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The Flash
October 22nd, 2014
The weekly newsletter of
Lake Como Co-op Inc.
Family Nudist Resort
and Community
20500 Cot Road
Lutz, FL 33558
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for the cure
Meet at recreation
hall 9:30 a.m. for
coffee & donuts
Walk thru Lake
Como starts 10 a.m.
All welcome
2.5 K Charity Walk
Saturday October 25
$10 requested donation to
Susan G. Komen Foundation
to save lives and end breast cancer forever
All donors of $10 or more receive complimentary
day pass to Lake Como for the rest of the day.
last minute reminder
Thank You
Ice Cream Social
for all present & prospective
Lake Como event volunteers
Recreation Hall Tuesday
Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.
Saturday November 1
Cancel any plans you had for November 1st from 4 p.m. on! You need
to get out and do the Costume Crawl at Lake Como with 40 or 50 of
your scariest and freakiest friends.
Friday October 31
at the Butt Hutt
Dress up and bring your
carved pumpkins.
dance with VJ Gary
starts 8 p.m.
pumpkin judging
at 9 p.m.
You don’t really need to crawl…but you might by the end, so arrange
a ride or lodging. Get your second costume out – the first one you’ll
need the night before for
Gary’s dance and contest
at the Butt Hutt! – make
your crawling costume
comfortable and fun –
we may even have a little
contest or something!
We’ll be leaving the Butt
Hutt at 4:00 p.m., so be
there WELL in advance
to sign up and get all
your essentials, like $2
beverage tickets – each
ticket will get you a beer, soda, or mixed drink off the scary beer wagon
that will be leading you through the park!
There will be a $5 entry to cover snacks, etc…any extra money will
go to the VA Home in Land O’ Lakes.
We’ll have 4-5 pub stops throughout Como (about 30-40 minute stop
each) with fun special beverages available, games, munchies, etc., then
we’ll end at the Butt Hutt (some snack food will be there at end…but
you may want to have something to eat prior to the start). There is
another dance at the Hutt starting at 8 p.m!!
No BYOB to any of the pub stops!
costume judging
Any questions contact Dee or Dan at 727-224-9731 or Lot 616.
at 10:30 p.m.
Friday October 31st from 5 to 7 p.m. We will be starting
and ending at the recreation hall, where there will be free
pizza and soda for the kids afterward. If you would like
to participate in the walk or passing out treats at your
house please sign up at the front office before Oct. 24th.
All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Jim Ellis
May 26, 1935 – October 13, 2014
The Family and Friends of Jim Ellis would like
you to join them for the Celebration of Jim's Life
on Saturday, November 1 at 1p.m. in the Como
Club House (Recreation Hall).
Food and drinks supplied by JB (Jim's Son) and
Splashfunclub. Donations will go to the
Christmas party for Baldemero Lopez Veterans
Nursing Home in Jim's name.
Lake Como Ukuleles
Como Help Wanted:
Have you ever wanted to join a group of people really
having a great time? Maybe you should join a class
to learn how to play the ukulele. If you wish you may
be able to play on a Friday night jam or just use your
new-found skills to play the ukulele for yourself, your
family or friends. In a real short period of time learn
to have fun playing your own ukulele with a bunch of
your friends. An organizational meeting will be held
on November 10, 2014 at 1:30 pm in the rec-hall.
Come to the meeting or call (515) 418-7310. As soon
as we are aware of your interest we will put you on
our email list.
tour guides for Monday & Thursday (10 am
to 4 pm) Contact Denise in the office:
[email protected]
The Hot Tub will be closed from 7:30 am
Monday Oct 27 through Friday 3:00 pm Oct 31. We
are planning to give the deck and screen framing a
through deep cleaning and re-painting. We will try to
reopen earlier than Friday at 3:00 pm if possible. Sorry
for any inconvenience.
– Van
Bus to Boat Update
Some friends from Caliente are joining us, so the bus will fill
up soon. Please don’t delay reserving seats if you are
interested. (Note the bus will not stop at Caliente…all boarding
will be at Lake Como.) Any net proceeds from the passenger
payments will go to a donation to Pasco County Needy
School Children for Christmas clothing presents.
Van Bradley is organizing a bus to pick up passengers at Como
who are going on the February 2015 cruise, including free parking
at Como. Those interested in joining in on the round-trip bus from Como to Fort Lauderdale please email your
interest to: [email protected] or call Van at 813-949-1810 ext. 222. Please don’t delay!
We need your advance reservation to lock in the bus charter.
Como Nude Cruise Special Offer: Lake Como will be offering reduced day fees and overnight stays
in our hotel rooms and camp sites for all Bare Necessities passengers, for two weeks before and two weeks after
the cruise. (You don’t have to take the bus to quality for these rates, but need to show your cruise tickets.)
Veterans’ Day Weekend • November 7 - 9, 2014 • Lake Como Resort
The Lake Como Military Veterans Corps, together with co-op
management and staff, have embarked on this ambitious event to benefit
two worthy charities and display the community spirit we have been
known for in the past. Join us for a great weekend with lots of live music,
motorcycles and a salute to the troops. Complete info online at:
Bring s snack or personal item for our
Adopt-A-Troop collection boxes. “Care
packages” will be made up and sent out
overseas after the event. For a list of items
needed, see:
Volunteers are needed to help out at the
event in many areas. To sign up and find
out where we need help, contact Mandy in
the office or at
[email protected]
Bid on the Caribbean cruise for two
donated by Bare Necessities. Auction will
close 3 p.m. Sunday Nov. 9. For a bid
form, go to: LakeComoNaturally.com/
Motorcycle owners can participate in the
Saturday show, the Sunday charity ride
and/or the Sunday military tribute. Contact
Bob Spaulding.
Veterans and military members may wish
to participate in our parade and tribute
Sunday. Contact Phil Jacobsen.
Marchers and riders may also respond by
email to: MilitaryVeteransCorps
The Co-op is providing free burgers for the
Burger Burn Sunday Nov. 9 from 11 a.m. to
1 p.m. We’re asking residents and members
to provide side dishes for the feast. For more
info, contact Mandy in the office or at
[email protected]
more event photos
including car close-ups at:
starting Oct. 26th:
Sand Volleyball
returns to the West Grove
courts every Sunday
starting at 3 p.m.
The Como park-wide WiFi is a
work in progress and a learning experience. The
primary intent is to have adequate coverage in the
RV park and common activity areas, with service
in the resident areas where possible as a side
benefit. ALL this is at no additional charges to
anyone, while being done on an extremely modest budget.
It will likely take a number of months yet,
and additional routers to be purchased and integrated, to have it set up with ALMOST full
coverage, at least outdoors. There is no guarantee or expectation it will work inside every one's
dwelling in all or any rooms. People with routers
in their home sometimes have problems with
dead spots. Foil insulation in wall, metal walls,
plus interference from neighbors’ routers are not
issues which can be solved with our system.
Meshing together the overall system has
some technical issues which we will be addressing over the next weeks, and there MAY be
some additional problems and degrading performance as we work, before it gets better.
If residents and visitors have needs for
wide bandwidth connectivity and strong reliability, we suggest they invest in their own network
as we cannot give assurances that this free public
network will be sufficient for all needs.
Thanks for your understanding.
Special Event: Tarot Circle Skill Share on
November 12 from 7 to 9 p.m.!
We’re keeping the Hallowe’en spirit going just
a little longer! In November, Tarot Circle will meet
at the Lake Como rec hall as usual, but the meeting
will be anything but usual.
On Wednesday, November 12 at 7 pm, Lake
Como Tarot Circle will be hosting a Skill Share. This
is your opportunity to come and experience our
skills, and see what we have been working on over
the past year!
We will be offering free tarot readings, healing
sessions (Reiki, healing touch, etc.), and readings in
other modalities, such as astrology, pendulum and
psychometry. You’ll meet some professional readers
and healers, and you will be amazed at the skill of
our students.
We are offering all services free of charge. Bring
a snack to share if you like, and come have some
final Halloween fun before we get ready for
If you would like to offer a healing or divinatory
service at our Skill Share, or if you have questions
about this event, please call me, Christiana, at
Staff will be performing property inspections
at the end of October / beginning of
Please pressure wash your units and tidy up
the grounds.
Thank you
This year our Board of Directors has approved a $250.00 donation to assist underprivileged children who attend
Oakstead Elementary School in our area with some Christmas gifts. Van Bradley will be donating the proceeds of
the Bus to the Feb. Nude Cruise and we are asking Lake Como residents and members to also help Pasco County
school ABC (Assist, Believe and Care) program that identifies underprivileged children that we can assist with
gifts of clothing and shoes at this Christmas season. 100% of the money donated goes to purchasing gifts of clothing
and shoes to the underprivileged children in our area.
Our office will accept all donations until December 1, 2014 to further help our local children in need. Please
drop off your check payable to Lake Como with a notation of “Pasco School Children”. We want to send a donation
check from our members on December 10, 2014
Please remember that we have many needy children in our area and we can make a difference in their lives over
this Christmas Holiday. Feel free to call me with any questions @ 813-477-2219
Merry Christmas,
Van Bradley
Lake Como Events Calendar
21. Volunteer
meeting for
SSCW event at
7 PM in the
recreation hall
22. BOD
meeting 6:30
PM recreation
23. Karaoke w/
DJ Jack - Butt
Hutt 7-11 PM
25. The Nunes
At Night band
starting 8 PM in
the Butt Hutt
Sat: Breast Cancer charity walk >>>
30. Karaoke w/
DJ Jack - Butt
Hutt 7-11 PM
31. Halloween 1. NOV
B/H party w/ VJ
Gary, costume & Pub Crawl
pumpkin carving starts 4 PM
VJ Gary 8 PM
6. Karaoke w/
DJ Jack - Butt
Hutt 7-11 PM
7. DoubleTake
in BH / Drum
circle in North
8. BBQ/Bobby
poolside noon/
The Shakes
Society in BH
STAR-SPANGLED CELEBRATION Nov. 7 thru 9 [more info online] >>>>>>>>>>>>>
9. The Honeys
USO Show
Karaoke w/
Richie Hodge
10. Ukulele
Class first mtg.
rec. hall at 1:30
12. Special
13. Karaoke w/
Tarot session + DJ Jack - Butt
Reiki 7 to 9 PM Hutt 7-11 PM
in the recreation
15. BitterSweet
8 PM on the Butt
Hutt deck
18. FC meeting 19
2 PM rec. hall
20. Karaoke w/ 21. Butt Hutt
22. BH Comedy
DJ Jack - Butt Jam Session 4-7 Show / headliner
Hutt 7-11 PM
Jeff Zenisek/
meeting 6:30
starts 8 PM
PM rec. hall
[Note special FC & BOD dates for November]
28. Butt Hutt
29. iVJ Gary 8
Jam Session 4-7 PM on the Butt
Hutt deck
Karaoke w/ DJ
Jack - Butt Hutt
7-11 PM
1. DEC
4. Karaoke w/
DJ Jack - Butt
Hutt 7-11 PM
5. Butt Hutt Jam 6. Cat Valentine
Session 4-7 PM 8 PM on the Butt
Hutt deck
Precedence on use of the recreation hall is held for the Co-op BOD meeting usually the 4th
Wednesday of each month and for all other official Co-op meetings as scheduled.
Lake Como Regular Activities
TENNIS - West Grove Clay Courts
Dart Tournament 3 PM Sunday • 7 PM
Monday • 7:30 PM Friday • 3 PM Saturday
Mixed up doubles 9:30 AM Tues & Thurs
Trivia Night Tuesday - prize award at 9 PM
Corn Hole 7 PM Wednesday on the deck
Karaoke w/ DJ Jack 7 PM Thursday
Yoga with Gale every Sat. 9 AM on the deck
Card draw tournament 3 PM Fri & Sat
Open play at other times – court maintenance is
Monday but some courts will be open in rotation.
West Grove courts every Sunday 3 p.m.
Saturday entertainment live music, DJ or ?
Reid & Margaret return with
the Jam Session every
Friday starting November 21
on the Butt Hutt deck
4 to 7 p.m.
SANDY BEACH Games & Exercise
Horseshoes noon Sunday & Saturday
Pickle Ball 6 PM every Tues, Thurs & Sat
7 PM Sunday
Petanque 7 days @ 10 AM & 4 PM
Chinese Wand 9 AM Tuesday & Friday
Mixed Scotch Doubles 8 ball
7 PM Tuesday & Thursday
Ladies only Scotch Doubles 8 Ball
7 PM Wednesday
Open singles 9 Ball - 7 PM Friday
DRUM CIRCLE - North Grove 8 PM
monthly: closest Friday to full moon
November 7
Water aerobics 8:50 AM Mon & Thurs
Garden of Eden Church 11:00 AM Sunday
…Join us for coffee and worship
Water volleyball 4 PM every Wednesday,
Saturday & Sunday
Ukulele Group 1-4 PM Monday from Nov. 17
…organization mtg. Nov. 10 at 1:30 PM
Seasonal - on hold
Yoga w/Gale 5 PM every Tuesday & 5 PM
every Thursday
Zumba with Karen • Walk Away exercise
Sunday Karaoke • Bingo
Bridge Tuesday 7 PM
Table Tennis Weds 1:30 PM
Game Night Thursday 7 PM
Tarot Circle every
Weds monthly 7 PM
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Mandy: [email protected]