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Date: Thursday 16th October 2014 Term 4 Wk 1
Acc. Name: Tumby Bay Area School Council Inc (Consol) Acc
Principal’s Report
Rod Sutherland
Peta Butler –
Excellence in Public
Education Awards
A lot of people in our
community and even wider
have been contacting Peta
Butler to congratulate her on
reaching the finals for these
Awards. Peta attended a
ceremony on Monday
during the holidays as part
of her nomination as local
regional nomination for the
SA Excellence in Public Education Award. Part of
her nomination, from a parent, read, “I have never
seen a teacher more organised or dedicated to
the job. You can clearly see the amount of work
she does out of hours to make sure her students
are given an interesting and high quality
We congratulate Peta on this achievement, as a
finalist, we recognise her professionalism and we are
proud she is a member of our staff.
NEW STUDENTS: We welcome 4 new students into
our school community.
We welcome Tiarna Hauschild in year 9. We also
welcome the Boothey family, Jordan in year 7,
Jayden in year 5 and Jaymee-Lee in year 1.
HATS ON TERM 4 – Enough said really. Students,
staff and visitors wear hats when outside this term.
Hats must be broad brimmed or Legionnaire Style, in
school colours. Please make sure they are labelled.
Students without hats have to sit or stay in shaded
areas. Thanks for your support with this Health and
Safety initiative.
Please note that staff will be involved in a training
day on Tuesday 4th November developing skills and
strategies for working with students struggling with
learning, including those with Dyslexia.
Later, from 6:30 til 8:30 there will be a parent
information session especially aimed at supporting
you with strategies around homework. The session
will also address Dyslexia. Look out for this
The whole day is being presented by internationally
well-known expert on Dyslexia and learning
Difficulties, Neil McKay.
This whole event has been made possible by the
fantastic work of the Parents Dyslexia Support group
with Amanda Partington.
ACT OUT LOUD – This major project took off this
week with Eliza Lovell (Visiting Dramatist) working
with students to develop an understanding of the
production and their role. At the end of last term
students video interviewed several residents of our
community to capture their insights into their lives
and history of the district. This info will form the
underlying thread of the production. The TB Drama
Club will also be involved in discussions and
workshops, forming a collaborative effort with the
students of the school.
and 11 students participated in a day of subject
counselling for 2015. Lessons were postponed for
the day and individual meetings were held with
students and parents to fine tune choices for their
next 2 years of school, their senior years.
STUDENT VOICE – This Friday I will take a small
group of students to Whyalla for a Student Voice
Face to Face forum. The students will meet with
other students from across Eyre Peninsula. The
major topic for this meeting is Youth Mental Wellbeing. We will continue to work with our older
students to develop strategies and support networks
that can support the continual positive emotional and
mental well-being of our students.
Police Officer Todd Reed has been working to bring
a presentation to the school for young potential
drivers and their parents. This will be held for the
Year 10 students on the morning of Wednesday 22 nd
October in the school. Students of the same age
from Cummins will join our students for this exercise.
During the evening a session for parents will be held
in the Skills Centre, from 6:30 or a 7:00 start.
A flyer has been included with the Newsletter.
Please return the tear-off slip if you intend to
participate in this session.
BUSHFIRE INFORMATION – As usual at this time
of the year we include an information brochure with
our Newsletter. The school itself has a ‘low risk’
rating for Bushfires. However identified
“Catastrophic” days do have an impact on bus runs,
excursions and general travel.
PACTS Workshop
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Tumby Bay Area School News
Senior Leaders
Robina Collings
PACTS Workshop
(Parents as Career Transition Support)
As mentioned in our final term 3 newsletter, we plan to
hold a PACTS workshop for parents of year 8 & 9
students next Tuesday 21st October. The workshop will
provide an opportunity for parents of Middle School
students to gain information about general career
transition, resources available and links with the local
community to help their child in decision making about
their future.
The 2 hour workshop will be held at the school and
delivered by Chris Mesecke, PACTS facilitator and
DECD Apprenticeship Broker. Chris already works with
schools and students across the region providing career
development advice and support with student career
pathways. Robina Collings and Nicky Prosser will
support Chris with the workshop.
The workshop will be held next Tuesday 21st October
from 6:30 – 8:30 pm (week 2, Term 4). It is aimed at
parents of students in years 8 & 9 but there may be
room to include some parents of year 7 students if there
is any interest. Invitations were sent home today given
to year 8 & 9 students today. If you didn’t receive yours
or would like any further information please get in touch
with me at school. Please contact the school to book
your place at the workshop.
Shane Masson
PE/Sports Coordinator
Once again the PE and Sports faculty will be awarding
the Tumby Bay Area School Sportsperson of the Year
which will be presented at the End of Year Assembly.
Since the award was first presented in 2000, past
winners have represented the State at national level
and even internationally, with Jake Andrewartha who
represented Australia at the 2014 Commonwealth
Games winning a bronze medal
The award is open to all students at TBAS with a high
number of sporting achievements at both school and
community level. To nominate a student, record their
achievements for 2014, e.g. sport represented, awards,
rep teams and return this information to the Front Office
by Friday 14 November 2014.
Lisa Graney, Canteen Manager
8688 4240 / 0428 884 240 / 8688 2003
Nadine Berlow 8688 0005/0478228189
Welcome back to everyone as usual we are struggling
for Volunteers, we have plenty of spare days available
so please consider coming in for a few hours.
Volunteering, being part of the school community, give
Nadine, the school or myself a ring Thank-you Lisa
Tues…….Lisa Oconnell
Wed……..Kylie Reed
Thurs…..Racheal Anesbury
Work Placement Leave.
It is common practice for some of our older
students to seek employment in the last weeks of
the school year. Students under the age of 17
must get an ‘exemption‘ form signed by me before
they can participate in the workforce. This is a
Department requirement for documentation of
attendance and absences, connected to our
shared duty of care.
Paper work needs to be filled in by the employer,
( who could be a parent), and students have to
meet end of year commitments.
Students can ask for the paper work at the front
Tumby Bay Junior
Cricket Association
The Tumby Bay & District Cricket Association is
seeking new and interested players for the
upcoming 2014/15 season. Great opportunity for
kids, (both boys and girls), to develop their skills
and have some fun playing sport. Supervised
trainings at all clubs and on match days, so why
not make the call and “have a go”.
The association runs 2 competitions –
Under 16’s, played on Saturday mornings, and
also has the exciting new Kanga Cricket for boys
and girls aged between 5 &10, also played on
Saturday mornings.
Under 16 competition commences on
Saturday 18th October.
Kanga Cricket commences on Saturday 25th
October starting at 9am (Note: Kanga Cricket is
held at the School Oval or Rec Centre)
For more information and club details, please
contact the Junior President, Craig Higgins
0467818353 or
Association Secretary Melissa Degner on
Would be great to see some new faces and
families involved in our local sport.
Term Dates 2014
Term 1 ~
Term 2 ~
Term 3 ~
Term 4 ~
29 January
28 April
21 July
13 October
11 April
4 July
26 September
12 December
Sharlee D’Agostini and Megan Carr and their families
travelled to Adelaide, to compete in the 2014 SAPSASA
Athletics Championships.
The 22nd of September was the day of the meet and
there were students from 40 Schools across South
Australia, we were fortunate enough to represent Lower
Eyre Peninsula.
We arrived at Santos Stadium by 8.30 to have our team
photos taken, and buy our SAPSASA jumpers and
other souvenirs.
We watched some other competitors before we were to
compete in our events. Megan’s first event at 10.50am
was Shot Putt for the 10 year olds and she was
fortunate to come third throwing an impressive throw of
7.17m to get the Bronze Medal. The girl who came first
threw 7.91m. Megan next competed in the 200m Sprint,
she came 4th in this race.
Sharlee’s first event was at 11.52am which was 200m
event but unfortunately she didn’t do as well as she
would have liked due to being unwell. Sharlee came 5th.
Next on the programme was the Relays, Megan’s team
competed first and they came 4th, and got into the final
heats. Sachi, Lacey and Makaya were her team mates
from Lower EP.
Then it was Sharlee’s Relay and their team came, 1st in
the first heat and were through to the finals. In the finals
Abby, Sharni, Ashlee and Sharlee came 2nd and got
Silver Medals.
Discuss was the next event and Megan threw 22.34m,
she got a Silver Medal for this throw. Megan then got to
go on the Podium for her Medal presentation.
These events are to be followed by 5 training trips to
Adelaide then in 2015 the National Championships will
be held in Tasmania. We would both like to be part of
this but there is a huge expense with all the training and
travel so we will not be attending.
Overall we both had a fantastic time. It was an excellent
experience for us both and we enjoyed competing in
athletic competitions.
By Megan and Sharlee
Congratulations Sasha
The Yallunda Flat Show was taking part in the
Interschool Competition for the Equestrian
Events. Sasha and Tinkerbell represented TBAS
in Class 3301 - 40cm Showjumping - 1st Place,
Class 3013 - Pony Club/Interschool Mount - 2nd,
Class 3016 - Pleasure Pony Club/Interschool
Mount - 2nd and Class 3019 - Working Pony
Club/Interschool Mount (included small jumps
and obstacles) - 1st Place.
They both had a great day representing the
On the 6th of October 2014 I went to the
Yallunda Flat Show and rode my horse
Tinkerbell, we represented Tumby Bay Area
School. I got two firsts and two seconds. I won
the 40 cms show jumping and the hacking. The
two seconds with hacking, then we were
finished for the day. I would like to say a
special thanks to my mum Lisa Povey and my
horse Tinkabell. By Sasha Povey
Wise &
Three ways to praise children
without evaluating them.
1. Tell them what you see. “I see you
have put all your toys on the shelf
and smoothed out your bed.”
2. Tell them how you feel. “I love coming
into your room when it is clean.”
3. Sum up your child’s behaviour. “You
have cleaned up your room really
well. That’s what I call capable
Published by Michael Grose Presentations
Tumby Bay
Basketball Club
SEASON 2014/2015
Club boats available for you to sail
OPTI’s, Pacers, 125’s
Lessons can be arranged, or you can go sailing with an
experienced sailor to find out about it
Club is open every Saturday from 10.30am
2014/15 season is about to begin.
Registration day Thursday
October 16th
8 year olds to year 6 – 4.30 pm
Year 7 to 10 – 5.30 pm
Come along and register your
interest and have a
scratch match. Canteen facilities
First game October 23rd
Other facilities provided include:
Tea & Coffee
Lunch & Evening Meals
Contact Trish Lawrie
for more details
Starting today 16th October 2014
Season October to March
Family discount available
Thursdays 3.30– 4.30pm
At the Tennis courts
Cost $30
Bring a hat & Water bottle
Please wear sunscreen.
Tennis Racquets provided.
Free t-shirt
Come and learn the game of Tennis.
Hot Shot Program
Tumby Bay Tennis Club
Come along with the whole family and enjoy a day at
the beach
Everybody is welcome including non-members.
Want to know how to help your
teenager with career ideas?
What sort of jobs
are out there?
What is VET,
What is a
traineeship or
What is the
difference between
TAFE & University?
Can my child begin
an apprenticeship
whilst at school?
Where can we find
relevant career
Where to go for more information:
What are
When: Tuesday 21st October 6:30pm– 8:30pm
Who: Parents of year 8/9 students
Where: Tumby Bay Area School
*Supper Provided*
To book a place please call Robina Collings on 8688 2003
Email: [email protected]
in partnership with
change of
School buses and taxis will not operate within the Fire
This means on days of forecast catastrophic fire danger rating, our school/preschool will remain open.
has a ‘low risk’ bushfire rating.
During days of forecast catastrophic fire danger ratings or an actual bushfire, the DECD Parent Bushfire Information Hotline will be activated.
1300 362 361
CFS Bushfire Information Hotline:
SA Country Fire Service (CFS) Website:
Department for Education and Child Development:
DECD Emergency and Crisis Management Website
For more information:
Fire Danger
Season Information for
Make sure your emergency contact details are up-to
-date with our school or preschool.
Talk to your children about what will happen if a
bushfire occurs when they are at school or preschool.
Read all bushfire information provided.
We ask parents and carers to:
How you can help:
Thank you for your support.
By being prepared, and acting now, you will help
our schools and preschools to be bushfire ready
and keep our children as safe as possible.
Our schools and preschools in bushfire prone
areas have emergency and Bushfire Response
Plans, to keep everybody as safe as possible in
the event of a bushfire.
The fire danger season can be an anxious time
for children and families.
Parents and carers will need to make alternative
transport arrangements for their children on
these days.
School buses and taxis services that travel through
affected Fire Ban District(s) however will not operate.
When a catastrophic fire danger rating is
forecast for the following day by the Bureau of Meteorology, all ‘low/medium risk’ schools and preschools (such as ours) in the declared Fire Ban District will remain open.
Catastrophic fire danger rating days are days when
the weather conditions mean a fire is more likely to
start and is more difficult to control.
Days of Catastrophic Fire Danger
DECD Bushfire and Emergency Management Team 26 September
Listening to local ABC Radio Station and FIVEaa radio
stations for bushfire up dates and information.
Remaining inside and activating our emergency procedures with the children until the main fire-front
If it is safe to do so and time permits turning on all
sprinklers and irrigation systems.
Filling available containers with water.
Moving everybody inside, closing windows, doors, and
turning off the air-conditioning.
Unless there is no other option, or our school or preschool is advised to evacuate by CFS or other emergency services then everyone will remain inside a
designated building and emergency procedures will be
activated. These will include:
Principals and preschool directors must comply with
SAPOL and CFS instructions.
The school or preschool Emergency Response
Team (with the assistance of SA Police and other
emergency services) will take charge if a bushfire is
approaching. It is recommended that during these
events, everybody should remain at their school
or preschool unless instructed to do otherwise.
If our school or preschool is open and a bushfire
is approaching, the safety of children is our highest priority.
Approaching Bushfire: