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Praise and Prayer for the week of:
October 19 - 25
Church Family: Dan & Loree Buck, Katie, Steph, Sarah, Kenny
Church Ministry: Riverside Mission - Thank you to the high
school and college students who have been going to
Riverside to help serve supper meals. We know this is a
blessing to the people there, and that when we serve, we
also receive a blessing in return!
 Praise God for the opportunity we had this past week to
celebrate the life of Gord Olmstead. Please continue to
be in prayer for Eloise and the family as they make
adjustments and care for each other.
 Please remember to be praying for the Global Leadership Summit that is taking place this week. Pray for
those who will be in attendance, that God would speak
to and challenge people in their areas of leadership.
 Continue to be in prayer for the College and the families
that have been affected by the cutbacks. Pray for peace
as the families decide what the future holds, and
wisdom for the College leaders.
 Pray for Jason & Amber Bryans as they continue to adjust to their new life in Asia. Pray that God would give
them patience and wisdom as they raise their children,
as well as time together to grow as a couple.
 Pray for those in our congregation and community who
continue to recover from illness and surgery. Pray for
complete healing and rest.
 Be in prayer for the health needs of those in our
community: Ed Sidebottom, Anna Sundbo, Norm
Winslow, Audrey Lewis & Joan Rempel.
Our Vision:
Caronport Community Church will be a SPIRITUAL OASIS – a
grace-motivated worshipping community where God’s truth is proclaimed and practiced, lives are refreshed, healthy relationships are
nourished, disciples are equipped, callings are discerned and
passions for global service are ignited.
Our Mission:
Caronport Community Church is a
to making healthy disciples
nurtured for Kingdom service.
Home Game
What does this say ?
Acts 9: 1 - 19a
What does this mean ?
1. Why does Luke tell us the story of Saul’s
2. What does God use to bring about Saul’s
How could this apply to us ?
1. What is your own conversion story?
2. What “impossible possibilities” have you seen?
Church Staff:
Blayne Banting, Lead Pastor
Rick Klippenstein, Pastor of Community Engagement
Cora Lee Schulz, Ministry Coordinator
Chad Foreman, Treasurer
Jenelle Hinderager, Music Director
Box 219, Caronport, SK S0H 0S0
Website: www.goccc.org
October 19, 2014
10:30 am
Please Take Time To Prepare Yourself Before the Service Begins
Prelude - High School Choir
Welcome - Terry Hanson
Prayer of Invocation - Terry Hanson
Scripture Reading - Laura Peters - Acts 22: 1 - 21
Worship in Song - Janelle & Team
Offering - Michelle Grove and the High School Choir
Children’s Church Dismissal - age 2 - grade 3
Prayer for the Body - Terry Hanson
Message: Pastor Blayne Banting - Switching Sides - Acts 9: 1 - 19a
Closing Song - High School Choir
Oasis Moments - Terry Hanson
Compassion Announcement: Joelle Grove
Benediction - Terry Hanson
Anyone wanting prayer can go to the prayer room following the
Deacons & Deaconesses
Cora Lee Schulz
Ken Jaarsma
Rod & Anne Appleby
United for His Glory - 7:00 pm at Joe’s Place - Citywide
Worship, everyone welcome!
Evening service - 6:30 pm at the Golden Age Center
Seniors Bible Study & prayer time 10:00 - 11:00 am
AWANA Sparks - 3:45 @ the Golden Age Center
Bible Quizzing - 7:00 - 8:30 pm in Room 174
Moms & Tots - 9:30 am at the Den
Global Leadership Summit - 8:30 - 4:00 pm
Choir Practice 7:00 pm in the Rehearsal Hall
Moms & Tots - 9:30 am at the Den
Junior High Youth - 7:00 pm in the Skyline Room for
grades 6 - 8.
Global Leadership Summit - 8:30 - 4:30 pm
Sermon Series: “Living the Mission – Tracking with
God through the Book of Acts”
Oct. 26:
Nov. 2:
Nov. 9:
Acts 10: 1 - 48 “Leading by Following”
Acts 13:1-12 “Barnabas and Saul's
Excellent Adventure
Acts 13:13-41 “The Gospel According to St.
Thank you for your generous giving to support the ministries of
Caronport Community Church. At the end of September, our
annual donations received were $144,820 which is about $12,900
short of our Sept 30 goal. Please prayerfully consider what you
can give so all of the ministries we’ve committed to this year can
be funded. Contact our treasurer, Chad Foreman, or one of the
elders if you have questions. Thank you so much!
All undesignated offerings will go toward the General Fund of
CCC. Designation may be made to the General Fund, Care &
Share or Reason for Hope (previously Mission to Mexico.)
Next Week: Sunday, October 26, 2014
Adult Sunday School - 9:15 am in S113
Worship Service in Hildebrand together with the
Gathering - 10:30 am
Evening Service - Hymn Sing & Rachel From sharing
- 6:30 pm at the Golden Age Center
Daily Bible Reading
Monday: Acts 10:1-8
Tuesday: Acts 10:9-23a
Wednesday: Acts 10:23b-33
Thursday: Acts 10:34-48
Friday: Isaiah 42:1-9
Saturday: Isaiah 49:1-7
Sunday: Isaiah 49:22-26
Gideon Banquet
Monday, Oct 27 at
6:30 pm in Moose
Jaw. Please contact
Dave Roberts at 756
-5252 or any local
Gideon by Monday
Oct 21 to reserve a
This Saturday, Oct. 25, we will be
making 9 inch, ready to bake, apple
pies as a fundraiser for our Easter trip.
The pies sell for $7.00 each or 3 for
$20.00. They will be delivered to your home on Saturday as well. Please contact Cora Lee if you are
interested in ordering.
Take time this month to encourage our pastors with a
word of thanks, a card of encouragement or a small
gift. We are so blessed to have Godly men willing to
teach, preach, lead and shepherd us as a congregation.