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Rolla Church of Christ Leadership & Staff
I will do more than belong; I will participate
I will do more than care; I will help
I will do more than believe; I will practice
I will do more than be fair; I will be kind
I will do more than forgive; I will forget
I will do more than earn; I will enrich
I will do more than teach; I will inspire
I will do more than give; I will serve
I will do more than live; I will grow
I will do more than be friendly; I will be a
Ron Bramlett
Mike Kemnitzer
Author Unknown
Church of Christ
Day School
Clothing Room
Cathy Cassidy
2000 Farrar Dr.
Wade Bower
[email protected]
Joshua Adams
[email protected]
Thursday & Saturday
8:30 a.m. ~ 11:00 a.m.
Worship Coordinator......Todd Hartman
Song Leader.....….……...….Paul Simon
Opening Prayer.…..…..Jason Alexander
Communion Speaker....Mike Kemnitzer
Communion…………....……....Adult I
Scripture Reading….......Walter Williams
AM Speaker…………...…Wade Bower
Shepherd’s Prayer……..........Jim Turner
AV ……….……..…………Hopgoods
Communion Prep.....….....Linda Turner
PM Speaker…….....Family Life Groups
Andy Cassidy
Jim Turner
A/V & Finance: Joe Graber
Building: Jason Alexander
Campus: Lewis Wiles
Education & Special Needs: Walter Williams
Grounds & Transportation: John Wright
Missions: Terry Hopgood
New Construction: Curtis Baxter
Outreach: Paul Simon
Prime Timers/Widows: Derric Fane
Teens: Kenny Light
Visitors/New Members: Dub Erisman
Linda Collet
Sunday ~ October 26, 2014
Charlie Bruno
Jeff McKune
Loyd Waite
Tuesday & Thursday
September ~ May
9:00 a.m. ~ 11:30 a.m.
Tanna Roberts
[email protected]
Greeters ~ Oct. 26th
Harold Brown
Wednesday ~ October 22nd
Announcements & Devotional
Paul Simon
Kim Bower
Don Riley
Jim & Linda Turner
Dan Vincent
Pam Williams
Wednesday ~ October 29th
October Hostesses
Wed., Oct. 22nd..….....Tom McDonald
Mary Anna Melton
Caren Spradling
Malcolm Parsley in S. Korea
Kim Voraritskul in Thailand
Mike Knappier
Manos de Amor Orphanage
Quito School of Biblical Studies (Ecuador)
Steve Ashcraft, West Africa
Announcements & Devotional
Jim Evans
The Messenger ~ October 19, 2014
P.O. Box 291
1303 Nagogami Rd.
Rolla, MO 65402
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Sunday Bible Class.……….....9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship.………..…10:30 a.m.
Sunday Evening Worship…...5:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Study..……6:30 p.m.
Curtis Baxter
Sarah Bramlett
The Kemnitzers
Tanna Roberts
Dan & Connie Uetrecht
Worship Coordinator….....Derric Fane
Song Leader...……….Mike Kemnitzer
Scripture Reading…...….....Wes Parker
Opening Prayer..……......Billy Godfrey
Communion Speaker…..Jeff Cawlfield
Communion Table..……....…Deacons
Communion Prep……............Jim King
AM Speaker………..…....Wade Bower
Shepherd’s Prayer…….....Jeff McKune
AV Technician…..................Jim Turner
PM Speaker…….…….......Lewis Wiles
Bus Drivers
Sun., Oct. 26th.…..........Steve Campbell
Family Life Missions
Ken Kendall Ball in S. Africa
Fishers of Men, Tim Wilkes
Ruel Eroma in the Philippines
The Trotters, Cambodia
Matt & Sarah Glawe: SIBI
Rolla Church of Christ
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Bible Class...…………...………..123
AM Worship……….….…….…..230
PM Worship…...………………....95
Wednesday Night…..……...….....154
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Monthly Contribution
Actual (Jan-Sep)…..….....$258,268.14
Budget (Jan-Sep)….……$264,459.00
My biggest fear is failure. The possibility of failing as a dad or
husband absolutely terrifies me. I love this church, and I often worry that I
will fail you all. Sometimes I wander if you all will wake up and suddenly
realize that sometimes I hurt, grow tired, get frustrated, or even struggle with
sin? Sometimes I fail…miserably. Thinking back to the university, I was
taught by a great professor in a practical ministry class over and over that,
as a minister, you should not divulge too much information about your
personal life. Definitely do not tell them of your sin. I took that to mean,
“If you want to succeed as a preacher, hide your sin.” You see, here is the
newsflash, I, your preacher, am a sinner in need of God’s grace. I reject the
idea that because I am a staff member that I must pretend to be perfect. I
am not Christ, nor am I always Christ like. I am simply a normal guy, trying
to be like Christ, and often I fail.
Paul tells young Timothy in 1:15-16 – The saying is trustworthy
and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came in to the
world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost. But received mercy
for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display
his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him
for eternal life.
We need to realize that our fear of failure often causes us to drive
our sin way beneath the surface. This behavior isn’t just a product of
church, it is a product of culture. In our society sin is something to not only
be buried and ignored, its very existence is to be denied.
The thing is:
1 Jn 1:8–10 8 If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the
truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say
we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.
Everybody has sinned. It makes no difference whether your sin is
something taboo like adultery or more accepted like pride. It makes no
difference whether or not you do something socially unacceptable like drugs
or more common like tell a lie…none of us are perfect. None of us are
without it. If you were perfect, there would be no need for Jesus.
So why is it that we are so harsh, impatient, and judgmental of those
who are in the throes of temptation and sin? How is it that we have become
so disgusted by those who are being held captive by temptation and bound
by that sin? We must understand that we are all failures. It is only because,
in, and through Christ that we are more than conquerors. So let’s be patient
with those who struggle differently than we do.
Visitors, we are blessed by your presence with us today and we hope you will give us a chance to visit
with you after services this morning. Information about our congregation can be found in the foyer.
A communication card will be passed out by our ushers at the beginning of the worship service.
Visitors and members are asked to complete the information and then pass it to the inner aisle.
There is a place on the back to share any prayer requests with our elders.
Circle “Yes” or “No”
There is an attended nursery in room 9 of the education wing (across the hall from
the front kitchen) for children up to 3 years of age. The nursery at the rear of the
auditorium (entrance is to the right after you exit the auditorium) is also available
as a training room and has a separate room for nursing mothers.
Children ages 3 through 1st grade wanting to participate in Children’s Bible Hour will be dismissed
during the singing of the song following communion. We ask that a parent be responsible for
accompanying the children to and from Bible Hour.
Please be considerate of our
handicapped members and anyone
arriving late by leaving seats available at
both ends of the last two regular pews
in the back of the auditorium.
We respectfully ask that
all cell phones and pagers
be turned off or put on
“Silent” prior to the start
of our worship.
Ralph & Evalee Young
will celebrate 58 years together
on Saturday, October 25th.
Come explore the transformed life of a child
of God and discover the childlike qualities
Jesus desires in those who have been
forever changed by His love.
See Nettie Martin to register. Payment due at
registration. Price ranges from $15 to $40
depending on chosen package.
More information is on the table in the foyer.
Let’s all wish them
Happy Anniversary!
The October issue of the “Sunrise.” Feature
article is on Joyce Pruett.
 The newest volume of the Voice of Truth.
Both can be found on the table in the foyer.
We have a team that can originate content for our website and we have a technical resource to
perform the updates to the website. But we need someone to act as coordinator between our
technical resource and the web content team. This individual will gather content from the web
content team, review pages on the website which need to be updated, build PDF files of some
information, pass collected information to the technical resource for site publication, and
provide suggestions for site improvement. This individual will have a computer and internet
connection, familiarity with Microsoft Office and building PDF files, some familiarity with digital
photography and basic photo editing, and the ability to commit two to four hours per week. This
ministry could be shared by two individuals. Please contact Jeff McKune if you are interested.
Peanut Butter
4-pack Toilet Paper
Everyone is invited to join the
singers at Rolla Manor Care
tomorrow at 5:30pm.
November 7-8 @ Kabakona Hills
“Changing Into Children”
Our Food Pantry has experienced a huge
increase in the number of requests for food
during this past year. Your generosity in
supplying the needed items is so greatly
appreciated. Beginning today and on each
3rd Sunday, you will be given the
opportunity to make a cash donation to be
used exclusively to purchase items for the
pantry and a short list of needed items
will be printed in the bulletin. Please see
Barbara Parker to make a cash donation.
Food items should be placed in the shopping
cart located in the nook outside the church
office. This month’s needed items:
If you need any assistance during our worship service,
please see an usher at the rear of the auditorium.
All ladies are invited to
There is a long list of LTC
the home of Liz Wiles
(Leadership Training for
Christ) events in which our youth are anxious to
participate, but mentors are needed. If you are this Friday, October 24th, starting at 6:30pm,
interested in this opportunity to share your talents
to hear a devotional presented by Lindsy
and develop stronger relationships with our youth,
Bailey. A time of food and fellowship,
please talk to Jean Hartman or Allison Bruno.
co-hosted by Kim Graber, will follow.
On Sunday morning, November 9th, we will take a
The annual Teen Night Hike will be
second offering to collect money to be sent to the
Saturday, October 25th, beginning at
two orphanages we support on a monthly basis:
6pm at Lane Spring. All teens are invited to
House #24 in Bucerias, Mexico, through Lifeline of
a pre-hike gathering starting at 4pm in the
Hope International and Por Los Ninos in Catacamas,
home of Dub & Connie Erisman.
Honduras, through Family Life Missions. These two
organizations are committed to serving children, Please speak with Joshua regarding the night
but like all of the missions we support, the
hike and Dub or Connie regarding the
needs far outweigh the financial resources.
events scheduled at their home.