Key Speaker Biographies Booking Form 2014 Birmingham Primary

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Booking Form 2014 Birmingham Primary and Early Years Conference
Date: Thursday 16th and Friday 17th October 2014
Venue: Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Nr Warwick, CV8 2LD
Key Speaker Biographies
You are welcome to attend this two day conference in any of the following ways:
Dame Alison Peacock
Two people, two days with overnight
accommodation and dinner: £995*
Both days with overnight
accommodation and dinner: £575*
Dame Alison Margaret Peacock is co-author of “Creating Learning
without Limits”. She is a National Leader of Education and Head
Teacher of The Wroxham Teaching School. In addition to school
leadership, she provides advice and consultancy to a range of
educational organisations, including Cambridge Assessment
Colloquium, Head Teacher groups, Hertfordshire Development
Trust, Local Authorities, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and
Teach First. She is a regular guest lecturer and keynote speaker for a
range of organisations including: University of Cambridge, Institute of
Education, NAHT, NUT, Association of Science Education, National
Centre for Excellence in Mathematics, National Literacy Trust, Early
Excellence, Westminster Education Forum and Inside Government.
One day with overnight
accommodation and dinner: £395
One day conference:
Celebration dinner:
* Early bird offer available for places booked and paid for before Friday 27th June 2014.
Attendees information: (Please copy this form and complete one form for each person wishing to attend)
Please tick the appropriate boxes
■ Conference Day One (16th) ■ Overnight Accommodation (16th) ■ Evening Dinner (16th) ■ Conference Day Two (17th)
Mike Hughes
If booking in pairs for £995, complete a form for both
people and add name of second person in your pair:
Mike Hughes is a highly acclaimed education trainer/author who
has written some hugely influential books such as “Tweak to
Transform”, “Closing the Learning Gap”, “Coaching in Schools” and
his latest publication – “And the Main Thing is… Learning”. A former
secondary head, Mike is currently working freelance and over a
period of many years has developed a deserved reputation as an
inspirational and innovative trainer/facilitator and is widely regarded
as a leader in the field of learning.
Paired with (name):
Head Teacher:
School Address:
Telephone number:
Andy Cope
Fax number:
Workshop Choices – 16th October
Briefing Choices – 17th October
Please insert the workshop number ( 1-5 ) that you would like to book:
Please insert the briefing number ( 1-5 ) that you would like to book:
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3rd choice
Andy is a qualified teacher, author and learning junkie. Andy is
currently studying happiness, flourishing and positivity as part of
a PhD thesis. He has delivered his flagship workshop, “The Art
of Being Brilliant” to rave reviews all over the world. Andy has
developed a “Brilliant Schools” philosophy which is growing rapidly.
“Art of Brilliance Ltd” has worked with more than 200 British
schools, to embed happiness, positivity, wellbeing and flourishing into
the curriculum. He has trained teachers to deliver “The Art of Being
Brilliant” and, in a revolutionary approach, the messages are now
being delivered by children for children.
2014 Birmingham Primary
and Early Years Conference
Freedom to Lead
Confidence to Challenge
Mandie Haywood
Mandie is the Head Teacher of Old Park Primary School, Telford
which opened in September 2007 following the amalgamation of
three local schools with low results, high exclusion rates and poor
attendance. High deprivation and low aspirations are characteristics
of the community that Old Park Primary School serves. In 2009
the school achieved the national status of Creative Partnerships
‘School of Creativity’. As one of just 56 Schools of Creativity in
the country, the School was engaged in cutting edge research and
innovative outreach with other schools. In 2011, Mandie led the
school to success in the TES Awards, where Old Park won the TES
Outstanding Primary School of the Year Award 2011 in recognition of
their innovative approach to the curriculum.
Richard Gerver
Richard has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders
of his generation. He argues, however, that great leadership is about
serving the needs of the people that work for you and rely upon
you. The three core principles that underpin Gerver’s philosophy
are communication, empowerment and impact. He began a teaching
career in 1992. By 2005, he had won the prestigious School Head
Teacher of the Year Award at the British National Teaching Awards
for his work in leading a school on the brink of closure to becoming
one of the most innovative in the world. His expertise takes him
around the globe and he works on every continent focusing on
education, leadership, change and human capacity.
Special dietary requirements:
Special access arrangements:
Payment – You may pay using the following methods:
Payment total
By Cheque
■ Please invoice
■ Cheque enclosed
Invoice address if different from above:
■ I confirm we wish to make the booking as detailed
and will comply with the payment terms and conditions as outlined below.
Services for Education
Warwick House
10 Edward Street
B1 2RX
[email protected]
Tel: 0121 366 9950
Fax: 0121 366 9957
We cannot guarantee a confirmation after this date.
Places will only be confirmed when full payment has been received.
Cancellations must be made in writing. The full cost of the event will
be charged for cancellations received within 28 days of the start of the
event and for failing to attend on the day. Cancellations made outside
the 28 days will be subject to 75% of the event cost.
Services for Education reserves the right to change or cancel the event,
should they, for whatever reason, be unable to deliver the advertised
event. In these circumstances, Services for Education will endeavour to
give adequate notice. A full refund will be given to delegates in the event
of cancellation.
Services for Education is a charitable company formed
out of three component services, formerly part of
Birmingham City Council.
Learning & Assessment Service provides high quality,
professional development and training for schools and Early
Years settings.
The Music Service
The Health Education Service
The Learning and Assessment Service
We are proud of our long tradition of supporting schools
raising standards in the largest Local Authority in England. We
aim to be responsive to school needs and are here to help
you to improve outcomes for your learners.
Our mission is to provide services in support of excellence
in teaching, learning and health of young people.
Booking Conditions
All applications must be received by the 12th September 2014.
About Learning & Assessment Service
Services for Education Chief Executive Officer
is David Perkins.
Authorised signature:
Please return completed booking forms to:
About Services for Education
Data Protection Act 1998
The information collected on this form will be used in compliance with the
Data Protection Act 1998. Services for Education collect this information
for the purposes of running the event. Data will be stored and may be
used by other sections of Services for Education in order to promote
courses, activities and events in the future.
Equal Opportunities
Services for Education is committed to equal opportunities in training and
professional development and we positively welcome course delegates
irrespective of their gender, race, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin,
nationality, sexuality, marital status, responsibility for dependants, religion,
trade union activity and age. Services for Education will not accept any
form of discrimination at any time during the event.
■ If you do not wish to receive mailings, please mark X in the box.
Our services are based on a secure educational philosophy,
they provide value-for-money within a not-for-profit
context and enhance professional partnerships with schools
and other agencies to the benefit of young people, their
families and the community.
We work with a number of partners including Birmingham
Local Authority, Teaching Schools, Edge Hill University and
professional bodies such as Association for Physical Education
and ReelLearning.
Contact details:
Learning & Assessment Service
Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX
Email: [email protected]
Contact details:
Tel: 0121 366 9954
Services for Education
Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX
or visit our website:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0121 366 9950
Fax: 0121 366 9957
or visit our website:
Fax: 0121 366 9957
Thursday 16th and Friday 17th October 2014
Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Nr Warwick, CV8 2LD
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Putting The Children of Birmingham First
Conference Programme
An Invitation from the Birmingham Leadership Steering Group
Freedom to Lead
For All Leaders and Leadership Teams
Confidence to Challenge
For All Leaders and Leadership Teams
Thursday 16th October 2014
Friday 17th October 2014
The theme of this year’s conference reflects the
times in which we work and learn. We all have more
freedom to make choices for our children but at
the same time, we have to be more accountable
than ever before. There is a danger that this may be
preventing many leadership teams from doing what
they believe is right for their own children.
Birmingham Schools have always been creative, but
have we been courageous enough to challenge? It
takes a lot of confidence and strength for leadership
teams to challenge the system, but when you know
you’re building the best curriculum for your children,
that’s exactly what you have to do.
There is also a lot to be proud of in Birmingham
and there are some great stories that should be
congratulated and shared. This year the conference
will encourage this sharing and collaboration across all
schools, so that Birmingham can stand on the national
stage and show that we have leadership teams who
have got the best for their school by challenging with
As in previous years, the conference is designed
to encourage leadership teams to attend together.
It is an ideal opportunity to work in a different
environment, share ideas and apply your creativity
to solving some of the real issues that you face in
your school. The benefit of attending together goes
beyond the conference, by helping you to more easily
implement changes at school when the whole team
has been part of the process right from the beginning.
As a steering group of serving Birmingham school
leaders, we encourage you to join us for what is set
to be an inspirational and rewarding conference.
We look forward to welcoming you.
The Leadership Steering Group
Andrew Pilmore – Audley Primary School
Cath Rindl – Benson Community School
Deb Clarke – Benson Community School
Sue Barratt – Bournville Junior School
Jonathan Smart – Brookvale Primary School
Debra Thomas – Conference Consultant
Rubina Darr – Cromwell Primary
Jamie Barry – Welford Primary School
Supporting the Leadership Steering Group
I am delighted that we continue to support the
Leadership Steering Group to successfully organise
the leadership conference. Its’ reputation as a
conference that educates, inspires and brings local
context to local issues, continues to be reinforced
this year with a programme filled with education
experts who understand the challenges that we
all face.
Last year, the conference was attended by a number
of leadership teams and there is no doubt that this
is the best way to get the best outcomes from it.
Whether an established leadership team or a newly
appointed one, the opportunity is to work together,
share information, support each other and develop
confidence and an ability to challenge.
We look forward to welcoming you at the
David Perkins, Chief Executive Officer,
Services for Education.
Attend as a Senior Leadership Team on Both Days
Two People for Two Days
Make the conference a team event and attend together on both days. The programme is designed to deliver value to
all leaders on both days. Please call us or talk to a member of the Leadership Steering Group to find out why more
teams are attending the conference together.
Take advantage of the two-day conference rate for two people – attend both days of conference and stay
overnight on Thursday 16th for £995.
Registration and Refreshments
Welcome from the Steering Group
9.15am Creating Learning Without Limits;
Beyond Limits
Dame Alison Peacock, Head Teacher, The
Wroxham Teaching School*
Refreshments and Market Place
Retiring Head Teachers
Workshop A (Choice of five workshops)
As part of the evening celebration on the 16th
October, we are delighted to be able to continue to
provide the opportunity for Birmingham City Council
to thank those Head Teachers who will be retiring
from Birmingham schools in 2014. This will give us all
a chance to show them our gratitude for their years
of service to the children of Birmingham. This special
tribute to them is important and we would like you
to join us in this celebration.
Workshop B (Choice of five workshops)
Refreshments and Market Place
The Art of Brilliance
Andy Cope, Motivational Speaker*
Closing Comments
The Leadership Steering Group
Evening Reception
7.00pmDrinks Reception
To help you to attend as a leadership team, we are
offering a discounted rate for booking as a pair: Two
people for both days of the conference, including
overnight accommodation and dinner for £995.
Workshop 2:Curriculum Design and Assessment
7.30pmPresentation to Retiring Birmingham Head
8.00pmDinner and Entertainment by
‘The Expresso Bongo Orchestra’
9.15am Workshop 3:
o Level or not to Level:
Making Assessment fit for purpose
9.45am Martyn Collin, Director of Primary
Education, Ninestiles Trust
Workshop 5:
bservation for Improvement
Mike Hughes, Education Trainer and
* Please see speaker
profiles on the back page
Transforming Schools with Bold
and Courageous Leadership
Mandie Haywood, Head Teacher of
Old Park Primary School, Telford*
Dame Alison Peacock, Head Teacher, The
Wroxham Teaching School*
Workshop 4:Building Leadership Capacity
Registration and Refreshments
Welcome from the Steering Group
The Birmingham Picture
Peter Hay, Strategic Director for People
Sally Taylor, Service Director, Childrens
Services, Education and Commissioning
Sue Collin, Partnership Advisor,
Services For Education
Mike Hughes, Education Trainer and Author*
Lunch and Market Place
sing Reellearning to improve
Teaching and Learning
Rebecca Bartlett, Director, Reellearning
Leading for Learning
Leadership Team Pricing
Workshop 1:
11.00am Refreshments and Market Place
Addressing Issues and
Answering Questions
Panel members include:
Dame Alison Peacock, Head Teacher,
The Wroxham Teaching School*
Mandie Haywood, Head Teacher of Old Park
Primary School, Telford*
Richard Gerver, Thought Leader*
12.15pmLunch and Market Place
Briefing 1 (Choice of five briefings)
Briefing 2 (Choice of five briefings)
Leading Into the Unknown
Richard Gerver, Thought Leader*
Closing Comments
The Leadership Steering Group
Briefing 1:Performance Related Pay,
Capability and Employment Law
Neelam Yousaf, Consultant,
Strictly Education
Briefing 2: Birmingham Education
Partnership Update
Sarah Smith, Executive Head,
St. John’s CE Primary School
Briefing 3:SEN Updates
Amanda Daniels, Principal Educational
Psychologist, Access to Education
Briefing 4:Supporting all Learners in School
– An Introduction to Successful
Intervention Programmes
Eileen Swann, Reading Support Teacher
Leader, Edge Hill University
Briefing 5:Making Ofsted Work For You
Linda Brown, Independent Consultant
and Ofsted Inspector
lease see speaker
profiles on the back page