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September 26, 2012
Foreign Student
Tina Kasin talks
about her transition
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New App called “Notability”
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10 Red
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10 Tips for
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To Our Readers...
Dear Readers,
It’s that time of year again, back to
school time! “Welcome back!” to all returning students and a very special welcome to
our new students. Yes, I agree, the summer
did in fact; “fly by,” but I would probably
say the same thing about life in general. We
all might as well face reality and realize that
summer is G-O-N-E. But, if you don’t want
to face reality, I’m sure the fact that it is
freezing out, will help you.
One of the pivotal milestones in a student’s life, whether it’s kindergarten or college, is the mixed anticipation of embarking
on a new school year. It is a marked sense of
moving forward and a chance to begin again
with new teachers, books, and classes. Yes,
new beginnings are scary at times, but isn’t
the best part of life; Not knowing what the future holds?
We should all be attempting to get back on track at this point. Before we know it,
its going to be mid semester and we are going crazy over midterms and then Christmas break is right around the corner. Time always seems to fly by much quicker when
you are working hard, but don’t lose track of time, because you cant never get it back!
In other words, don’t waste time by procrastination and pure laziness! Strive for
greatness this semester, because it all pays off in the long run. Time does really does
move at the speed of light; don’t you all remember those bittersweet days of shopping
for school supplies with your parents? Now we dread the simple task of looking up
how much our textbooks are. The future of this school year is unknown, yet
there are so many possibilities, so work hard, because our best introduction in life is our work.
This year, The LIU Post Student Magazine, The Bottom Line, will come out
monthly, with a total of 3 issues each semester. The magazine will talk about current
events in the world, new trends, student opinions on the election, student spotlight,
relationship advice, and ideas for the Fall and Winter holidays.
Anyways, the bottom line is that I wish everyone the best for this semester and
hope your enjoy the first issue of the newly designed Bottom Line.
Christina “Chrissy” Morgera
The Bottom Line
“One single factor that controls our life all the time is attitude.”
-M.S. Soni-
Copyright © 2012 The Bottom Line, All
Rights Reserved. All materials in The
Bottom Line are protected by United States
copyright law and may not be reproduced,
distributed, transmitted, displayed,
published, or broadcast without prior
written permission of The Bottom Line.
Tips for a Successful Senior Year
enioritis” is the senior’s unwarranted fatigue. Whether you have
received your acceptance letter for
graduate school or employment is “secure,”
nothing is set in stone until your undergraduate career comes to an end.
As a freshly minted graduate student,
I have traversed through the jungles of
admissions and financial aid. Applied and
interviewed for jobs post- college. Corresponded with undergraduate professors.
Attended numerous networking events. Upon
reflection, I recommend the following as an
outline for collegiate success and assimilation
into the “real world.” It is complemented by
advice from Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder, author
of The New College Reality and the writers
of Getting the Best out of college.
The outline is divided into three sections, Pre-Graduation, Preparation for
Graduate School or Employment, and PostCollege Assimilation.
In the Pre-Graduation phase, it is your job
to finish college with a career aligning profile.
This means it is imperative that the restraints
of the renowned “senioritis” are broken.
Even if you have been granted admission,
matriculation is contingent upon your final
GPA. Snyder points out that “Today’s young
adults are facing one of the most overheated
college markets ever, while simultaneously
confronting some of the worst employment prospects in American history” (p.14).
Therefore, it is more important than ever to
increase your chances.
Create a hefty resume in relation to your
professional prospects to become more
marketable. This can be done by participating
in activities, doing community service, and
studying abroad. After researching graduate
programs and scholarships, contact admission
counselors. Utilize personal, academic, and
professional resources for job shadowing opportunities. The Division of Student Success
on the second floor of Kumble Hall will assist
you in career counseling.
Remember to complete the exit interview
for your loan(s) in April. If you have a source
of income, then set up a payment plan with
creditors. This will figure positively for your
credit score.
Preparation for Graduate School or Employment involves academic, professional,
and social strategies.
“The real value in thinking ahead is not in
developing some detailed and rigid blueprint
that actually charts your course. Rather, it is
that in developing that plan (or plans!) you
go through a series of steps – self-inventory,
self-discovery, exploration – that stand you in
good stead whatever happens” (p. 258). Getting the Best Out of College
Prior to resuming your education, one
must develop an academic strategy. The
admission procedure for graduate school is
similar to undergraduate, except the stakes
are higher. During your “free time,” assemble a portfolio filled with your best work,
academic and professional resumes, and
sealed envelopes enclosing transcripts and
references. Begin studying for the entrance
exams relative to your program of interest.
FYI, most programs require the Graduate
Record Exam (GRE).
For your professional strategy, you should
set up professional profiles on websites like
Linkedin and Monster. Use those avenues
to advertise yourself. Scout for mentors at
networking events or through internships.
“When you apply…for a job, you are
the product that you must convince other
people to select...You must demonstrate
that you have something compelling to
offer that the other options do not (p.54).”
The New College Reality
Develop a leisure strategy, but keep it
short and sweet. Your time is expensive. Apply to jobs and study even during your time of
relaxation. Your graduation is a momentous
accomplishment, so I highly recommend that
you celebrate your intellectual cultivation.
Post- College Assimilation includes
adjusting to professional life, graduate
school, living at home or independently,
and fulfilling financial responsibilities.
Work and class schedules differ. Work
requires professional attire and normal waking hours such as up at 7am and down at
10pm, while campus life asks that you are at
least clothed and allow you to operate like a
zombie. An advanced degree is an excellent
idea, if you are passionate and disciplined.
The course work demands set and ample
studying, research, and analysis. Stay ahead
of the class schedule and readings to become
eligible for graduate assistantships and
scholarships. Every day of class is similar
to a networking event because your professors and peers will become your colleagues.
Take advantage of this opportunity to dissect
knowledge from your department faculty.
Also, start thinking about that thesis.
“Graduate school would be… a strategic
investment. Well-chosen and well timed, it has
huge payoffs. Poorly chosen or poorly timed,
it’s a waste of money and, even more precious,
time.” Getting the Best Out of College.
Whether you will live at your parent’s
house or independently, it will be an adjustment. Snyder sheds light on the emerging
class of young adult graduates retreating
to the nest. The “lost generation” is an
American term for recent graduates living
at home. England refers to them as “KIPPERS,” “Kids in Parents’ Pockets Eroding
Retirement Savings.”
It would behoove you to handle your
financial responsibilities as soon as possible.
Contact a financial adviser to aid you in creating a budget. Decisions must be made; either
you get a job and begin loan repayment or
attend graduate school and defer it.
Life is comprised of experiences that form
a fundamental imprint on you. Your actions
and attitude determine or undermine future
advancement. Seniors, you are young intellectuals surpassing perceived limits with the
same determination it took to survive college.
After college, will you be a well acclimated
“KIPPER” or an employable brand?
Notability, another excellent note taker for the iPad
When I first got my iPad, I wanted to be able
to use it for everything. I wanted to use it for
movies, music, online surfing, and productivity. But how can you be productive on a device
that offers so much entertainment? All you need
is an external keyboard and a note taking app
called Notability.
Notability, by Ginger Labs Inc., gives you the
ability to take organized notes on your iPad. It
is the #1 app for taking notes and one of the 10
apps in the app store for over a month. Currently,
it is on sale for $1.00 and 80% off for a limited
time, so I suggest you hop to it.
With Notability, you can take notes, add
figures, graphs, draw, add links, highlight, and
even record lectures. The app also includes spell
check, undo- redo and an eraser. It allows you to
personalize your notes in so many ways. You can
change the background paper, font, and color of
almost anything. If you like to write your own
notes, the stylus will transcribe like a fountain
pen. For easier writing, the app has a feature
where you write in a zoomed in box at the bottom of the screen. When the text gets to the end
of the box, it shifts over to the right like a typewriter so you can write more. Very impressive!
The app also features scissors that let you take
things that you drew or wrote, and put them anywhere else. The quality of the record feature is
quite extraordinary. It even gives you the ability
to edit the recording and take notes while recording. Also, you can tap anywhere you took notes,
and the recording will jump to the point of time
when it was written. I have found this option to
be very useful. The app is simple and streamlined. It lets you do what you need to quickly and
without limiting your creativity.
But how is the organization? It is easier and
faster than an actual notebook. There are two
organizing options, subjects and categories. The
subject is comparable to the actual name of the
class, and then you make categories under it
labeled homework, classwork, and notes. Once
categories are created you just tap them and...
continued on Page 6...
Screenshot of Notability on IPad App.
Photo by: Christina Morgera
“Registration exposed, Rapper Nicki Minaj Can’t Vote for Romney?”
Earlier this week Nicki Minaj surprised members of BOTH parties by endorsing Republican
Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney in Lil Wayne’s new song Mercy.
“I’m more Republican, voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy b*tches is f*ckin’ up the economy”
n addition to the internet, television and billboards focusing on the upcoming elections, the music industry has become involved in politics as well.
It appears that Young Money rap star, Nicki Minaj, has expressed her political views
in “Mercy,” a song on Lil Wayne’s mix tape Dedication 4. In this particular rap
piece, Minaj stated “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy [expletive] is [expletive] up the economy.” Her choice of words has caught the attention of several newspapers, blogs, and political figures.
On Monday September 10, 2012, President Barack Obama made an audio
appearance on Orlando, Florida’s Power 95.3 to air his opinion about Minaj’s
rap. When asked about the rapper’s controversial statement, Obama said,
“I think she had a song on there — a little rap that said that, but she likes to
play different characters, so I don’t know what’s going on there.” Immediately after, one of the radio hosts jokingly stated “That was probably Roman
who did it.” The two were making reference to Minaj’s alter-ego, the ever
popular Roman Zolanski. Through the radio show, it was clear that Obama
does not take offense to the statement; he brushed it off as a simple rhyme
in a rap.
Soon after the radio show, Minaj replied to the President’s response
on Twitter saying “Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor
& sarcasm, Mr. President, the smart ones always do... *sends
love & support*.” Quite frankly, Minaj seems to be begging
for publicity with this one. Does she support Obama, and
rap “sarcastically” about Republicans helping the economy? Or was it Roman? The world will never know.
Some people have expressed both their political
views and opinions of her music with…extremely
expletive-filled messages. Anonymous tweets photographed by allhiphop.com included threats stating,
among other things: “Someone please kill Nicki
Minaj” and “If Romney wins, I hope you die.”
Fellow hip-hop artist Talib Kweli posted, “I
doubt Nicki seriously supports Romney. Her
lyrics ain’t political. She just wants y’all to
talk about her & she winning cuz it’s working!” Oh darn, we fell into her trap!
Apparently, none of it matters
since the Harajuku Barbie is not registered to vote in the upcoming election
under any of her personas; not even
her birth name, Onika Tanya Maraj.
It is mind boggling that a twentynine year old multimillionaire rapper
has not fulfilled this civic duty,
especially after living in New York,
California, and Georgia. Some even
question if she’s an American citizen
yet, being that she came to the states
from Trinidad on a temporary “vis-ay”
(Also stated on the Mercy mix). Seems
this song has Ms. Minaj’s hands tied; perhaps now she will register online to vote in
the November 2012 election!
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Where’s10 the
Red Flags in a Relationship
happens. You meet someone new
who catches your eye, and it is instant
fireworks. You get caught up in a
bubble of romantic bliss, and everything
is perfect. However, sometimes the smoke
and mirrors of new love can blind us to
the warning signs, “red flags,” that pop up
along the way. The red flags will be pulled
from theredflagcampaign.org and askmen.
com, sites that are geared towards women
and men, respectively. The advice may be
attributed to either gender. Hopefully, they
will help you to know what to look out for
in your own relationships.
First red flag is if the person you are
dating “tries to isolate you, and control
whom you see or where you go.” If the
person you are with tries to keep you from
spending time with friends or expresses
jealousy toward your affiliations with the
opposite sex, then this is a sign that the
person is controlling, which is not healthy
for any relationship.
Second red flag is if the person tries to
tell you “how to dress or act.” If a person
wants to be with you, then he should not try
to change you. You deserve to be with someone who will accept you for who you are.
Third red flag is “if you feel afraid to
break up with him.” Naturally, relationships
involve commitment, and if you are afraid
of commitment itself, then that is something Chris Brown and Rihanna showing peace signs yet, they have a hisotry of domestic violence in
you need to work through for your own sake. their relationship.
to know her, like you have. Still, if many of your close relations
However, if you do not want to break up with
disapprove, it might be a good idea to hear them out. Don’t let
someone simply because you are afraid of their reaction, then it is
their opinions rule your choices, but don’t be so blinded by love
a sign that you do not want to be in this relationship.
that you ignore a different perspective.
Fourth red flag is “if the person is physically rough with you.”
Third red flag is if the person tells you they are “all you’ll ever
It may seem obvious that, if someone abuses you physically, you
should end the relationship with them. However, for those who are need.” If the person you are with wants you to put your life and
your dreams on hold, so that you can focus only on them, this is
in abusive relationships, it is not always so simple. If the person
probably not a good sign. This is suggestive of a person who is
you are dating lays a hand on you, you need leave him. No matter
possessive and controlling, and probably not someone who you
how much he begs you or promises you he will change. Go out,
will want to be with in the long run.
and find someone who will treat you with respect.
The fourth red flag is if she is “crazy obsessive.” If your
Fifth red flag is if “you find yourself being depressed or
girlfriend is constantly texting you to find out where you are, who
unhappy.” Trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right,
trust yourself. Following your heart might just keep it from get- you’re with and what you are doing, then you probably have a very
controlling and jealous person on your hands, which is never good.
ting broken.
Fifth and last red flag is if your girlfriend tries to push her
Okay, guys, your turn. Here are five red flags that your relationopinions over on you. For example, if she doesn’t like someone or
ship is in danger.
something, then it automatically means, in her mind, that you don’t
The first red flag is if “she looks over your shoulder while
like it either. Relationships aren’t about adopting the other person’s
you check your e-mails,” and if she reads your text messages, or
opinions; it’s about two sides coming together in harmony.
eavesdrops on your conversations. All of these things are a sign
Obviously, no one is perfect. If you are dating someone, you are
of mistrust and possessiveness. Neither of those things are a good
bound to find flaws here and there. Remember this is reciprocal.
foundation for any relationship.
The important thing is to be able to tell the difference between a
Red flag number two is if “all of your friends hate her.” Sometimes, your friends and family will judge the person you are dating normal human imperfection, and a potentially damaging form of
behavior. Good luck!
simply because of her unique style and unrealistic dreams of being
a famous rock star, and maybe they haven’t taken the time to get
Photo Credit: take40.com
continued from Page 3...
hit create new note. Then, you get sent to a blank page with
the subject, time and date already put in. So you can easily
have all of your courses’ content in one app!
Notability also features a search option. You’ll never lose
track of the notes you took using this app. But how do you get
to your notes once you finish them?
Notability has made it especially stress-free to retrieve notes
in different formats. You can email them as pdf, paper, and
recording formats. I recommend the drop box. It’s like icloud
for your notes. Once you take a note, it automatically appears
in your drop box folder in seconds. This makes it simple to
take notes and transfer them to any computer. So, you can print
them or further edit them on Microsoft Word or Pages.
The Verdict:
Notability deserves the praise it has gotten and is definitely
one of the most useful apps out today for college students.
+ Easy to use
+ Room for customization and personalization
+ Strong Organization
+ Only costs $1
After using the app to take notes since my first class this
fall, I haven’t really encountered any problems or complaints
with the app. The only time something bad happened was
when I recorded 40 minutes into a lecture and the app crashed,
deleting the recording in the process. To prevent this, the app
has a stability mode in the settings that limits some features for
improved stability.
Closing Comments:
If I were to add anything to Notability, it would be a special
MLA format. It’s so convenient and easy to use that I wrote this
very article using Notability.
Foreign Student Spotlight
Norway to New York
n a cold morning in February 2011, I found myself seasonally
depressed. It was time to do something
completely different from the life I was
living at that moment. I asked my best
friend, Google, if he had any information about studying abroad, preferably
in the U.S. He said, “Yes, check out this
website.” So, I did. A couple of weeks
later, I received an acceptance letter and
scholarships. Before I knew it, I was
enrolled at Long Island University.
After the flight was booked, I made
a pit-stop in Las Vegas for a few days.
Then, I attended the international student orientation. When I looked around,
I saw mostly Asians and Scandinavians.
Interesting...They all seem awesome, so
I quickly accept it.
I’m excited and ready for my
American college experience to begin.
It started well, and during the first
week of school I attended a college
frat party. My first thought was what
am I supposed to wear? I spotted
people wearing sweatpants. My second thought was do we actually drink
out of those red cups?
Fall 2011 Centeral Park
I felt like I was starring in an “American Pie” movie.
A flurry of events crowded my appointment book. Homecoming weekend
was spent watching a football game,
and tailgating. I changed roommates.
I joined a couple of clubs. At my first
NFL game, I wore an oversized jersey.
On Halloween, I dressed up as a Police
officer. In Illinois, I celebrated Thanksgiving with an American family. I did
my Christmas shopping in the streets of
New York City and mingled at various
night clubs. I went to an Army-Navy
football game. I visited Six Flags.
Every single weekend became another
adventure. I earned As in every class. I
thought to myself, I did a good job this
semester. Overall, I met a lot of awesome people. Although, I enjoyed my
experiences in New York, a Christmas
break in Norway, a familiar surrounding
with friends and family, was needed.
Photo by: Tina Kasin
Now, it’s September. I’m looking out
my window and rain is pouring as if
running away from the sky. The fall
of 2012 is already stalking us, getting
closer with each day that passes. Those
were my experiences from last year, and
nothing has changed, except that I don’t
feel like I’m on a honeymoon anymore.
In fact, I feel more relaxed and assimilated. I know where my place is…Most
of the time, at least.
Watching the new arrival of students, I identify with their excitement.
You can also tell by their Facebook-pages, which are being frequently updated
with statuses and joyful pictures. I wish
them all the best. In a couple of months,
we’re probably going to see them
“Americanized” in flip-flops, hoodies
and knee-high socks, which are college
fashion statements I observed, a different story I’ll get into another time…
Post History
Classic Pictures of LIU Post from our Student Newspaper Archive
Quotes from our Post Historian, Ken Mensing!
LIU Post was purchased in 1947 from Marjorie Merriweather Post, daughter of cereal magnate Charles William
Post, in order to accommodate returning WWII veterans.
By the fall of 1955, we had 14 faculty members and 219
students and was on the way of becoming a well-respected
educational institution.
Fun fact: LIU Post is the only Long Island University
campus to be named for a person, rather than a location.
Some point in the middle 80’s on The Great Lawn, while President
Reagan is President. A student holds a sign saying “I’m coming
home Mom” while a student on the right wears a Reagan face mask.
ble Hall
of Kum was build
ted in th
was loca artz MemorialLaws, so the ra
e B. Dav
When th, there was no H980’s.
in 1969 build in the 1
was only
[Late 1970’s
had on cam ] Here are some of o
pus in one o
f the compu first computers we ev
ter labs in th
e library.
There use to be a bar in Hillwood Commons called
Rat” which was made in 1974, along with the rest , “The
wood Commons. “The Rat” closed down in the of Hillmid 1990’s
after a riot broke loose inside the bar.
Phi Beta Sigma, a fraternity that was once offered on campus,
in front of our Radio Station, WCWP, located behind Hillwood
Monthly Horoscopes
Aquarius (January 20- February 18)
Courtesy of: www.savannah.com/horoscope-october-2012
Estimate your personal worth, as well as financial, and see if you are
able to make things balance. If you are found wanting, do something
about becoming solvent once again. You would be well advised to seek
medical advice about a serious problem. Office politics are definitely not
your game and you should avoid playing such a game. Instead, select
the most honest of you companions and back him to the hilt.
Pisces (February 19- March 20)
Problems of a financial nature are not as insurmountable as they seem.
Seek good advice and then weigh it carefully before striking out on
your own. Do not allow others to influence your convictions on moral
issues, simply because it would make things neater and easier. On any
tough question, the thing that is hardest to do is generally the thing you
should do.
Aries (March 21- April 19)
Let someone close to you know exactly how you feel about him or her.
This is particularly important if there is an adulation on your part. Maybe
things won’t work out — but they certainly won’t as long as you keep
quiet. Expect proper conduct out of your subordinates and you will get it.
A financial opportunity could wither away if you hesitate too long.
Taurus (April 20- May 20)
A last-minute trip to far away places could be just what the doctor ordered. Excitement and, very probably, romance could well be the result
— but only if you let things move at their own pace. Now might be a
good time to begin a serious savings plan. If you wait until all your debts
are paid before you begin, you will probably never save anything — and
you’ll probably never be out of debt if you don’t.
Gemini (May 21- June 20)
A serious and quite disturbing love affair could begin for you now if you
respond to the stimulus now being waved before you. If you are free and
unattached, it might well be worth riding the whirlwind — because that
is what it is likely to be. If already committed, make sure that this is what
you really want, because it will probably cause a breaking of all old ties.
Cancer (June 21- July 23)
Getting to the bottom of a mystery may not be as pleasant for you as you
think. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. In dealing with fellow
workers on an important business deal, don’t allow others to speak for
you, especially when the responsibility is yours alone. Keeping commitments may be a chore, but failing to do so could damage your reputation.
Leo (July 24- August 22)
An upturn in your personal finances is definitely due and could come
from a surprising source. Your best bet is to be totally honest and to
hide nothing from those who may have a similar interest. If you lose, you
won’t have lost your honor — and if you win, you win really big and there
will be no carpers. Exercise your right to be heard in matters that are
important to you personally.
Virgo (August 23- September 22)
You could gain an important and influential friend simply by speaking
your mind and not allowing others to run roughshod over your or someone close to you. Spend a little time with a youngster or an old person
who is close to you, even if it means making some personal sacrifices.
Hours, not things, are important to those who love you.
Libra (September 23- October 22)
Maintaining the status quo may not solve your problems. You may be
called upon to exhibit some independent thinking and some very positive
action if you are to come out on top. In romantic affairs, keep things light
and don’t go overboard with promises on the first date. Be extremely
cautious when dealing with complicated machinery and don’t take unnecessary chances.
Scorpio (October 23- November 21)
Climb down from your high horse and write that letter you have been
mentally composing for the last few months. If what you feel is real, you
would be quite foolish to stand on ceremony. In office matters, make sure
you keep your tongue from flapping concerning affairs that should remain
private. A slip of the lip could sink more than a ship It could sink your
plans for the future.
Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)
Romance blossoms in the strangest places, according to the poet, and
you could find this out to your utter amazement — and delight. Business
problems may seem less if you take time to walk around to the other side
so you can gain perspective. The same could be true for a personal matter that has been plaguing you.
Capricorn (December 22- January 19)
Make sure that an old debt is paid in full before you go to the well once
again. You might also do some serious thinking about your real desires
and what it is you want to do with your life. If what you are presently doing
is not making you happy — or at least contented — then why are you doing it? Take the advice of a friend seriously and give it a chance to work.
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