Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2014 Odean Rodney Tifanne Mills

The IGDS Mission
is to produce and
knowledge on gender-related issues in
the Caribbean, in
support of the
UWI’s mission and
to enhance Caribbean development.
The IGDS Vision is
that in future, all
UWI Graduates are
trained, equipped
and committed to
promoting gendersensitive development in all sectors.
Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2014
Lishann Allen
Tifanne Mills
Odean Rodney
Ingrid Baker
Roxanne Moore
Raque Salmon
Renique Campbell
Davina Murray
Stephen Sangster
Renisha Campbell
Shanique Nelson
Monique Tomlinson
Delano Delisser
Geraldine Reddie
Peta-Gaye Whitter
SheriDawn Daley
Nordia Williams
Kerene Douglas
Simone Williams
Shauna- Kay Henry
Camille Wilson
Kenisha Johnson
Chantal Woodham
Jannel Kelly
Nicole Maragh
Chasing a dream requires effort, handwork, determination and
passion. The past three (3) years has been a challenge for most
of you but looking back it was all worth it. I implore you to
prepare yourselves for new challenges ahead. Learning everyday
is indeed the key to success. Congratulations on your outstanding
Leith Dunn, PhD
God Bless.
Head/Snr Lecturer
Leith Dunn & Staff.