Document 3513

LONDON, Oct. !!.
Tbe Gazette of Tuestlay IlIght contalDs
loyal Addresses to tbe Pnnce Itege:lt Irom
the Mayor, AldermeD. Burgesses. (Jommon·
alty, 01 Great Yarmoutb, aDd from the 10'
habitants of the HUDdreds of B1a('kbeath,Sr.c.
10 both of which tbe most marked d"tc·.ta·
lion I. expressed tif" the \\ icked and dtro
CIOUS at:empts of seditiOUS and disaffected
subjects ID ,arlOUS parts of hiS l\1aJesty" do.
minIOns, now openly and '" oIVedly medlta.
tmgthe sub\erslon of our laws and !;averu·
ment,and the aanlbllation at once of all dl.·
tlDctJOns of rank and the sacred IIgbts of
property." The'y also a~ow the mdlgnalJOD
and abborreDce with" hieh tbey v:ew .. the
glarlag abuses of tbose dls'1ffeeted p"~O(l.
\, bo, 01 1.lte, uncer the pretext of !!"CrchlOg
an in\aluable prlvlle.;e, I.a\e convened meet·
IDgs by IDfiamatory placards .lDd ad",rltse'
ments, where tbev ha\e marched under thl!
banners of sealtJO'i., and adtlre"sl'd tbelr fol.
lal'lel"a m langua""e manifestly JO(ended to
produce tumult and IDSII" eellon. By me~ns
suc.h as tbese, by other more PrJ' ate aod m·
~ldJOus measures, and under the sl)eclous
aifectatlon of Reform, I!octrines ha,e been
prop Igated amongst th., and un\\
ry, dIrectly calculated to conlollnd the db'
tmctlOns of CIVil hf.., and de"tlo) the" Icred
Institutions of our anccstt'r~, tbl ough the In
strumectallty of treason ~nd I ,,!lelhon, for
WhICh, as It appears. lar.;!! p.lrtles 01 the de,uded populace ha,e actualhbeell tramed by
mllttary drilllD!!S in·s" Alld fin •• ay.
, •
tll'lY pie d gl: themselves' .n enforce, to t e
utmust oftb~" po\\"r, th~ due execullvn of
tbe laws agalDst all nho, by th"" wrJtmgs,
or otherWise, shall end<lDg~r the public tranquility by tbClr cadea'ours to IOclte the Ig
norant and the poor to acts uf SC(litlOn .lOd
\ iolenee.
'\Iegany mounums. '1 he amount of pol·tical
.n!luenc" and consIderatIOn:, ID the old .Ial•••
partIcularly m the mIddle and the eas'ern states,
w III herc~lter depend upon the gradual JOcre:!Se
of populltlon ::.nd the "e"llh III the comnlumt),
and the IDtes-Clt> and talents 01 lhe men employ.
edlD public hie The IIIcrease of populatIOn
WIll probably be small,ooD,parcd "Itll the west.
em st"te.; though we tbmk there IS at lealot a
partlalo;hec!; g,ven to the tIde of em lgr4tlon
lrom the .,.... t to tne west Tbe experiments
and ImpIO\emen!- tliat are makmg JO agrlcul.
ture. to,;elber "llh the numerous and solId "d·
v~nlul;cs wblch tbe old settle I,enl. beyond"
qs:aeS\lun possess o~er the new as It the
.late at socletv and thecomlor1.:md enjoyments
ofhle,areundnubteulv producmg theIr lIalllr&1
and proper eflecls Yet, It IS to be e:tpected,
tbat lhe lalge IInp~rlatlons of foreIgners, and
many adventurous SpirIts at bome, WIll find
theIr way to the new countries •.md carry tbe
settlements to a stIli greater :md greater ""tenl
Thus sItuated, the mIddle and ea.tern .tates
posse.. a greatc()mmon abJ,'ct wblch IS "orthy
01 their mo.t serIous atteJltlOO-one whIch WIll
have an Impollant miluence- upon the .. I"tllre
politic II slandlllS' m the national confedel'ac)lit!! memt u alrzcl regard to the talents CluJ clwracIff oj lb. mOIl 'WI...hlll at at lIme' "presfmt t/,etJI
.'. lhe "a',or-al k!Jl8lature 1 he old hnes of par.
ty dlS'h1Ctloo are e.sent,ally broken down and
dest,o,,,d \\'e scarcdy near the subJecls,
whIch once d" Ided the lIa1l0n IOto W"II.1 and
an,mated secll~n., mentIoned Jo:ven the n~mes
under whIch the) formerly '" Ie arrayet! are
laId :..,de-the pomts ofpollr.y Ivr" hlCh, under
It ese names, doe) so manlully contenlied, II \\e
been l"lt:l~r silell1l) adopted, ''', by mutua.1 COIIsent ,.bantioned-,be general PO,ltICS of tile na·
tl.ou are p;accable, and to a 1:00<1 degree barmo.
naou......... r[ I} mamt:lIn our ground, and support
OUI standtllg, wbat "e "ant m num!>ers should
be m .de lip til characler-our mfluence wIn
ne,'cI be iost. If \.c a' ul ourselves of tbe se~VI
ces of onr "blest IIld most VU luaUS men In
tblb pomt 01 VIe", Ihe subj~ct IS Wlthlll our own
control. We hav~ men III all our stales of the
hlgbest respectablht) for II\tegrlty and ablhtyIf we do Got appomt them to office. the lalllt ;s
our 0\\ II. It IS the Dilly :node 11\ \\ Illch \\ e shall
be lIble to counterbalance the Immense weIght
of numbers wllb WblCh, beloJe many ) ears arc:
passed. we sh 111 be oblIged to conte Id. 01
tnat mode We cannot be deprived, provld"d we
are careh 1 to :1~a,l oursehes 01 Jl m the \Vol"
Account5 from !.\l.idritl mention, that the
En,;hsh Goveroment bDS r<,n,,\~ cd its propo·
~:ll to the COllrt of Spam, to ubtam, upon
ceruun cObd,ttOns, the ccs~ioo of tbe Islnnd
If Cuba.
Tbe eorrespondeace betweeD
London and l'iladrld i~ extlemely aell.e at
this momeat, "hich seems to mdlcatc tbat
hIghly Important aegociatlons ar.. on foot, Ext! act of a letter from a genlleman of the first
hut they are Imolvl:d in mystery, and we
respectablhty, dated ]o'ort Montgomelj, ne"
Blakeley. (Alabama) 17tb October
must wait" Ith patience till tlW" shall diS.. The Sundus!;,' and sloop DaVId, are bolh
co~t:~ the z,ecret.
dIscharging at Bbkdey. Mv frIend came dl'
tn that place WIth hIS goods, owmg to the
Th" following anecdote i... ery honordhlt!
to the generous fpelmg5 of Manager Elliston: contrnuance of the y~llow fever at ;\foblle As
'rhe veteraa W eWltze~ "alted OD blm, a few I am not a behever ID cOllt~glon, 1 went IIlto
Mob Ie last Thursdav, and found It certamly
days smce, for the purpose of .0heltIng aa
one oftbe most dIStressed lookmg towns [e'er
engagement. He was mfurmed tbat b,s re- beheld Bllt three slnres \\ere then open, VIZ
que~t could not be compli~d with, as h,s lie- !\I'Cusker 8; Cu SmIth' 'and 'Vlmehead, and
un;; days had goae by. ., But," .ald Mr. Hallett's. A few e\enmgs ago, a S"~ng ot fel·
Elliston, ., dec:lare OD the fund, to "hlcb you lows broke open Juw.on'. and some other stores.
have contributed for 40 years, and, in ad· and took on wbat specIe bad been caltected for
•htloa to tbe IDcome you Will derhe f~om the Bank. J WOUld stlil adVISe your friends not
It,cansider me your debtor for £ol per to land ,,! Mob Ie tllI late In December,2s Dr.
long as you lire." Tbe propOSition wasjoy· Ludlo\, IS of opmlon that the fevet' WIll opem"
on strangers tIll late. I $uppose from 300 to.;oO
fllUy acceded to.
~.ave dIed at MobIle. Among tbeSI"; sIDce my
Saturday night, ,l m,m who was actJve in last. are D-. KlTb), Dr uwton and WIfe, old
dll t:ctmg sume blll·sllckers to paste up noo- ~lr. Hemmg, Capr Artbur Post. Mrs OgiIen,
conslimptlOn placards, to IDducl! indiViduals Mrs. Sack, Mrs LeWIS, Gad T. 'Vllhs, J\lr San.
derson, edItor of the MobIle Gazette. and others,
n'lt to dnDk malt or spirituuus liquors, was 100 :<:dIO"" to mentIon. Col Hopkms dlschar.
followed by a tradesman mto a public·bouse ged 4S laborers in MobIle In J Illy or Augu. t,
iD lo,ver \Yestmmster_ 'l'hls wortby friend onh tbree of whom were alIve last Thursdayto .. bstmence called for a pot of porter, Blakely has been "llllte heallhy. owm):', as 1 sup.
which he soaD fiDlshed, and a fterwards had pose, to the pre' alence 01 northerly wlOds.'·
two I;lasses of spirits aDd '''''ater. after which
d~, to'
po to I
6' oaa"'~--'''"''y..
wortk'!J Committee of abstillencc.
\VILMr!<GTON, N CarolIna, Nov
.. It 's w,th tbe-deepest regret th It we have
to ... form you ef a dreadful conH:tgr:ttlon that
b.." taken place In tbls unfortWlateu>wn 'I ,me
Will not admit of a particular desCriptIon. we
shall, brIefly, therefore stab". tbat a fire brooke
out about half past two (hiS mornlllg, 111 ]),'ck
streel near the riVet', extended up both SIdes of
tbe street to Second.street. extended flom
thence to Orange·street, from thence along north
Side of Orange.street. \vest to the river, from
thence up the river nortb to south ~Ide of Mar.
ket street wharf, thence east on soutb sl\le of
~1arket street to front street, across Front st.-eet
east to Second strect, and thence on west SIde
street. to the nortb SIde of Dock street
laytng in :!Shes every bou.<e and warebouse i~
those fou. squares e:tcept that warehouse occu.
pied by A. Tavlor, &: the lo"'er brIck warebouse
belonglOgto H KelIy,J.::.q & thIS was done 10 the
space of5bours,the flames "pread so rapIdly ow.
109 to the extreme and long perIod of dlj
",eatherwe have had, wbleh renderedthe shin.
gled roof,. like tmder, that though conslderablc
exertions were made, and sever:Jbollses blown
up, It was ImpOSSible to stop Its progress. TIle
wmd was at first allt,ut S. \V. but pro. I<lcntmUy
vcered to N W. wblch arrested the fire, bad It
crosse.! to tbe west SIde of M,,-ket street, we
do not see what could ba'e saved the tow"
W'e are sorry to sa)'. that the Presbytena"
Cburch, lately bUIlt bv the inhabitants. a ,crv
handsome and ornamental edIfice, \\;13 burnt to
tbe ground. fa/mhes were d.nell JOIO
tbe streets wnh barely their clothes. and tbe
distress omong tbe p()orer s ..rt IS dreadful, and
It IS to be hoped WIll e:.cite the commlser~tJon
and Itberahty ot the bene, olent and the char.
Tbe ~mount")f loss It is ImpOSSible to ascer.
tain or even to conjecture, co"tslderable good••
,V. I produce and furniture Is burnt and des.
Iroyed, our SitUatIon bemg remote we pro, I.
dentla,ly. escaped, 'ery few >essels m harbor.
nOne IOJUred. BOlb the Bsnks, Episcopal
Churcb,, To"'ll hall and Steam.
mIll escaped
The number af houses hurnL
"ere about 200 You WIll probably have more
det.tlled accounts IU a few days"
In a
particular manufactary in Manches·
ter, in wbich much heat is employed, It is
the custom to give the men a certain quan·
tity of beer, ID addition to their weekly \\"ages. A few days ago, wben the hquor was
dlstributea, the master, witb great good hu·
mour, ordcred the foreman to gi'l'e it as usual
to all tbe men, excep~ one, wbom he nam·
o'd, and wbo was preseDt,' for you see."
says be, "he is a Hunt's man. by his hat.
and they have forswortl all liquor but water.
I WIsh you all wore wbite hats, it ,,,ould be
a great sa\ing to me."-" By --," instantly replIed tbe Radical," if thO:! is to be the
case, I'll take my bat to be ayed directly,
for I'll DOt lose my driDk."
Afler dcspatchtngslxt>.tw') thousand dona=-s
by bnd, Capt. Smllh fulIo""d With eIghty tbou·
s:l.nd more. and wht:11 on tbt: roa.d neal Guer ..
mez, he "as :lltacked hy a bod v of 50 armed
men. under the comm Ind "i Lord Cochrane, who
plundered DIm 01 tilt: whOle .. mount. m;ille hIm
a prisoner, anc. conveyed hIm on hoa:d hIS Irl'
gate. P,evJOus to "IIICh, on beIng questioned
who tbe specIe belonged to, Capt. S:Ultb dl!Clo.r.
ed, In wrltIog and on oatb, tbat It was Amertc:u.
propel ty. and belonged wholly to the own.:rs of
the i'rlacedoman's carl5o, cltlzcns 01 the UnIted
Willie under confinement on board Lord C.'b
ves~el, Capt. Smltb was com)Jl!lIt.d to sIgn"
contrary declaratIOn, and (0 "") tIIat the prnper·
ty W~ on Span!ih accounl HI::'> reasons tor so
domg, wtre In ordtr"to regam I". liberty, m the
hopes 01 savmg tbe 62,000 dollars the" on Ih"
road. and to gct possessIon ot Ius vessel. (as
Lord Cocnrane "ho "as gc\tmg- under way,
tbreatened to takl: 111m to Mallllla, where hc
<aId he
bound) and under the convlct",1l
lhat a document thus obtaIned, could be of 110
.. V.ful In a court o~ Justice.
Capt. S "as U e t Ilb~rated. and lound Ihat
willie he ha 1 beel' de' aIDed a pra.oner, IllS
VelIsc! bad becn searched by Lord C.-hIS wra·
tIDg desk been brokO:1I epen. anJ Ills pravate pa.
pers 610len • aud that 11 e 62,OOf) dollal shan
been put on bO:Jrd the Frencb bClg Gazela, WI:1.
a \ Ie" to laud the same III .ome place of safety
on the coa.t, uut Lord C (who had hIS sp,es on
shore) g-e.tmg Inform ...tlon 01 tillS c,"cumst "'ce,
captmed the GazllI" and took the specIe outand on the French capt"m'. retuslng to -<lecbre
lhat It \\ .. Spanish properl}, he "as taken a
prJsonel CO"" n lhe coast to 1':lIta, w hel e Joe was
liberated on slgnmg sucb " certificate as Lord
Cochr:me .hought proper to dlclate.
Ih. Lordsbip, shortly .-.fter, :>ITIVed at Valpa.
ralSO, "here hiS b'IOty Was d"ided betw.-eo
loe Government 01 Ctllll, hlmselr, officers and
cre" >. WIthout e'l'en thejorm of a trIal.
Documents substantllltmg tbe abnve facts,
were tlOllsmltted bv Copt. SmIth to Mr HIli,
the Amencan VIce Corosul at ValparaISO.
Nl)vember 9
"TlmtmIJza&e1 OIl! M4e Bomc IJthermclt. u"
DIed, at I". house III Northampton. lmddenlJ.
on the evenmg of Ibe 7th mst. the Hon. £XUB
STRO"O, \:J.te Go,ernor of the C".nmonl>e"ltb
of MassacllOselts, kg-cd scvent)-fi'e )esrs
Dur'ng the Ssbbath pcecedmg 'he e' enn'g of
Ius de.,n, he attended publIc worsh,p, apra.
rently III h,s ubual health; but re:urmng home
,t Ihe closeofthe afternoon servIce. felt ashgbt
spasmodIC paID 111 bls sbou Ider and breast. He
thought httle oftbat howe- er, and took tea. "Ith
bis famIly as usual_ About SIX .,'clock, feehn~
" recurrence of the ram, be retired to his bt:d
nnd desIred that .. physlc,an mIght be called.
I'resently hO\'evc-, t:le pam agam a!>ated, a<1d
be conversed With h.s cb,ldren who \\ CI e pres.
ellt, wllh IllS accustomed.c:heerfulness, remark.
IIlg among otner thlOg'li, upon the mfirmltIes ot
hodv to" hlch men ot' hiS ."lvanced age were
sll"Ject - \bout se_en o'clock, be ag:lIn becam ..
somewh.t dIstressed, and tbe phYSICIan, "bo
"as then present, h"vlOg gIven hIm a few dro;>~
ot laudanum, he arose from bls bed WIth 1.he
lIlti!nllon ot preparmg to retire for tbe night;
walked WIthout asSIstance. whlcb he dechned.
to the fire stde, spoke of a feehng of coldness,
And almost lOst lOth, "Ithout tbe perceptible
mo"on of a muscle, expired
Thus tbe pubhc have to lament the death of
annther PatT.oNf the r~.btt.un. another truly
g-reut and good mull, \\ ho hdd ft:w superiors m
tl.e age ot great men til wh,ch he ltved, and who
has left few, If any, behmd hIm
SPltI~(lFInD, Xo,ember 10
DIED in tbls town, on Monday last JO"J.TnA:;
Sl'J.RUJ.WJ<. M. fro .lEt.3ll,
.. No wammg given !-uncer~tlious rat'! t
A sudden rusb lrom life's mer,rljan joys I
A wl.., from all h" lov'd ' from all be "as t
A restless bed of pam '"
Dr S. vlsIle<l a patient on Saturihymo"ung.
and was a pallent h,miClf m the afternoon_ Tbe
qll:lhtles wblch rendered hIm dear and valuable
ID the dOnY_stlc relatIons ot busliand.rid iallter
are too sacred for the columns of a newspape·.
Our socIety, of whIch be but recently Sec:lme a
memher, Will bear testimony that he was a dllr.
gent student-a skilful phYSICian-an hOliest
mal' and a pract,cal chClstlan. HIS mIld and
courteous manners-hIS ~nerou. and bene.o.
lent GlspD.;ltlon, and bL~ exemplary liie, had ",.
-en us pleasing hopes of h,s future usefuloe~s
and emmence. and It,d secured the friendship
ol:lU lit the Circle of Ius acquamtance. Long
sball \\e remember 111m and lament the
early arrival of the messenget who- summoned
him bence.
To Dry Goods Dealers.
oms. 'Jf East-Windsor, ga'l'e the rIght ha:ld of
fel1owsll1p. Rev MrF.'rdll.d,ot E",l Hartfurd,
m:ule' he concludmg prayer. Tile day WaS oJer,
favor:lble, and a numerous concourse ot peopl~
attended the solemn.tlcs With 6I'C:J.t decency aau
propriety of conduct.
EXPLOSION -E~rly cn Saturday mornIng.
the GIn tnst the exte"s"e Powder Manuiactory,
belor.,.lIIg to Jared :\I.lIs,]r 11 Caotod.tooldire,
.oS It IS supposed, from the frIctIon of (he m3chlDery. Beiore Ihe fire Was dlsco,ered. It com·
ruumcated to the powder, "hlch '" the Imll. and
In "II adjolmnS'. amounled to about
400 barrels fhe explOSIOn was of CnUl'Se Ire·
Int:udo\ls, ;.Ina \Vas dlstlocth telt and heard In
thl' Cltl On" of the "urk:nen haJjust enter.d the th-e>~olu of the door at the moment 01
tbe ex plos Ion, anD "as su s,,,erely wounded thai
he has .1I1ce dIed
A slm lar explo>lon took
place at tloe ",me mallulactory. a bule more
lhan a) eal sInce
DIED-In tbls CIty, ilIlss Ehzabetb L.ffing.
well, aged 28. ~!rs.-- Barrell, "Ifeol Jame.
3al ret~.
DlJo~D-At Wmchesler, on the 29tb ult :Jame.,
SOn ot Mr. Janu" Bragg. on the 1st fnst. of •
cancer. Mr Rn~er noot, aged 83; formerlv III
South\Hck, (M. )-At :'>ew.ltaven, (Illmols,)
~lr.l"rc<lerIck W. Buell. aged 25, only slIn 01
Mr. PItt Buell, 01 Goshen, ID thIS State -At
Mount.Vernnn. (Indlan3,) on the 28 h Sept. Ur
Nathan J. BeTlI'e\!,lormerl) of Westnn. on tl'I5
Slate -~t !'\I'ontville, 'Vllham W Haughton.
Esq ag,d 46 -!l.t HlImpton. 1\1", Mehl'abel
Phelps, age.1 61 -At Beaufort, (S C) Henry
\V ltogers.I~M} .agtd SI, late of Norwach, to
thIS State.-A Sorwlcb. Mrs Mary L. Huntmg.
ton,aged 46, "'Ife of Gen Ebenezer HuntlOg.
ton. '\lr Ehphalet BaldWin, aged 32, MISS Sal·
Iy 'VlIIsbIP. agerl 18, MISS PrISCIlla BlllIHP.
.'ged 13 ..... r.llenry n.... bv. ~ged 18, son of Mr.
Rufll5 D orby -At l\llddlc:town, :!II,ss Rosetta
De,mmg, d.ughter O[ !llr Wm Dennmg. 01
Ha.erslra\\ -'\t Gleenfidd, (Ms) Mr Calvin
L ~'1unn. a~o 51-At S'lmers, on the 5th Inst"""ph Abbett. "G'ed 46 He was mter·
red wllb :n"'-"CIC honors. Ills fr",nds "'ere all
hJS acqtr.l.llltauce, for he died \lIth-out an enemy.
lie WlIS ~ moll strlcdy moral =d I\unesl, and
"hat Is.smgular, he was born wlthm a few mIl""
01 the place or hIS deatb, where he bas ll\ed
twentv.three vears, and h.d not a relat 00 to at·
tcnd lilm III Ii", SIckness, or to pav tbe liSt trlb.
ute to hIS remalO. -At Nor-",:alk, l\lrs. M!Jry
Be'ledlct, "l."ed 38, WIle of Mr. Ravmond Bene·
dlct. Mrs Kezl.b Patnck. aged 42, wlf.. of
Mr. Stephen PatClck, Callt. D3111<:1 'Butler,a.
jred 51.-A. n:,ddm~. Mr;-- Barnum, wlCe
of Mr D,md BaMIUm -rl.t _Stamford, ;\1rs.
L\'wa Sberwood. Mr Davia ",mOlot -In Geor.
g;a, Mr Pbllo'K D,bble. aged 26, ofNe'\'town.
ID_thl,. .sta:te:-A~e.~-..e!4.. Mr,_ Gi:rs!iom
Brown,aged 60 -In H"ncoc~ counth{GeOrgta.)
HIS ~ceJlency GOV', Rabun.-In I·enn>.)llvan""
Hon SImon Snyder. aged 60-, I:ue: go,e:nor ot
tbat state
- - On board a sloop, on hIS p:lSS"ge up tue
Nortb river. 10lb lost. Hon Robert Jenk.nlS,m:l_'
or oftlteclty of Hudson
- - In England, Mr~. Weeks. aged 82, the
mother of 22 chIldren I Sbe bad attended tbe
d .. hvery of 11,000 IOfant:;
OJrlt'ty oj 6<:asouabh:
~awt;, gOW"" O(WblCh
are vi
for -airing hard timber.
G~rlD"o ~DtI en,toteel crosscut Saw••
• d cre,iJt.
Woodcutters Saws ready framed.
RattInelt. & Pdh-e c1otll' .\ corople e a.sortm~ct of other SalVs, .3.lId :11:
!ted, greco, y e,lolV and white t .annel.s.
krnd. of J omers' Tool ••
v, ..t:u BaIZeS, Ito~t BJuo!.ebi.
A quaolit, of fine Eookbrnders Twi!l.,.
F,oe and supt:rfiDe blue, black.l.: bro ....n Broad· Ca..t ,teel n, okb,nden; Krnves.
cJ ,UI".
'Valkden·. ,:enUl!te Bntlsh Inkpo"der.
Ca-.llllereS, slllgie and double wlll'd, as'orteu.
I n;:h-h ~ Dut<b QUIlls, Slates &. slate PenCll!,
SattlUct~, COlumbm nnd FOrrc,.l Cloth...
!~(lolo; f'aper ot do ~anely of different quahhe:;
9·:; aud 6·4 Can.lmc, Lello &. Iud. uook 1I-luslin. LeU" ond \\ rappm!; Paper, :Ole,e Bottom ••
L<I, ach'd and ilro",,, lush, JOen'.
Bras" AnGlro" •• hr",. bead :>bonl and Tan;&,
])". GerW!:Ill'latJlIa.:;.
.tll'l a l:tnt!ral a!"E-orUneot of IIouse FLlroJturc
S,lk alld Cotton r;",brelJas.
1II tbe H lre hoe.
Calacoe-, lmh PoplinS, Carhsle GlIIguaw·.
E .. tri./. \b:n J ron Pfat~.., tD, for 5to'l: e P1t'e5
( "--Iwer." ImItation alld ChUlti Sbawls.
A ",,-ortmeut of .plated Hames. Fur.
WIllie .. nd culor'd Bed Lace.
nIture :Uld Saddlery, at reduced pnces.
)ltus' .B~a.H:r Ghl1~CC;, aJ:~orted.
A great 'l'anely of Table KDlves,Pen aDd Pock.
Ladl.' GIO'CS, kid, .llk and ucaver.
et EnHt:c:: at very loW' p"'ccs ..
34 and 4 4 oteall1 loom SbntlO!5s.
\VoC5ted HU'lerr, a ..ort.d.
GOO J ards superfinp Kiddcrmm:;ter Carpeting ot
3~, 4, 4~ aDd 5 l' 4tk Pins and .;real l'ln<.
sapenor <{oalil}.
4-4 aod 6·4 Dlmltl"'.
400 yard- of the ~rdlnary quality, fur .ale- at
Black and c' I abbv VeI"'t ••
rf:lluced: nnrt;s
Cottoo. !lag and hlue hiliI'd BaDdaDDa.;.
Hartford: (Conn.) S()\'. 15.
4t 60
Pocket H:lDdi,.'~. 111 breat yartet'....
Iuul ..uon Sb&!tlDg>_
JltJIHOG..UJ!' at J1.UC170X.
II bIte and black '1 hule Lace.
On Thwsaay, 13!h. in.U al 10 o'clo<k, tzI Brook.
ilill. ,",raId. and GalJoon!.
1!J'1I, on Ludi,u;'s W[wif.
Quahly and Coat Bllldmg.
~.39 logs Nisao Mahogany, her Ine and superfine Tape••
lD.!; the en1Jre car;;o ofth~ bn; Charles
BobblDs, Bulton-, Silks aDd T'Hs!
lately from ::-1. DomJOS'O ThIS Wood was fe.
Dutch OJlduth., Su·pender.,
'pot, b, a person oftbe trade,wbo
WIIIl<, and colored CU(tOD Balls.
eat from hence on purpo.e. It .. <aid bJ "ood
LU1E~D Caulunc Lind Nuuti i hre..,dc:: ..
Jud~ts to ],e one of tIle handsomest """,,rlments
(;ountm~-h(Jute BOXt:E, kc. &c.
of T"ble Wood, Mottle VeDie!'!', and Crutcbes,
th~t ",er carne to thIS m ..u'!<et. Terms at .ale.
:'io. 1,2 and 3 Writing l' 'per.
New-York, Nov 12.
.bm;lt and double Cro,,-n \VrappU1~.
Bible, !;pe,l ug Eou!.: DUO MtulUw j'apt:r.
luG .b-. <trolllO 3cord jJlJ.X TWJQC
J u.t rrc<'lvet! and for ""Ie by
.s00 p.\lrs la,h~. p ..lent lined ,~loroceo Bo )t-,
em ber 16.
hv60 \
A regol" supply Gf
\Valer locID, brow!> allll toleach'u Smrtlng- a.~d
By the sub,crlber at his .tere near the MeeliDg.
Hou·e ID tb.. North Soc...t} in Ea:.t.Wint!so~'
3-4 and 4 4 Apron CI.eck<.
HilJ whole Stock in TTade,
GIC~haru:o.. Bt:"clllCX,"", Chambra~ R
Weavlll':; Yarn fr~DI No. 6. to 16
COIl".tmg of card \Vare, Groceries, Dry
:Oat~'n~tt, blUe, hleach'd and kClttlU;Yam"
Good., Olc. A ],0, the S.""" Hou'e adJolcln~
Manufactured by
.nd Land eon',-hng of about twenty-five ac~
The fIartf"rrl :Vlanutattunn.; Comphoy.
ur :J!I~ p.. rt of th .., nccommodahono according
No,. i5
to tbe WI hes of tbe parcba 'cr.
East W IIlrl'~r, N"v 15
~attn£ l!.1~1..
rt:centlJ fl.cel\ ~
JII am Street,
H ... e ,..,.-.;entl]' rec~i\'ed and offer for 6Dle,
... QualltIty of ca.t cte~1 & German stecl MIll-
arUrle:" l ur<.:h~J. ... cd wIth -':;.l~t, ~I.t Au(tion,
whIch \\llh fd~ prtlJvuS block ore VlfC:ft:'d tin
the W(lct fa,. ora.:".e it:rms Jo" c::c:;h or apptt.'\:"
M \IUUEO-!\t MIddletown, Mr Henry S.
Ward to MIS' HaJrlet S 'Vetmore. Mr Caleb
C.,wles,ol Bc::-hn, til ~lJss Anna Ellon • ~Ir Am.
... Allen. of Sprmgfield, to MISS Mary SlzerA." L)me, Mr. James ~lt1eket. of Haddam, to
M"s !\nn :l-lan",arren-At Durham, Mr Ehas
"hiler, ofColeb-nok, to ~h.. Ruth A Stron~.
lir Jolin Swathel.jr. to M,ss SophromCo'l RobInson -At Nc:w.Y..r!;:. \1r. Wllbam Michael. to
MIS. Jane H •• t!, of Nc.rwalk.-At RIdgefield,
Mr 'VIlli 1m 1..c1erto !l11's Sarah Abbott
Sanford C,!uch to Mrs. Rebecca BI~hop • Mr
Dav,d Edmonds, 10 M'as Luc) SmIth -At Sche.
nectadJ. Ht:nr) E P)I'chp.on. Esq of New·H.
,en. to \lors ~1a.J Murdoel;; -At New.York,
George Ho ,d:y, E,q Pres dellt of the Eagle
Bank, N'e-A:-B:u;en, to MIS. !\1ary Ann Scarbo.
:-ougb,daugbterof W W Woolse), E.&q.-At
Nortb-!.\jJ!fi r<l, Mr Chas. W> Ihs Ailen. 01 New_
H1vcn. to i\lIss Lucy B. And;:"'ws -At Hamder..
!VIr. Alfrc:d Blissett. to M,ss CbloeG,lbe.t.-A'
Llttle·Compton. (R I) Pardon Bro .. n. E.q ~t
Gla.tenbury. to !,-lr. Ellzabetb Church.
AS Ju<t receIVed a new 'u!,ply or DItY
GOO])S, eOIlSJ·thlg of alm".t e'ery artlde ,ullable for the pre..,ot and appro ..cblll~
ea;' n, "llIcb he uffers unusually low far ca.lJ
The arlrcle of Bombazct., It '" I clle'ed, low.
er oy the pl~e or yard UI:U, ever ba'l'e beCli vf.
fen-ti lD tiu~ marKet.
Hartford, Nov. 15.
SOAP and CAN D L E~ .
50 Box~s White Soap, su," fo. Clvlh
Notice to Manufacturers.
,t. T a i\Ieettug ut .he CJIIZt.":l9 OrBarff~d,-m_
."1: tere.t~d In tloe Cllcoura;;ement of Domcr.tie
.lauufacturI:!'. It "'as
.. Rr:;(}l~fdJ ': hat the Cammlttee Dotify a ~eo­
eral m..a.... .!' of Ibt' delegates trom the "".erat
tOWDS'lU thls.. !tare, and 5Qcb o(tbe De1gbbGT1D&:
countlel'l of ..."a~s~cha!elt.5, as f~e: Inte""ested ill
manufactllres." {or tbe parpo..e of urulmg- WIth
lbuse In other "tates, {htl Vlog UJe ~ame View",) in
is pelJb.oa (0 Congress lor rehef from th",r pres....t embarra.·.ments." said meetio~ will be bolden at toe City Hotel, In UJ1l; City. on W"does~a) the &th dAy of Dec. rrext, at 10 o'clock,
ler's an-i PaP':r-:\laker':I us~ ..
20 boxes Scent.d Wblte Saar, for fam,ly use. • :.JrCQoon, at wluc.h a J:'enera.l 3tb~Dd~nce..1S zoe:'0 bo:xes Sha nog Soap.
WAIID \Voon:&R1DGE, ~
100 bOlles Yellow Bar Soap
:'1ould and DIpped CANDLES
'VA.LT:E& ~IlTcn:eLL
}o'or S .. le by
Hartfor". N, 1'2
Wbo continue to pay Ca.<hfor Tried aDd R.oo,;h
T,\LLOW on debvery.
Family A,bes and Grease,
""d LarJ "anted,as lI'Ual.
Har1f. rd :'<0'. 15.
. ~ LU Li K, &{:. .
Rbls. superfine Richmonu
and New·Yvrlc FLOUR.
.I1lsa, Iln addilitmaL StLppl!J oj
J lI,t recC1reci and for sale by
Hartford, Nov,mber 15.
Boxes, 10 Casks Lump Suo
,;ar,Just rece" ed, for -ale by
lo.\TA:l~allzJ(:rl"'tely, :r;
teach a dl.:ru:t Scb~ol. Ooe :who can
c ,me v.ell recommeeded ior a !;Ood moi'aJ'Cha.
mcter and competent to teach r"adieg', "ritJn)!,
antillllt.iic. Ecghslt srammar and seograplo;r.
WIll J'CC(:Jve gellerous .. ages. Apply t.,
CerIso, (~ew BrltaHJ"()("I":~) X .v. Ii.. ~w
lX mODtll .. lruw \Ll:' ddt~art: ...J,l"nVt"d 'Y the
b'm. court of I'r~bat -, for tbe dlStr,ct of
r..a!'t-WJIld.or. f"r the ""ttlemeot of til" estate
of El':Jalr. Elmer, late of I:.ast. WlDci'<lr, dece~_
ed: <\11 perso"" havID:: claim. "-I;aInst eatate are noUfied to e:thiblt them, prt)pe1'ly at.
tested, w1thlll the Umo liDlltep, or Iher -.viii be
debarred a recoveoy. A tl penop. IDdebted to
saId estate are re<;oested to make _edillte
payment to
S~L EL:I!ER, Jr. Admicl.t'r.
East-'VIDd'or, i'i(Jv. 2, 1819.
o IICB I· herehy ;;1\ cO to tbe creditor. of
tbe ,,<late of JO!iATH.4!!l HERRIcx, late
of CO\cotry, deceaJ!ed, repreoented IDsolveet,
that .. " months from tile dale bereo~i. bmited
by tbe Hon. Court 01 Probate fol' the t!rstri....t of
Hebron, for ""it:: credltor~ to exhib,t thetr claim"
~"'lI1~.t said estate to the sub.cnber.;, nppoIoted
commlS<tvner< to receive and adJUst the same.
We Will attend to the buCIDe.s of our appolut_
R1en~ lit tbe house of Johr. Clark, 00 the first
Tue!Oday m December aDd May next, at 9 0"
clock '\. If "n cach of'a1d days.
Co/ ~a1 B .-.gluur., '2
J arne> W71l1e,
S CommlsSlOIlers.
Co, entry, No\" 9, ;<l19.
1tH.. tio.. c.;ourt 01 Probate lor the WHnct
of Waterbury hath allowed SIX moetbs
from thi· date for tl:e creditors to the ""bte of
ELAM ATW~TER,.llIte of PIJ11Ioatb, dcceal!ed,
to exhlhlt thcIr (',a I!tis aga.-ust s:ud estate. AI'
pe ... ons lI,debted ta s:m! estate are requested to
make Immedlatt' pal meot.
Ply mouth, No .... 8. 1819.
Nov. G -AlUl1n:D, sloops JuIJa.Ann. Crosb.
Illmstable;; Hercul~, Par'
kel", do, j,'lrleha, "lureer, New.York. Geol'!:e.
superfine Alexandria
- - , Bamstable; scbl'S Hope, Balter, Yar.
moutb. LllJe\, Huck, New.York. FrIendshIp.
10 half
__• New.H:t\en • • Ioops None,. Fnrmer, Pro.
JUbt received aed for .ale by
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Iv,dence. Volan~ Ste'er., New·York, schrs
Hero, - - , Barnstable, Durcas Hawes, Cbose. Nn'l'. 16.
Tbe nlans of the Re\"oluMnists are in full
operationtbroughout tbe couatry. One of
For Alexandna
&i.kd, sloop D., 111, l'",,,e, New.Ha'l'en.
7 -Sailed, sloop ElIza.Ann, Snow.l.)artmou:h
tbe meaDS adopted by tbe discontented, for
The ~hooner ELIZA &: NA:>I(JY,
tbe spread of sedition is, the employing the
Legislature of New·Jr:rsey, NtnJ 2.-'l'be 8.-Saikd, sebrs. Ansoo, Treat. Charleston.
T. WhIte, Jr. waster, ,VII. "",I the
Rebecca.and.EIrzabetb. Wardwell, - - , sloop
bawkers, aad flying stationers, to sing aDd
Illstant, h3.s half her frel;;bt ea·
House took up the resolutioD offered yesVolant. Sle'l'en$. Glas·e."tbury.
~ell sangs, ID honouroftbcir idol, Hunt.-a ...~n; fur, or pauagf',
,• .I1fuU, true, and correct List of the Names
h ..vlU'; good accommodatIOn', apply on board,
iug of the public bIlls during the sesston or ler. Excbange, - - - . do. syren, Grl." old., or to
rif the Palriots butchered a.t Manchester, price
Mor""n.street, Nn,ember 15.
only one penny," i, publickly crlcd in the
the ICgJslature, and .he ~cas aDd n~s being
StUled, sloops Industry, Ashley, New·London;
streets; as IS also a large sbeet ofpaper con:
For WIL.'IlI .....G: /J';ve,
required therean, it \V.'S decided in the ar. RI.lng Star. LewIS. narnstable.
taiaJOI; thc aames of the Manchester Yeo·
10 -.!lrr::ved, schr RIchmond, Waterman,
Bl'ig SYDNEY~ C. p.
firmatlve as follows. [Herefallows a list t1
manry. A new song has just made Its ap·
SmIth, .1 ...·ter, WIll -all about
the yeas and na.ys] Yeas 2, NaY5 18.
pearance, being 3 sort of Radical Fashion
Sailed. sloop LIlley. lIuck,l\ew-York.
the 25th of tbe present month:
List m rhyme. The men are recommend·
12 -Satled, sloops Support, Snow,---;
The proposals as explal',ed to the house
For Ir I~bt or I"',,<age apply to
ed in it to "ear "hite bats, WIth a green
J OSrA.B SAGE, ~. Iddletowu tJ p.
before thl: takmg the question were, I. I.
band; and green rlhbands and gowns are reFalmouth
Hoases, c.r to BROvr.i aoa
Wilson oifer.. d to pnnt the bIlls for eight
.ilrn-ved, sloop Burdett, Games, New.York.
('ommeDded to the woml'n, as a proper
SAVA.GE. Hartrord.
hadge of their reformatioa I The son,; has
dollars the sheet, and G,·or.;e Sherman of·
Novemh(-r 15.
just .been put IOta my bands; It IS cntatled
fered to do tbew for sil\: dollal'$, OD typ" of
J. It WOODBtUDGE and Co.
PlautIJ of Peterloo, and tbe follolVlOg are a
the same size; but the ClajoClty 'oted iD fa.
fe,v of tbe ver~es_
EQUEST all persolls mdcolcd to t.!Jem to
VO'lr of eight dollars !
make Immediate payment.
The 10th day of Augus(, eighteen hundred and
Hartinrd, :-Iov. 15.
OTICE " hereby grven, That I Rbooa
Tbe abo\'e rare instance of economy ,,,e
1 \V IlIlaJJtS, Guanhan tOe Marv ""illialllS
J wt Puhh,/wf, and fer sale bg
Tbere many a tbousand people m ever) road
extracted from a New·Jersey paper. ID
L. \\ Illiams and Ralph 1". Williams:
was seen,
PETEl~ B. GI,E.ol.SON It CO.
these hard times we- were qUIte at a 10.5 to
mID Jr chIldren of 'Willes W,lhams, late of We_
From Stockport. OJdhsm, and Ashton, and oth.
REPLY to tbe statemeDt of Mr. Darllel
Ihersfield, d~cea.ed, have !hi> day filed my Pe~
er places too,
account for thiS cODd uct ID the legIslature of
Slnoky-.-Parker, In a lale pubhca'loo, entlll~'1
llUSTON, Nov 12
Utlon before the h~n. coart of probate {or the
It was tbe largest Meetmg Reformers ever knelv.
., ProscnptJOn deheeated" By Jo.eph Har.
that republican state. Can I~ be that tbi s
of Hartford, ;:::>;;"'g for hbertv to ~ll
Cborus -Now here'a to Hunl and Johnston.
\ey, a Mlnls!er or the North AS'oclation of two certatn tract. of land, one of wh,ch pieces •
The circumstances 'J.lendmg the late robbery elght-dallar geDtlI:maa was preferred be·
And all tnat takes Ibelr port,
commItted by Lord Cochrane havmgexclted
lylQg m SaId Wethersfield, the other in Glasten_
C"I';';ca~r-.-Aod tor our Rlgbts and LIbertIes,
conSIderable soo...t,on. The foUowm'g statement cause he hdaags to a particular denommabury; bolh ID saId county of llartford, owlled
We'll jam bot!l band and heart.
01 facts, from an autbentJc soqrce, may not be tion in religion or pohtJes-or because he is
uy ':ud mlDoes as tenants 10 ~ommoo, both PICBrave Hunt h~ was appointed tbat day to take unacceptable to tbe publIC
contamInI; al»ut "'ght acres; 'Whicb peti1 seDato~ m the ~enate of the U. States' Is
tbe chaIr,
Tbe brig Macedonlan, Captatn Eliphalet
mIl,s m Glastenbury, or at S~ymoar,' tJOn by o.<ler of >ald court IS "'~l;ned to be be:ird
At one o'clock he d,d arrhe, our shouts did Smltll, sailed from Boston 10 Feb. 1818, bound It so that laws \~iIl be north £5 perceDt. 0ffers/oT Sale, (al Ihe Store latel!! ~rcup,ed by
.ilJ.esSTS Woodbnclge 8; Talrot',)
mil,s, Hartford.
at the probale office In Hartford, On the sccolld
rend tbe aIr ,
Ii .. the PaCIfic Ocean and Canton, WIth a cargo more wheD prlDted by a senator than wben
1 bale best I!;n~lish Feltings,
BROWN and Sin' \GE.
~ronday of January lIellt, at:2 o'clock in the
Some tIamsel8 f"lr, m white :md green, near the of dry goods, amountlllg to 120 000 dollars.
at "web time and place all penoD:;
puhlished by a mere 'prmter , or that because
hustmgs 8tood,
After touch 109 at ValparaISO ana Coqmmbo,
1 "
Flannel-, nssorted colors,
'WA!'o"TED al-o, a quantity of T ,\LLO'V el' aU:re.ted lI1"y appear aod ~ I:eard thereon.
And httle dId we all expect to see such scenes (where some trIflIng sales were made) that f:entlemaa caD earn eIght dollars a daJ'
1 ca.."C supenor Sntholett.,
ther 'n the rou~h or reude ....d
Smith proceeded to Calla", tbe seaport ot Ltma. 1\ ben In hi' seat, tbat tberefore e\ ery sheet
1 " Amerlcao GJDgh:tm<,
v.;e th
rl 0
Now here's, &:c.
ersficl. C;~;;;;~8'9".
6(1 _
where be sold hIS e"rgo to the agents of tbe
he pnnts IS worth that mODey ? We would
Scarcely had Hunt beg:J.n to .;:eak, tbree cheers Phllippme Company for 145,000 dollars.
"'" Ju.t puhlisbed and for.rue by
was :111 the cry
The exportatIon of specIe bemg prohibited I" helle. e any thing of this sort rather than
TICkIDg', Peh'<e WaddlDg", Cotton Batts,
GEORG~ GOODWIN & SONS, Turnpike Corpora:iOD, 'are berebjrllotllied that
IVI"" 10 .hOIlt for 'We l,ttle kne-w, but st,ll .",e d.d neutral vessels at that time, Oile condItIon of the suppase that the legislature of New-Jel'llev
sale was, that the amount should be paId on
ShIrting<, S!JeetJD~" alld Sewmg SIlks.
THE F'.n.AR LrJ,
~'fERS' AL;!.-T AN; C their annual ruc,,\.lQZ wIll be h<JldeD at the dwel.
lr.l.L:l..1.:A. , hog·hou"" of Asa Baud, E.a.. 10 Becket, CIII
lIe SaW the enemIes surround, be firm, saId he, board the Macedonlan m Callao, at the risk of
my friends,
I u<,day the 210t day of December ne,,!., at ten
the purcbases, m other words tbe rIsk of con. ingeDlous legislature 1'1 hose Toleration was
Bllt Ilttl'!stlIl we dId el:pect the':- base and cru- III .hlpplDg the specIe was to be taken
Silver and Gilt Watches,
O'CIOC" In the for~Mo", for the followm; jlurpomade
I 'es, \Ix. 1. To choo.;e a Presideot, ViTec:tors,
el (;nds.
by them
Nov 15.
O,-namrnt"! telth Il /uz.ndsorn':., cttlfor each mrmlh.. and otbe. ollicers or Ihe corooratroll fortlie year
Now bere's,o.c.
Pre, 10US to tbese condlfions bem&',' comphed doors the Constables o("tbe town, to make
[Pn!,e I_b_ o'nts '1n~le-~7 perhundre<!.)
eo.ulOg. Z fo exam,De and allow nc:cormtsThen to tbelr hateful work they went, and \\'Itb. tbe port of GaU"o \'1":15 blo"",,.aed by tbe room for faVOrite.> "no should do the same
TAt:'iING Ihe uoual matter of an Almn wblch may be .exillbrted at ""Id meel.:Dg So
Cluitan squadron, u~der Lord Cochrane, and all
slang-bter dealt arounel.
~erHce under the more .:ourtly title of 1\resB I I 0
oac, and a ..el<:ctloo of u.eful expenmt:nts 1'0 ••.., If the corporat..,,, WIll a.•..,"" a tax ol1'Xl
~o tIme for flIght was gtVen us. 710 .I1ct at all the neutrals ordered out, wltb perm ..s on to go
In busblJldry, wltb h.nts, ob5ervatIous and '~I' tbe ,bol..". h>r tI.e pucpo"" o( pa,mg the debts
to tbe port of Guermez, about 70 leagues nortb sengers of the House.
'Was read.
.to farmers, IIpon ti,e nature 01 DOW e" ..lm~ a,,,,mst them, and for the l'Uf?OSo
But heaps on heaps was trampled do~n. some ofLlma.
~cr do.
~od.,z, compo~ .. ~Dd manure!,- and the mo. . t utle- of rtpatnn,.: tht' road, 'W:.. .tf. Co tl"i!tlsact any
On ~he nrrtval of the Macedonran at thiS port,
INSTALLA.TION -On Wednesday the 3d
"ounded and some dead
!:!O do.
ful and profitable crops. Also, ""!'SlOns
the ollier 1,U>II.e.S which 1ZOlIJ be ~~ "
Copt SmIth had no otber means lett to get big lOstant, tile Rev Bela "ollogg Was msi.,lled tbe
8;c &.C &c
~O Barrers good :tpple',
court,., mformatioll respedio<: probate bu<ioe.... < ud day.
-1 roper 00:
funds, except t:lkmg them b) land from LI:TIa to '[,"Isler of the rJlIrd Church and SOC1et~ In
rcry USefUL to those enlrust,tlwuh the s;;[Jlcm/!'u
Mr HaIlock,ofCarnon
From the JIi"e-",.1"ort; DQ,Iu.!ld
G"ermez, to effect which WIth • ,fe.y. lIe ob. l-'~rmmgton. The
oj ."fa,,,,; r:,tes of pO·I ....~e, "celpts and r~·
L«nc,x. Nev. 8. lBH;
p ;:;,,~O
tamed::t reg1l!ar pass m hiS own n tmt:, and a m.d,. the mlrOOIJ~torv prayer. Rev. Mr Po..,,,,; gIven, Ifotl'ered' Immedmtely. Apply to
mark< \-~Iuable fur domestIc purpose-, .l.:c. ~c.
I"J-'P. 4 __ ( '
X. ~
The cstabllshmentof the new St:tte ofMame, perm ISS on f~om the Vlee limg, and haVing' 01 Farming'onJpreAeh~t'd the sermon,from , Cf. ....
.11 ISO,
.OO1)WL'V.," ~ONS will nav fimsbes the the expecbbOlls, and I:loses tI e settled b,s aecollnts, and received IllS I 3: Rev. D- Pcrkans of West.Hartford, m I it" or 00 bo~rd 'chooDcr Carohne, Capt. PallOer,
U v " 'J
l'ro~ect, of any future SimIlar ~ent on thIS suie (rom tbe Phlhppme Companv, all responMbult) (lie lIlstalbn~ pr3~"". Rev. Mr-. St:!bb,' 5.01 IJlll,t;at Lyman'. Wharl.
Beers' and Allen's Almaoal", I.'asr. for C:' c!! ~ates.. a.."ld oilier;si"; .:of t ,e Poto:n:r.c, and I'~rhaps on tllls SIde the, on tbelr D:ttt ",as,of course, :In cr.d.
·Nes:.n.,en, gM'C the charS"'; 3co; i'tlr. Rob.
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Asrricultu.ral Almanac.
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