St Mary the Virgin Twickenham

St Mary the Virgin
Sunday 19th October
Trinity XVIII
WELCO ME to the Church’s worship as Christ invites us to think
what of ourselves we should be offering back to God and investing in
Him, and what of ourselves we should be investing in the concerns
and affairs of the world. Some of the children and young people will
be helping to lead our worship at the Parish Eucharist this morning
and then inviting us to join them over in the hall where refreshments
will be served by members of ‘Thank Goodness it’s Monday’.
Please remember that the clocks go back an hour next Sunday !
8.0 0 am
Holy Eucharist
Isaiah 45: 1-7 (Pat Cawrse)
Matthew 22: 15-22
9.30 am
Parish Eucharist
O rgan music
O rgan music
Prelude in e Franck
148, Gloria, 235, 571-twice
Matthew 22: 15-22
Festal O ffertorium Percy Fletcher
10 .45 am
Music Group Meeting
11.30 am
Holy Eucharist
1 Lesson
2 Lesson
422, 148, 277, Gloria
Isaiah 45: 1-7 (Jill Grant)
Matthew 22: 15-22
6.0 0 pm
Taize style evening worship
concluding with Compline
We pray for all members of our congregation; for United Society for the
Propagation of the Gospel and Mission to Seafarers.
We pray for all those seeking God’s intervention, guidance and healing in their
lives, amongst them:
Ewa Grudzien
Ruth Ann Renick
Baby Margot Martini
Margaret Hastings
Andy Dennison
Nansi Collier
Christopher Price
Keith Schofield
Raquel Ebbutt
Ronald Leeson
Gordon Hollis
Colin Rennie
Kenneth Miller
Rachel Hearn
Alice Martin
John Palmer
Sylvia Butler
Valerie Smith
Peter Ball
Joanna Martin
Alan Stanton
Barbara Jenkins
Fiona Roe
Raoul Franklin
Ida Curtis
We pray for those who have died that they may know new and eternal life:
Dorothy Wilkin
David Cardwell
Brenda Virovai
Derek Roe
Murray Greenwood
Alice Gross
If you would like the names of anyone included or re-added to the Intercessions list,
please e-mail Jeff, our Vicar, on [email protected]
or speak to him after the service.
Please can we remind you to keep your valuables with you
at all times while you are in church.
Thank you.
York House Car Park
Please note that the car park will be closed today for a local running event.
Mission A viation’s (MA F) Day of Prayer
As long time supporters of the Charity we are asked to join our prayers with
the thousands of others around the world for the Lord’s continuing Ministry
through them. MAF aims to be a beacon of light in all the countries it serves,
where it shares the love of God, whether providing a professional aviation
service, offering a willing ear, or lending a helping hand.
Hymn Singing at Nightingale House
New singers very welcome. Meet Pat Ingham in the hall at 10 .50 am.
Re-ordering Fundraising
There will be a meeting in the vestry after the 9.30 service to discuss
fundraising - not individual donations - but ways in which we can raise money
working together. If you have any bright ideas, experience and/ or would be
happy to help, do please come along.
Forthcoming Events
Richmond Fair Trade Evening - Monday 20 O ctober, 8.0 0 pm in the hall
when members of the Steering Group will be hosting an evening to give wider
publicity to the shops, businesses and other groups in the Borough who
support Richmond as a Fair Trade Borough, as well as offering the opportunity
to hear more about how to help. Light refreshments will be served.
The Mothers’ Union meet in the vestry at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 21 O ctober to
hear ‘Reminiscences from O lder Members’. All are welcome at this meeting.
Welcare O pen Evening - hosted by St Stephen’s Church, East Twickenham,
next Wednesday, 22 O ctober, 4.0 0 pm - 7.0 0 pm. All welcome to join in
supporting Welcare in the valuable work they provide in our community.
Iraqi Christians in Need - A free piano and organ recital (with a retiring
collection) is being given by Iraqi Christians in Need at St Mary Magdalene
Parish Church, Paradise Road, Richmond, at 7.0 0 pm next Friday 24th
O ctober. A full list of other recitals is available at:
http:/ / events/ piano-and-organ-recital/
Saturday 25 O ctober - Parish trip to see the ceramic poppy display at the
Tower of London commemorating those who fell in WW1. Meet at
Twickenham Station at 11.0 0 am and travel in together. Any queries, please
contact Katherine on 0 7775 677842 or at [email protected]
The Environment Trust's annual art auction will be held on Thursday 6th
November, in Clarendon Hall at York House. A donated watercolour of the
church is included in the auction. Details about the artist can be seen at
http:/ / artist-kyte, and the auction gallery page is at
http:/ / art-auction-gallery.
Friday 21 November, Twickenham’s Light Up Event - Church Street will be
closed for this major community event from 3.0 0 pm-9.0 0 pm with the lights
being switched on at 6.30 pm. Details to be confirmed but there will be:
Father Christmas, food stalls, children’s crafts, musical entertainment,
children’s procession, carols, displays in church, loads of fun! Please put this
event in your diary NO W, volunteer to help out if you can (Please!) and also
make a something for our cake and home produce stall. We really need
helpers for this big event in our calendar! Any offers of help or queries, please
contact Katherine on 0 7775 677842 or at [email protected]
General N otices
Many thanks to Katherine and her team for putting on a stupendous Parish
Tea party last Sunday, both in the main hall and in the Windsor room,
great fun was had by all. Thanks to all who made and donated cakes for
the occasion and to Captain Fantastic who kept the children entertained
so well ! All in all it was marvellous !
Sunday School - There will be no Sunday School next Sunday 26th O ctober,
so please could parents bring their children to church as there will be no
facilities in the church hall. Sunday School will meet as normal on 2nd
St Mary's Families - We have plenty arranged for the next few months,
including two Christmas parties - one for the kids and one for the grown ups!
To be part of this ever growing network of families, for meet ups, playdates,
nights out and the odd bit of church and local news, please email Lizzie
Wilkinson on [email protected]
Contemplation Groups - If you wish to join one of the Contemplation Groups
they are held every two weeks in the homes of the following:Marion Wills 8892 8636 Thursdays at 10 .30 am and Jenny Kelly 8891 2866
Fridays at 8.0 0 pm. These last for half an hour and are a time to be silent in
contemplation. If you would like to see if it is for you, please give us a ring
and we will give you more details.
A dditional sides people required - we are short of a couple of sides people to
help hand out hymn books and collect them in again. This may only be on a
temporary basis. If you are able to help, the wardens would be very grateful.
Coffee Rota - We need a couple of volunteers to help with coffee after the
9.30 service on Sunday, November 9th. If anyone thinks they can help could
you please see Sandy Dempsey after the service today or contact her on 8898
2860 or [email protected]
Readers and Intercessors Rota - vacancies remain, particularly for All Saints
Sunday, 2 November, and Remembrance Sunday, 9 November. Please see the
rota displayed on the notice board at the back of church, new members are
always welcome to join the rota and further information may be gained from
the churchwardens.
Garden of Remembrance - We are looking for a few volunteers to take over
the weeding and general care of the rose beds in the Garden of Remembrance.
If you are able to help, could you contact Barbara Carmona on 8755 3955.
Twickenham Town Business A ssociation - Is there anyone who would like to
represent St Mary's on the TTBA and Church Street Association? This
enhances our relationship with and involvement in the local community,
particularly with what is going on in Church Street. There are informal
meetings of the TTBA about every two months usually in the early evening
during the week in central Twickenham. If you are interested, please speak to
Charlotte West (tel. 8891 0 461).
Parish List and Data Protection
If you are new to St Mary’s or your details have changed, please complete as
below, tear off and pass the slip to a churchwarden and this will assist in
ensuring the parish list is kept up-to-date.
St Mary’s Church is committed to protecting your privacy and will handle all personal
data in accordance with the principles required by the Data Protection Act 1998. A parish
list is maintained and all information provided will be used only for the administrative
purposes of parish life and your details will not be shared with any other organisation,
institution or company.
Please pray for these events which are taking place amongst the
Church family during the coming week.
10 .0 0 am
8.0 0 pm
10 .0 0 am
11.0 0 am - 12 noon
2.30 pm
10 .0 0 am
11.0 0 am - 12.30 pm
St Mary’s School Harvest Thanksgiving
rehearsal in church.
Standing Committee meets in the large
St Mary’s School Harvest Thanksgiving
Service will be held in the church.
Minnows meeting in the vestry.
Mothers’ Union meeting in the vestry.
Holy Eucharist
Today Sue and Jeremy Hamilton-Miller
will also be presenting a poppy wreath at
the Menin Gate on behalf of St. Mary`s
Twickenham, in respectful remembrance
of the 12 from our community who are
commemorated there with so many
others, as those who died in the 1st
World War.
The organ will be in use.
Sunday 26th October
Bible Sunday
(The clocks will have been turned back one hour)
8.0 0 am Holy Eucharist
9.30 am Parish Eucharist
11.30 am
Morning Prayer
6.0 0 pm Evening Prayer
Colossians 3: 12-17
Matthew 24: 30 -35
Colossians 3: 12-17
Matthew 24: 30 -35
Colossians 3: 12-17
Matthew 24: 30 -35
Psalm 119: 89-10 4
Ecclesiastes 11 & 12
2 Timothy 2: 1-7
St Mary the Virgin
Church Street Twickenham Middlesex TW1 3NJ
Parish Priest
The Revd R J Hopkin Williams
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Assistant Priest
The Rev’d Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski email: [email protected]
0 20 -8891 5421 (Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays)
Charlotte West: 0 20 -8891 0 461
Tony Dempsey: 0 20 -8898 2860
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[email protected]
Parish Office
0 20 -8744 2693
(9am-11am daily Monday-Friday & 2pm-4pm Monday & Friday)
communications: [email protected]
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Parish Visitor Co-ordinator
Margaret Mence 0 20 -8977 3679
Peter Sheil
Parish Giving Recorder
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