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Gentle spin, modest elevation change
Just to the north of Gleneagles Hotel are a wonderful
patchwork of sheltered woodland roads over rolling farmland
which offers miles and miles of tranquil B-road cycling. To
the south are the steep glens of Gleneagles and Dunning
with their climbs up to moorland solitude. For a taste of
Highland Perthshire head west to the lochs & mountains of
The Trossachs.
Whatever your preference for terrain and whatever your level
of fitness, Gleneagles has all the equipment to get you on
the road. Choose from sixteen road routes (from twelve to
seventy miles). These routes are pre-loaded onto Garmin onbike sat-nav devices with supporting paper maps. Please ask
at The Club for details.
As Ernest Hemingway once quipped..
Steeper sections over short distances
“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of
a country best”.
Longer climbs
Cat 3 climb on 50+ miles
Route 01:
Route 02:
Route 03:
DISTANCE: 12.5 miles / 20km (1 hour)
DISTANCE: 18.1 miles / 29km (1.5 hours)
DISTANCE: 16.7 miles / 26.9km (1.5hrs)
ELEVATION: 560ft / 170m
ELEVATION: 942ft / 287m
ELEVATION: 1,170ft / 357m
ENERGY: 449kj (approx)
ENERGY: 942kj (approx)
ENERGY: 592kj (approx)
Route 04:
Route 05:
Route 06A:
DISTANCE: 25.5 miles / 41km (2 hours)
DISTANCE: 30.4 miles / 48.9 km (2hrs 30 mins)
DISTANCE: 28.4 miles / 46 km (2hrs 30mins)
ELEVATION: 1,169ft / 356m
ELEVATION: 1,641ft / 500m
ELEVATION: 2,004ft / 611 m
ENERGY: 1,046kj (approx)
ENERGY: 1,246kj (approx)
ENERGY: 1,125kj (approx)
Route 06B:
Route 07:
Route 08:
Muir of Orchill
Langside Loop
Col du Dunning
Earn Return
Strowan Road
Drummond Castle
DISTANCE: 25.2 miles / 40.6km (2hrs 20mins)
DISTANCE: 32.9 miles / 55.5km (2hrs 30mins)
ELEVATION: 1,654ft / 13m
ELEVATION: 2010ft / 612m
ENERGY: 1,024kj (approx)
ENERGY: 1,350kj (approx)
Route 09:
A Gleneagles - Dunblane (12.6 miles)
unblane - Dukes Pass -Gleneagles
(57.2 miles)
C Dunblane - Gleneagles (12.6 miles)
Ask at The Club about our fleet of eight custom
built Condor Road bikes in a variety of materials
and sizes. Condor Cycles have been based
in Gray’s Inn, London (since 1946) building
performance bikes for legends of the sport
including Tom Simpson and Sir Bradley Wiggins.
Muthill Alps
Dunning Descent
A Gleneagles - St Fillans (22.1 miles)
B St Fillans - Around Loch Earn (15.4 miles)
C St Fillans - Gleneagles (20.1 miles)
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