! Project Manager RFP

Project Manager RFP
RePublic Schools is a network of public charter schools based in Nashville, TN. RePublic aims to
reimagine public education in the South. Our team currently leads Nashville Prep and Liberty
Collegiate Academy, each of which performed in the top 5% of all public schools in Tennessee for both
growth and absolute performance in 2014. In 2014, RePublic launched the Nashville Academy of
Computer Science. Over the next five years, RePublic will grow to support at least 10 schools across
Tennessee and Mississippi.
Next fall, we will open RePublic High School. While the school’s facility has already been selected, we
are searching for a Project Manager to lead facility renovations and expansion through June 2016
with the possibility of an extension if mutually agreeable terms are met. Preference will be given to
Project Managers who have previous experience working with RePublic Schools, previous experience
in the charter sector, and a highly qualified supporting team.
Construction RFQ-RFP Development and Issue
• Develop and compile RFQ-RFP documents for bidder solicitation.
• Issue RFQ-RFP solicitation to bidders and respond to questions.
• Coordinate and facilitate pre-proposal meeting.
• Serve as advisory member of Contractor selection committee for RePublic Schools during bid
• Assist RePublic Schools with sharing contract documents with selected Contractor.
Construction – Program and Project Management
• Develop and maintain project budget. Provide reporting and meet with RePublic Schools as
• Review contractor payment applications, billings and provide payment recommendations to
RePublic Schools.
• Develop and maintain project schedule.
• Manage and track contract document modifications.
• Establish and conduct regular construction “OAC” meetings. Provide and distribute meeting
• Provide weekly site inspections and reports.
• Coordinate OFE items and installation.
Closeout and Building Turn-over
• Consolidate billings and budget.
• Review closeout document inclusions from Contractor.
If you are interested submitting a proposal, please provide the following information by email to Lee
Pedinoff ([email protected]) by October 15, 2014.
• Project Team – Provide resumes for personnel and describe their role on the project.
• Relevant Experience – Provide information on similar projects which include references.
• Fee Structure – Provide hourly rate(s) and estimated number of hours for the required services listed above. RePublic Charter Schools understands that this is not a binding contract and the
selected Architect will be required to provide a comprehensive proposal and contract for the
services listed above.