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An Update on Wichita’s Highway Projects
Contact: Tom Hein, Public Affairs Manager
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Week of October 20, 2014
Cell 316/217-0356
Wichita KDOT:
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KDOT Maintenance:
Monday, Oct. 20, 9 am – 4 pm, the 25th St. Ramp to SB I-235 will be CLOSED for
repairs to highway lighting.
Wednesday, Oct. 22, 9 am – 3 pm, the SB I-135 Ramp to EB U.S. 54 will be CLOSED
for concrete repairs on a ramp bridge deck.
Current KDOT Projects:
1. U.S. 54, Ridge Road to Washington Street
Concrete pavement patching on mainline and some ramps, Sunday – Thursday evenings, 7
pm – 6am. Work began on July 21. All lanes, ramps open by 6 am.
Striping continues (the last phase of the project). Evening and night lane closures.
2. U.S. 54, Ridge to Hillside and I-235 at N. Broadway to K-254 at Hydraulic. Crack sealing on
asphalt sections of the highways. Evening and night work.
Work completed on I-235 from Broadway to K-254 junction.
Lane closures evening and overnight hours on US 54, Ridge to Hillside, on the asphalt
sections. One more week on Kellogg.
3. K-96, permanent pavement markings from I-135 to U.S. 54.
Striping and other pavement markings will be applied.
Evening and night work continues. Single lane closures and short term ramp closures
as needed.
4. I-135, 37th St. N. to 85th St. N.
Extensive work to six miles of interstate highway including patching, milling then asphalt
overlays, bridge repairs, guardrail replacement, stormwater drainage improvements, signing,
lighting and striping. No work will take place in temporary work zones (on the mainline of the
highway) between 3 pm and 7 pm on northbound lanes; 6 am until 9 am on southbound lanes.
Single lane closures on SB I-135 continue and will progress southward this week to 37th St.
Traffic is reduced (24/7) to a single lane (40 mph) on SB I-135 at 45th St. as the contractor
reconstructs the pavement under the 45th St. bridge.
The SB I-135 Ramp to EB K-254 is CLOSED for a few more days this week. Detour is
marked to SB I-235 with a turnaround at N. Broadway.
Concrete barrier wall has been set to move traffic slightly (but keep two lanes) on SB &
NB I-135 over Chisholm Creek (north of 61st St.) for bridge repairs (2 – 3 months).
Asphalt milling and replacement has begun on the mainline of I-135, north of 69th St.
with a temporary work zone (no closures during rush hours).
5. 13th St. & I-235.
New interchange will include a connection from EB 13th St. to SB I-235 and NB I-235 to WB
13th St. Two year project began Dec. 2012 and is scheduled to finish by Nov. 26. 50 mph on I235 through the work zone. Single lane traffic for each direction on 13th St. south of Sedgwick
Co. Park & Zoo.
New traffic signals operating at 13th St. & North Shore Blvd. (at the Sedgwick Co. Park
south side entrance).
6. K-42, K-49 junction to Hoover Road.
This 17-mile project includes an asphalt overlay and permanent pavement markings.
Asphalt overlay has been completed. Permanent pavement markings (striping, etc.)
could be completed this week.
City of Wichita Project. K-96 & Greenwich:
The City of Wichita project adding two ramps to the K-96 & Greenwich interchange began on
March 3. The work includes an exit ramp for WB K-96 to Greenwich and an entrance ramp from
Greenwich to EB K-96. The right lane of both bridges (eastbound and westbound K-96) will be
closed through October. The EB K-96 ramp to Greenwich Road will remain open.
Future Projects:
1. I-235 & U.S. 54/400 Interchange. Red project (1st phase) bids to be opened Sept. 2015.
Construction begins late 2015 or 2016.