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About the Speaker
Lunchtime Series
Dr Desmond Quek is a Consultant
at the Singapore National Eye Centre
(SNEC). He completed his medical
training with the Faculty of Medicine,
National University of Singapore
(NUS) in 2001, where he was awarded
the NUS undergraduate scholarship,
and Dean’s list award for academic
excellence. He was also awarded
the Ministry of Health Post-graduate
Training Scholarship in 2007.
Glaucoma The Thief of Sight
Dr Quek has held various administrative appointments,
including Chief Resident of SNEC in 2008 and Chief
Registrar of the Division of Ophthalmology of Changi
General Hospital in 2009. He became a Member of the
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2007, and was
awarded the Masters of Medicine (Ophthalmology) by
NUS in 2008. He was subsequently appointed as a Fellow
of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, as well as
a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS),
upon successful completion of his residency in 2011.
Following that, he went on to pursue a post-graduate
business and management education and was conferred
an executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)
degree from INSEAD in 2013.
Dr Desmond Quek
Glaucoma Service
Singapore National Eye Centre
15 October 2014, Wednesday
12.15 pm – 2.00 pm
His practice interests include general ophthalmology,
adult cataract surgery and glaucoma, and has completed
sub-specialty fellowship training with the Glaucoma
Service at SNEC.
Partners in Academic Medicine
Dr Quek has published scientific papers in respected
peer-reviewed medical journals, and made presentations
at numerous international and local conferences. His
research interests are in glaucoma and cataract surgery.
Members of the SingHealth Group
Orchid Country Club
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1 Orchid Club Road
Singapore 769162
Dear Doctor,
It is our pleasure to invite you to our
SingHealth Lunchtime CME Series.
An initiative by SingHealth, this talk forms
part of the series of lunchtime talks which
will be held in different regions of Singapore
throughout the year. Our aim is to organize
such CMEs at convenient locations closer
to your practice.
The topics for the talks are carefully
selected to be relevant to your practice,
providing you with up-to-date information
on new and common medical conditions
and treatments.
We hope to reach out to you, our valued
partner in healthcare, bringing our doctors
and their expertise closer to you.
Registration Reply Slip
Glaucoma accounts for a third of all blindness
in Singapore, and is the second major cause of
blindness in Asia after cataracts. Most blindness from
glaucoma is preventable if the disease is detected
and treated early. All forms of glaucoma, if left
untreated, will lead to irreversible blindness. This
lunchtime symposium will provide answers to some
important questions on glaucoma relevant to the
primary care physician, including:
This reply slip should reach us by 8 October 2014.
As places are limited, we strongly encourage
participants to register early. To register, please
fax the completed reply slip to 6270 1541 or email
[email protected]
What is glaucoma?
What causes glaucoma and who is at risk?
What are the types of glaucoma and their symptoms?
When should I diagnose glaucoma in a GP setting?
What should I do next?
What do I tell my patient?
We look forward to your participation.
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12.15 pm – 12.45 pm
Registration & Lunch
12.45 pm – 1.45 pm
Glaucoma - The Thief of Sight
1.45 pm – 2.00 pm
Complimentary parking is available to all participants.
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