Sociology Call for Applications About the Board Deadline for Applications:

Sociology Editorial Board 2015-17
Call for Applications
Deadline for Applications:
Tuesday 21 October 2014, 17:00 (GMT)
Sociology is seeking new Editorial Board Members to serve for three years
from January 2015 to December 2017.
About the Board
The Sociology Editorial Board is a working board, involved in reviewing submissions and
also in the direction of the journal. Members review approximately 13 papers per year.
Board Members are asked to review both in their areas of expertise and also as general
The Editorial Board meets twice a year. The BSA will reimburse board members for all
reasonable UK travel costs incurred as a direct result of their attendance at Board
2014 Editorial Board
Member Institutions
The Open University &
University of Surrey
Editorial Team
Anglia Ruskin University
David Skinner
Institute of Education,
University of London
Clare Maxwell
London South Bank
Tracey Reynolds
Yvette Taylor
Criteria for Application
Middlesex University
Louise Ryan
Prospective Editorial Board members must:
Newcastle University
Anoop Nayak
be nominated by a current BSA member
be a BSA member or join the BSA at time of nomination
have experience of being published in refereed journals
have refereed a minimum of three articles for peer-review journals
not be members of the Editorial Board of more than one BSA journal at a time
be based at a UK institution
Nominations are accepted from any area or specialism within sociology, although
expertise in the following areas is particularly sought after:
Social Theory
Quantitative Methods
Sociology welcomes members from any cultural or academic background to contribute to
the diversity of research published by the journal.
The Board is not able to accept more than two Board Members from the same institution
on the Board at any one time (information on current Board Members institutions to the
right). We also cannot accept candidates from the same institution as the Editorial Team.
How to apply: Please complete the pro forma application form available on the BSA
website, and email it to
[email protected] by 21 October 2014, 17:00 (GMT).
If you would like further information about the role, please contact Professor John Offer,
Chair of the Editorial Board via [email protected]
Northumbria University
Steve Taylor
University of Aberdeen
Andrew McKinnon
University of Bath
Rana Jawad
David Miller
University of Birmingham
Nicola Rollock
University of East London
Corinne Squire
University of Edinburgh
Julie Brownlie
University of Glasgow
Francesca Scrinzi
University of Kent
Dawn Lyon
University of Leeds
Shona Hunter
University of Leicester
Henrietta O’Connor
University of Lincoln
Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson
University of Manchester
Vanessa May
University of Southampton
Pauline Leonard
Silke Roth
University of Strathclyde
Nasar Meer
University of York
Paul Wakeling