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FALL 2012
View from the Top
It has been four years since Ann and I moved into our unit in
Park Vista. I know that some of you have resided one year or
longer in Festival Estates. I am writing these observations
about two weeks prior to the Annual Condominium Meeting
so I suppose things I cover may require some updating but
here goes.
As you walk around our environs you will see a number of changes. The new road on the east
side of Bedford Village is well under way. Given the speed of oncoming traffic as you turn left
off Sherwood Drive onto Festival way, I think I’ll try coming North on the new road and left
onto Festival Way to get home.
We recently met to approve the budget for next year which has been covered by Doug Porter
elsewhere. At that meeting we talked about a few items of other business. The fact that we
lacked a policy covering the length of stay in our guest suites was discussed and it was decided
that a three-day limit plus a possible on time extension would be appropriate. A request for a no
idling area in front of Park Vista was also discussed. The Board was unanimous that we don’t
need to post more signs for people to ignore but it is common courtesy not to gas out our main
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Dollars & Sense – Doug Porter, Treasurer
Another year in the books (pun for a financial person) has concluded and we now fast
forward to the new business year of our condo corporation. In my view we are well on
the road to achieving what I refer to as “financial security”. This term I coined upon
becoming Treasurer a couple of years ago. The 2012/13 financial plan approved by
the Board and presented at the AGM ensures continuation of positive action toward
this goal.
Of particular note is the decision to increase Capital Replacement Reserve Fund
allocations thereby bringing funding levels closer to the recommendations of the 2010
Reserve Fund Study. The impact of this decision is the principal need for the condo fee adjustment
effective October 1st.
On the Operations side of things the majority of the year-to-year expenditures are becoming
consistent. For the most part 2012/13 budget increases in this area reflect price level changes only.
Several actions such as the on-going saga of “construction deficiency cleanup”, finalization of a cost
sharing agreement with Bedford Village and the need for engagement in planning for “Reflections” –
next phase of our condominium development - will require significant focus for the new Treasurer.
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FALL 2012
Do You Know?
The Centre Point –
Electronic Edition
The Centre Point is available on our website now
located at www.citpcondos.com . Save on paper and
printing costs by viewing on line!
Strathcona Condominium Association
A number of Strathcona County
condominium homeowners and residents
have started meeting to discuss areas of
common concern - particularly issues
specific to our county. If you are
interested in joining in on these
gatherings watch for notices of meeting
dates and times on our website.
Guest Suite Facts
Did you know that bookings have increased
substantially since the rate was lowered to
$25 per night? Park Vista’s suite has been
occupied for 50 nights so far since January
this year and Festival Estates, because of a
long-term booking, has exceeded that. Book
early to avoid disappointment.
If you want to book these facilities contact
Richard Tesche (Festival Estates) at 780288-1624 or e-mail [email protected]; or Bea
Fredericks (Park Vista) at 780 449-1333 or email [email protected]
The Board is in the process of considering a
policy regarding the length of stays in the
guest suites.
Bedford Village Amenities
Community Access to Bedford Village
An information
session was held at
Bedford Village, in
July, to learn about
Center in the Park
Community access to
their dining room and
amenities. Manager
Stephen Blackie mainly discussed the use of the dining
room and building access. Amenities include an exercise
room, library/puzzle area, craft room and theatre. A
“family gathering” type of room, situated above the dining
room with a balcony looking onto the County building,
can be rented.
Non-Bedford residents are eligible to participate in
events listed on their monthly social calendar not
highlighted in yellow. They are not eligible for Inspired
Living Programs.
Private pay services such as foot care, massage therapy
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What’s Happening at ABJ?
Pattie Denos, the community relation’s officer for Elk Island Catholic
School informs that ABJ will be vacant this term. More details will be
coming shortly. We have enquired about use of the parking lot while the
FALL 2012
Future Development Coming
to Our Area
Christenson Developments will soon launch construction of the third
building of our Condo Association, named “Reflections”. It will be
a six-story steel and concrete building to go between Festival Estates
and Prairie Walk. There will be a total of 75 suites once completed.
Current plans are to commence construction this fall with
completion expected Spring/Summer of 2014.
Everyone is welcome to drop into the Sales Centre on the corner of Festival Way and
Sherwood Drive. It is Open 1-6 pm Monday – Friday and Weekends 1-5 p.m. A model onebedroom show suite is now in place, which shows the standard finishing specifications.
Anyone with questions should contact Karey Lear - 780-975-8866 or [email protected]
View from the Top - continued
floor residents so we would ask
your assistance in this.
Many of you suffered through a long period over the unusually hot and humid summer, when
our cooling loop in Park Vista was operating poorly. Eventually a worn impeller on the pump to
the cooling tower was isolated and replaced. A number of residents survived the heat by keeping
their doors ajar, myself included.While this provided some relief it also compromises the
building systems, which include a positive hallway pressure. Therefore there is now a
moratorium on propping open hall doors. Coincidental with the cooling problem a number of
residents had their heat exchanger units checked out by a firm recommended by DelCasa. After
the impeller was changed I had a puff of Freon added to our unit and that has made a big
difference in the functioning of our heat exchanger.
In the course of his maintenance of our unit the technician removed some shipping brackets,
which did not allow the compressor to float on its suspension springs. They should have been
taken out when CDL’s contractor first installed the units. This subject will be on our next agenda
for discussion with CDL.
Speaking of CDL you may have seen some materials placed at the west end of the fencing
behind Festival Estates. This is evidence that we will see some action starting up towards the
construction of the Reflections condo. This will give us all something to watch over the next two
years. Your Board’s goal is to make this period as painless as we can but that may be asking a
As you read this we will have a new Board in place with some new faces in a number of
positions. A number of residents stepped up to the challenge I have made to get involved in
Board matters. The condo owners have voted them in and I trust you will lend your support to
the new Board just as you have in the past.
FALL 2012
Dollars and Sense – continued
As most of you are aware I have decided to take a “vacation” from Board membership. It is my belief
that each of us has a responsibility to serve the community in some capacity. We have chosen to live
in a condominium style home, not a retirement complex (e.g. Bedford Village). While the
condominium style does relieve us from some of the household tasks required by persons of a single
detached residential dwelling, it does not free us to the point of no responsibility nor is it feasible for
all of those responsibilities to be contracted out. While many hesitate, perhaps feeling inadequate for
roles that need to be undertaken, the truth is there is great talent within our community, as well,
training seminars are provided by the Canadian Condominium Institute for which the corporation is a
member. I encourage everyone to consider his or her commitment to our lifestyle choice and to
choose to become involved.
Recyling Readiness – Fran Turner
Last spring Strathcona County held an information session at County Hall to present ideas
to condominium boards and residents regarding recycling options. The presenters
indicated that within the next few years County Council will be passing a bylaw requiring
some form of recycling compliance by all condominiums. A number of possibilities were presented, but
there has been no decision made regarding implementation. Currently there are several townhouse style
condominiums in Sherwood Park involved in pilot recycling projects.
Some residents in Park Vista and Festival Estates collect and recycle materials by taking them to a
Strathcona County Recycling Station. For those who wish to start recycling, the Strathcona County
website has a list of recyclables and the complete address of the station which is located north of the
Baseline Transit Centre. Look under Waste Collection and Recycling to access this information. This is
not the Green Routine, which is curbside pickup for private residential only. Also note that every two
weeks until October 20, an Enviro Event is held at the Streambank Recycling Centre at 420 Streambank
Avenue for residents to take hazardous waste items that are not suitable for the regular Recycling Station.
A list of these items is on the website along with a calendar and map.
Future Centre Point newsletters will present other recycling opportunities.
Park Vista Social Fund Grows
Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in our last Christmas raffle. We have
$315.00 in our fund, which should cover the cost of a new Christmas tree for our
foyer. This will be purchased shortly.
FALL 2012
Bylaw Review
The Ins and Outs of Moving
accommodation to residents with mobility
challenges. This is particularly important in
Festival Estates where there is but one elevator.
If you leave the building while still in the
process of the move, please ensure the elevator
is unlocked and the service switch turned to the
off position to allow resident use.
Owner responsibilities…
Notice of intent to move must be submitted 7
days prior to the move date to DelCasa
Management (DC). This notice can be via email
[email protected] or phone 780-413-0085.
Security must be provided when any exterior
door is open for movement of furnishings.
The owner or owners’ representative must be
present at all times at that entrance being
utilized for the move.
After your notice is received you will receive
confirmation from DC. Owner is then required
to present a refundable damage deposit of $250
to DC at #250, 5405 – 99 Street, Edmonton,
Alberta and complete the necessary paperwork.
This damage deposit will be returned when it
has been established that no damage has been
done to the common areas during the move.
DO NOT leave doors propped open or
unattended at any time during the move.
Owners’ representative cannot be the tenant.
If you are using the elevator during the move a
key to lock it off must be picked up at DC. A
further $100 refundable deposit for the key is
required at that time which will be refunded
upon return of the key and with no damages to
the elevator.
No move-in/out to start before 9:00AM and
must be completed before 8:00PM
Ensure doors are securely fastened and locked,
immediately upon completion.
If common property damage occurs or the
elevator key is not returned, your move deposit
will not be refunded and you may be liable for
any damages exceeding the deposit.
Both deposits can be either cash or a cheque – made
out to Condominium Corporation No. 052 3767.
If you are renting…
Owners who are renting their suites must
complete the tenant information form prior to
the move. The renters must then follow all the
rules that otherwise apply to owners.
Considerations during the move…
During your move please be considerate of
residents at all times. This includes using the
elevator in the timeframes, which have been
booked, and making reasonable
FALL 2012
evitable change of seasons is quickly approaching. So are we ready? Have we taken care of ensuring
everything around our property is ready to handle the challenges ahead?
The following list of things to consider, while not exhaustive, it may help to protect you and your
condo home against the elements
o Check caulking
o Check fireplace exhaust vent
o Check range hood filter
o Service heat pump and humidifier (Cold Front Refrigeration – 780-486-4002)
o Check exterior finishes and report problems to DC
o Check windows and screens
o Check weather stripping
o Check doors
o Check range hood filter
o Check furnace filter
o Store deck hoses and shut off all outside water supply (hose bibs)
o Check and secure deck items
Snowbirds Only
o Check range hood filter
Turn off water supply to clothes
o Check furnace filter
washer and refrigerator if equipped
o Check for condensation and excess humidity
Turn off gas supply to fireplace &
o Check air ducts
o Check furnace filter
o Check range hood filter
Arrange for movement of vehicle(s)
o Check humidifier
in parkade for purposes of parkade
o Check furnace filter
o Check heat pump and humidifier
o Check range hood filter
Many of us wait for things to go awry before we take action and become upset when informed it will
be several days/weeks before the needed service person can provide help us when things have broke
By taking timely maintenance and readiness steps most of this anguish can be avoided.
Happy Winter!
FALL 2012
Bedford Village Amenities - continued
and the hair salon would be subject to availability. Special meals, such as Sunday
Brunch, is one such event that requires signing up in advance as space is limited in the
dining room and residents living in Bedford Village would have priority on all activities.
Indeed sign-up and meal choice is necessary prior to 10 a.m. same day of service and that
will change to 24 hour notice eventually.
For Dining Room access only
A yearly maintenance fee of $50 for 2012 is required. An electric key for building access
through the parkade pedway is available with a refundable deposit: 2012 rate is $100.
Meal receipts are issued at the time of eating and the cost will be deducted monthly from
your bank account. To process payments they require a completed Personally Approved
Payment form.
For Building Access and Amenity Use, including Dining Room
A yearly maintenance fee for this service is required: 2012 rate is $169. A refundable
deposit for the entrance fob is required: 2012 rate is $100.
Anyone wishing to access services and amenities at Bedford Village need to meet
individually with Stephen by contacting him by phone at 780-449-4216 or by email at
[email protected] For those who have already contacted Stephen and
expressed an interest have been or will be called. He had planned to do this in August but
due to staffing issues, he has been unable to meet this commitment.
To George, Al and Doug for late at night, on-site security when PV parkade door was
damaged and wouldn’t close
To Dave and Celina for the great handyman and condo cleaning jobs they do for all
of us
To retiring board member Doug for the time and talents given
To new board and committee volunteers mentioned throughout the newsletter
To Myrna Toronchuk - we so enjoy the ever-presence of the fresh flower
arrangements in the front foyer of Park Vista
To the friendly newspaper delivery people on each floor and in each building
To organizers of social events providing events where we get to know one another
FALL 2012
Wrapping Things Up
We hope you embrace Centre Point’s new format!
Thanks to Doug Porter for his willingness to learn some technology about newsletter
publishing and to Fran Turner for her willingness to learn about web technology and freeing
Doug of Webmaster duties, our team is once again able to offer written communications for
the residents and owners of our condominium. We miss Mary Rymar, former publisher and
newsletter contributor, who succumbed to lung cancer in June.
It has been stated that a picture is worth a thousand words so in the spirit of thinking green
and in an effort to make reading material more interesting, we would like to utilize more
photographs. We would welcome a photographer to join our team and at the least for anyone
to submit interesting photographs and reflections about condo life at Centre in the Park.
Submit your willingness to volunteer by email [email protected]
The Centre Point Team
Diane Porter – Editor
Norma Solleveld – Reporter
Bea Fredericks – Reporter
Susan Smith – Reporter
Debbie Mohn – Reporter
Fran Turner – Web Master
Doug Porter - Publisher