Enrich the end-user online experience with improved content delivery performance

Enrich the end-user online experience with
improved content delivery performance
Content Delivery Network from BCE Nexxia
As the demand for content grows, so does the need to improve
performance and the end-user experience. Whether presenting
Web content, streaming video or delivering applications, your
customers need the power and resilience of a global, scalable
Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is optimized to handle
various bandwidth-intensive demands.
The BCE Nexxia CDN service enables your business customers
to offer significantly faster content delivery to their Internet
users without the need to increase capital expenditures for their
infrastructure overhead. The BCE Nexxia CDN is an exclusive
partnership between BCE Nexxia and Limelight Networks to
provide CDN service to the marketplace. It provides a secure and
flexible infrastructure to deliver online content (data files, audio,
video, games and applications) to a global audience.
As Canada’s only dedicated, network-based service, the BCE
Nexxia CDN is more reliable and faster than any CDN offering.
With this service, businesses can reduce network latency,
enhance Web site capacity, improve reliability and increase
delivery speeds of even the most bandwidth-intensive applications
at lower cost, while reducing the load on their network. The BCE
Nexxia CDN also offers an end-to-end cloud-based Video Platform
service for customers who wish to integrate video on their websites.
This service offers a scalable platform that has all the tools necessary
to quickly and easily publish video on the web and takes full advantage
of the benefits of content delivery on the BCE Nexxia CDN.
BCE Nexxia CDN’s powerful and unique network-based node
architecture delivers an unparalleled experience for all forms
of content including high definition media, regardless of the
volume of network traffic. Our fully redundant architecture
dynamically distributes content to strategically-placed core,
fallback and edge servers to ensure 100% availability, even in
the event of large-scale power, network or hardware outages.
Service features include:
• Support for website, media and software delivery
• Global throughput of more than 3 TB/s
• Edge connections using 10 GigE technology for high-capacity
content delivery to end users (no public Internet congestion)
• Advanced reporting logs and statistics to assess content
popularity, active regions and exact viewing details
• Connections to over 70 global data centres and 900 user-access
networks around the world
• Last-mile optimization for faster content distribution
• Backed by the country’s largest IP network and infrastructure,
and Limelight’s global network of centres interconnected by a
dedicated fibre-optic backbone
• Enhance your ability to deliver rich media content over the Web
• Speed delivery of online content
• Deliver a consistent, high quality user experience anytime,
• Improve website capacity, reliability and performance
• Reduce IT infrastructure costs (no capital expenditures)
• Gain instant access to extra content delivery capacity for
unpredictable or seasonal traffic
About BCE Nexxia
BCE Nexxia, a Bell Canada company, provides national and
international clients industry-leading voice, broadband and IP
wholesale solutions from across Canada and from key points in
the United States. We understand the needs of our clients who
come from a variety of markets: inter-exchange carriers, local
exchange carriers, wireless service providers, resellers, Internet
Service Providers, telcos and cablecos.
Our comprehensive portfolio of wholesale products and services
demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions that will help
your customers grow their businesses and enable their success.
BCE Nexxia CDN leverages innovative and proprietary
device-detection and adaptive-streaming technology, so you
can create a seamless experience for users regardless of
the device they are using.
For more information visit bcenexxia.com/wholesale