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Worship Schedule
See Calendar and front page for worship mes
Office hours: Mon. thru Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Pastor:................................................ Reverend Howie Baird
Coordinator of Lay Ministries: .......................... Judy Christy
Choir Director/Organist:............................. Marjorie Myrold
Choir Accompanist: ................................... Carol Lamberson
Youth Leader: ............................................... Mark Schlasner
Bookkeeper/ Office Assistant: ...................... Tanya Murphy
The Wesley Witness
A publicaon of Wesley United Methodist Church. Published
12 mes each year to keep members and friends informed of
programs of the church and to report news about the Wesley
Do you know you
can view our monthly
newsletter and our
weekly bulletins
along with the
happenings during
the current week on
our Wesley website?
It is
We extend Christian sympathy to family and friends
of NDSU student, Thomas Bearson, and to those who
have lost loved ones, even people we may not know
Please also keep the following people in your prayers
who are facing health concerns: Julie Sturges’ cousin
Tommy who was in and accident; Karen Griffin, Audrey
Williams, Pam Whaley’s stepmother; Joe Juntunen; Joyce Kramer; Tracy
Wicken; Jane Carpenter’s sister and her significant other; Anne Bryson’s
friend from Minto; JoAnn Ness’ friends facing cancer; Greg Bryson’s
niece; Duane Sandwick’s cousin; Susan Maddock’s family friends the
Stenson family; Pat Klokstad; Judy Christy’s dad; Colleen Nygaard; Billie
Dixon’s mother; Kyle Whitcomb’s mother; Joan Bristol; and others who
have been hospitalized, or are in nursing homes and those who are caring
for them.
We offer prayers of joy for Duane Sandwick’s cousin who is doing well
after heart attacks; this years’ Sunday school staff; Jim Juntunen’s report
of being cancer-free; a new great-granddaughter for Berniece Holm; for
birthdays and anniversaries; the lovely fall weather we’ve had.
On October 19, 2014 we will be celebrating consecration
Sunday at Wesley UMC. This is the Sunday when our members
and friends will have an opportunity to celebrate the ministry
that we have done and look ahead to the ministry that is
coming. There will also be a place during our worship service
where you will be given the opportunity to make your pledge to
these ministries.
In this newsletter envelope, you will find
Wesley Worship
a pledge card that you may use. We ask
that you would prayerfully consider how
8:30 Worship
it is that you might be able to support our
9:00 Children’s Music church here at Wesley UMC. Please
9:30 Sunday School
bring this card with you to worship on
10:45 Worship
October 19. If that is not possible, you
may drop it off at the office, or mail it in.
Church Office
We will have cards there that Sunday as
well for those that wish to make a pledge
M—F 9:00 a.m.but for one reason or another do not have
1:00 p.m.
a card.
Our purpose is to provide a nurturing Christian
home in which all may grow in faith and service.
3 Jenny Robinson
Kayla Kaiser
6 Erik Myrold
RachealAnn Johnson
7 Matt Jossart
April Kaiser-Grinde
9 Mary Faircloth
Jack Holm
10 Tiffany Reis
11 Penny Millspaugh
Willow Reed
Rob Shivelhood
14 Maggie Hager
15 Jim Van Looy, Sr.
16 Emily Asche
19 Stacey Searle
20 Linda Croy
Aiden Taylor
22 Judy Christianson
Lionel Hoff
23 Audrey Williams
24 Patty Willey
25 Tyler Wicken
26 Rich Lehn
Timothy O’Connell
28 Beulah Hodges
30 Mark Bjornseth
Christina Dittus
Jaedon Ferguson
31 George Whaley
Tyler & Jamie Harlow
Jerry & Karen Griffin
Erik & Marjorie Myrold
Brian & Stacey Clow
Bazaar is upcoming and will be held on Saturday, October 18. The
annual bazaar is our main money maker to pay our pledges for
mission and other activities.
We need articles (some of your treasures you no longer need or
want) for the "Attic Treasures" section. These may be placed by
the back door on the sanctuary level. On October 5 and 12, there
will be sign up opportunities for those who are willing to help with
bazaar activities on October 17 and 18.
You may also buy Adult lunch tickets at the reduced price of $7
(children’s tickets are $4) on October 5 and 12 at the church. The
menu will include baked potatoes with your choice of toppings (or
hotdogs for the kids), Jell-O salad and dessert. Donations of
money, crafts, or food for the bake sale are also welcomed.
will be meeting on
New this year will be games and activities for the kids! Hope to
see you and your family at the Bazaar!
October 21
@ 7:00 p.m.
At Wesley UMC
Sarah’s Key
By Tatiana de Rasnay
New members are always
welcome! For questions, call
Natalie Meier at 701-775-9177
Now is the time for everyone to begin
their 2015 UMW Reading Program.
Remember that you can read any
selections from the years 2011-2015 that
you haven’t previously claimed.
Reading Program book for 2015 is now
available. Reading resources will be
available at the UMW Fall District & Conference
there were several conflicts with community and Zion events. We will try to
avoid these conflicts next year. We gave out 20 - 25 backpacks at the recent
SWSS reunion.
We need
III. Old Business
a. Archives- care of
In preparing for the 140th Anniversary it became evident that we need to
work on preserving our archives. UND archivist, Curt Hanson would like to
archive the materials for us since we were the first church in Grand Forks.
The collection would be housed at the Chester Fritz Library and access would
be limited. More information about the level of access and ownership rights
we would retain will be gathered. The cost of access may be a small price to
pay for the preservation of the materials. Curt will be invited to a future
Council Meeting.
IV. New Business
V. Upcoming events
Potato Bowl Parade - We will have a float in the parade on September 6th.
Decorating will take place at Ron Elliot’s house on Wednesday the 4th.
The UND Expo is Wednesday, August 26th, 10 am – 3pm. There will be a
sign-up to win a free pizza. The form this year will include a place for
students to indicate whether or not they would like to be contacted.
Homecoming Sunday – September 7th Council members will be asked to
help with set-up & clean-up
UMW Bazaar - Saturday, October 18th, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm. The menu is
baked potatoes with toppings. The UMW would like ideas for making this a
more family friendly event.
Education opportunities –
The Leadership Institute in KC will be held the end of September. Megan &
Howie Baird are planning to attend. Others are welcome but must register by
the end of this week.
Leadership training in Fargo, Septembe 26 - 27. We need to let them know of
our intentions by September 1st.
VI. Other
Next Meeting— on the 4th Monday, September 22nd, then October 27th.
Berniece offered food for thought—The last couple of years every other council
meeting has been reserved for discussion of specific issues and concerns. Do
we want to try and continue with that idea? We will talk more about this next
Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.
in the quilting room on
3rd floor.
Everyone is
For questions, call Helen
DeMaster at 701-772-3584
Would you be willing to
make 2-3 dozen cookies
for a Sunday this month to
support our Fellowship
time? Pick a Sunday and
put your name on the
sign-up sheet on a table in
the Fellowship Area.
Have you felt a call to ministry or perhaps a nudging to grow deeper in
your faith?
Have you seen opportunity to lead in a way that serves your community
and your God, but don’t know where to start?
Are you trying to figure out just what God desires with your life?
If your answer to any of the above questions is “YES!”, then the people
of the Dakotas and Minnesota UMC’s want to invite you to the
Basic Lay Servant Ministries/Certified Lay Ministry Entry Point
The Ministry Discernment Retreat
Saturday, October 25, at Fargo 1st UMC, 9:00am – 4:30 pm
(other dates and locations also available)
Registration deadline is October 15; Cost is $30
(includes a book and lunch)
For more details and registration information, see Pastor Howie,
Steve Schlasner, or Judy Christy.
43 Awe came upon everyone, because many wonders and
signs were being done by the apostles. 44 All who
believed were together and had all things in common; 45
they would sell their possessions and goods and
distribute the proceeds to all, as any had need. 46 Day
by day, as they spent much time together in the temple,
they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad
and generous hearts, 47 praising God and having the
goodwill of all the people. And day by day the Lord
added to their number those who were being saved.
~Acts 2:43-47
I have always loved the description of the very first
church in Acts. These were folks who, after hearing the Good News of Jesus
Christ preached so passionately by Peter and the other apostles, came together to
form a faith community. We are told that they ate together, prayed together,
studied together, worshiped together, and of course gave together.
And day by day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.
It’s the idea of community that draws me to this text. The first church wasn’t just
a place you went one or two hours on Sunday morning, rather it existed at the
very center of everything those first Christians did. They were so moved by the
working of the spirit and the possibility of building God’s Kingdom that nothing
could keep them away.
It was the same for the first Methodists. Under the vision and direction of John
Wesley—who committed himself to practices that would deepen his faith—they
met together for prayer, study, support, and accountability. The first Methodists
believed in the importance of supporting each other as well as supporting the
work of the church in the community around them. To this end, they visited the
imprisoned, worked for issues of justice, and gave to causes that supported the
poor amongst them. Like the first Christians in Acts, the early Methodists
believed and lived out Jesus great command: “Love the Lord your God with all
your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”
And day by day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.
Today, the United Methodist Church continues to operate with the understanding
that we do ministry better when we do it together—when we do it in community.
That’s why every United Methodist Church, whether it’s in Grand Forks, ND,
Leawood, KS, or the Ivory Coast is a part of what we call the connectional
system. Within this connectional system we are called to pray together, study
together, worship together, and of course give together. We give together through
Trustees will look into this issue. The AC is working well! Parsonage issues
include trouble with the fence and water leaking in basement.
Pastor Howie Recommend to church council that we mount the projector and
install a new screen in front of the organ pipes. We have $3,500 available to
spend on this project. Discussion about where to mount the screen was held. To
mount in front of the organ pipes would be the least expensive and least invasive
option but it would not work well for people sitting on the north side of the
sanctuary. We will still need a TV on that side of the altar. It would be preferable
to mount the screen where we currently project but out a bit from the wall but
this will be significantly more expensive. The screen will not retract
electronically in either location. The screen can be retracted for special events.
Pastor Howie will gather more information on the exact cost of the various
b. Staff Parish – Ryan
Ryan reported that a process for staff evaluations is being developed. The
process will be outlined by September 15th and implemented so they are ready
to make recommendations for the 2015 budget.
c. Lay Leaders:
Faith Development - Jessica
Sunday School starts September 14th. Sunday School planning is well underway.
We still need classroom assistants for some classes and substitute teachers. The
resource room has undergone major reorganization. The college young adult
class was announced and sign-up for the Covenant Bible Study is going well.
The Conference has developed comprehensive guidelines for creating “Safe and
Sacred Spaces” within churches for those at risk of being taken advantage of (i.e.
children, elderly, handicapped, etc.). A task force will likely be needed to
examine and implement the program fully. Elise and Jessica have started
studying these guidelines. One aspect of these guidelines addresses the use of
physical space to reduce risk. As a starting point children's music will be moving
down to the basement. We need to move a piano or keyboard to their new
Worship - Steve
No report. Elise asked about filming the service to post on-line. Pastor Howie
said we could audio services but that video files would be too large to post.
Care and Outreach - Penny
The Covenant Bible Study is a transformational program. It is important to have
this in place to support people involved in Care and Outreach. They need a more
intimate space than the library. She hopes to train Ushers and Greeters before
September 14th.
Mission - Sharon
Sharon reported that there were 25 – 30 children at Sidewalk Sunday each
evening. It was a fairly consistent group of children. The week we held SWSS
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Wesley United Methodist Church Council and Finance Committee
Approved Minutes August 25,2014 @ 7pm—Library
Present: Pastor Howie Baird, Elise Christy, Judy Christy, John Galegher, Berniece
Holm, Michele Iiams, Penny Millspaugh, Sharon Stewart, Doug Williams, George
Wogaman, Jessica Zerr, Ryan Zerr
Absent: Bob Boyd, Jerry Griffin, Pat Henry, Mark Hoffmann, Steve Schlasner, Jeff
Van Looy, Richard Wills
Recite Purpose—Our Purpose is to provide a nurturing Christian Home in which all
may grow in faith and service.
Devotions – Berniece led us in devotions.
Finance Committee—
what we call apportionments. Apportionments are monies that every local church
pays to their conference to support everything from the Ministerial Education
Fund and Episcopal Fund, to global missions like the African University and the
United Methodist Commission on Relief.
Most of our United Methodist Churches participate faithfully in this giving, but
occasionally, due to many varied reasons, a church might find itself in a place
where paying their apportionments becomes difficult. Here at Wesley UMC we
are one of those churches. Through the giving of our members and friends, we
have been able to cover all of our “in-house” expenses, including making
thousands of dollars of improvements to our facility this last year, but I am
concerned that we are falling short at supporting the apportioned ministries that
are happening beyond our walls.
Doug called the meeting to order.
We are approximately $14,000 behind in Apportionments. Non-pledged
contributions are down from previous years. Jerry Nolte will review our finances
again this year.
Money contributed this spring and summer indicate that people are more likely to
contribute when they know specifically what their contributions do. A monthly
newsletter article titled "What did my giving do this month?" could be used to
highlight our ministries.
2014 - 2015 Budget: Tanya has forms available for making budget requests for this
year. It includes a spending report for each Lay Leader. She can send those out
electronically if preferred. Budget requests are due by the end of September. It was
suggested we examine our budget areas to determine whether or not there are areas
that are consistently not spending their full budget.
Pastor Howie is planning a three-week Stewardship drive with Consecration Sunday
on October 19th. We need to have a long-term plan (i.e. a three year goal) that we
work toward. Our Charge Conference will likely occur in early December.
The finance committee adjourned at 7:30 pm.
In the next month, we are going to have an opportunity to talk about what it
means to be a church that gives fully of its heart, soul, mind, and strength. We are
going to explore together the possibilities of a church that is not just surviving,
but thriving. We are going to talk about how we can all live into our membership
vows to support our church, and our denomination, through our prayers, presence,
gifts, service, and witness. And my hope and prayer is that the conversation will
not just end when we come together for consecration Sunday on October 19, but
that it will continue every day as we attempt to dream beyond ourselves into the
world around us.
Who knows? This could be the beginning of a new community, molded out of the
foundation laid all those years ago when the first Methodists arrived in Grand
Forks. It was in that first Grand Forks Methodist community that they ate
together, prayed together, studied together, worshiped together, and of course
gave together.
And day by day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.
Council Meeting – Berniece called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
Peace be with you all,
I. Approval of June minutes - minutes were approved as presented.
Pastor Howie Baird
II. Reports
a. Trustee’s— Judy
Judy reported that we are waiting for dirt on south side of building to help with
Blinds will be in reinstalled in the Library. Plumbing issues are being evaluated
(in particular hot water and water pressure). There needs to be protection for the
heat exchanger. A fence around new air conditioning unit maybe needed (Dakota
Fence will be contacted). It was suggested that Vilandre should have installed a
cover to protect this. Vilandre said we needed to install a fence around it.
World Communion Sunday—October 5, 2014
Give generously to support World Communion Sunday scholarships for
graduate national and international students, Ethnic Scholarships for
national and international undergraduates studying within the United
States and ethnic in-service training (non-degree).
These are the designated age groups for Shoe Box gifts:
Infant – 2 yrs: Baby powder, bibs, bottles,
small blanket, infant toys, socks.
Offering Received
September 7
September 14
September 21
September 28
September 14
September 21
September 28
How can I help?
Prayer Focus for October:
Those serving in our military and their families
By sharing your presence (talents & time):
Bring cookies or
bars for Sunday
Be part of the
worship Tech
Be part of the
Welcome Team
for worship
Decorate and
boards by the
entry doors
Help with maintenance
projects around the church
Ages 3-5; ages 6-8: age-appropriate
educational items, books, dolls, stuffed
animals, cars, trucks, coloring books, paint
books, crayons, watercolor paints, and
brushes, markers, games, puzzles, hair accessories, hats, caps, mittens,
scarves and gloves, toothbrushes.
Ages 9-11; Ages 12 – 14 girls: purses, billfolds, makeup, nail polish, hair
items, perfume, bath products, games, puzzles, reading books, brushes and
combs, hats, caps, mittens, scarves, and gloves, toothbrushes.
Ages 9-11; Ages 12 – 14 boys: electronic handheld games, watches, games,
puzzles, flashlights, readingbooks, hats, caps, mittens, scarves, and gloves,
Age 15 and up: Christian music cd’s, handheld games, ear phones, reading
books, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, toothbrushes.
This is a project of the Dakotas Conference and is organized by Mike &
Libby Flowers, missionaries at the Spirit Lake Ministry Center.
If you have any questions, please contact the Wesley UMC church office at
772-1869 or [email protected]
Utilizing the Mind/Body/Spirit Interactions to our Advantage
Help with a children’s Sunday
school class
Contact Judy Christy, Coordinator of Lay Ministries, at 772-1869 or
[email protected] to volunteer for any of these projects.
Or watch for sign-up sheets in the church lobby. Training will be provided as
Are there are other projects or activities you would like to see happen?
Email Judy about that too.
If we pray/give thanks to God prior to eating our meals, this can help to
put our bodies into a more calm state which is conducive towards good
digestion. This mind/body/Spirit interaction can also be helpful to us
when participating in The Christmas Shoe Box project. When
shopping for and wrapping the gifts, if we pray for/visualize the happy
face of the gift recipient, this can also help to put our bodies into a
physiological state that is conducive towards good overall health.
Joyce Ann Wicklund, Shoe box Coordinator
Wesley UMC will be participating in the Shoe Box Christmas Gift project for
Native American youth on reservations in North and South Dakota again this
year. Anyone who so chooses can make this into an event more spiritual than
merely purchasing items and placing them into a box. Individuals and families
might decide to shop, for example, for a boy, five to seven years of age. When
shopping and later wrapping the gift, and any time following this, the givers
could visualize the pleased look on the face of the receiver, and say a prayer for
The Bible teaches us that, "It is more blessed to give than to receive.". In the
past several years, medical research has found this to be true. Larry Dossey, in
his book, Healing Words, emphasizes that "Love is intimately related to
Health." "Both human love and God's love help people with recovery."
Dossey's validated experiments show that even just the process of imagining
ones' self helping another person brings about a more healthful physiological
We are in a position to do more than just imagine ourselves helping another.
We can actually give, then visualize and ponder this in order to bring about a
more calm, healthful physiological state in ourselves.
Love. Shoebox Christmas gifts are built from love for children that might not
otherwise get a Christmas gift. On the reservations of North and South Dakota,
up to 70 percent of the children would not get a Christmas gift if not for the
Shoebox Christmas Gift program and the generosity of the people that donate to
this wonderful program.
To start, wrap the bottom and top of the box separately (this will allow
volunteers to insert the story of the birth of Jesus). Then fill with ageappropriate items such as the suggestions below. Place a rubber band around
the box and the top, then put a small note with the age group and gender of the
child on top of the box. You have just built a box of love.
If you are unable to wrap a box, some pre-wrapped boxes are available in the
Fellowship Room.
The finished boxes need to be returned and ready for pick up in mid-November
for distribution in December. Because of the difficulty in matching sizes, please
do not include clothing except for hats, mittens and scarves.
By sharing your gifts
* Men’s jeans, new or slightly used, for the Free Mobile Thrift store in Watford
* Shoe Box Christmas gifts for children at Spirit Lake Reservation
* Clothing, household items and non-perishable food for Spirit Lake Ministry
* Funds for church building updating/repair projects
* UMCOR kit supplies - see list on the back of this month’s calendar
* Coffee mugs with lids, backpacks or small suitcases, sheets & towels for the
Northlands Rescue Mission
* $160 for a day’s sponsorship of church expenses
* Regular offering to the general fund of Wesley UMC
We say Thank You to the following people who
have shared their gifts and service
To all who have shared their time and talents for Sunday morning
worship by serving as Welcome Teams, Lay Readers, Communion
Preparers and Servers, Sound Board Monitors, Nursery Helpers, and by
providing special music for our Sunday worship services.
- To Duane & Aileen Sandwick for repairing the pew for the chapel and hanging
blinds in the restrooms.
- To Aileen Sandwick for making table decorations for the
Fellowship room, and making the decorations for the dining
room pillars
- To all who helped with Homecoming Sunday preparations,
serving and cleaning up.
- To all who helped with the Potato bowl float and parade.
- To all those who are serving as teachers, helpers, or other
staff for our Sunday school programs.
- To Nancy Schaper for organizing and serving coffee
fellowship time each Sunday and to Eli & Caleb Zerr, Barb
Spicer, Janette Yaeger and Jane Carpenter for helping with the setting up
and with clean up.
- To Helen DeMaster, Lily & Andrea Snortland, Janette Yaeger, Daryell
Ferguson, Barb Spicer, Doug Munski, for providing cookies or treats for
Sunday morning coffee fellowship.
- To Aileen Sandwick for caring for the plants in the sanctuary and narthex as
well as the circular part of the Memorial garden.
- To Janette Yaeger and Pam Whaley for polishing brass offering plates,
candle holders, etc, and for filling the oil candles
- To Richard Wills, Cleo Rowe, Jerry Griffin, and Doug Williams for taking time
to faithfully count offering donations.
- To the many others who share their time with our church or community
and do so without being noted here
God calls us to be good stewards of all that we are
and all that we have.
We are always looking for people to
share their musical talents for special
music. If you have an interest in being a
part of special music or will have
someone visiting that would like to share
their talents, please let Marge Myrold
know. She is more than willing to help
anyone out!
Bakken Oil Rush Ministry Free Mobil Thrift
Store in Watford City is in need of donations
of men’s jeans, new or slightly used. The most
popular size needed is 38x32. Also always
needed are fire-resistant jeans and shirts. They
are also gearing up for winter and could use
new or slightly used winter coats and jackets.
Items will be picked up from Wesley around
October 3.
Sunday School Children’s Music is off to a great start! We are learning to
sing Jesus Loves Me in several foreign languages. Below are the dates
the children will be singing the rest of 2014 year:
Sunday, October 26
The children will sing at the 10:45 a.m. service
Sunday, November 16
The children will sing at BOTH SERVICES
Saturday, December 13 Practice for the Christmas program will be
from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 14
Christmas program at the 10:45 a.m. service
Thank you for bringing your children to class. I do enjoy working with
Sunday School music will start at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 14. I
look forward to seeing your children!!
Kellie Burgess
Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic
As Wesley UMC prepares for a new year, it is important to
know what support we can depend on from our congregation
members. By knowing what you are willing to commit
financially, we are able to better plan for the future. Please
consider setting up a recurring giving plan. Automating your
financial commitments means your contributions will be
received on a steady, uninterrupted basis.
A greener approach to giving
Churches, because of their heavy weekly check volumes,
were among the earliest organizations to embrace electronic
giving as a way to automate contributions. Today, electronic
giving in all its forms provides convenience for frequent
check writers and donation consistency for churches.
A less frequently discussed
benefit of electronic giving is its
positive impact on the
environment. An enormous
amount of natural resources are
consumed in the production,
transportation, processing and
disposal of paper checks. That’s why paying bills
electronically always ranks high on any list of actions an
individual can take to improve the environment. The trend
toward electronic payments has already produced more than
a 50% decline in check use since the year 2000.
As you consider the payment method you use to make your
regular offering, we hope that you will think about the
unique connection between financial stewardship and
environmental stewardship.
On Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm beginning,
October 7, there will be a group studying the
book, Making Sense of the Bible by Rev.
Adam Hamilton, lead pastor at the United
Methodist Church of the Resurrection in
Leawood, KS. This is a 6-week video and
discussion series. Anyone interested is invited to join the group.
The book is available to order through the church office or there is
an e-reader version available that you can purchase on your own.
In Making Sense of the Bible, Adam Hamilton invites us into an
honest conversation about the Bible. The book begins with
foundational questions such as, How and when was the Bible
written? Who decided which books made it into the scriptures and
why? How literally must we read it? And, Is the Bible ever wrong?
From there, Hamilton considers the real questions people
frequently ask that continue to divide Christians and denominations
alike, including:
• Were Adam and Eve real people?
• Why is God so violent in the Old
• Why would Paul command women to "keep
silent in the church"?
• Is Jesus the only way to salvation? • How
does God view homosexual people?
• Is the Book of Revelation a guide to the
End Times?
In an approachable and inviting language, Hamilton addresses
these often misunderstood biblical themes leading readers to a
deeper appreciation of the Bible so that we might hear God speak
through it and find its words to be life-changing and life-giving.
Youth Group
Upcoming Events:
October 5, 12, 19, 26 – Spook Insurance
October 24-25 – Fall Lock-in
Starting October 5th, the youth are back again with Spook Insurance!
We will be selling Spook Insurance on Sunday mornings in October
after both worship services. Spook Insurance “policies” are $5 each
and cover any mischief that befalls your house on Halloween. Cleanup will occur on Saturday, November 1st. See the youth table in the
Narthex for more information and to purchase your policy. The funds
raised will go towards the youth group mission trip next summer.
The Youth Group Fall Lock-in will take place on October 24th – 25th.
Doors will open at 6:30pm on Friday (the 24th) and lock at 7:00pm.
The lock-in will be done at 10:00am on Saturday (the 25th).
Permission forms and medical releases are due October 22nd. Forms
will be available during youth group or by emailing the youth leader
at the address below. Friends are more than welcome!
In September, we discussed the story of Joseph at the end of Genesis
going into the Moses in the beginning of Exodus. We also helped
decorate and marched in the church’s float for the Potato Bowl
Youth Group meets on Wednesdays at church in the youth room from
7:00pm to 8:30pm. Youth group is for all students in grades 6 – 12.
Youth are always encouraged to bring friends to Youth Group!
If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to know
more about Youth Group, I can be reached at
[email protected] or leave a message
through the church office (701-772-1869).
Mark Schlasner
Youth Leader
Altru’s Professional
Committee asks
you to be a part of
Undies Challenge
2,000 pairs of underwear
October 6th – 20th
We often take everyday things for granted.
Like underwear! Imagine taking a shower at
the end of a hard day and not having a
decent pair to wear. Unfortunately, this is
true for many individuals in our community.
Please help by donating new underwear,
personal care items or diapers.
Look for the collection box at the church!
If you had your picture taken at Wesley last spring or if
you submitted a picture for the 2014 picture directory, a
copy is reserved for you. If you have not picked up your
directory, please ask for it on Sunday morning or at the
church office. There are a few extra copies available as
The adult “Library” Bible study class is continuing their
study of the book of Colossians, based on a study guide
written by Max Lucado. There is no outside reading
required, so feel free to join the class at any time. They
meet each Sunday at 9:30-10:30 am in the church
The fall schedule of Sunday school classes has begun. All children age
2 through 5th grade as well as youth in grades 6- 12 and adults are
invited to be part of a Sunday school class. Students who have not yet
registered are welcome do that on their first day of coming to a class.
Friends are always welcome too!
We are still seeking a couple of Sunday School teachers and helpers!
Especially needed are a helper for the
preschool class and a co-teacher for the senior
high class. We need to have two teachers or a
teacher and a helper for each class. You could
also be listed as a substitute teacher or helper. If
you are willing to share your time and faith with
our children or youth please contact Michele Iiams
at 218-791-5658, Jessica Zerr at
[email protected], or Judy Christy at 7721869 or [email protected]