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Edition 18
Friday 17th October 2014
An Independent Public School
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21 Deanmore Road, Karrinyup WA 6018
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Fax: 9245 2405
School Board 2014
Jeanette Metcalf
Jo Marwick
Bruce Johnson
Lisa Dunstan
Suzie Croston
Michelle Poilly
Dan Rodgers
Samantha Maddern
Gerry Hopfmueller
Barbara Harvey
P&C Committee
President: Bruce Johnson
Vice President: Suzie Croston
Secretary: Catherine Pfammatter
Treasurer: Annabel AndersonNicholls
Building and Grounds
Jeanette Metcalf
Greg Downes
Bruce Johnson
Joanne Marwick
P&C Bulletin
Editor: Karen Sawyer
Telephone: 9245 6668
Email: [email protected]
Advertising: Suzie Croston
Telephone: 9341 7226
Email: [email protected]
Second-Hand Uniforms
Fridays 8.15am – 8.45am
Lisa Dunstan 0422 975 907
New Uniform Sales
Tuesdays 8.15am – 9.00am
School Hours:
Start 8.50am
Recess 11.00-11.20am
Lunch 12.20-1.00pm
Finish 3.00pm
Canteen Days
Mon, Thurs, Fri
Phone: 0406 736 053
Dental Clinic
Phone: 9245 2664
Operated on Deanmore Primary
School site.
The Principal’s Pen
Dear Parents,
Our final term for 2014 commenced well and everyone has returned well rested and ready for a
term that holds much excitement as our Year 6 and 7 cohorts prepare for Camp and Graduation.
The weather is certainly warming up and Mr Rodgers is running a strong Sunsmart Campaign.
Please send children to school daily with a hat or cap and sunscreen. We have received a draft
Independent Review of Independent Public Schools and once we have agreed the findings we will
deliver the final report to the school community. We are heartened by the content of the review
and delighted at the way it maintains a strong focus on the excellent work that occurs at
Deanmore due to the close partnership we enjoy with our community. Please support our last
Book Fair for 2014. Sonja Benetto has put in her usual in depth degree of planning to ensure we
raise much needed funds to support our Literacy Priority.
Farewells, Good Wishes and Welcomes!
Michelle Poilly is leaving us today for some well deserved Long Service Leave. It was a day of
celebration tinged with sadness as we realised we would not have Michelle’s amazing energy
driving class and school programs. Michelle will return in 2015 to guide another group of
fortunate children through the early years of learning. Mrs Annie Willis has been appointed to
take over Michelle’s class and as a familiar much loved Deanmore teacher she will ensure the
students in Room 12 have a happy and productive final term. Jody Tusak is on two weeks leave
and Ms Pappas who has taken that position reports on the enjoyable time she is having with such
a harmonious and highly focussed group. Rebecca Shields will be absent from Front Office duties
until December and tomorrow our thoughts will be with her as she weds her fiancé Kyle. The new
face in the office is Trish Noack with her kind and efficient manner she is already a highly valued
team member. Melissa Gumbleton has been appointed to work in Miss Anderson’s Pre Primary
Class on Wednesdays. Melissa has just completed her final practicum in this class and is looking
forward to continuing her work with the children. Finally the news is out. Our very special staff
member Dan Rodgers and his beautiful wife Narelle have announced they are expecting a baby
early in 2015. Barbs Harvey conspired with me and the baby has a tiny Team Deanmore T Shirt
ready and waiting!
Thanks to registrar Sharon Stewart our new look LED screen is up and running and the Office staff
upload new messages daily. Please let others know of the news items we flash up. Not everyone
accesses the screen but it is just another way of communicating event to the wider community.
School Board Meeting
At the next School Board Meeting to be held on Tuesday 28th October members will discuss NAPLAN data analysis and the Fees
and Charges Schedule. This is an Open Meeting and school community members are welcome to attend. Later in the term we will
be placing advertisements in the School Newsletter for parents to nominate for parent representative vacancies. The Board will
also discuss Awards for Community Members and the Making A Difference at Deanmore Award. I met with Sam Maddern the
School Board Chair person this morning to discuss the planning and upcoming events for Term 4.
Deanmore P&C Meeting
This meeting has been rescheduled to avoid a clash of dates with the School Development Day to be held on Monday 27 October.
We look forward to gathering in the staffroom for the first meeting for Term 4.
Liza Harvey Christmas Card Competition
A huge congratulations to Claire M from room 8 for her winning entry. Liza Harvey plans to present Claire with her voucher at a
class presentation on 11 of November. Great work Claire!
Bessie the Deanmore Diva
Our beloved Bessie wowed them at the Royal Show and became an instant celebrity.
Unfortunately Bessie was so eager to get back to Deanmore that she suffered a minor injury
to her head. She has been taken to the Fibre Glass Vets to be restored to perfect condition
and should reappear at Deanmore next week. Well done to all those who found Bessie at
the Show and spent some time with her.
Jeanette Metcalf
Deanmore School Principal
Deanmore School Principal
A Word from the deputies
Parent helpers are always welcome and appreciated at
Deanmore Primary School. Please sign in at the office and wear
the visitor’s badge. This ensures we know who is on school
grounds at all times.
Year 6/7 Camps
Planning for the year 6 and year 7 camps is well underway. We
will be involved in all sorts of fun and educational activities
whilst at Point Peron Camp School and we will also be going to
Penguin Island for a day trip. There is an information meeting
being held in room 1 on Thursday the 23 of October at 3.15.
All parents and carers are welcome to attend.
Tell a Teacher
Please discuss with your child the importance of telling a teacher
if something or someone is worrying them at school. Ask them
to inform an adult as soon as possible so that we can act on any
issues. Deanmore takes bullying very seriously. Telling a teacher
of a problem with another student is not “dobbing”
Transition to High School
In 2015 year 7 children will move to secondary school. This move
aligns with the introduction of the Australian Curriculum in 2015
which has more in-depth content in each subject area.
Secondary schools are better suited to deliver the new
curriculum in this manner. The move will provide exciting new
opportunities for year 7 children. All schools and staff are
working hard to prepare for the transition.
Our target for term 4 is 100% attendance by all children. Please
help us to achieve this target by sending your children to school
every day unless they are unwell. Thank you. Please contact the
school as soon as possible if your child is going to be absent.
Road Safety
Please drive safely and obey the parking signs around the school.
Deanmore primary School is a very busy place at drop off and
pick up times. Please care for our children and drive safely.
Graeme Morgan
Deputy Principal
Stay Safe
It has been indicated that our local area has been hit with at least one serious break in in recent
days. Please make sure you are secure in your homes at all times including daylight hours and be
very particular about locking cars and keeping items away from potential thieves.
We are currently in the process of recruiting staff and forming class structures for 2015. It would greatly assist us with our planning
if you could advise the school office if your child will not be returning to Deanmore in 2015.
Did you know that childhood sleep problems are really common? It is thought that about 40% of
primary school kids have an issue of some sort (1), and the rates are higher in early childhood.
It makes sense that sleep and a child’s mental health and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. In fact,
insufficient and broken sleep has been associated with numerous issues, such as: increased
behavioural, social-emotional and academic problems; trouble starting primary school; ADHD-like
symptoms (i.e. concentration, attention, and impulse-control difficulties); and even depression.
Associate Professor Harriet Hiscock, pediatrician and researcher with the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children’s
Hospital Melbourne, says that behavioural sleep problems make up the bulk of issues seen in kids. Chances are you’ve already
experienced some of them at your place. For example, she says children may:
 want to co-sleep with adults
 use stalling techniques (‘just five more minutes’, wanting a drink etc)
 refuse to go to bed (engaging in long conversations, tears or tantrums)
 get out of bed frequently (for a drink, the toilet, to talk)
 wake often
 have difficulties getting to and returning to sleep (eg lying awake worrying)
 experience anxiety-related insomnia (more common in primary-age children)
 have nightmares or night terrors.
These expert tips from Associate Professor Harriet Hiscock, are great for managing common sleeping speed bumps or simply getting the
family into the swing of a great night’s sleep.
Golden rules for kids’ sleep
 Establish a bedtime routine - so they know what to expect and have time to wind down.
 Keep bedtime consistent (within 30 mins), even on the weekends - big variations can disrupt their body clock and undo all your good
 Make sure they fall asleep in their bed - snoozing off on the couch or in front of the TV can affect their routine and make them less
likely to want to sleep alone.
 Remove all TVs, computers and mobile devices from their bedroom - the light stimulation alone will make it harder for them to settle
 Avoid caffeinated foods and drinks after 3pm - caffeine is a stimulant which is likely to keep young bodies awake.
 Have a wind-down period yourself - show kids that a bedtime routine is important for the whole family.
When your child won’t stay in bed
 Limit the number of times they can come out of the bedroom (one or two times works well).
 Reward them for complying with the rules (eg a stamp or sticker in the morning).
 If they keep coming out, take them back to their room with minimal fuss or arguments.
When your child won’t fall asleep alone
 Identify who (eg mum or dad) or what (eg music) they need in order to fall asleep and return to sleep if they wake in the night.
 If it’s you, slowly withdraw from the bedroom in stages (also known as ‘camping out’).
 If it’s something else (such as music), gradually reduce the amount of time the child spends with it before going to sleep.
Year 5 Growth and Development Talk
Mothers of the Year 5 girls are invited to attend a Growth and Development talk with their daughters on
Wednesday 22nd October at 2.30pm in the music room. The talk will be conducted by the Community Health
Nurse, Deb Brampton and will aim to give students a greater understanding of menstruation and to dispel
common myths.
Scholastic Bookfair
Just a reminder that the P&C will be holding their October Bookfair next week. The bookfair will open on Tuesday
21st October 6-8pm in the library and will then run from 22nd-23rd October 2.30-4.00pm and Friday 24th October
Great Book Swap
Thank you to all the parents and children who have brought in books for the Great Book Swap to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy
Foundation. If your child would like to participate, they have until Wednesday 22 October to donate a book.
We would like all children to bring a gold coin donation on Thursday 23 October to participate in the Great Book Swap.
All funds raised will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation who provides remote communities with quality books to encourage and
promote Indigenous literacy.
Congratulations to Year 2 student Tahli B who trains with the GWA Fliers Gymnastics at the West
Australian Institute of Sport. Tahli was awarded Gold medals in the following competitions; WAG
Loftus Challenge, Judges Invitational and the GWA spring championships. Well done Tahli!
Jo Marwick
Deputy Principal
On Friday 26 September Kidsafe WA launched the Safety in Schools Get Creative
about Safety Competition at Deanmore Primary School. Stitches the Bear made a
surprise appearance at our school assembly much to the delight of our younger
students. The children from Pre-Primary to Year 7 were then involved in a variety of
injury prevention activities organised by different agencies. This well organising event
was enjoyed by all students.
Merit Certificate recipients
Rm 1
Rm 2
Rm 3
Rm 4
Rm 5
Rm 6
Rm 7
Rm 8
Rm 9
Rm 10
Rm 11
Rm 12
Rm 13
Rm 14
Trans 2
The Principal’s
Award –
Jeanette Metcalf
The Deputy
Principal’s Award –
Tracy Wacker
Ethan D
Room 2
Lily S
Room 2
The Deputy
Principal’s Award –
Jo Marwick
Liam D
Room 5
P & C update
Next P&C Meeting will be held in the staffroom 20th October 2014, 7:30pm
New uniforms
These can continue to be purchased or ordered on Tuesday mornings in the undercover area directly from JFE. If Tuesdays don’t suit
you, please collect an order form from the office and complete it, leaving it at the office. Jenny will fill your order on the following
Tuesday and it can be collected from the office.
Second hand uniforms
These can be purchased on Friday mornings between 8:15am and 9am (closing a little earlier on assembly mornings). New hats can
also be purchased at this time, and also from the canteen when it is open. New hats are $15.
Kindy students 2015
There will be kindy try-on sessions on Oct 31 and Nov 14 between 10 and 11:30am. This is so that parents of enrolling children can try
on and view the uniforms, and therefore purchase the correct sizes. Uniforms are available to purchase at both sessions or can be
purchased at a later date.
Leavers polo shirt orders for 2015
Order forms will be sent home via email and hard copies available at school, in week one of this term. These will be due back on Nov
14. Leavers shirts will be available prior to school commencing in 2015.
The Deanmore P and C requires a uniform coordinator from the beginning of 2015. Broadly, this role involves running the second hand
uniform shop on Fridays and liasing with JFE who are our uniform suppliers.
I have done the job for the last six years, and it is a nice way to contribute to helping the P and C and getting to know people at the
school. You don’t have to sign on for six years!!
Please drop into the second hand uniform shop on Friday mornings and speak to Lisa (me) if you would like to enquire about the role.
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