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• Bandgap POR & CTRL Advanced Power Controller
• Low IQ: 25 μA
• Large input voltage range
• Internal s upply voltages generation
• Level s hifter dis able s ignal generation
POR Power on Res et: The
SGC21412 is an Advanced Power
Controller for integration into SoC.
The SGC21412 is bas ed on a common
platform that can be s caled for each s ys tem
needs . It includes all the neces s ary auxiliary
• Vref generation with independently decoupled outputs
functions to s upport the Power Management Unit
• Independent bias current outputs
(PMU). Additionally it als o generates the res et
• Power-up s equencing controller, External voltage
s ignals bas ed on the monitoring of the regulated
detector and Power-On-Res et
• Multi-phas e clock generation and Power-up s equencing
voltages . It offers high power rejection (PSRR), s tart-up
s equencing and independent voltage reference decoupling
without the need for extra package pins . The generated
references have digital trimming bits for increas ed
performance or yield improvement. The SGC21410 is s table
without any external decoupling capacitor. It is s pecified from
TJ = –40 °C to +125 °C and is des igned to achieve 1 %
overall voltage reference accuracy (over
Load/Line/Temp/Proces s )
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