER see BRUBAKER BOON Boon Genealogy 1984, compiled by Rupert Farnham Thompson BOON see SULLIVAN BOONE see BOHNE BORGMEIER see LAUR BOSSERT-­‐BUSSARD Genealogy of Peter Bossert-­‐Bussard, 1761-­‐1802, by Ruthella Bussard BOUDREAU Ancestors Of Exzelia Elizabeth Boudreau and Branch Lines of the Boudreau, Senzaque, Senet, Menard Ancestors, by Betty Lou Madden, 1980 BOUDREAU Descendants of Exzelia Elizabeth Boudreau’s Paternal and Maternal Grandparents: Cyprien Boudreau, Mary Louise Senesac and Basile Senez and Marie Adelaide Menard, by Betty Lou Madden BOWERS Descendants of Aquilla and Catherine Bowers of Carroll Co., MD 3-­‐1999, donated by Sandra Saville BOWERS The Minutes of the Bowers Reunions Silver Anniversary, 1946-­‐1970 BOYERS American Boyers, Volume One, by Donald Arthur Boyer BRASHEAR(S) A Brashear(s) Family History, Volumes 2 & 3: Descendants of Robert and Benois Brasseur, by Charles Brashear BRASSEUR see BRASHEAR(s) BRAUNING 20th Century Crossroads Living: Brauning, Leister, Osterhus BREHM Jacob Brehm and Family, compiled by J. Owings Rebert BREWER see RILEY BROWN The Descendants of Joshua Brown son of George Brown, Patriot, Son of George Brown, Immigrant, donated by Blanche Freeman BROWN A Genealogy History of Joshua Brown and His Descendants in America, by Lee A. Brown, BROWN Joshua Brown and His Descendants, August 2007, March 2009, October 2009, April 2011, by Lee Alguyer Brown, Sr. BRUBAKER Genealogical Information Regarding the Families of Brubaker, Bomberger, Fogelsanger, by Elizabeth Shearer Rahn and Claude J. Rahn 3 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 BRUCE Norman, Andrew, and Selkirk Bruce of MD, by Nancy Jones Ellis BUB see EBELING BUBB Emanuel C. Bubb & Laura M. (Freed) Bubb, Sons Lewis Preston & Guy Edward BUCKLAND William Buckland 1734-­‐1774, by Rosamond Randall Bierne and John H. Scharff BUCKMASTER see BARNES BUSH see GRIM (M), LANE BYERS see GRIM (M) CALHOUN see ROBERTSON CAPLE Caple Family History, compiled by William Caple CARROLL CARROLL Charles Carroll of Carrollton: The Making of a Revolutionary Gentleman, by Thomas O’Brien Hanley Charles Carroll of Carrollton, by Ellen Hart Smith CARROLL “Anywhere So Long As There Be Freedom” Charles Carroll of Carrollton, His Family and His Maryland, by Ann C. Van Devanter CARROLL CASSELL Daniel Carroll II, One Man and His Descendants 1730-­‐1978, by Sister M. Virgina Geiger The Descendants of Henry Cassell, edited by Jane Welch Stafford CHANEY see LANE CHARLTON see FLEMMING CHASE Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase, compiled by John Carroll Chase & George Walter Chamberlain CHENOWETH The Chenoweth Family In America, compiled by Shirley D. Harris CHESELDYNE see RILEY CHILCOTT see LOVEALL CHOATE Choate Family of Baltimore Co., MD, compiled by J. D. Phillips, 1979 CLARKE see DUVALL COLE The Early Genealogy of the Cole Families in America (including Coles and Cowles), by Thomas Cole COLLEY see OLER CONAWAY The Conaways of MD, written and compiled by Harry Craig Conaway CONDON Ancestry by Condon, compiled by Margaret Virginia & Austin Bair Condon COPPER see CORBIN 4 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 CORBIN CORBIN Corbin, Waite, Cooper of Baltimore County and City, by Dorothy Cooper Knoff see GREENLAND CORBINS A Child will Ask…CORBINS from 1620-­‐1993, by Pearl Corbin Helwig CORNBLOWER Ancestors/Desc. of Francis Wesley & Lucinda Elmira (Shearer) Cornblower and allied familes: Shearer, Sterner, Gerberick, Kroll-­‐Croll of York Co. PA and Baltimore Co., MD, by Harry A. Diehl COWLES see COLE COX The Cox Family 1722-­‐1937 with allied families of: Armacost, Algire, Fowble, Schwartz and Crouse, by Anita Elaine (Keyser) Pickett CRAUMER see WAMPLER CRAWFORD Crawford Family, Carroll Co., MD from Anna Zile CREAGER Greager, Krieger, Kreiger, Greeger, Greegar Family, compiled from “History of Weller Families,” H. A. Weller CREAGER Creager Family Notes from the Files of Mrs. William J. Six CROLL see CORNBOWER CROUSE see COX, LEPPIN, ZEPP CROWL Crowl or 24 Other Ways to Spell the Family Name w/23 Connecting Lineages and Their Histories, by Sabra-­‐Jo Crowl CRUMBACKER The Abraham Crumbacker Family, by Virginia and Newton Poling CRUMPACKER CULLISON The Crumpacker Family from PA to MD 1733-­‐1800, by Newton and Virginia Poling DARCY see DORSEY DAVIS Finding Fathers, History of the Davis/Gooch, Savage/Benko, Douthart/Maloney, Bauer/Lauff families, by Clyde Davis DAVIS see RILEY DEAN see LOVEALL DE BOBEN see EBELING DE FORTH see EBELING DERN see MURRAY DERR DERR The Derr Family 1750-­‐1986 with Allied Familes of Baker, Flook, Hoover, Koogle, Long, Metzger, Smith, Templing, Toms, Yaste, and Youtsey, by Roy H. Wampler Supplement to The Derr Family 1750-­‐1986 with Allied Familes, including Desc. of Cornelius E. and Mary E. (Metzger) Derr from 1875-­‐2003, by Roy H. Wampler Cullison Descendants from MD Westward, Baltimore County Roots, Volume I, compiled by Norma L. Cullison Myers 5 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 DICKEY see MAY DIEM see ZUCKNICK DODSON see LANE DORSEY The Dorsey Family, Descendants of Edward Darcy-­‐Dorsey of VA and MD and Allied Familes, by Maxwell J. Dorsey, Jean Muir Dorsey, Nannie Ball Nimmo DOUTHART see DAVIS DUDDRA Descendants of George Philip Duddra or Dodderer, by Rev. Wm. B. Duttera DUELGE see ZUCKNICK DURBINS The Durbins & Logsdons and Related Families in America, Volumes I & II, compiled by William Jesse Durbin 1879-­‐1974 DURBINS see see LOGSDON DUVALL Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation, A Genealogy History of Mareen Duvall, Gent., of the Province of MD and His Descendants with histories of the allied Families of Tyler, Clarke, Poole, Hall, and Merriken, by Harry Wright Newman EASTEP see ESTEP EBAUGH John Jacob EBAUGH, compiled by John Lynn Ebaugh EBAUGH see ROBERTSON EBELING Past and Present History of George Ebeling/Elizabeth Arthur their son and wife William Henry Ebeling 1869-­‐1947 and Cora Lusetta Newton 1873-­‐1949, by Colleen Hiatt Milbocker ECK The Eck Families 1695-­‐1999, by Victoria Brenner Greenlea ECKARD see FOGLE, KENZER, REINAMANN ECKENRODE see ECKROTH ECKENROTH see ECKROTH ECKER The Family of John Ecker and Elizabeth Engel Ecker, by Virginia and Newton Poling ECKERT see HORNBERGER and KENZER ECKROTH Eckroth, Eckenroth, Eckenrode Family, Vol. I & II, by Chris Pelikan EDWARDS A Story of Two Tennessee Families: Edwards – Hyder, by Ernestine Ratcliffe Edwards EDWARDS see GREENLAND ELDER Maryland Elder Family and Kin, William Elder 1707-­‐1775, by Sr. Mary Louise Donnelly ELLICOTTS The Ellicotts: Striving for a Holy Community, by Alison Ellicott Mylander 6 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 ENGLAR ERBS Genealogy of the Englar Family, The Descendants of Philip Englar, 1736-­‐1817, by J. Walter Englar The Erbs from Maryland to Indiana 1710-­‐1982, by Russell E. Erb ESTEP The Estep/Eastep Genealogy, Volume II, compiled by Jane Farrell Burgess EUSTIS The Eustis Families in the United States from 1657-­‐1968, by Warner Eustis EUSTIS The Eustis Families in the United States, Volume II continued thru 1970, by Warner Eustis and Mrs. Anthony Schilpp EVERHART A History of the Everhart and Shower Families 1744-­‐1883, by O.T. Everhart EVERHART seen GRIM(M) FIROR Chart of the Firor Family, by Mary Beth Firor FIROR The Firor, Vieruhr, Firuhr, Ferrow, Vehruhr, Fearor, Feror, Feroe, Feirore, Fieror, Firur, Vieror, Firohr, Feeror, Fierohjr Family 1731-­‐-­‐ FISCHER Experienced and Conquered, Frederick C. Fischer, Musician, U.S Navy Aboard USS Constitution 1844-­‐1846, editor Annabelle F. Fischer FISHER see ZEPP FLATER The Flaters of Carroll County, MD, by Leola Wright Murphy FLEAGLE Fleagle Descendants of Caleb Harrison, by Orlin F. and Leo E. Naiman FLEAGLE see HAIFLEY FLEGLE Descendants of Johann Valentin Flegle, by Caryl A. and Doris S. Mitchell FLEMMING The Flemming, Charlton and Patterson Families of PA, MD and OH FLOOK see DERR FLOYD Marriages of People Named Floyd, by Anna M. Cartlidge FOGLE 1846-­‐2000 George Fogle, Benjamin F. Fogle, Carrie M. Wetzel Fogle, Vernon F. Fogle, Flossie M. Eckard Fogle, Children and Grandchildren: Fogle, Mitzel, Shearer, by Elaine L. Fogle Shearer 2001 FOGELSANGER see BRUBAKER FORMWALT see ZEPP FORD see ROBERTSON FORTHUBER MD Footings, German Roots: The Forthuber Family, by Phyllis Wagner Mowbray FOWBLE The Fowble Family Tree, compiled by Anna May Albers FOWBLE see COX FRANKLIN The Franklin’s of Carroll County, by Robert & Betty Fowler 7 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 FREED Family of Edward & Rosa Ellen Bressler Freed and Children FRENCH The Family of David French, by Robert Hughes French FRINGER see ROBERTSON FRITZ Family Record of Charles W. Fritz & Carrie Lucinda Fritz and Their Descendants, compiled by Clifton R. Fritz FROCK The Frocks of MD Including Their Roots In PA, by Richard H. Ott GAMBER The Jacob H. Gamber Family of Maryland and Kansas, by Katherine Anne Holbrook Traynham GARBER see SHRIVER GOLDSMITH see RILEY GRACE see LANE GRAHM see BARNES GARRETT The First Four Generations of the Garrett (Gerhard-­‐Gehret Family of York and Washington Counties, PA and Carroll Co., MD, by Dolores Crumrine Rutherford GEHRET see GARRETT GERHARD see GARRETT GERWIG see HORNBERGER GIGGARD Giggard Family Records, by William. & Martha Williams Giggard GILL Gill Family in Maryland 1642, 1659, 1950, by James D. Gill GIST Christopher Gist of MD 1679-­‐1957, Jean Muir & Maxwell Jay Dorsey The Gladman–Baker Family History from Mid 1700s, by J. L. Baylis GLADMAN GLATTFELDER The Glattfelders in America, The Descendants of Two Brothers, Johan Peter & Casper Glattfelder; and Their Uncle Hons Heinrich; and Others, compiled by Don and Jeanine Hartman GOLDSMITH see RILEY GORSUCH The Thomas Gorsuch Genealogy, compiled by William C. Hall GORSUCH The Gorsuch-­‐Lovelace Ancestry , Part I, 1918-­‐1642, by Charles E. Moylan, Jr. GRACE see LANE GRAHM see BARNES GRAMVILLE see ZEPP GRAYBILL Joseph Graybill Family History, by Margaret G. Yingling GREENHOLT Harold Jacob John Greenholt, by Kevin & Daniel Greenholt 8 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 GREENLAND The Descendants of Moses Greenland and Related Families, Benjamin Corbin, Andrew Shaw, Nicholas Shanafelt, John Edwards, by Doris Rex Schutte GERBERICK see CORNBOWER GOOCH see DAVIS GRIER The Grier and Allied Families, by William M. Grier, Jr. GRIER The Griers, Pioneers in America and Canada 1816-­‐1991, by William M. Grier, Jr. GRIER Grier of San Francisco, 1878-­‐1988, by William M. Grier, Jr. GRIFFITH The Griffith Families of MD, by William Neal Hurley, Jr. GRIM Descendants of Abraham Grim 1761-­‐1822, by Dr. Barbara Jeanne Grim Littlefield GRIM(M) George Grim(M), Anna Mary Everhart with Allied Families of Bush, Byers, Marshall and Venters, by Elizabeth Berry Grim GRIMES see HOBBS GRUMBACHER The Hans Grumbacher Family of Coventry Township 1733-­‐1814, Vol. I: A History of Fricks Locks, East Coventry Township, Chester Co. PA, by Paul Sumner Frick HAHN see ROBERTSON, ZEPP HAIFLEIGH see HAIFLEY HAIFLEY Haifley/Hoefelich/Haifleigh Family with Fleagle Connections Harman/Herrmann and Babylon, by Carol Ann Berry HAIN see MURRAY HAINES The Haines Family and The Bair Family of Carroll Co., MD, by Don Haines HALL see DUVALL HAMM see SCHINDEL HAMMER Johann Frantz Hammer, by Lowell Varner Hammer HAMPSHIRE My American Heritage, A Genealogy by Gifford Dean Hampshire HARBAUGH Harbaugh Family Notes, by Mrs. William J. Six HARMAN see HAIFLEY HARN Harn & Davis from MD to KY, by John Harn HARTLEY see MERING HELTIBRIDLE The Family of Samuel David Heltibridle, 1858-­‐1931 HERING Descendants of Hering, compiled by Peter McIver II HERRMANN see HAIFLEY HIVELY see ROBERTSON 9 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 HOBBS Hobbs/Grimes Family History HOEFELICH see HAIFLEY HOLLAND A History of the VA Holland Families, 1620 – 1963, by Kirk Davis Holland HOLLAND Shandy Walker Holland Family, Hezekiah Russell Holland Family, by Charles and Emma Shepherd HOOVER see DERR HORNBERGER Hornberger and Yingling and Related Families of Eckert, Lenhart, Steffy, Gerwig and Rahn, by Claude J. Rahn HORNER see ROBERTSON HOUCK see WALSH HOVERMALES The Hovermales of Morgan Co, WVA, Bath Co., KY, Washington Co., MD, by Charles W. Roach Jr., 1985 HOWARD see BARNES HOXTON English Ancestry of the Hoxtons of MD and VA, by Legh W. Reid HUDSON see LOVALL HUHN see LAUER HUHN Family Diversity: Huhn, Pestorf and Steck Families 1600 to 1996 Vol. I, by Nancy Lee Walters HULL see ZEPP HUNTER see MURRAY HUNTLEY see EBELING HYDER see EDWARDS INMAN see BARNES JONES Growing with Maryland: A History of Jones and Associated Families in MD, by Jane Ward JUNKER see FORTHUBER KEECH see RILEY KELLY see LOGSDON KEMPER see WAMPLER KENNEDY see OLER KENZER Family History, Kenzer/Eckert/Eckard, compiled by Elaine L. Fogle Shearer KOEHLER see ZEPP 10 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 KOOGLE see DERR KOONS see MURRAY KOONTZ see ZEPP KREIGER see CREAGER KRIEGER see CREAGER KROLL see CORNBOWER KRUMREIN see ZEPP KUHN see MENTZER LACKOR The Lackor Family (Lackore-­‐Lacore-­‐La Core-­‐Lucore), by Mary McCall Middleton LAMBERT see ROBERTSON LANCASTER see RILEY LANE Adjusting Branches of the Lane, Slack, Bush, Chaney, Dodson, Williams, Grace and Blummer Family Trees, by Doris Christine Grace Blummer Jackson LANTZ The Annotated Life and Times of James W. Lantz, Carroll Co., MD 1857-­‐1891, by Trudie Davis-­‐Long LAUER The Lauer, Borgmeier, Bauer Families and the MacCubbin’s,1650 to 2006, Volume II, by Nancy Lee Waters LAUFF see DAVIS LEATHERWOOD see MULLINIX LEE see EBELING LEET see MURRAY LEISTER Leister and Allied Families, Books 1 & 2, compiled by J. Owings Rebert LEISTER see BRAUNING, OSTERHUS LENHART see HORNBERGER LEPPIN Leppin, Walters and Crouse Families, by Wiliam Swayer Bergen LEPPO Descendants of Jacob Leppo Jr., compiled by Peter McIver II LEVY The Levy Family and Monticello 1834-­‐1923, by Melvin I. Urofsky LEWIS see EBELING LINDERER The Linderer Family, by Judith Ann Linderer McNeill LIPPY see ROBERTSON LIST List Family History, 1840-­‐1990 11 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 LITTLE see ZEPP LIVERS Arnold Livers Family in America, by Sister Mary Louise Donnelly LOGSDON The Durbins and Logsdon in America, by Edwin C. Welch 1944 LOGSDON Logsdons in/from Allegany Co., MD 1778 and some Descendants, by Richard T. Koch LOGSDON A History and Genealogy of the Logsdon-­‐Kelly Families, by Harry C. Logsdon LONG see DERR LOVEALL Genealogies of Selected Trough Creek Valley Families, Descendants of Rev. Henry Loveall and related families of: Richard Chilcott, Jacob Dean and George D. Hudson, compiled by Doris Rex Schutte LOVELACE see GORSUCH LUCORE see LACKOR MacCUBBIN see LAUER MACKEY see MURRAY MACKLEY see MECKEL MADDOX see RILEY MAGIN The Magin Family of Carroll County, compiled Donald & Ella Magin Goodwin 1994 MAIZE see MURRAY MALONEY see DAVIS MANCHA see MENCHEY MANCHEY see MENCHEY MARCH The Ancestry of James March (1789-­‐1859), Vol. I, by William D. Mountain, 1985 MARCH The Family and Descendants of Christopher March, 1827-­‐1906, Volume 4, by William D. Mountain, 1987 MARCH The Family and Descendants of James Elmore March, 1839-­‐1914, Volume 5, by William Mountain 1985 MARCH March Family, Volume 6, by William Mountain 1987 MARCH March Family, Volume 7, by William Mountain 1993 MARRING see MOHRING MARSHALL see GRIM (M) MARTIN The Martin Family with the Price, Stull and Sherman Families from MD to Rush, Monroe Co., NY, compiled by June F. Chamberlain MASON see OLER 12 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 MATTHIAS see ZEPP MAY May Family Genealogy, The Family of Robert E. Lee May and Mary M. ”Maggie” Dickey, by Roy H. Wampler, David Hugh May and John B. Haines MAYER see WAMPLER McCLUNG see MERING McGAUGHEY William & Margaret McGaughey Settled in York Co. PA 1740, Supplement 1991 by Polly Rachel McGaughey Sutton McKENZIE A History of the Family of Augustine/Austin McKenzie, 1785-­‐1849, by Frederick Joe McKenzie McNAIR The Ancestors of Thomas Rinehart McNair, compiled by Joan Aline McNair MEARING see MOHRING MECKEL Meckel/Meckley/Mackley, Descendants of Christian Meckel of York Co., PA 1749-­‐1959, by Kathleen Mackley Nichols MECKLEY see MECKEL MEIBERG see SCHMALHORST MENARD see BOUDREAU MENCHEY Menchey, Manchey, Mancha Family History, by J. Owings Robert MENTZER A Family History of John Mentzer and Elizabeth Kuhn, compiled by Max McFarland MERING The Mering, Hartley & McClung Family MERRIKEN see DUVALL MERRING see MOHRING METZGER see DERR MEYBERG see SCHMALHORST MHYBARK see SCHMALLHORST MILLER Ancestors & Decendents of Aaron Miller and Elizabeth Redding Miller, 1831-­‐2000 MILLER Family History of Henry K. and Missouri E. Miller MILLER see ROBERTSON MITZEL see FOGLE MOEHRING see MOHRING MOERING see MOHRING MOHRING Johann (Georg) Wolfgang Mohring (Moring), 1730-­‐1811, by John A. Mehring MOORE see ROBERTSON 13 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 MORING see MOHRING MULFINGER George Leonhard Mulfinger, by Julius A. Mulfinger MULLINIX Descendants of Rezin Mullinix and Rachel Leatherwood MURRAY The Murray Family and associated families of Plummer, Dern, Witherow, Koons, Mackey, Leet, Hunter, Hain, Maize, and Pitcairn, by Peter Murray Hain MYERS see ROBERTSON NAGEL A Nagel/Nail/Nale Family Genealogy, by Floyd L. Nale and Roger A. Nale NAIL see NAGEL NALE see NAGEL NEWTON see EBELING NICE The Ancestors and Descendents. of Joseph Nice 1791-­‐1874 and his Wife Mary, by Hazel N. Hassan NICODEMUS Johann Adams Nicodemus Family Notes, donated by Dick & Cecile Brown NICODEMUSE The Nicodemuse from Medenbach to Winchester, by Wilbur S. Johnston OLER Family Diversity – The Oler Family of MD and allied familes: Colley, Kennedy, Mason, Smith, 1500 to 2011 Vol. III (See Nancy Lee Waters Box) ORNDORFF see ZEPP OSTERHUS see BRAUNING, LEISTER OWINGS Owings Family History, compiled by J. Owings Rebert OWINGS see YOHN PAINTER see NAGEL PARKER see EBELING PATTERSON see FLEMMING PESTORF see HUHN PETRY see ROBERTSON, ZEPP PIERCE see EBELING PITCAIRN see MURRAY PLAINE see ROBERTSON PLUMMER see MURRAY POOLE see DUVALL PORTER see BARNES 14 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 POULSON A Genealogical Synopsis of Andrew Poulson, 1735-­‐1807, and His Descendants, by Ralph E. Poulson, Jr. PRICE see MARTIN PYNE The John Pyne Family in America 1766-­‐1813, by Frederick Wallace Pyne RAHN see HORNBERGER RAMSBURG Ramsburg History, compiled by J. Owings Rebert RANOULL see ROBERTSON REAVER Reaver, Reever, Rieber Family History, compiled by Dennis Robert Reaver REBERT Rebert Family, compiled by J. Owings Rebert REDDING see Aaron MILLER REEVER see REAVER REINAMAN Joshua T. Reinaman & Mary Ellen Stuller Reinaman, by Elaine L.F. Shearer RENOLL Daniel Renoll, Huguenot, and Some of His Descendants, by Katharine E.S. Morris RHODES RHODES, by Hollis H. Rhodes RICKETTS see ROBERTSON RIDGELEY see RILEY RIEBER see REEVERR RIGHTER The Righter Family History, PA to MD 1801 to 2001, donated by J. L. BaylisT RILEY (RILEY) Tidewater MD Ancestors 1634-­‐1999, by George Donald Riley, Jr RINEDOLLAR Rinedollar/Rheinthaler, by John David Rinedollar ROBERTSON The Robertson Family of Carroll, Co., MD 1837-­‐1987, by Harold Jesse Robertson ROBINSON The Robinson – Robosson Family History from 1700’s ROBOSSOM see ROBINSON ROOP Roop Family, Descendants of Christian Roop 1733-­‐1810, H.G. Englar, Historian ROOP Isaac Roop of Northeastern California, by James Thomas Butler ROTH see EBELING RUPP MD Descendants of Christian Rupp (1732-­‐1810, by Joseph M. Roop ROYER Sebastian Royer’s Family in America Based on Michael Zug Records, by Rev. J. G. Francis ROYER see ZEPP RUHLMAN see WAMPLER 15 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 RUPPENTHAL Ruppenthal History, by Kathern Ruppenthal Allemong SAHWELIN see ZEPP SATER Henry Sater 1690-­‐1754, by Isaac Walker Maclay SAVAGE see DAVIS SAVILLE The Saville Family in America, by Frank L. and Nancy R. Saville SCHINDEL Genealogy of George Friedrich & Maria Barbara Hamm Schindel, by W. Richard Shindle SCHMALHORST A History of the Schmalhorst, Smallhorst, Smallhurst and Meiberg, Meyberg, Whybark Families in America, by Frances Ferrier Hanks SCHMIEG Johann Andreas Schmieg, Smeach, Smeak, Smee, Smeigh, Smeych: Palatine Emigrants, by Kevin L. Greenholt and James Doyle Smee SCHWARTZ see COX SECHREST The Sechrest Family, compiled by Mariam W. Schaefer SELL The Sell Families 1685-­‐1995, Volumne I, Male Lines, by Kenneth D. Sell SELL The Sell Families, by Kenneth D. Sell SENET see BOUDREAU SENEZAQUE see BOUDREAU SHANAFELT see GREENLAND SHAW see GREENLAND SHEARER see FOGLE & CORNBOWER SHERMAND see MARTIN SHIPLEY The Shipleys of Maryland 2002, Volume 1, 2. 3, Sup. 1, copyright by Shipleys of MD SHIPLEY see BARNES SHOCKNEY Patrick Shockney and His Descendants, edited by Elizabeth Swank Frazier and Edward Leon Frazier SHOCKNEY The Legacy of Patrick Shockney and Family 1752-­‐2005, edited by Elizabeth Swank Frazier SHOWER see EVERHART SHRIVER David Shriver 1735-­‐1826, by George Donald Riley, Jr. SHRIVER David Shriver of Middleburg & Union Bridge, MD and the other related families of Stoners, Garbers, Anders, Woolerys, by Diana Larson SHRIVER Sargent Shriver: A Candid Portrait, by Robert A. Liston SHUEEY Shueey Family, compiled by J. Owings Rubert 16 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 SIX Charles Six Family Notebook SLACK see LANE SLAGLE Slagle Trails and Desc. of Jacob Slagle (Ca. 1740s-­‐1800 in VA) by Rebecca D. Kartalia SLEETH see THAYER SLONAKER see ROBERTSON SMALLHORST see SCMALHORST SMALLHURST see SCHMALHORST SMEACH see SCHMIEG, ZEPP SMEAK see SCHMIEG SMEE see SCHMIEG SMEIGH see SCHMIEG SMEYCH see SCHMIEG SMITH see BAILE, DERR, OLER SOTHORON see RILEY SPENCER The Descendents of James Spencer and Ann “Nancey” Brooks Spencer, by Barbara McDonald SPRINGER see BARNES SPURRIER see ALBAUGH STAIR see ZEPP STECK see HUHN STEFFY see HORNBERGER STERNER see CORNBOWER STOCKETT see RILEY STONER see SHRIVER STONESIFER see ZEPP STORM Descendents of John Storm 1722-­‐1805, compiled by William R. Mackey STRICKLAND Strickland Scene, Clayton Co., GA, Vol. 3, Nancy Cornell, Editor STULL see MARTIN STULLER see REINAMAN STUMP Stump of Maryland, compiled by Albert P. Silver and Henry W. Archer, 1891 17 FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS – Revised October 2014 SULLIVAN The Sullivan Family of MD, Desc. of Cornelius Sullivan and Catherine Bohn-­‐Boon Sullivan of Carroll Co., by Nellie Woods Whedon, updated by Richard H. 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