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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
October 19, 2014
Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil - 5:15 pm
Sunday - 9 am and 11 am
Holy Day - See inside
Weekday (M-F) 12:10 pm
First Saturday - 9 am
Saturday 4-5 pm
or by appointment
All new families are welcome to the
parish and should be registered.
Registration forms are available in the
foyer of the Church and from the
parish office. Parish facilities and
services for Baptisms, Weddings and
other Sacramental events, as well as
sponsorship letters, etc. are available to
active, registered members defined by:
1. Being properly registered in the
parish for a sufficient period of
2. Faithful attendance at Mass on
8 Gillin Dr., Simpsonville, SC 29680
Office: 864-263-3445
Fax: 864-263-3428
Email: [email protected]
Sundays and Holy Days.
3. Use of the envelope system in regular support of the parish.
For particular Sacramental
Please see inside bulletin.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
Parish Office Information
Parish Hours: Mon-Fri
8 am - 4 pm
Parish Office
(864) 263-3445
(864) 963-4892
Address: 8 Gillin Dr., Simpsonville, SC 29680
Adult Education
Altar Linens
Altar Servers
Boy Scouts
Director of Music
Parish Staff
Rev. Patrick E. Cooper
Sally Strickland
Patti Blake
Tanya Czajka
Daniel Garrett
Ron Stojek
October 19, 2014
Ext 203
Office Manager Ext 200
Admin. Assistant Ext 201
Rel. Ed. Youth
Ext 205
Ext 204
Maintenance Assistant
Parish Pastoral Council
Facilitator :
Alex Masotti
Prayer and Worship Committee:
Rich Mayernik
Building Community Committee:
Larry Baker
Christian Formation Committee:
Joan Blake
Grounds and Building Committee:
Joe Surber
Social Service Committee:
Tami Kiser
Communication Committee:
OPEN; Call the church
Dwayne Grassie
Bill Hudson
Mary Peters
Sean Byrne
Rosie Kilton
Jordan Hudson
Kathy Ratycz
Diocesan Child Protection Office
Diocesan Victim Assistance
Extraordinary Ministers
of Holy Communion Anne Witkowski
Finance Council
Fr. Patrick E. Cooper 263-3445
HS Youth Ministry
Lennon Murphy
Immigration Attorney Sara Gorski
Knights of Columbus Teg Edwards
Ladies Auxiliary
Barbara Mayernik
Lay Carmelites
Carolyn Amond
Richard Mayernik
MS Youth Group
Tanya Czajka
N.F.P. Ministry
Tami Kiser
[email protected]
Rita Galley
Parish Council
Fr. Patrick E. Cooper 263-3445
Respect Life
Christi Morrison
Senior Citizens
Nancy Coletti
St. Vincent dePaul
Jan Surber [email protected]
Stewardship Team
Jane Tyler
Jimmy Mullikin
Sandy Simpson
Anne Witkowski
Women’s Bible Study Stephanie Koshis
The Rosary
is prayed every Sunday morning at 10:25 am in the
Children’s Chapel. Come join us.
Parents MUST accompany young children (under 12) to
the restrooms in the Church and the Social Hall, for
safety reasons. An older child may take the place of the
parent. The “Buddy-System” works.
Before Mass begins, please take a moment to notice the nearest
exit. In the event of a fire or other emergency, please proceed
calmly to the exit and follow the directions of the ushers.
You can find a copy of the Charter for the Protection of Children
and Young People on our website:
Volunteer’s Code of Conduct
Our Children are the most important gifts God has entrusted to us. As a volunteer, I promise to strictly follow the rules and guidelines in this Volunteer’s
Code of Conduct as a condition of my providing services to the children and youth of The Diocese of Charleston. As a volunteer, I will: treat everyone
with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration. Avoid situations where I am alone with children, and/or youth at Church
activities. Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with children and/ youth. Refuse to accept and
refrain from giving expensive gifts from children and/or youth and/or their parents without prior written approval from the pastor. Report any suspected
abuse to the pastor and appropriate local agencies. Cooperate fully in any investigation of abuse of children and/or youth. As a volunteer, I will not:
smoke or use tobacco products in the presence of children and/or youth. Use, possess, or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol at any time.
Pose any health risk to children and/or youth (i.e., no fevers or other contagious situations). Strike, spank, shake, or slap children and/or youth.
Humiliate, ridicule, threaten, or degrade children and/or youth. Touch a child and/or youth in a sexual or other inappropriate manner. Use any discipline
that frightens or humiliates children and/or youth. I understand that as a volunteer with children and/or youth, I am required to take a Virtus class and
I am subject to a thorough background check including criminal history. I understand that any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct or
failure to take action mandated by this Code of Conduct may result in my removal as a volunteer with children and/or youth.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
October 19, 2014
Welcome! If you attend here regularly, please register.
Registration forms are available in the church foyer or parish
office. To avoid problems or misunderstandings, especially
when planning baptisms, marriages, requesting sponsorship
forms for baptisms or confirmation, or for other special
requests, be sure that you are registered and are an active
Active Membership is determined by the following
1. Being properly registered for a sufficient period of time
(see below).
2. Faithful attendance at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of
3. Use of our envelope system (even if you are not able to
contribute) as this allows us to identify your
active attendance, and also to provide contribution
statements for IRS tax purposes. There are many ways
to contribute to the parish other than financially by giving of your time and talents. There are many ministries
and activities available, one or more of which may appeal to you.
♦ BAPTISM PREPARATION requires 3 months
active membership plus attendance at a pre-baptismal
class. Pre-registration is required. Also, 3 months active
membership is required for the issuance of a sponsorship
form to be a godparent for Baptism or Confirmation.
♦ MARRIAGE requires 6 months active
participation plus the 6 months marriage preparation
period required by the diocese.
The Sacraments of the Catholic Church are the saving
activity of God effected through the ministry of His
Church. It is superstition to attribute the effectiveness
of sacraments to their mere external performance apart
from the interior dispositions they demand of us. If the
sacraments are to have their intended effects, we the
recipients must be properly disposed to receive them,
which ordinarily includes:
1. To have Catholic Faith and be in full communion
with the Catholic Church, and
2. For all except Baptism and Confession, to be in the
state of sanctifying Grace, i.e., free of the guilt of
serious (mortal) sin which has not been previously
reconciled via sacramental absolution in integral
confession to a priest. This is a most serious
requirement, for one who receives the Eucharist (or
any other sacrament of the living) “in an unworthy
manner will be guilty of profaning the Body and
Blood of the Lord.”
cf. 1 Cor 11:27-29; CCC n. 1385
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish invites adults interested
in the Catholic Christian Community to enter RCIA
(Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). This is a
process of instruction, prayer, and experience aimed at
helping adults grow in the relationship of faith. Please
call the parish office for information.
Scheduled confessions are every Saturday from
4 - 5 pm and by appointment.
Please advise the office if you are admitted to the hospital
or home-bound due to illness and/or age.
Reservations are required. The Church and parish center
are here for the use of our parishioners. Forms to reserve
the buildings are in the parish office.
Information for the bulletin must be submitted in
writing fifteen days prior to publication date.
Visitors are always welcome to worship with us.
However, the Catholic Church does not offer open Holy
Communion - the Sacraments of the Catholic Church are
reserved exclusively for Catholics who are properly
disposed to receive them. This is not a lack of Christian
hospitality, but merely recognition of real divisions of
faith and practice, which unfortunately separates rather
than unite Christians.
Catholic Faith is an expression of the Revealed
Word of God communicated as the Deposit of Catholic
Faith and Morals, while Holy Communion is the
mysterious, yet real, true and substantial Body, Blood,
Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ communicated
sacramentally. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life,
and in Him Truth and Life are inseparably One. Therefore
in His Mystical Body, the Church, Catholic Faith and
Sacrament are morally inseparable.
Non-Catholics and those Catholics who should not
receive Holy Communion (including those Catholics
married outside the Church and those in need of the
Sacrament of Confession) are asked to pray for a
spiritual communion with the Lord Jesus and for the unity
of His Church.
Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time
Saturday, October 18
5:15 Pro Populo
Sunday, October 19
9:00 James Paul McDonald, Sr. †
11:00 Paul & Clara DiGirolamo †
Monday, October 20
12:10 Joe Martin Spisak
Tuesday, October 21
12:10 Barb & Nick Bratt
Wednesday, October 22
12:10 Quynh Dinh †
Thursday, October 23
12:10 Special Intention
Friday, October 24
12:10 Kevin Bratt
Eph 2:1-10; Ps 100:1b-5; Lk 12:13-21
Eph 2:12-22; Ps 85:9ab-14; Lk 12:35-38
October 19, 2014
Prudence is a virtue which gives guidance to
direct our everyday life when two conflicting interests
vie for our loyalty. It is not always easy to know what
to do - how to maintain a proper balance in order of
priorities. Christians are simultaneously citizens of two
cities: our earthly one (the United States), and our
heavenly one (the Church). A Christian should be a
good citizen, pay taxes, serve his country and vote. He
must love his country and be concerned about the true
common good of all. The state has its own sphere in
promoting communal welfare and in maintaining law
and order, but always under God to whom it is
ultimately responsible.
The Pharisees of Jesus’ time were against
paying taxes to the Romans, while the Herodians
(supporters of Herod, puppet king of the Romans)
collaborated and paid taxes. Jesus goes beyond the
question they asked Him. Legitimate government has its
right, but God has His rights too. We must strive to
“give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to “God what
is God’s”. Should there be a real conflict between the
two, we must obey God rather than man.
WEDNESDAY: Eph 3:2-12; Is 12:2-3, 4bcd-6;
Lk 12:39-48
Eph 3:14-21; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 11-12, 18-19;
Lk 12:49-53
Eph 4:1-6; Ps 24:1-4ab, 5-6;
Lk 12:54-59
Eph 4:7-16; Ps 122:1-5;
Lk 13:1-9
Ex 22:20-26; Ps 18:2-4, 47, 51;
1 Thes 1:5c-10; Mt 22:34-40
Please join Worldwide Marriage Encounter and
the Family Life Office of the Diocese of Charleston in
celebrating and affirming the men who commit their
lives to the Lord and the Church in the Sacrament of
Holy Orders. Worldwide Marriage Encounter,
concurrently with Serra Club’s Priesthood Sunday,
honors our priests on World Priest Day, October 26th.
Please take this opportunity to thank and affirm
your priests who live out their call to serve as Jesus
does, in self-giving love for all.
The Book of Remembrance is in the foyer of the
Social Hall. Please feel free to stop by and add the names
of your deceased loved one’s to the book.
The book will remain open until October 31st and will
then be placed before the Altar for the
month of November.
If you have recently moved, changed your phone number
or your email address, please notify our office at
263-3445. Thank you.
The Knights of Columbus will be in the narthex after
Mass on Oct. 19th, 26th and Nov. 2nd selling $5
tickets for Belk’s Charity Sale which will be held on
Saturday, November 8th from 6-10 AM. This is a
private ticketed event. Your $5 ticket will support the
Knights of Columbus and other local
organization and schools.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
October 19, 2014
Collection for October 12, 2014
This week 150 families out of 617
used their Offertory Envelopes.
We received $13.50
from 14 children and young adults.
Thank you for your support and generosity.
This week’s Second Collection will be for
World Mission Sunday.
Sunday, October 19
12:30-1:30 PM……………………. RCIA Class in Social Hall
Monday, October 20
10:30-12:00 PM……...Women’s Bible Study in St. Bernadette
6:00-7:00 PM…………..Finance Council in Conference Room
7-8 PM……………………….………..Adult Ed in Social Hall
Tuesday, October 21
9:00-11:00 AM…………………………..SVDP in Social Hall
11:00-12:00 noon……………...SVDP in St. Bernadette Room
12:30 PM...……………………….Senior Bingo in Social Hall
6-9 PM……………………….………..…...Choir in Sanctuary
7-9 PM……………………………..Boy Scouts in Social Hall
Wednesday, October 22
6:30-8:00 PM…………..……Religious Ed Classes in all areas
Saturday, October 25
6:30-8:30 PM…………..Middle School Youth Movie/BonFire
Sunday, October 26
9:00-12:30….…………..…Youth Group Bake Sale in Narthex
12:30-1:30 PM……………………. RCIA Class in Social Hall
4:00-8:00 PM…………...High School Youth Halloween Party
The Altar Flowers this week are in
celebration of the Sacramental Marriage
of Mr. & Mrs. Holland.
All are invited to walk the SEAS campus Monday
mornings from 9-9:30 am while praying the Rosary.
Contact Tanya Czajka at 864-884-4200.
- those who support our St.
Vincent de Paul Society with their
donations of food and school
- those who donate the Altar flowers
Kay Maluchnik, Kathy Miller, Aaron Knight,
Kathryn Corasaniti, Mia Phillips, Joe & Marta
Conway, Kathy Hess, Lourdes Robbins, Bud
Hadden, Eleanor Dangerfield, Ariel Eighmey, Maria
Perez, Kimberley Smith, Bruce Niedbala, Charles
Surber, Max Bausback, Vilma Lange, Jose Amador,
the Abed family, Art Zeitelhack, Donna Stansell,
John Baldwin, Baldwin Family, Rose Caliva, Gladys
Morrison, Dale Simpson, Pat Hergott, Robert Brant,
Matilda Vaughn, Fin Rowland, Jonathan Kiniry,
John King, John Reynolds, Raymond Harmer,
Bhagyam R, Josette and Andre Maignan, Andrea
Emanuel, Camille Romano, Sgt. James Davenport,
all previously listed, and all parishioners in need of
prayer not mentioned here.
Beginning October 1st, all people on our prayer
request will be listed for 3 months. If you, or your
loved one need to remain on the list, please
contact the church office @ 263-3445.
Please also pray for those on active duty in the
service of our country:
Brandon Liberator, Chris Hadden, Kyle Williams,
Michael Plant, Sarah & Kenny Kingcade,
Justin Simpson, Captain Anthony Rokofsky,
Lance Keefe, and Lieutenant Daniel Hodge, MD.
Saturday, November 8th at Corpus Christi
Catholic Church, 2350 Augusta Highway, Lexington,
SC12 Noon to 3:00 PM.
All are invited to attend the 2014 Native
American Catholics’ Heritage Celebration, “Amazing
Grace: Balancing the Heritage and Spirituality of the
Native American People.” The Most Rev. Robert E.
Guglielmone, Bishop of Charleston, will serve as
celebrant and homilist for the Mass at noon, and a
luncheon and social will immediately follow. This is a
wonderful opportunity to celebrate with our Native
American brothers and sisters and learn more about the
gifts that they bring to the Church. RSVP by Oct. 31st
to the Office of Ethnic Ministries at 864-331-2627 or by
email to [email protected]
Our church is in need of volunteers
for the following:
• Clean and keep up the library
• Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the
Eucharist-(Must be registered and
active at least one year.)
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
October 19, 2014
Director of Religious Education: Tanya Czajka Office 864-263-3445 ext. 205
Email: [email protected]
Religious Education - Family Program:
Please remember to complete the chapter work on a regular basis. Lessons 8-14
(Fill in the Blanks). Homework is due at 12:15 PM in the St. Michael
Classroom Sunday December 7, 2014.
Religious Education Wednesday Classroom Program:
Classes are from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Please make every attempt to be on time and prepared for class.
Don’t forget to ask your child what they did in class!
Please check their folders and bags every week.
Continue to practice the grade required prayers and procedures with your child.
Students will be prayer tested on Wednesday, October 22.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Christian Family.
The Religious Education Program had an annual emergency evacuation drill a few weeks ago. It went
really well. This may be great time for your family to have an emergency evacuation drill at your home.
Thank you to all the Catechists who were able to attend this year's Piedmont Deanery Fall Catechist Training:
"Tools for Evangelization and Transformation". One of the ideas presented was to create a place for our children's
prayer intentions. We have created a special place on our own rock for our students to place their petitions every
week titled "Built on the Rock!" (Matthew 16:18) in the social hall. Please keep our children in your prayers as
they follow these wonderful words.
Help the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Confirmation Class --- Confirmation Students are collecting
toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soaps, shampoos, conditioners, wash clothes, deodorant, combs, hair
brushes, hair ties, dental floss, shower caps, band aides, hand lotions, shoe laces, shaving cream, and
razors. These items will be placed in zip lock bags for over 500 people that will be served at the
Annual Community Christmas in the Park event this year. Please place any donations in the tub under the table in
the narthex by Wednesday, December 3rd.
Children’s Choir meets every scheduled Religious Education Wednesday from 6:00 PM to
6:30 PM in the church. New members are welcome! Members must know to read and love
to sing or play and instrument. No singing experience is required.
Any questions - Jenny Byrne at 864-458-8342 .
High School Youth Minister – Lennon Murphy
Middle School Youth Leader – Tanya Czajka
864-553-0215 Email: [email protected]
864-263-3445 ext. 205 Email: [email protected]
Contact Mrs. Morrison at [email protected] to volunteer to help and donate.
High School Youth, Halloween party on Sunday, October 26th from 5-7 p.m. in the Social
Hall. Prizes will be given out for best costume! Food and games! Please contact Lennon
Murphy for more details.
Middle School Youth are invited to Movie-Bon Fire Night Saturday, October 25, from 6:30
to 8:30 PM after the 5:15 Mass at the pavilion on SEAS Campus. Bring a friend!! If you know that you will be
attending, please contact Mrs. Czajka and let her know. IF you don’t get a chance to tell her and find out that you
can make the meeting, PLEASE COME anyway!!! (Please wear sneakers).
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
October 19, 2014
Rosaries for Life - The Diocese of Charleston is again
supporting the Rosaries for Life campaign this fall
and during the 40 Days for Life. This campaign
becomes part of the prayer and fasting aspect of the 40
Days for Life. Pray 5 decades of the Rosary from
Sept 24th – Nov 2nd. Turn in your counts at your local
parish or email your count each week to
[email protected]
40 Days For Life is a PEACEFUL prayer vigil held
outside of abortion facilities nationwide to pray for an
end to abortion and to offer support and alternatives to
women in crisis pregnancies. The Fall 40 Days campaign
will be held thru November 2nd, and it’s not too late to
participate! For more information please go to
There are a few spots left for the next Rachel’s Vineyard
Retreat, a confidential and non-judgmental weekend
retreat to help post abortive women and men find healing
from their abortion experience. The weekend will be
November 7-9 in Rock Hill, SC. For more information,
contact Christy 803-554-6088 or Kathy 803-546-6010 or
[email protected]
For the Fall Festival!
Please contact Jeff Cerreta, Festival Organizer.
12:00 noon-4:00 PM
Cost is $3 per person, limit $20
per family.
(Newcomers admitted for free)
We are asking everyone
to bring a covered dish to share
and a canned good for St. Vincent
de Paul. We will be having many
activities for all ages including a
silent auction. Net proceeds will
go to SVDP. Please come and join
your SEAS family for a wonderful
wishes to thank all our generous contributors. Our
annual collection provides us with the funds to continue
helping our neighbors in need. To date we have received
over $2,000. Imagine how that will
assist our clients with utilities
during the coming winter months.
Again, thank you for your
generosity and thoughtfulness.
God’s blessings to each of you.
With cold weather quickly
approaching we are in need of winter
coats for our “neighbors in need”. All sizes, styles and
colors are most welcome. And then, of course, those cold
nights in the forecast remind us we also need blankets.
Please keep us in mind when you need a new home for
your coats or will warm your heart to share!
Do you have a good marriage, but would like to have a
GREAT one? Attend a World-Wide Marriage Encounter
weekend. The time spent with each other on this
extraordinary Weekend of Discovery can enrich your
marriage in ways you never thought possible. Go to to apply now for our
weekend being held in Myrtle Beach on Feb. 27-March
1st or call 803-810-9602. Don’t wait to begin living a
Life-time of Love!
There is an alternative to artificial
methods of birth control and
artificial reproductive technologies. Learn about the
Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaPro
Technology, a new reproductive science that is a highly
method effective to achieve and avoid pregnancy, and
offers couples who are experiencing infertility the hope
of achieving pregnancy naturally while following the
teachings of the church. Couples can plan and space
their children with ease using modern natural methods of
family planning. Today’s Creighton Model FertilityCare
Services are highly effective and 100% natural.
A free, introductory session of the Creighton Model
FertilityCare System will be held on Monday,
October 20th, at 7PM at the Connor Ministry Building
at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Simpsonville.
To register, please contact Karen Meyer, PhD, FCP at
864-326-6959 or email her at
[email protected] Private introductory
sessions may also be available upon request.
(864) 963-3855
A way for you to partner with service
providers who support your parish through
their sponsorship of the parish bulletin.
MON-SAT 11:00-9:30
SUNDAY 11:00-2:00
Catholics Serving Catholics
Northwest Chapel
Southeast Chapel
& Cremation Center
1604 NE Main St., Simpsonville
6710 White Horse Rd., Greenville
Downtown Chapel
639 North Main St., Greenville
101 Alive Avenue • Open Since 1985
Serving: Greenville, Simpsonville, Fountain Inn,
Mauldin and Gray Court
Cell: 864-616-8740
Fax: 864-679-5580
[email protected]
217 East Park Ave.
Greenville, SC 29601
Following Jesus Every Day:
Ninety days’ worth of Gospel verses and reflections including
a meditation, a prayer, a simple activity for the day and
What We Can Offer
a related verse from the Old Testament. Ideal for Lent
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Call Steve Lardieri
For further information,
please call the Parish Office.
Dr. Diana M. Granger, D.C.
Family Chiropractor
305 Quillen Ave., Parishioner
Saint Margaret
Sunday Missal
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