Principal’s Welcome Letter! Academy Teachers

Academy Teachers
Mrs. Armacost - Geometry, Rm #104
Room Phone: (858) 484-1300, x3014
Email: [email protected]
Mrs. Ashton - Elective & Math, Rm #402
Room Phone: (858) 484-1300, x3042
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Frost - 6th Grade Basic Ed, Rm #EB11
Cell Phone: (858) 243-8778
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Garner-Paine - 7th Basic Ed, Rm #203
Cell Phone: (858) 472-9010
Email: [email protected]
Mrs. Hudson - 7th/8th Math, Rm #808
Cell Phone: (858) 248-7931
Email: [email protected]
Principal’s Welcome Letter!
For those of you I have not
had the pleasure of meeting
yet, my name is David Hall.
As most of you already know,
I am coming back to BMMS
after working in the San
Dieguito Union High School
District for the last ten years.
Before leaving the district I
was the assistant principal at
BMMS. I am joined by two
new faces who will be our
Assistant Principals, Teresa
Palzkill and Casey Curringan.
We have enjoyed getting to
know the students in the
Academy’s program. The
commitment they show to
their education is evident
every time we walk into a
classroom. These students
are living the pillars for success.
teerism we require from our
families. This commitment is
vital to our success. When
this partnership between the
Academy and the families we
serve is strong,, student
achievement is also strengthened. All of us who are new
to BMMS are committed to
listening to and learning from
the families who make up the
Academy. Please remember
your volunteer hours can be
served through working with
the PTSA or the Foundation. I
am working with these
groups to increase parent
involvement with our school
and to make sure we remain
responsive to your ideas and
I will be working with Mr.
Moore to insure that we build
on the success of the Academy. Our high expectations
extend to us as profession-
Mrs. Lorenz - 6th Math/Science, Rm #EB12
Cell Phone: (858) 442-1926
Email: [email protected]
The importance of our parent
commitment to the Academy
is realized through the volun-
Mrs. Menk - 8th Basic Ed, Rm #401
Cell Phone: (858) 248-2162
Email: [email protected]
Back to School Night
Mr. Moore - 7th Basic Ed, Rm #806
Cell Phone: (858) 243-8779
Email: [email protected]
Miss Nolasco - 6th Math/Science, Rm#805
Cell Phone: (858) 243-8780
Email: [email protected]
Mrs. Page - 6th/7th Science, Rm #810
Cell Phone: (858) 243-8777
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Pillsbury - 6th Basic Ed, Rm #807
Cell Phone: (858) 243-8781
Email: [email protected]
David Hall—BMMS Principal
als. We are committed to
improvement and making
the Academy even more
successful than it is currently. Your continued interest and support is necessary
for this to happen. We had a
smooth opening of school.
Students and staff are very
energetic and happy to be
back. I am looking forward
to a great year.
David Hall, Principal
Black Mountain Middle School
Wednesday, September 6th @ 6pm is Back to School Night.
This is MANDITORY ACADEMY EVENT. An adult representative, of every Academy student, must be present.
Come and visit your student’s classrooms, meet their teachers, find out valuable information about course curriculum
and classroom specific topics, and get to know their daily
schedule and routine. Participate in question and answer
sessions with teachers and sign up for teacher conferences.
Please remember Back to School
Night is an obligatory Academy event
and provides an immeasurable opportunity for parents to learn what to
expect this academic year. Thank you
in advance for taking an active role in
your student’s education in the
Soar with us!
Teacher List,
Principal’s Welcome,
Back To School Night
Mr. Moore’s Message,
Weekly Schedule,
Attendance Procedures
New Teachers
Nutrition Class,
Alternative Programs,
Academy Calendar
Mr. Moore’s Message
Hello Academy Families,
We are also attempting to
It is great to be a part of the improve communication
Academy team. I’m looking through this monthly newsforward to seeing you all at letter. Academy parent
Laura Nagro has been inBack to School Night, on
dispensable in making this
September 6.
My roll, in The Academy,
I would like to thank all of
has changed this year. I
you who have volunteered
am still a 7th grade Basic
during the summer and fall.
Education teacher and
have added the position of I can honestly say we have
a wonderful group of parAcademy Administrative
Coordinator. In this capac- ents who are motivated to
meet their Academy comity, I hope to manage all of
mitment. This publication
our programs so teachers
lists many of the ways you
can focus on teaching.
can participate as a volunteer.
One of my goals is to improve communication with
We also have a strong
parents. I hope you have
group of dedicated teachbeen receiving email from
ers. We featured some of
me. If not, contact me at
[email protected] or the new ones in this newsletter. They are truly commy Academy cell phone
mitted to providing your
Dennis Moore— Academy
Administrative Coordinator
children with a special
learning experience.
I look forward to a wonderful year with you and
your children
Dennis Moore
Communication is a key “pillar and
commitment” of the Academy.
To review the Academy Commitments visit the following site:
Students and parents should be sure to contact teachers by Academy cell
phone or email whenever needed. Their contact information is available on
the cover of this newsletter, as well as on the Academy website teacher link:
All Academy teachers use LearningPoint for grades and assignments.
Please check this regularly as it is a significant communication tool. Have
your student change their email in LearningPoint. There is a link on the
BMMS website for LearningPoint and LearningPoint Parent Assistance.
Check it out at:
For general campus information go to -
BMMS website:
BMMS PTSA Newsletter:
Academy website:
Weekly Schedule
8:59 am – 3:30 pm
(Our late start is due to teacher professional
growth” time. This is a PUSD requirement.
Students, who are dropped off early, go the
gym for study hall).
Tuesday - Thursday:
7:40 am – 3:30 pm
(2:30 pm—3:30 pm is PE)
7:40 – 2:27 (No PE)
Attendance Procedures
When your child is absent, please call the attendance
hotline at 484-1300 option 2 before 9:00 am each day
the student is absent. A parent/guardian must make this
call. Whenever possible, absences for medical visits
should be cleared with a doctor/dentist note.
·Students arriving late to school must come to the Attendance Office accompanied by a parent/guardian or with
a note stating the reason for their tardy. Parents may
excuse up to three tardies for personal reasons per semester. Tardies after this point will result in the student
being assigned to after school detention. All tardies accompanied by a doctor/dentist note will be excused.
Remember – Tardy students walking into class impact
the learning environment for everyone.
Please be on time.
OCIS Contract:
Should there be a planned absence of five days or more,
please see the attendance assistant as soon as possible
to set up a homework contract for the student. This contract allows the student to complete work that he/she
would be doing if they were in class and helps the school
to continue to receive funding from the state. A contract
should also be used for extended illnesses, planned
surgeries, etc. A minimum of 3 days is required to set up
an OCIS Contract; a week’s notice is preferred. Home
tutors may be appropriate for some extended medical
problems. Please notify us as soon as possible if you feel
your child may be eligible for such support.
Early Release:
If you need to pick your student up from school before
the end of the school day, please send a note to the
office before school on that morning, specifying the time
you will pick them up, so that we can have them in the
office waiting for you. If you determine during the day
that you will need to pick up your child early, please, call
(858) 484-1300 ext 3906 as soon as possible. This will
prevent delays for you (such as trying to find your child
while he/she is running cross-country) and will help us to
minimize interruptions to the classroom learning environment. All students must be signed out in the office before departing early!
VOL UME I , I SS U E 2 – SEP TEMBER, 20 06
Academy parents volunteering on campus must first sign in
at the Front Desk with Marlene,
- as do all volunteers at BMMS.
Be sure to get a volunteer button or name tag to wear. This is
just a safety precaution to identify any non-staff adult on campus. The office personnel deal
with many parents daily, and
they may or may not recognize
you when you arrive, so please,
do fill out your name and location in the Volunteer Binder
each time you come. You must
also sign out as well.
You may log your time in either
of two ways to get volunteer
time credit for your student.
Before you exit campus, write
your hours of service on the
sign-out sheet,- or you could fill
out a yellow half sheet called
Volunteer Record Slip and leave
it with Marlene Lawless (Office
Receptionist. Either way, we will
credit your child with the time
you devoted while at school.
To volunteer on campus, a Volunteer Verification form must
be completed. Volunteers on
campus must also have a current TB test. Additionally, PUSD
has two levels of volunteers for
on-campus activities. For complete information go to the following site or obtain a copy
from the office: www.poway
Also, be aware that if you attend
PTSA meetings, participate as a
coach in Science Olympiad, help
out in the BMMS Library, Student Store, Equipment Check Out Room, or help
with Academy PE, then these
times count as well. Don't forget
driving and chaperoning on field
trips or even doing class clerical
work at home count toward
volunteer time! There are many
valuable ways to support the
We welcome anyone who
wishes to surpass their mandatory 20 hours.
It's a great
and we are
glad to have
you help!
P AG E 3
• In class office tasks. (stapling,
Library helper (contact Janet
Alkema ext. 3937). All Other
BMMS activities – Student
Store, lunch supervisor, and
lunchtime equipment check
out (11:10-12:42 Contact
Marlene Lawless ext. 3900).
Looking up Lexile scores for
classroom libraries of Academy teachers.
filing, grading, copying, etc.)
PE aide from 2:30-3:30pm
Monday – Thursday
(supervising activities with PE
teacher’s direction). See the
PE schedule on the Academy
Field trip Chaperone (field trip
info available soon).
Fund raiser (Ivy League Night
Auction, restaurant nights,
Science Olympiad or Math
Field Day volunteer or
teacher (2:30-3:30).
Special Events (4th of July
celebration, etc.)
Maintenance: Improving the
learning environment (build
cabinets, paint, etc.).
Website helper
Career day presenter (20 min.
presentations to classes of
students during 9th per. 2:303:30pm).
Carpool coordinator (keep list
of carpools and are the contact for those who need to
add or change carpool).
A Family may choose to make
a monetary donation in lieu
of volunteer time (10 hrs.
maximum). We recommend
a $10 per hour donation
($100 = 10 hrs.).
In class tutor (reading groups,
math tutor, etc.)
Recycling supervisor (during
school hours – collection by
students. We also need a
person with a truck to take
collected recyclables to the
recycling center.)
Contact Dennis Moore for Volunteer information and sign-up:
858-243-8779 or at
[email protected]
New Academy Teachers ~ Say Hello
Mrs. Louise
Armacost When Black
School first
opened, I
was a sophomore at a
Louise Armacost —
Academy Geometry brand new
high school
called Mt. Carmel! The high
school wasn't quite ready to
open that fall, so we attended
BMMS on a double session
schedule with the middle school
students for the first six
months. During high school I
played volleyball, ran track,
and was involved in student
government. After graduation, I
went on to earn a degree in
education from San Diego State
University. A teaching position
brought me back to BMMS. I
have taught here for over 20
years! This school has such a
great group of dedicated, won-
derful teachers and the most
amazing students, that I can't
imagine working anywhere
else. I began by teaching both
7th and 8th grade Basic Ed
classes before moving to the
math department over 12 years
ago. My husband is a teacher at
Mesa Verde Middle School. We
celebrated our 25th wedding
anniversary last summer with a
trip to New York and Boston. We
have a daughter named Chelsey
who is studying to be a teacher
at Sonoma State University. She
is on a basketball scholarship
there. Go Seawolves! Our son
Tyler is a senior at Rancho
Bernardo. Tyler plays volleyball
for the Broncos. His club team
just took the bronze medal in the
Junior Olympics in July. I am my
children's biggest fan! I look
forward to an incredible year at
The Acacemy. BMMS has been
my home away from home for
many years. What a great place
to teach and learn!
Mrs. Arlene
Ashton Hello Black
Academy! My
name is Arlene
Ashton, and I
am a new
member of
Arlene Ashton —
the Math and
Elective & Math
Elective teams
this year. I
have been married for almost 10
years and have two beautiful
sons, ages 4 and 7. We live
within the district, and my older
son attends one of our fine elementary schools. I was fortunate
enough to stay home with my
kids for 6 years. Before that, I
had a brief career as a statistician and a counselor at a medical laboratory in Los Angeles. I
am very excited to be teaching at
The Academy and to return to
Black Mountain Middle School
after attending here as a student
(many years ago) and as a student teacher (not so long ago).
Alex Anella My name is
Alex Anella. I
am 21 years
old and a senior at the University of San
Diego. I am
Alex Anella —
majoring in
Student Teacher
Studies with a
media emphasis along with the
Single Subject Teaching Credential Program in Math. I went
through Poway schools, going to
Midland Elementary, Twin Peaks
Middle, and Poway High Schools.
After I finish my semester of
student teaching, I would like to
become a middle school math
teacher. I worked with Mrs. Jansci (BMMS - Math) this past
spring and am now thrilled to be
supporting The Academy in Mrs.
Hudson’s 7th & 8th Grade Math
and Mrs. Lorenz in 6th Grade
VOL UME I , I SS U E 2 – SEP TEMBER, 20 06
P AG E 4
Nutrition Class
We are pleased to be offering a
nutrition class to all Academy
students this year. The six-week
class will be taught by Mr. Frost as
part of the Physical Education
program. While other PE offerings
are scheduled by request, nutrition will be mandatory for all students.
Academy Families need Car pool Assistance: Students are traveling to our campus from all PUSD boundary areas. We
established car pool groupings at our
“Meet and Greet” for new students. We
also have some carpools that have been
established for the past two years (our
8th grade group).
Mr. Moore has recently received emails
from Academy families in need of carpools as follows:
The class will focus on the importance of eating well, and will discuss the causes for the alarming
escalation of obesity, diabetes,
and heart disease rates in our
Much emphasis will be placed on
learning how to read nutritional
labels and comparing the relative
merits of different food choices,
including those from fast food
restaurants. Time will also be
given to issues relating to bodyimage and eating disorders.
A current car pool of three Academy
families, would like to add an additional family to drive every other
week in the morning. They live by
the Doubletree (Penasquitos Drive
and Janal Way).
An Academy mother is looking for a
carpool for her daughter. They live
near the corner of Scripps Poway
Parkway and Pomerado Rd. in
Southwest Poway.
Tutors & PUSD’s
Alternative Programs
Introducing… Alternative Programs which provides services, and resources to students and
families throughout the Poway Unified School
District. These programs include appropriate
instructional strategies, sound curriculum, personal development activities, a strong partnership between home and school, and a systematic
approach to prevention and early intervention.
Utilizing a variety of strategies allows the opportunity to assist and support parents in planning for
their child's unique talents and abilities to reach
his/her greatest potential.....whatever it takes!
Please access the links to find out more about
Alternative Programs and to find an extensive
tutor list:
Also, below are Advanced Placement Students
proven to be excellent tutors for nominal fees.
Nazia Hossain
Hm: 858-759-1897 / Cell: 858-504-9205
Christopher Skalka
Hm: 858-484-7024 / Cell: 858-776-2593
If you need car pool assistance, can help
with the above requests or would like
additional information, please contact:
Dennis Moore - 858-243-8779 or
[email protected]
Tahiya Sultan
Hm: 858-733-1413 / [email protected]
ACADEMY CALENDAR - September, 2006
BMMS Cookie Dough Fundraiser
No School
Back to School 6
Night — 6pm
12 Pat & Oscars
Fundraiser (Crrml. Mtn.)
Science Olympiad
Meeting (2:30, Rm.701)
18 Cookie Dough
Orders Due
25 Picture Day
Makeups (during PE)
Professional Growth
Day - No School
9353 Oviedo Street
San Diego, CA 92129
Ph: (858) 484-1300
Fx: (858) 538-9400
Looking Ahead …
• Rest. Fundraiser10/3, Soup Plantation
• Meet the Principal10/4, 10am, PCR
• Coffee Concert 10/6, Band Room
• Teacher Conferences10/30-10/31
Non-Student Days
• Rest. Fundraiser11/8, Rubio’s
• Veterans Day11/10, No School
• Rest. Fundraiser12/12, Islands’
• Winter Break12/18-1/1
No School
Mr. David Hall, Principal
Mr. Dennis Moore, Program Coordinator
Laura Nagro, Newsletter Editor
Send Articles to: [email protected]