The official newsletter of Northeast Technology Center Volume 2, Issue 4 | October 2014
NTC Pryor students use skills to
support grieving community
Kasey Janzen, a student in NTC Pryor’s
Business Administration, Multimedia,
and Graphics program, recently led her
classmates in a very special project to help
a hurting community.
At the end of September, the city of Pryor
lost one of its young citizens in an ATV
accident. Gage Underwood was a fourth
grader at Lincoln Elementary School, and
his death was mourned by the people of
Pryor and several other local communities.
In the weeks that followed Gage’s death,
many people donned orange and black in
honor of this little OSU fan, and numerous
groups looked for ways to support his
family. One of those groups was the Adair
varsity football team.
Adair High School Principal and Head
Football Coach Mark Lippe, had recently
toured the NTC campus with sophomores
as part of the annual Sophomore Showcase.
While on tour he witnessed students in
the Business Administration, Multimedia,
and Graphics program using vinyl cutters
to create decals and license plates. He
had been searching for a way for his team
to honor the Underwood family, and a
custom-made decal seemed to be the
perfect solution.
After the visit Lippe contacted Janzen,
a junior attending both Adair High School
and NTC Pryor, about creating decals for
his players. Janzen and her classmates
went to work designing the vinyl decals
which were orange - Gage’s favorite color
– and displayed his initials with a cross.
The 50 decals were delivered to Adair
High School and applied to the entire
football team’s helmets for the game
against Salina.
Janzen’s NTC instructor, April Blackwell,
used this project as not only a handson project to enhance student learning,
but also a community service project.
Blackwell encourages her students to
use their learned skill set to enhance the
community when needed, and this project
was a win-win for all parties.
Pictured are Mr. Tom Linihan, Adair
Superintendent, NTC student Kasey Janzen,
and Adair High School Principal and Head
Football Coach Mark Lippe.
During last night’s board meeting
the following re-assignments were
approved: Dan Blake will assume the
newly created Maintenance Supervisor
position responsible for the new
central office, the BIS facility (current
central office) and other district-wide
assignments. Freddie Stimson will take
over Dan’s responsibilities as maintenance
supervisor at the Pryor campus. We will
soon be advertising internally for the
maintenance position vacated by Freddie.
Jodi Bell, PN instructor at Claremore,
will fill the vacancy created by Nita
Carlile’s retirement at our Kansas campus,
and Cinda Meadors will move to the
Claremore campus to fill the void created
by Jodi’s transfer. We had no internal
applicants for the Pryor PN instructor
opening; it will be advertised externally.
Nine of our support staff members
recently enrolled, through our Adult
Education department, in online
courses taught by NTC instructors April
Blackwell and Liberty Shere. Through
our cooperative agreement with OSUIT,
these staff members can earn up to 42
college credit hours.
Review of applications for a math
instructor led us to believe that if we
hired from the available applicant pool,
we would be offering a job to a math
teacher that is currently employed by
a partner school. Rather than create ill
will with a partner, we have decided to
re-advertise in early spring and hire for
next school year.
Next month, I will share information
about a new professional development
opportunity for instructors.
Keep up the great work!
Fred Probis
Northeast Technology Center
Campus Connections
Find out what’s happening across the district
fton - Culinary students at Afton are learning more than just how to chop
and dice, they are also learning about the history of the food service
industry. One of the topics discussed recently was how travel and the spice
trade during the Renaissance affected the future of food. Catherine De Medici,
brought high style to France in 1533 when she married Henry II. She brought her
staff of cooks, along with refined recipes prepared with spinach, artichokes and is
also credited with the recipe for ice cream. She is noted for introducing silverware,
plates, cups and napkins to the rest of the world. To this day, dishes prepared with
spinach are called Florentine after Catherine’s birth place Florence, Italy. To get the
students’ recipe, visit
laremore - NTC’s EAST program is hosting its annual EAST Night Out on
Oct. 27 from 5:30-7 p.m. The event includes snacks, beverages and new
information about the various projects taking place in the EAST program. If
you’d like to learn more about the EAST program, mark your calendars and plan to
attend. Future EAST students and their parents can talk to current EAST students
and instructors to learn more about this unique program and how it can guide their
future. Business owners can benefit by learning what sorts of projects students
are capable of tackling. Numerous local businesses receive thousands of dollars’
worth of work for free, and students gain real-world experience - it’s a win-win
ansas - Did you know NTC students can earn college credit while completing
career training at NTC? For only $8 per credit hour, high school and adult
students may earn credit toward an Associate in Applied Science degree
with one of the Alliance college partners - OSU Institute of Technology, Rogers
State University or NEO A&M College. To date, over 2,000 college credit hours
have been earned by NTC students through this Alliance agreement. The number
of college credit hours granted for NTC coursework varies by college and NTC
program, and more information can be obtained from the student advisors at
each campus. At the Kansas Campus, every eligible student in Instructor Wade
Friesen’s Electrical Technology program signed up for co-enrollment with OSU-IT.
Business & Industry
Industry and educational leaders team up for Manufacturing Day 2014
Manufacturing Day is a growing movement among professionals dedicated to increasing the public’s understanding of presentday manufacturing environments and career opportunities. On the first Friday of every October, manufacturers across the nation
host open houses, tours, workshops and other events for the citizens within their local communities.
Manufacturing Day 2014 was Oct. 3 this year, but at NTC, the activities began Monday, Sept. 29, with a unique tour for teachers.
The Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce – in partnership with Claremore Public Schools, NTC, Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance
and Workforce OK – was pleased to host the inaugural Career Highway Road Trip for Teachers. As part of this event, high school
teachers received a guided tour of several local manufacturing facilities and spoke with industry leaders about the skilled labor
shortage and possible solutions.
“We are very pleased at this important opportunity for our educators to have a first-hand view at today’s manufacturing and
industry. We believe this day-trip will help expose educators to the high demand, high skill, high wage opportunities that are
available to students,” said Shellie Rhine, chair of the Manufacturing-Industry Task Force of the Claremore Chamber.
Participants visited Nupar a division of Baldor Electric, Caseco, Baker Hughes, and AXH. Educators also toured the Claremore NTC
Campus to learn more about the programs that prepare students to enter the manufacturing trade.
Other activities scheduled during that week included manufacturing tours for students, an open house at the Pryor Campus, and
a chili cook off at RSU MidAmerica.