A leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke metering,
hydraulic control systems and produced water treatment solutions
Technical excellence: delivered
Alderley Group
The largest dedicated systems integration capability
Alderley is a leading international supplier of metering equipment, hydraulic control systems and produced water treatment
packages. With our headquarters in Gloucestershire, UK, our global facilities provide the largest dedicated systems integration
capability for the oil and gas industry.
As an independent systems integrator, Alderley provides you with the technology that best fits your application. We have no bias
to any particular technology or manufacturer and, as such, can bring you solutions that are best in class, best for the application
and best for your business.
Our multi-disciplined engineering group provides expertly designed and manufactured solutions along with front end and lifecycle
support services.
Great Yarmouth
Alderley’s worldwide coverage and regional locations
“We provide world class services and products that add value to our customers within
the oil and gas industry. We invest in our people, in facilities, in technologies and in
market awareness.
We believe in making a difference, being open to change, meeting challenges and
learning from our experiences. In the eyes of our customers, Alderley Group stands for
partnership, technical excellence, safety, quality and service.”
We have total focus on integrating systems to meet the
A world of experience
Wherever you are, whatever your application – our experience will help you
Alderley has successfully delivered over 750 systems specifically for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We pride
ourselves on our record of meeting the specification, delivery and budget expectations of major oil and gas companies and
contractors throughout the world. But don’t just take our word for it... here are just a few examples of the companies, projects
and technologies that have made us a leading force in metering, hydraulic control systems and produced water treatment
• Saudi Aramco • BP • ExxonMobil • Maersk • Shell • Total • Cameron • GASCO • ConocoPhillips •
• Apache • Petrofac • Qatargas • Fairfield Energy • Marafiq • Kuwait Oil Company •
Ras Laffan Liquefied
Natural Gas Co. Fluor
Transworld Services Inc.
Ras Laffan 3 Common
Offplots Project, Qatar
4 off cryogenic LNG metering systems utilising ultrasonic flow meter technology.
Walk in analyser shelter with gas sampling and chromatograph. Operating
temperature -161°C.
BP Exploration
Quad 204, North Sea
Oil metering system with 4 x 33% export streams,12” ultrasonic meters with a 30”
bi-directional prover and sample system. Gas metering system with 2 x 100%
export meter stream, 4” ultrasonic meters and one import meter stream. Includes
gas analyser house, gas chromatographs and associated control systems.
Total E&P Qatar
Halul PWT Modification
Project, Qatar
1 x Hydrocyclone skid consisting of 2 x 28” Hydrocyclone vessels with ‘quick
opening’ closures and associated equipment. 1 x CFU skid consisting of 1 x
CFU vessel and associated equipment including oil-in-water analysers. 1 x
Chemical Injection skid to support both the CFU skid and other equipment.
LSFO, FG and Gas Oil
Pipelines Project, Kuwait
5 gas metering skids with stream size between 12” and 20”, with 4 duty streams,
1 spares stream and 1 check stream using ultrasonic flow meters. Also contains
gas chromatograph, analyser shelter and control system.
Cameron GmbH
Husky Liwan 3-1
Development Topside
Hydraulic Package
Hydraulic Power Unit c/w separate 15,000 litre Reservoir, Main & SSIV Topside
Umbilical Termination Units and Test & Flushing HPU.
demands of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries
Alderley Metering Systems
Your metering system should be designed and built to protect your bottom line
Alderley has been engineering fiscal metering systems for over 50 years and is best known for its quality, reliability and
expertise in metering technologies, regulations and standards.
Our experience includes all metering techniques in varied applications along with analytical systems, provers and control
panels. Our on-going dedication to the oil and gas industry means that we are continuously helping to develop new techniques
and standards. We have supplied some of the largest metering systems, including cryogenic liquid ethylene.
• Fiscal metering • Custody transfer • Allocation metering • Analytical systems •
Our focus is on performance, reliability and safety in a metering package that is delivered to you when you need it.
Gas and Liquid Metering Systems
Sampling and Analysis
We have the experience and knowledge to deliver high accuracy
gas and liquid metering, proving, master metering and calibration
packages whatever the technique required. Different technologies
have different benefits and we can help you to make the right
choice for your application.
All high accuracy metering requires representative product quality
measurement by sampling and analysis.
Technologies include:
• Ultrasonic Meters
• Orifice Meters
• Turbine Meters
• Venturi Meters
• Coriolis Meters
• PD Meters
• Proving and calibration
Our design and engineering expertise ensures that every
component is carefully integrated to maximise accuracy
and reliability. Our thorough understanding of technologies,
applications and standards enable us to meet your technical
specifications and give you confidence in a measurement solution
that delivers all of your project requirements.
• Vast experience in all areas of metering
• Independent advice on selection of best technology
Our knowledge, combined with engineering and fabrication
expertise, ensures that your accuracy, reliability, safety and cost
requirements are met and, because we have control over our
in-house fabrication, you will get your system when you need it.
• Complete integrated solutions - reduced risk, improved accuracy and reliability
• Innovative solutions to the most demanding application
We have total focus on integrating systems to meet the
Alderley Metering Solutions
Maximising performance from existing assets
Alderley Metering Solutions specialise in providing metering solutions for all brownfield modifications and ageing systems through
our multi-disciplined team of experienced engineers. Our integrated solutions look to maximise performance from existing assets
and extend the life of production facilities. Our brownfield capability includes metering controls, fast track projects, refurbishments
and upgrades, instrumentation, sampling and analysis through to support, maintenance and lifetime care.
• Design and engineering • Metering • Controls and instrumentation • Piping modifications •
• Maintenance • Training •
We have service facilities operating from the UK and the Middle East, enabling us to provide a team of highly skilled and
specialist engineers to access and implement works for any technically demanding application, both onshore and offshore.
Control Systems
Alderley Services
Comprehensive, reliable and workable solutions
From concept and delivery support to lifetime care
A high accuracy metering system requires a comprehensive,
reliable and workable control system to collect and process
metering data. Alderley have designed, engineered, tested and
delivered hundreds of control systems – from simple, standalone flow computers to sophisticated panels incorporating dual
redundancy and the latest in supervisory systems.
We provide a complete range of Customer Care and Support
Services that you can tailor to meet your exact requirements. Our
team of fully qualified, expert engineers can assist you from design
to lifetime care and maintenance. We have decades of experience
and a total focus on the oil and gas industry – so you can rest
assured that you will be dealing with people who fully understand
your application, process and the challenges that you face.
• A choice of flow computer technology
• Supervisory systems and HMIs
• Flexible reporting
• Commissioning
• Operator Training
• Systems upgrades
Our commitment to our customers and to the oil and gas industry
is absolute. We are always happy to discuss specific requirements
and advise on the best support package for you. We have invested
in the facilities and people to bring the services you need closer to
When you choose Alderley as your project partner we will stay with
you every step of the way.
demands of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries
Alderley Process Technologies
Providing clear solutions with innovative design
Alderley Process Technologies is a leading supplier of oil field separation equipment, from single skids to complete packaged
systems, to meet the most exacting performance needs for all produced water process requirements. As water production
rates continue to rise and discharge specifications more stringent, our focus is to optimise and increase the value of your
asset by providing the best in class technology ensuring that the process operates at its maximum efficiency. Utilising our own
manufacturing capabilities Alderley can rapidly deliver your produced water solution to the highest industry standards.
• 2 and 3 phase separators • Solids fluidisation and jetting • Solids cleaning • Hydrocyclone packages •
• Compact flotation (CFU) • IGF Flotation • Degassers • Media filters • Coalescing and cartridge filtration •
• Deaeration •
A complete range, a complete solution
No single piece of equipment can tackle the complex process
of treating produced water. We offer a full range of solutions
covering primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment with
proven and advanced technologies such as our market-leading,
high efficiency deoiling hydrocyclone.
Supplied as either stand-alone or fully integrated skid-mounted
systems, our produced water treatment units can be manufactured
in-house, using one of our international fabrication locations.
Alderley can provide anything from ancillary separation equipment
to pre-conditioning and final polishing solutions.
• Highly efficient and compact solutions
Our complete produced water treatment capability supported by
an experienced process and mechanical design service, provides
a total solution to your separation needs. Our extensive fabrication
facilities and expertise guarantee we will meet or exceed your
expectations for a technically superior solution, delivered to you on
time and within budget.
• Guaranteed to meet your compliance levels
• High reliability
• Over 40 years’ experience and understanding of processes and issues
• In-house design and fabrication ensures high quality and fast deliveries
However stringent your requirements, we can design and supply a system that meets your needs.
We have total focus on integrating systems to meet the
Specialised Management Services
Incorporating C&M Hydraulics
Specialised Management Services Ltd (SMS) is a leading global manufacturer of equipment and provider of maintenance/
installation services for the oil and gas industry, specialising in hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control systems. Incorporated
within SMS is our component sales and hose manufacturing division, C&M Hydraulics. Based in Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen,
SMS is supported internationally by its parent company, Alderley plc.
• Manufacturing • Offshore and site services • Repair and refurbishment • Training •
• Component sales and hose manufacturing •
Offshore & Site Services
•Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)
•Wellhead Control Panels (WHCPs)
•Testing and Flushing HPUs (TFHPUs)
•Installation and Workover Control Systems (IWOCs)
•Topside Umbilical Termination Units (TUTUs)
•Chemical Injection Units
•Flushing Units
•Accumulation Packages
•Computer Aided Design (CAD)
•Site Construction Projects
•Hose Management Contracts
•Total Vendor Maintenance Contracts
•Installation & Commissioning
•Site Surveys
•Maintenance and Inspection
•System Upgrades
•Repair and Refurbishment
•Spares Supply Management
Innovative Engineering Solutions
Through continued investment in our competency assured, trained
team and the constant development of our products and services,
SMS is committed to supporting our client base with integrated
specialised solutions for all types of equipment.
With our team of experienced Project Engineers, Designers,
Coordinators, Field Engineers, Offshore Technicians and Workshop
staff we can offer full turnkey packages from Design, Build,
Installation, Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs through to end of
life Decommissioning.
Operating with a team of full time, highly experienced engineers and
technicians, SMS provides integrated bespoke solutions for all types
of equipment.
•Engineering, manufacturing and project management.
•Specification and Procurement of required components in accordance with all performance and legislative requirements.
•Installation, commissioning, on-going maintenance support and training as required.
•After sales service support and spares management.
•Support from onshore and offshore, competency assured technicians, trained to internationally recognised standards working in accordance with all legislative and other industry requirements and guidelines such as UKOOA and MIST.
The following accreditations apply to SMS Great Yarmouth
These solutions are supported by expert knowledge centres which
•In-house system and equipment design providing bespoke solutions to client process requirements.
demands of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries
A total focus on the needs of the oil and gas industry
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