Usfos – Non-Linear Collapse Analysis Software Workshop Agenda Day 1 Morning Session:

Usfos – Non-Linear Collapse Analysis Software Workshop
Day 1
Morning Session:
09:00 Opening
09:20 Introduction to Usfos
10:15 Geometry and Foundation Modelling in Usfos
Creating beams
Defining properties and material.
Explicit loads
Load Combination
Pile Modelling
Soil Modelling
Analysis Generation
11:30 Model import from GeniE to Usfos
Convert GeniE Model FEM to UFO
Convert GeniE soil File to UFO
Struman Convertor
Afternoon Session:
13:00 Pushover Analysis
Model / Load Verification
Load Combination
Analysis Control File
Result Presentation
14:30 MSL / API Tubular Joint Check
Joint Modelling in Usfos
Joint Capacity Check with MSL
Joint Capacity Check with API
Joint Capacity Check with ISO / NORSOK
15:15 Contact Analysis with Usfos
Model File verification
Control File preparation
Analysis & Result Presentation
16:00 Closure
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Day 2
Morning Session:
09:00 Hydrodynamic Modelling in Usfos
Wind Loads
Wave Loads
Current Loads
Marine growth
Hydrodynamic Coefficients
09:45 Dynamic Wave Analysis
Time History Load definition
Dynamic Wave simulation
Dynamic Analysis
Result Presentation
10:45 Multiple Boat Impact Analysis
Explicit Loads
Wave Loads
Load Combination
Simple Boat Impact Analysis
Multiple Boat Impact Analysis with Wave effect
Afternoon Session:
13:00 Earthquake Analysis
Define EQ Time History Data
Create Earthquake Control file
EQ Analysis with Usfos
Result Presentation
14:00 Blast Analysis
Define Explosion Time History Load
Member Fracture criterion
Dynamic Blast Analysis
Result Presentation
14:45 Import of SACS model to Usfos
SACS to Usfos Model Preparation
Struman Control File
Model Verification
15:30 Usfos Best Practices
16:00 Closure