RiveRlife Bulletin english Adult seRvices 19 Oct 2014 uPCOMING SPEAkERS (ENGLISH ADuLT)

Riverlife Bulletin
English Adult services 19 Oct 2014
upcoming speakers (ENGLISH ADULT)
26 Oct Pastor Lionel Goh
2 Nov* Pastor John Koe
Dr Juan Lopez
9 Nov
16 Nov
Elder Andrew Goh
Elder Andrew Goh
*Missions Emphasis
ABOUT Dr Juan Lopez
Dr. Lopez is the Founder and Pastor of Tribal Praise Ministries, an international ministry
established in 2002. Originally from Spain, Dr. Lopez is an international keynote speaker
and worship leader who travels throughout the nations, bringing a fresh impartation
of God’s Spirit through his worship and unique teaching on lifestyle worship. He is the
author of the book, ‘From Deliverance to Destiny’, a book written on the subject of lifestyle
worship. In 2012, Dr. Lopez was appointed as an Advisor to the U.S. Honorary Ambassador
of the Republic of Burundi in Africa. He also serves as Honorary Deputy Commissioner for
the Latin University of Theology based in Inglewood, CA, where he works with University
officials to bring honor and recognition to men and women around the world for their
work in ministry, government, business, education and social justice. Dr. Lopez also leads
a weekly set of worship in The Worship Room, a ministry of Bethel Church in Redding, CA
that is committed to building a 24/7 worship and prayer room in the city that is centered
around the love of Jesus. He is married to Irene Lopez, his lifelong partner of 35 years, and
they have 3 children.
This Week
This Wed, 22 Oct | 8-10pm | Victory Chapel
We encourage you to come and soak in God’s presence and
intercede as the Lord leads.
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English Adult services 19 Oct 2014
Son Of God
Jesus of Nazareth was born in the humblest
circumstances imaginable, but his life and death
made him probably the most influential person
who ever lived. The story of Jesus, as related
in the Gospels, is depicted from his birth to his
death. The well-known tale of his life, including
his modest beginnings, his divine calling, his
selection of his twelve disciples, his controversial
and revolutionary teachings, his miraculous
feats, his run-ins with the Roman and Jewish
establishment in first-century Palestine, his
betrayal by one of his closest followers, and his
death and ultimate resurrection are all depicted.
A Tale of Two Esthers
A compelling story of 2 young ladies who made
their marks on the history of Singapore. One
reached the heights of the world’s tallest peak
and the other dipped into the depths of despair.
The true-life stories of these 2 Esthers will
simply amaze and inspire you.
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