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House of Finland,
at Balboa Park
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of the Month
at 4pm
From the President's desk
Dear Members,
Kathy's Corner
Things were very quiet this summer, in large part because
our good friend and former Consul General, Kirsti
Westphalen, said good bye to us and hello to her new
position as Finnish Ambassador in Bangkok, Thailand.
Although she officially left Los Angeles in August, she
took some well-deserved vacation time before then, and
our new Consul General did not start until September 3rd.
After all of the excitement in the last few years (e.g.,
FinnFest, fighting to keep the Consulate General in Los
Angeles, etc.), I think we all deserved to have some quiet
Fall is here with a lot of action in the House of
Finland at the moment. We have had successful
events during the summer and more to come!
I'd like to mention the wonderful Midsummer
Dinner in June with Irma Niskala, Kati Nupponen
and Antti Kettunen mainly in charge. This was the
first time we had the Juhannus event in this format;
decorated dinner tables on the lawn, delicious food
and Finnish evergreen music in the background.
Birch trees from Silvola's Finnamex Nursery
decorated our House. This was a real nice way to
foster our Finnish Juhannus heritage and we will The Consulate General has completed its move and is
open for business. It is now in the West Los Angeles area,
continue it next year!
instead of the Century City area, of Los Angeles. The new
Two other events were the Golf Tournament at address is 11900 West Olympic Blvd, Suite 580, Los
the Coronado Golf Course in June and the Nordic Angeles, CA 90064-1163. The telephone number remains
Night in August. I want to thank especially Mirja (310) 203-9903 although some extensions have changed. I
and Ernie Covarrubias, who came all the way have not yet visited the Consulate, although I have driven
from Los Angeles to be part of the Nordic Night around the area. The streets are busy, but there is some
event organized by House of Norway this time. The street parking and parking garages close by.
live jazz band was fi r st class.
Our new Consul General, Juha (J.P.) Markkanen,
Good news is that the big hole in the back wall of began his duties on September 3, 2013. He is joined by
the House has been now repaired and the wall has his wife, Tuula, son, Juho (age 18) and daughter Maria
been painted. This opens up the opportunity to move (age 16). He introduced himself to the Honorary Consuls
forward full speed with our plans to remodel our as follows:
kitchen to better function during the big food serving
events. The goal is to have everything ready by “I am a lawyer, who turned 50 years “young” in April this
December Nights.
year. I joined the Foreign Ministry of Finland 1991. Also
22 years in business. Have worked abroad before L.A. in
Also a special addition to this fall's program is the
Bonn, Germany (1992-1996), in Tokyo, Japan (2000soccer game between Finland and Mexico. The
2004) and in Stockholm, Sweden (2010-2013). Have
game will take place at the Qualcom Stadium on
worked a lot with just issues of economic/trade policy etc.
October 30th. The House of Finland purchased a
block of 40 tickets, all of those were sold like during my career. And hey, I’m a practical guy, who wants
hotcakes mainly with a discounted price to HOF to cooperate!”
members. On another note, HOF has today 85
members who have paid the membership fee for the In addition, our new Consul General tells me that he and
year. The Board has set a goal to get to an even especially his son Juho are soccer fans. When informed of
the Finland against Mexico match-up scheduled for
number of members for this year - 100 members.
Qualcomm Stadium on October 30, 2013, he said that he
I hope to see all of you at the coming House of would put it in his calendar to try and come down for the
Finland Events. Let's all be proactive, it helps to game, so we may have the chance to meet the Consul
motivate the team of volunteers, who organize General in an informal setting. In addition, he hopes talk
to the Finnish Football (i.e. soccer) Association about the
game and how long the team will be in Southern
Hyvää syksyn jatkoa,
Kathy Mautino
”Ja siellä kaikilla oli nii-in
Oi, jospa oisin saanut olla
Join HOF team many exciting open positions available!
Suomi-talo tarvitsee uusia innokkaita
hallitukseen. Yhdistys hakee uutta
sihteeriä ja
Vice President
Secretary and
vuodelle 2014. Näiden lisäksi tarjolla on lukuisia muita
vapaaehtoistyötehtäviä. Ilmoitathan halukkuudestasi
osallistua toimintaan tavalla tai toisella ottamalla
yhteyttä Hanna Rantamäkeen:
hanna(at) tai 858 705 4231.
House Interior decorating team
(entinen cottage decor)
Seasonal redecorating of the house
and creating the decor for special
Christmas Festival. Team needs both
a leader and newmembers.
There are a lot of opportunities to help HOF to have
successful next year. We are looking for a new
governing board for 2014. HOF board consists of
Please let Hanna know what positions sounds interesting
to you!
Email Hanna [email protected] or call her 858
705 4231.
Special events teams:
All the following events take place in the House of Finland and the
adjacent lawn area.
International Food Fair - organizing and coordinating House of
Finland's participation in this one full day event to showcase
Finnish food. The event takes place in the Memorial Day weekend.
Supply Coordinator
Lawn Program - Once a year event for the general public to
promote Finnish food and culture. Team organizes the event,
including the food and program.
Takes care that there is needed supply
(coffee, toilet paper, paper cups) at
the house.
International Christmas Festival - Our biggest and most
important fundraiser event held in the beginning of December to
secure funding for next year.
Sunday Hosting Coordinator
The event highlights Finnish Christmas traditions in the form of
food and drinks. The team organizes and coordinates the House of
Finland's participation in the event. Due to the large scale of this
event there are usually two teams to separately handle food and
drink serving. Organizing Sunday hosting schedule
for Sunday open house.
Puheenjohtajamme toivoo, että osallistuisimme Suomi-talon tehtäviin vuorotellen ja kukin vuorollamme.
Mitä suurempi on aktiivisten joukko, sitä kevyemmin laivamme kulkee.
Sinustako Prinsessa?
prinsessoja. Jos olet iältäsi 10-21
monikulttuurisesta yhteistyöstä sekä olet aina
halunnut kantaa kutreillasi tiaraa ja pitää
kauniita pukuja ylläsi, olet etsimämme
henkilö. Kokoukset ovat joka kuukauden
toinen ja neljäs sunnuntai Balboa Parkin
Hall of Nation salissa. Paikkoja
rajoitetusti, jokaisella talolla saa olla
vain 6 prinsessaa. Ota pikaisesti yhteyttä
[email protected]
[email protected]
HPR Queens
The life of an HPR Queen or princess is incredibly fun and
Each princess must be between the ages of 14 and 21 on October 1st
of each year. Junior princess must be the ages of 10 and 13. Each
princess/junior princess must be a member in her House, either
individually or through family membership. Each house can have
one Queen and six princesses.
The second and last Sunday of each month is occupied by a
meeting, were we discuss the upcoming events. Meetings are held
from 10-11 AM every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at The
Hall of Nations. We talk and discuss the next community service
projects and the upcoming appearances the Queens will be doing. A
Dance rehearsal follows every meeting. Every dance is from a
different part of the world, some are made for 8 people and some are
for pairs. On the days we perform them, the Queens, are required to
wear an ethnic costume.
Attendance at all Queens meetings, coronation and rehearsals,
International Christmas Festival, Queens hosting day (February),
Queens Lawn Program (March), Ethnic Food Fair (May) is expected
of its members.
If you are interested in being a part of House of Finland and HPR
Queens organizations contact our President Henri Syvanen
[email protected] or if you want more information email
[email protected]
Karoliina Nevalainen
Queen for the House of Finland
Täällä San Diegossa ruskaa ei juurikaan näe, mutta kotimaassa maisemat kylpevät väreissä. Alla
kuvasatoa Kuusamon maisemista.
Balboa Park December Nights is the largest free community festival in San Diego, attracting more than 300,000
visitors over two days in the spirit of the holidays. Long-standing traditions include food from around the globe at the
International Christmas Festival at the House of Pacific Relations Cottages.
International Christmas Festival is fast approaching. House of Finland is starting to get ready for the biggest fundraising
event of the year. Mark your calendars these days and get ready to have a lot of fun, meet international people and most
of all, represent Finland at its best!
Friday, Dec 6th, 3-11pm
Saturday, Dec 7th 12-11pm
Marjo Heino will be for the second year our team leader to organize the House of Finland's participation in the event this
year. Due to the large scale of this event there are two teams to separately handle food and drink serving. In addition to
to the event team leader role, Marjo will lead the Food Team which will plan, prepare and serve the Finnish style
delicacies in the HOF. Marianne Modig-Seay will continue as the team leader for the Spirits Team which will organize
and run the Finnish KossuBaari at the International Spirits Garden.
Marjo and Marianne will need a supporting team to make the fundraiser a huge success. Please contact Marjo how and
when you are available to help with this big event. There are things that need to get done before the event such as baking
workshops, food preparations, shopping for ingredients, decorating workshops etc. During the event, a number of people
are needed to prepare and serve the food in the House and to serve drinks in the HOF booth in the International Spirits
Garden. Every helping hand is highly appreciated!
Please contact Marjo to let her know how you can participate and help HOF to secure funding for next year to come!
Marjo Heino 858 999 7883, marjo.heino(at)
Basic rules for better photography' is a new series starting in FINNews giving you basic tips on how to take
better photos. Paula from Paula Majid Photography takes you through the most common compositional
guidelines in photography so that you can train your "eye" for photography and take more interesting photos
than just quick snapshots.
And we at FINNews would love to see what you've captured! All you need to do is keep your cameras out and
take a photo of anything you find interesting applying the basic rules below. Then send us your favourite photo
by the deadline and FINNews will publish the best photo(s) with name(s) in the next FINNews issue. The
photos for the first challenge should be send in by October 31st to address terhi(at)
All type of cameras, all ages, all topics are welcome as long as the photos are taken by you and they are not
insulting - no other rules! Don't be shy, strive for your inner creativity - this will be FUN!
Basic rules for better photography – Part 1
Nowadays more and more people and into photography. Better cameras in mobile our phones and decreasing
prices of DSLR cameras have made it easier for all of us to take photos everywhere. It's said that there's only
one rule in photography; There are no rules! However there are some basic composition guidelines that can help
you take more interesting and eye catching photographs. Once you are familiar with these tips, you'll spot them
everywhere, and you'll find it easy to see why some photos "work" while others feel more like snapshots.
Tip no. 1 - Rule of Thirds
Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The Rule of
Thirds says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the
points where they intersect. Photographs work better when the area of interest is placed off-center. Some
cameras even offer an option to impose a rule of thirds over the LCD screen, making it even easier to use.
Keep your eyes open, your cameras in hand and start shooting using the Rule of Thirds. And don't forget to send
your favorite photo to FINNews by the end of October.
Looking forward to see your photos,
Paula Ikonen-Majid
Thank You! Kiitos!
Coronado Golf pointed out to be pleasant seaside
course with a seaside weather. Even there were only
few trees, most of time it felt like a forest, sun didn’t
burn us and wind helped to straighten up some curly
drives. Anyway, we reached our goal to have a fun day
and see some fellow golfers.
Here are final results with some calculations, which are
showing earned bogey points according given handicap.
As an addition, there are new handicap (calculated
according EGA system) and USGA handicap trend
calculated from this result only – neither one is official
and you can’t protest, if it is not the same that you
calculated yourself J No, I’m kidding, of course you
can protest! You see your personal par and earned
bogey point for each hole also.
Best players lowered their handicap, most of group
played according handicap and then rest of us went
pretty normal.
1. Jari Juntunen 41 BP with 24.0 HCP
2. Pekka Laine 39 BP with 17.3 HCP
3. Chris Sjoroos 38 BP with 18.0 HCP
Closest to the pin: Kimmo Sjoroos
Longest drive: Alexi Bayly
Congratulations to the Winners!
Warm thanks belongs to our sponsors House of Finland,
Koskenkorva and Photon Solar Power Inc!
Thank you all once again for your enthusiastic attitude
and great team spirit. Special thanks to Northern guys,
who were eager enough to drove down to San Diego to
show us how to play.
See you on Dec-14 in the HOF Christmas Party
Henri & Jouni
Nordic Night 2013
Pohjoismaiden yhteinen tapahtuma Balboa Parkissa
oli jalleen kerran onnistunut. Kaiken kaikkiaan
osallistujia oli noin 90, joista suomalaisia vain 7
Nuorten miesten bandi soitti erittain taidokkaasti
seka vanhempaa etta uudempaa jazzia. Kolmen
ruokalajin illanen oli maukas ja ruokaa oli
riittavasti viinista puhumattakaan.
Ensi vuonna toivon mukaan Suomen edustus olisi
edes hiukan parempi.
This year’s Scandinavian event was again a great
success. There were about 90 people, but only 7
brave Finns.
Young men played jazz like real professionals and
it was nice to hear both older and newer music.
Three course dinner was delicious and the bar had
some good wine.
Hopefully we have more Finns next year!
- Irma Niskala -
The House of Pacific Relations
The House of Pacific Relations (HPR), located in
San Diego’s Balboa Park, is a consortium of
‘houses’ representing 32 countries. The HPR
understanding through educational and cultural
programs. The park contains historic 1935
Exposition cottages plus 4 new cottages where
HPR member countries can offer visitors a
window to their culture, history and traditions.
Lawn Programs
Lawn programs run at 2:00 p.m. on Sundays from
March through October. Each Sunday program is
hosted by a member house which include from
the following: music, dance, costumes, arts,
crafts, and ethnic foods.
Lawn Program
Suomi-talon Lawn Program -vuoro oli tänä
vuonna syyskuun 15. Tapahtuma aloitettiin
Vilmiina Nupposen esittämällä Yhdysvaltain
kansallislaululla. Ohjelmassa oli muitakin
taidokkaita musiikki- ja tanssiesityksiä, joista
vastasivat kansantassiryhmä Katirilli, Merja
Soria, Netta Ahmavaara sekä Tuuli ja Jasper
Sutton. Olipa yllätysvieras joulupukkikin ehtinyt
Korvatunturilta Kaliforniaan vierailulle ja piipahti
runsaslukuisen yleisön iloksi.
hernekeitosta, harpankorpuista kylmäsavulohella
ja Finlandia-juustolla sekä raparperipiirakasta ja
Suomiherkut tekivät tunnetusti kauppansa.
Kiitokset kaikille esiintyjille, järjestelijöille ja
muuten tapahtumaan osallistuneille! Ensi kesänä
Syksyn (syys-joulukuu) koulupäivät ovat:
Syyskuun 7. & 21.
Lokakuun 5. & 19.
Marraskuun 2. & 16. ja 23.
Joulukuun 7.
We will be meeting on the following Sat:
September 7th & 21st October 5th & 19th November 2nd & 16th and 23rd
December 7th
Joulukuun 14: Suomi-Koulun ja Suomi-talon
yhteinen joulujuhla Town & Country
December 14th: Christmas party organized
by Finnish School and House of Finland at
Town & Country Hotel.
kello 10:00 – 12:00 (pienten, esikoululaisten
ja ala-aste ikäisten ryhmät)
kello 10:00 – 12:15 (isojen ryhmä)
10:00 am - 12:00 pm (youngest ones,
kindergarten and elementary school-age
10:00 am - 12:15 pm (the oldest ones)
Opettajina toimivat:
Our teachers are:
Katja Alexis, ([email protected])
kaikkein pienimmät (2.5-5 vuotiaat) / youngest ones (2.5-5 yrs old),
Minna Scarlata, ([email protected]),
esikoululaiset (5-7 vuotiaat) / kindergarten-age group (5-7 yrs old),
Anu Crawford, ([email protected]),
ala-aste ikäisten ryhmä (6-10 vuotiaat) / elementary school-age group
(6-10 yrs old)
Niina Kivilahti-Korkala, ([email protected]), isojen ryhmä (yli 9 vuotiaat) / the oldest ones (9 and up).
Koulun Facebook sivut:
More information:
Tumman Veden Päällä - Peter Franzén
Lapsen elämässä jokainen päivä sisältää jotain uutta ja ihmeellistä ja
elämä koostuu pienistä hetkistä. Lapsi luottaa vanhempiinsa, jopa
sokeasti. Lapsi rakastaa ja luottaa ja uskoo ja toivoo...
Joskus lapsen on kuitenkin vaikea ymmärtää aikuisten käytöstä,
varsinkin silloin kun aikuisten käytös muuttuu niin, etta rakkauden
teot muuttuvat sellaisiksi, joita lapsi ei voi käsittää... Lapsuuden
idylli särkyy, mutta lapsi ei kyseenalaista samalla tavoin kuin
aikuinen. Vaikeiden Miksi-kysymysten vuoro on myöhemmin.
Tumman Veden Päällä on Peter Franzénin esikoisteos ja kertoo
lapsen näkökulmasta niinkin vaikeasta ja monisyisestä asiasta kuin
perheväkivalta. Kirja on fiktiivinen, mutta kertoo osittain Franzénin
omasta lapsuudesta. Kirja kertoo pojasta, joka varhaislapsuudessaan
joutuu elämään usean vuoden ajan perheväkivallan todistajana ja
kohteena isäpuolensa taholta.
Mutta kirja on paljon muutakin! Se on hauska ja herkkä ja riipaiseva
kasvukuvaus. Näkökulma on lapsen – väkivaltatekoihin ei jäädä
herkuttelemaan. Paljon jätetaan lukijan hahmotuskyvyn ja
mielikuvituksen tulkittavaksi. Kirja on täynnä lapsen hellyttäviä
huomioita ja tuntemuksia.
Vuonna 1971 syntynyt Peter Franzén vietti lapsuutensa Keminmaalla,
mutta asuu ja työskentelee nykyisin sekä Suomessa että
Yhdysvalloissa Etelä-Kaliforniassa. Franzén on nyky-Suomen
suosituimpia ja tuotteliaimpia näyttelijöitä, joka on esiintynyt
lukuisissa Suomi-elokuvissa viimeisen kahdenkymmenen vuoden
aikana. Elokuvaroolisuorituksista mainittakoon Puhdistus, Tie
Pohjoiseen, Prinsessa, Harjunpää ja Pahan Pappi, Rööperi, Pahat
Pojat, Rukajärven Tie, Kuutamolla jne.
Vuonna 2010 julkaistu Tumman Veden Päällä on Franzénin
esikoisromaani, joka on ajankohtainen juuri nyt, sillä kirjaan
pohjautuva elokuva sai juuri syyskuun alussa 2013 Suomen ensiiltansa. Elokuva on Franzenin esikoisohjaus ja hän esiintyy
elokuvassa sivuroolissa.
Elokuvakokemusta odotellessa kannattaa ehdottomasti lukea kirja,
joka on optimistinen ja antoisa lukukokemus vaikeasta aiheesta
Above Dark Waters –
a book and movie
by Peter Franzén
Peter Franzén is better known in Finland
as a prolific actor, but his literary debut
in 2010 with the compelling growth story
Above Dark Waters was also a success.
Above Dark Waters book is fictional, but
is partially based on author’s own
childhood memories and experiences.
The book deals with the equivocal and
violence. But the book is much more
than that – it is also a disarming and
funny, even if at times a bit distressing,
growth story written from a viewpoint of
a child. The book tells about the
everyday life a little boy who is a witness
of and subject to domestic violence by
his stepfather.
Currently the book is only available in
Finnish. Peter Franzén just debuted as a
film director in the movie based on his
book. The movie Above Dark Waters just
premiered in Finland in the beginning of
September 2013. The rumor tells that the
film might be shown later also in US…
San Diegon Suomalainen Kirkko The Finnish Church of San Diego
San Diegon suomalaisessa kirkko aloittaa syksyn We start Saturday night, 9/28 at 5 p.m with adult
toiminnan aikuisten kinkereillä lauantai-iltana, 28.9. “Kinkerit” at Sari Niemelä in Sabre Springs.
klo 17.00.
Kinkerit pidetään Sari Niemelän luona,
Sabre Springsillä.
On Sunday, 9/29, confirmation class students of
2013-14 2013-14 academic year will meet at the church
rippikoululaiset kokoontuvat kirkolla ensimmäiseen starting at 2 p.m. All those who will be 15 years old
tapaamiseen alkaen klo 14:00. Kaikki viimeistään ensi by the end of next year and older qualify for the class.
vuonna 15-vuotta täyttävät ja sitä vanhemmat saavat Parents should attend this first meeting as well.
osallistua. Ensimmäiseen tapaamiseen toivotaan myös
vanhempien läsnäoloa.
Sunday, 9/29, our Finnish language worship service
Sunnuntaina 29.9. syysjumalanpalvelus alkaa klo will begin at 4 p.m. We will bless schoolchildren of all
16.00. Siunaamme koululaiset ja heidän opintiensä.
Syksyn toinen jumalanpalvelus pidetään sunnuntaina Sunday 11/17 Finnish language worship service at 4
17. marraskuuta klo 16.00.
Kauneimmat joululaulut lauletaan
suomalaisessa kirkossa 22.12. klo 16.
Diegon The most beautiful Chrismas song sing-along,
December 22, at 4 p.m.
Incarnation Lutheran Church in Poway at
16889 Espola Road, Poway, CA 92064.
Lisätietoja/for more information:
Pappi Jarmo Tarkki:
[email protected]
(805)350-1667 tai
Annina Lukiini-Johnson:
[email protected] 619-962-0856
Iso Kiitos
kaikille Suomitalon jäsenille minun
muistamisestani, kun valmistuin 13.6.2013.
Thank you so much for members of House of
Finland to remembering my graduation!
I am moving to Fresno and I will study to be a
music teacher in Fresno State University.
Thank you!
Iisak Niemelä
Kyllä meillä oli taas niin mukavaa!
Kesäkuun tauon ja heinäkuun rantapäivän jälkeen Tiistaitiimi pyöräili ja lounasteli syyskuussa 11 naisen voimin
Coronadossa. Lämmintä riitti, maisemat olivat kauniita ja
puhe raikui. Leroy's Kitchen sai kehut hyvästä ruuasta ja
palvelusta. Tiimi suosittelee Coronadossa pyöräilyä kaikille!
Tiistai-tiimin seuraavat tapaamiset:
Little Italy - opastettu kävelykierros ja lounas
(Paula Ikonen-Majid). Aiemmin ilmoitettu Old
Townin kierros siirtyy ensi vuoden puolelle.
Valmistelua December Nightsiin
(Marjo Heino)
Tammikuussa -14 kokoonnutaan jälleen porukassa
ideoimaan seuraavan vuoden ohjelmaa.
Tarkemmat tiedot seuraavassa lehdessä.
Eeva Syvänen
San Diegossa
Your Finnish
in San Diego
Prudential California
3790 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014
Cell 858-337-6223
[email protected]
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