ICGCW 2014

ICGCW 2014
Advanced Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer (ACTREC)
Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), Navi Mumbai, India
Workshop: 27th – 31st October 2014; Conference: 1st-2nd November, 2014
The Cancer Genetics Unit and the Indian Council for Medical Research Centre for
Advanced Research (ICMR CAR) in Cancer Genetics at ACTREC and Tata Memorial
Hospital (TMH) serves as the apex comprehensive cancer genetic referral centre in South
Asia catering to oncologists & families from the region. ACTREC is one of the two lead
Indian centres in the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) project with a
state-of-the-art biorepository following international SOPs. Since the 1st Indian Cancer
Genetics Conference held in ACTREC in January 2013, the field has grown at a very rapid
pace. Cancer Genetic services are being offered in many hospitals. Several private and
academic labs have started offering genetic tests for several clinically relevant genes and
using a range of technology platforms from Sanger sequencing to Next Gen Sequencing.
To gain insight in this fast evolving field and discuss issues that are relevant to the Indian
scenario, we invite you to the 2nd Indian Cancer Genetics Conference & Workshop at
ACTREC, Tata Memorial Centre.
27th – 31st October 2014 (Workshops)
Workshop I: Cancer Genetics Counselling (Maximum 12 participants): Principles of counselling,
syndrome identification and work up, pre-test & post test counselling, family counselling,
management of mutation carriers with screening, chemoprevention & prophylactic surgery
Workshop II: Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology (Maximum 20 participants): DNA extraction
and quantification, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis and its application in genotyping with CSGE, RFLP,
TaqMan assay, Sanger sequencing, analysis & interpretation using gene databases
Workshop III: Advanced Techniques in Molecular & Genetic analysis (Maximum 14 participants):
PCR and trouble shooting, Reverse Transcriptase PCR, transcript analysis, Genotyping with CSGE,
RFLP, TaqMan and its validation, Sanger sequencing with troubleshooting, MLPA analysis,
Bioinformatics analysis and drafting reports of genetic testing
1st and 2nd November 2014 (Cancer Genetics Conference)
Leading national and international faculty will discuss various basic, translational and clinical aspects
of major Hereditary Cancer syndromes due to germline mutations in BRCA, TP53, MMR, APC, RET
and other genes. Techniques, approaches and interpretation of genetic testing and issues in genetic
counselling and risk management of mutation carriers will be discussed. Through workshops,
posters, scientific and interactive sessions, the participants will gain knowledge and skills useful for
initiating and refining laboratory and clinical cancer genetics research and service programs. TMH is
the apex cancer centre in South Asia and ACTREC has advanced genomic facility (Sanger & Next Gen
Sequencing), genetics clinic, Biorepository and clinical research ward. The conference would start
with the 1st Prof. S.S. Agarwal Oration
Posters in Cancer Genetics by Delegates & students (Best Poster award)
Lectures on current concepts, recent advances & technology platforms
Workshop & Round table discussion
Early Registration up to: 15th Sep. 2014. Abstract submission up to : 15th Oct. 2014
Focus on specific aspects of Hereditary Cancers & Genetics
Molecular Genetic Testing & Genotype-Phenotype correlation
Prevention, Early Detection & Clinical Management
–Genetic basis of Inherited cancer; Founder & Recurrent mutations
–Syndrome Identification & Genotype –Phenotype correlation
–Genetic Testing – techniques, interpretation, reporting, pitfalls
–Genetic Counselling – Ethical, Legal & Psychosocial Issues
–Unique aspects of Clinical management of Hereditary cancers
–Prophylactic Surgery & Chemoprevention in Mutation carriers
–Somatic mutations in cancers and Targeted therapy
–Biobanking – Principles and SOPs
–Next Gen Sequencing & new Research avenues in cancer genetics
Who should attend the Conference?
Trainees & Professionals working or planning to work in Cancer Genetics
* Oncologists (Medical, Surgical & Radiation) *Clinical Geneticists
* Pathologists
* Genetics & Cancer Researchers
* Clinical Psychologists
*Genetic & Cancer Counsellors
* PhD/ MD/ MS/ DM/ MCh students
* Industry / Labs engaged or planning to start molecular diagnostics
Workshop & Conference:
Purpose: Practical tips and hands on training would be provided to help selected
teams in setting up or improving Clinical Cancer Genetics, Counselling, Laboratory
Genetic testing & research in their centres.
•Clinical Genetics / Oncology: Counselling, Identifying Syndrome, risk prediction
models, informed consent, interpreting reports & medical actions
•Laboratory Genetics / Molecular Diagnostics: PCR, DNA sequencing, Mutation
analysis, Bioinformatics, Functional characterization, genetics test reports
•Biobanking: International SOPs for blood, saliva, tumour sample collection,
consenting, processing, DNA/RNA extraction, QA, annotation & storage
Limited seats for workshop & training: Preference for those with a suitable
background and potential to apply it in their work / research
Registration Fee
*Registration Fee in `
Up to
Up to
Conference (Industry / Pvt. Labs)
Conference & Workshop
Conference & Workshop (Industry /Pvt.
*Additional Charges / Waiver
Banquet: Additional ` 1500 (Banquet reservation closes on 25.10.14)
Trainees / Students: ` 1000 waiver on recommendation by the guide.
Online Registration: as per details given below.
Payment can be made by Debit / Credit Card or by DD payable to “Tata Memorial
Centre, ACTREC, Navi Mumbai”
Registration Cancellation Refund: 90% up to 30.09.14 & 50% thereafter
Limited budget accommodation may be available on first come first serve basis
against advance payment of ` 2,000/- at the time of registration.
Poster abstracts of 250 words as per instructions on Website
(Last date for submission of abstracts - 15.10.14)
For registrations, contact [email protected]
For online Registrations, Abstract details and information on accommodation
See Up-Coming Events in ACTREC website - www.actrec.gov.in
022-27405000 extn. 5529 / 5354
[email protected]
Faculty (alphabetical order)
Dr. Kishore Amin In-Charge, Biorepository, ACTREC, Mumbai.
Ms. Neena Bhatnagar Genetic Counsellor, Mumbai
Prof. Rosalind Eeles Professor of Cancer Genetics, Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK.
Dr. Poonam Gera Pathologist, Biorepository, ACTREC, Mumbai
Dr. Annie Hasan Head Genetics & Molecular Medicine, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad.
Prof. Shirley Hodgson Professor of Cancer Genetics, St George’s Hospital,, London, UK.
Dr. Pradnya Kowtal In-Charge DNA Sequencing Facility, ACTREC, Mumbai.
Prof. Amita Maheshwari Surgical Gynae-Oncology, TMC, Mumbai.
Ms. Gouri Pandit Clinic Coordinator & Genetic Counsellor, TMC, Mumbai
Dr. Kumar Prabhash Professor, Medical Oncology, TMC, Mumbai
Dr. Mukta Ramadwar Professor, Pathology, TMC, Mumbai.
Prof. T. Rajkumar Professor & Head, Molecular Oncology, Cancer Institute, Adyar
Prof. Rajiv Sarin In-Charge, Cancer Genetics Unit, TMC
Workshop Instructors
Genetic Counselling: Annie Hasan, Neena Bhatnagar, Gouri Pandit, Payal Manek, Vandana
Kembhavi, Ravindra Reddy, Meera Clytone
Lab Techniques: Pradnya Kowtal, Kishore Amin, Poonam Gera, Pallavi Shukla, Pooja Dubey Pandey,
Nikhat Khan, Moquitul Haque, Shujath Abbas, Roshan Shaikh, Vasudha Mishra, Naresh Mahida,
Sharada Haralkar, Prerana Dange, Jyoti Patel
Co-Organizing Secretary Co- Organizing Secretary
RAJIV SARIN Kishore Amin
Gouri Pandit