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Punctuality Can I please ask parents to ensure that children are arriving in school ready to start the day punctually at 8.50. We are regularly finding children are arriving late which is unse+ling for them, the class and the teacher. Lunch money If you are expec-ng your child to have a school lunch can you please ensure they have the money with them in the morning. One of ways that parents and carers can support us with your child(ren)’s learning is ensuring that your child(ren) are in school as much as possible and absence is kept to an absolute minimum. As the table below shows even missing just half a day per fortnight, leads to your child(ren) missing a whole half a term’s learning over 5 years. We know that there are 'mes that children need to stay away for their own good, but please ensure your child is in school as much as possible, it really is one of the best ways you can help with their learning and their future. Attendance Over a fortnight Over the school year Over 5 Years 95% = absent for ½ day 1 ¼ weeks ½ a term 90% = absent for 1 day 4 weeks ½ a school year 85% = absent for 1 ½ days 6 weeks ¾ of a school year 80% = absent for 2 days 7 ½ weeks 1 school year 75% = absent for 2 ½ days 10 weeks 1 school year + ½ a term 70% = absent for 3 days 11 ¼ weeks 1 school year + 1 term A Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School - Achieve Care and Enjoy
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Wed 22 Oct 2014 Monday 3rd November Mon 17 Nov 2014 Thu 20 Nov 2014 Fri 5 Dec 2014 09:00 -­‐ 10:00 Reading Café School Closes for Half Term Wed 10 Dec 2014 Thu 11 Dec 2014 Thu 18th Dec 2014 Friday 19th December School reopens 09:00 -­‐ 15:00 Year 6 with Shakespeare company 09:00 -­‐ 10:00 Maths Cafe St Nicholas Breakfast 09:00 -­‐ 10:00 Reading Café SHA Christmas Fayre 16:00 -­‐ 20:00 Parents Evening 16:00 -­‐ 18:00 Parents Evening SHA Christmas Discos Y3&4 6.15 – 7.15, Y5&6 7.30 – 8.30 School Closes for Christmas Holidays Milbourne Star of the Week Well done to Melissa Williams and Jamie Thompson our most recent winners of our ‘Star of the Week Award’ The picture above shows the year 6 football team in their very smart new kit. Our thanks go to Birds of Dereham for kindly dona0ng the kit to us. A Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School - Achieve Care and Enjoy
We are collec)ng Morrison’s ‘Lets Grow’ vouchers, please help us collect as many as we can. Year 3 trip to Norwich Castle "I really enjoyed Norwich Castle because we got to see John Stra-ord come to life. We also got to see a p laster mould of his face." -­‐ Bethanni Adam-­‐Walker. "Norwich Castle is a good piece of Norman history. It was fun because you can dress up and go into the p risoner's cell." -­‐ Jack Wharrier. "I really loved going to Norwich Castle because we went to see the prison. It was really fun when we got to the castle keep, where we could dress up and see the garderobes (the toilets!)." -­‐ Joao Cabrita.
House Points Certificates Well done to the following children who have completed House Point awards in recent weeks. 10HPs:-­‐ Charlie Barre#, Olivia Mason, Harry Annakin, Theo Bourner, Dexter Speed, Ellie Nicholson, Darren Wiseman, Macie Scarle*, Rebecca Ludman, Chloe Reading, Corin Webster, Demi Barre., Kaid Richardson, Olivia Macey, Fleur Porter,Logan DeGouveia, Bibiana Virk, Kallum Shaw, Oscar Dale, Megan Summer, Bethanni Adams-­‐Walker, Harley Beales, Lucy Pitcher, Ashley Bell, Kai Wiseman, Dylan Gould 25 HPs:-­‐ Mason Emmins, Brandon Emmins, Jack Brock, Sarah Smith, Kerri-­‐Louise Batley, Chloe Reading, Vinnie Willetts, 50 HPs: Headteachers Award: – Abbie Dennis, Rikki Edmondson Maddison Fleming, Shadia Begum, Lewis King , Nell Barkham, Connor-­‐John Buck, Daniel Baldry, Oliver Park-­‐
Silva,Chloe Abbott, Jasmim DeGouveia, Elise Barker, Rhiannon Breeze, Bailey Gadsen, Jay Cassidy, Finley Batson 100 HPs: Bronze Award: – Mia Turner , James Goodwins, Shannon Butters, Joshua Kerr, Cooper Duncan, Alicia Hurrell, Jack Annakin, Charlie Summer, Shane Hitchman, Jessica Swann, Benjamin Steward, Flynn Spalding, Malachi O’Callaghan, Ashley Patchett, Imran Khan 150HP: Silver Award:-­‐ Jasmine Irwin, Keira Brett, Cameron Clarke, Hlompho Mothiba, Ernesta Kucinskaite, Charlotte Brockett, Elle Chapman, Holly Williams 200HP: Gold Award:-­‐ Morgan Bracey, Marcus Ashworth, Mackenzie S+ll 250:-­‐ Emma Coppack 300HP:-­‐ Clarabelle Whitehead Well done also to the following children who have achieved behaviour awards. Bronze (25 Stars) Hlompho Mothiba, Alicia Hurrell, Millie Dack, Megan Summer, Grace Olley Respect yourself Respect others Respect belongings Respect the environment A Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School - Achieve Care and Enjoy
Breakfast time Breakfast Time here at Dereham St. Nicholas Junior School is about getting together around the table, chatting and sharing time with our breakfast friends and enjoying a healthy start to the day. The benefits to children joining us for Breakfast Time include being able to concentrate better in the classroom, not feeling hungry until lunch time and not being late to class. It aims to be a safe and relaxed time for children to begin their day at school. Please ask at the office or look on the website for a booking form. Cost per day will be £1.50 per child (or £1.00 for children eligible for free school meals). The school library is open until 4pm Monday to Thursday for children and parents (children must be accompanied!). Come along to share a story with your child choose a book, help them with homework or to chat to our Pastoral Support Worker. If you have an interest or hobby you could share with the children via a small display, please let us know Wanted Midday Supervisory Assistant (Play Leader) 5 hours 30 m inutes per Week (£6.44 -­‐ £6.53 Per Hour) Do you enjoy working with children? Are you calm and caring? Could you help the children play and enjoy their lunch time? Would you like to join our superb lunchtime team of MSAs? If so we would love to hear from you. The duties involve overseeing children in the dining hall and supervising and supporting children in the Playground. The school is a Voluntary Aided Church of England School and all staff must be able to support the Christian Values of the School. The safety and well-­‐being of our children in central to our ethos and we expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Successful applicants will be required to provide references and undertake an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check and comply with the Child Protection Policy and practices of the school and Norfolk Children’s Services. For further information or application forms please contact the school, application forms can also be downloaded from the Norfolk Children’s Services Website. Closing Date Monday 3rd November A Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School - Achieve Care and Enjoy