14th February 2014 Dear Parent/Carer

14th February 2014
Dear Parent/Carer
Academy Uniform
The Hazeley Academy
Emperor Drive, Hazeley
Milton Keynes, MK8 0PT
Tel: 01908 555620
Fax: 01908 508357
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Students attending the Hazeley Academy are praised by visitors for wearing the Academy uniform with
pride, to those students; thank you. There is however, a minority of students impacting upon their own
learning and that of others through their continued persistence of not adhering to the Academy dress
code; we are asking for parental support to ensure that the expectations regarding uniform are
maintained by all students.
In order to reward those wearing their uniform with pride, we are continuing to issue positive
achievement points and the VIVOs linked to these points. To improve the standard of uniform of those
students that aren’t getting it right, we are continuing to sanction via the Expectations cards. A new card
will be issued to all students after half-term. In addition to these systems, personal tutors will be
monitoring students’ uniform on a daily basis in registration and issuing one behaviour point per day that
a student is not adhering to the Academy dress code, until such a time that the issue is rectified.
As we approach the half-term holiday, you may be making new uniform purchases or making a trip to the
hairdressers with your son or daughter. Please follow the Academy’s Dress code to ensure they do not
accrue behaviour points for wearing inappropriate clothing, jewellery or having hair colour.
The current trend of skinny trousers continues. Students are not permitted to wear black jeans, skinny
jeans, leggings or skin-tight trousers even if they have been purchased from a shop’s ‘school uniform’
range. We appreciate it can be challenging when making this purchase particularly with a teenager who
wants to look cool, however trousers should be formal ‘office’ style, not very tight at any point down the
Jumpers and hoodies
Cardigans, non V-neck jumpers or hoodies are not permitted in the dress code. A number of students
wear a hoodie under their blazer as a coat in the cold weather and whilst this is acceptable to and from
the Academy, it must be removed and placed in a locker for the duration of the Academy day.
Jewellery and hair colour
Some students are pushing the boundaries with facial piercings and hair colour. Students may wear one
pair of stud earrings (removed for PE) but are not permitted to have more than one earring in each ear,
wear a nose stud or other facial piercing. Having bright pink/purple/blue streaks in hair is also currently
popular. Please do not allow your daughter or son to dye their hair a bright fashion colour; extra cost is
incurred when they are asked to dye it back to normal.
Mark Bennison MA, BSc(Hons), NPQH, FRSA
An 11 – 19 Specialist Science College and IB World School
We do recognise that there can be occurrences when a student is unable to be in full uniform, on these
occasions, we ask that there is a note in the student’s planner from you acknowledging this. When
students persistently fail to comply with adhering to the dress code we will internally isolate them until
the matter can be resolved. You will be contacted prior to the isolation. This is an extreme measure and
is something that we can avoid with the support of students and parents.
Thank you very much for your continued support with this matter.
Mrs L Baldwin
Assistant Principal – Care, Support & Guidance
The Hazeley Academy Dress Code
Dark Green Blazer with the Academy badge
Plain Black V-Neck Jumper with long sleeves (no logos on jumper and no cardigans)
Academy tie
Plain white formal shirt (or open-neck blouse without tie for Year 10 and 11 girls if they wish)
Formal black trousers or formal black skirt
Plain dark or tan tights or plain black or white socks
Plain black shoes
A watch and one pair of stud earrings are allowed if a student wishes
Students arriving at the Academy in non-uniform clothing may expect their parents/carers to be contacted and placed upon
uniform report and in extreme cases or continued persistence to fail to adhere to the dress code, internally isolated until the
issue is resolved. Parents may be contacted to collect students to return home to get changed. The following must be adhered
Jeans, cords, hoodies, cardigans, trainers, polo shirts, caps and sweat bands are not part of the uniform and should not
be worn.
Black shoes should be worn that are sensible for the Academy and not of trainer appearance. Shoes must be
completely black with no coloured soles/heels/laces/logos.
Girls’ shoes should have a sensible heel.
Shirts and blouses must be tucked in with the collar fastened and ties knotted and worn in a traditional manner.
Skirts must be worn to the knee or just above.
Hair colour and style must be appropriate for the Academy. Bright fashion hair colours are not appropriate.
Rings, large earrings , necklaces and bangles are not part of the uniform and should not be worn
Nose studs and other facial and body piercing jewellery must not be worn.
Makeup should be discreet and nail varnish should be clear only.