St  Joseph’s  College   Gregory  Terrace     SPORTS  LEADERSHIP  TEAM  

St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace SPORTS LEADERSHIP TEAM ACTIVITIES CO-­‐‑ORDINATOR GENERAL The Activities Coordinator is appointed by the Principal and acts under the immediate direction of the College Director of Sport. The role holder will be a member of the College Sport’s Leadership Team and will provide professional support to the Director of Sport and take responsibility for the coordination and running of activities as allocated by the Director of Sport. The role holder will establish and review coaching strategies and practices and provide strategic and specialist advice on the effectiveness of these practices. St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace (Terrace) has developed a strong tradition of participation and excellence in its sporting program since its inception. The College has always encouraged student involvement in sporting pursuits through participation in the Great Public Schools'ʹ (GPS) sporting competitions. The role-­‐‑holder will be required to demonstrate administrative and performance leadership within the Sport’s Leadership Team (SLT). The Sport’s Leadership Team is responsible for the development and administration of all sport undertaken by the College within the GPS competitions. The role holder is required to work collaboratively with three other Activity Co-­‐‑ordinators and with Head Coaches and the Sport’s Administrator under the overall leadership guidance of the College Director of Sport. They will be specifically responsible for planning, development and implementation of allocated sports as well as non-­‐‑specialised administrative roles across a broad spectrum of other Terrace Sports throughout the year. The central focus for this role as a member of the SLT is to assist in the planning and execution of the College sporting activities program, particularly providing the appropriate infrastructure for skill development of students from Years 5 to 12. The Activities Coordinator will be expected to work on the days of competition of the sporting activities (including week-­‐‑
ends). The areas of responsibility include: • Athlete development and training and competition management • Administration, safety and facility management • Fostering positive relationships and involvement with parents and the school • Professional development and pastoral care of coaches, selection criteria for teams and talent identification of athletes The Coordinator will have appropriate qualifications and/ or experience and competencies to ensure quality delivery of the requirements of this role. The Activities Coordinator will: • Be committed to the goals, ethos of Catholic Education and Mission of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) and the College; • Have an awareness of and support for the Charter and key EREA policies, procedures and practices; • Display a high level of professional competency and ensure that behaviour and personal presentation reflect the College'ʹs values and professional expectations; • Be committed to self development and ongoing professional development; • Strive to live a lifestyle which, by its witness and example, is compatible with the Gospels; • Be committed to the religious dimension, personal care and academic climate of the College; • Be committed to a Professional Development program; • Be committed to building our community -­‐‑ the Terrace Family; • Have knowledge and awareness of Workplace Health and Safety, Risk Management requirements and Equal Opportunity and Anti-­‐‑
Discrimination requirements applicable in the work environment; • Respond to the operational needs of the College and to other duties as directed by the Principal or the College Dean or their delegate; • Have excellent interpersonal skills and highly proficient IT skills. SELECTION CRITERIA • Commitment to the ethos of Catholic Education. • Commitment to the Mission and the ethos of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) and St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace. • Commitment to professionalism and competence in behaviour and work. • Commitment to pastoral care of students. • Demonstrated competencies in functional duties and responsibilities as set out in the role description. FUNCTIONAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Activities Coordinator will have demonstrated experience in Technical Capability • Modelling and supporting best contemporary practice in embedding technology in program development and Coaching execution; • Conduct research, including training needs analysis and provide advice on future directions, professional development strategies • In consultation with the Director of Sport and other members of the Sport’s Leadership team , develop activity and sport specific curriculums and customised learning materials where necessary; • Investigate, collaborate, coordinate and deliver training and informational sessions using a wide range of delivery methods that meets the identified needs; • Provide coach education and coach accreditation for staff, Old Boys, parents and students and ensure all adults involved in the program have a positive Child Suitability Protection clearance (Blue Card / Positive Notice) • In consultation with the Director of Sport, attend accreditation courses or extension programs for personal development Planning • Provide a coaching curriculum for all age levels (years 5-­‐‑12) in conjunction with the Director of Sport. • Represent the College at the supporter’s group meetings and any meetings of the GPS sub-­‐‑committee. • In consultation with the Director of Sport, prepare the annual budget for school and supporters committee purposes. • Where appropriate and with the assistance of the Director of Sport and coaching staff, organise and oversee the running of the College Age Championships. • Assist the Director of Sport with assistance in the running of Interhouse activities within the sport. • Advise the Director of Sport regarding any relevant information in relation to the purchase of any equipment needed for the sport, facilities needed for training or for competition. • In consultation with the College Sports Administrator, arrange any tours/camps for the sport. • Meet individually with the Director of Sport: o prior to the pre-­‐‑season o following round 1 o following round 5 o following round 9 ( season review ) • Along with other Activity Coordinators, meet the Director of Sport: o prior to the pre-­‐‑season o mid-­‐‑season • In consultation with the Director of Sport, organise training times and venues, preseason trials / camps / clinics and implement a measurable selection process • The Activities Coordinator be physically present to coordinate skills training and Activity specific training to enhance the performance level of the players as well as coaches • The Activities Coordinator will develop and coordinate an overview of the specific activity to ensure a uniformity of the College’s approach to that activity in terms of particular things such as warm-­‐‑ups, safety standards, drills, dress standards and a general approach to the game • Assist team coaches with team selections across all age groups within the specific Activity. The Activities Coordinator will assist coaches and players by taking an overview of the progress of teams during their matches • In association with the Governing body or their Referee/Umpire coordinator, organise the referee /Umpire appointments for all Sport fixtures • In association with the Medical coordinator, organise the medical roster for all Sport fixtures • Represent the Director of Sport at Metropolitan North and City Districts meetings and at GPS and CIC Sports and Activities Meetings where necessary. • Coordinate the purchasing of sporting apparel for all sports • Coordinate the purchasing of equipment, consumables and maintenance of cricket equipment and facilities Organisational • Assist with the preseason trials and the implementation of a measurable selection process including coaching staff. • Assist the Director of Sport on Saturdays with match day procedures and operations. • Assist with team coaching where appropriate and initiate an action plan in the absence of a coach. • In consultation with the Director of Sport and where appropriate, attend update courses, accreditation courses or extension programs for their own development. • Establish a formal review process of the sport. • The Activities Coordinator will ensure the competency and high standards of the external coaching staff and liaise with professional coaching organisations in relation thereto • Develop a recording procedure with individual coaches where all players involved in specific sports are profiled to ensure issues such as skill levels are attained, are available Communication • Promote all aspects of the program to all stakeholders. • Provide reports for the Terrace News, College Annual and Terracian publications • Provide appropriate information to the supporters group to assist them in the publication of a newsletter to stakeholders. • Produce a weekly coaching update to the coaching staff • Coordinate the intake of results for statistical analysis