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Sponsorship Proposal
2-Day TV Casting/Workshop
PHONE: (949) 391-6560
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Sponsorship Proposal
Of the top 10 TV shows, 6 are reality TV!
Americans spend 1/3 of their free time watching TV, of
which 67% are reality shows.
Join the Show!
Become a Sponsor Today*
A chance to get involved and make a difference in teen’s
You will also get great visibility for your money!
 Thank YOU for considering to help us to produce this event, as well
as, making a huge difference in the lives of these teenagers.
PHONE: (949) 391-6560
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Sponsor Benefits
By becoming a Sponsor. ___________________________ (Sponsor) will receive tremendous buzz, exposure, and goodwill, we
have a unique opportunity to create enormous amounts of awareness to multiple demographics ranging from teenagers and young
adults, aged between 13-30 years old and their parents too (30-55 years old). All of which will receive equal exposure to your products
and services. (The relationships we create for you as a Sponsor with the nonprofits alone are priceless). Here’s a high-level snapshot of
the benefits we would deliver to you as a Sponsor.
 Brand/logo on printed materials: Action Guides, Flyers, Posters, etc.
 Brand/logo on web materials: Including Teen CEO Show order page and blog (seen by
even those who don‘t attend)
Brand/logo on “after event” materials: Sizzle real, DVD's, CD, etc. that may be created
and offered from the event
 Sponsor mentions on any nationally televised shows we are booked on like Oprah,The
Today Show, etc.
 Inclusion in media releases
 Introductions to celebrities (‘talent’)
 Brand/logo live link to your website
 Brand/logo on other materials when created:
mugs, shirts, pens, etc. (Input/ideas welcome)
 Perimeter signage: full, partial or non-telecast view
 Event signage: exclusive or non-exclusive
 Inclusion in print advertising
Booth space at the live two day training.
 Gift Bags: coupon redemption opportunity, gift
item contributions
At least one Radio Advertisement
 Naming rights to a physical section, area or group: meals, parking, registration table,
Option to continue on with sponsorship when the TV show hits the air.
PHONE: (949) 391-6560
[email protected]
Sponsor Benefits
Additional Opportunities
 On-site product sampling opportunities
 Display opportunities
 Naming rights for an event-based award or
 Specially designed new event to suit sponsor:
meals, demo room, parents area (ideas welcome)
 Opportunity to provide prizes for promotional
 Opportunity to provide contract– free
equipment, services, technology or staff as part
of the value of the sponsorship deal
 Support of a sponsor’s worthy cause – involve the
sponsor’s nominated charity in the event or
 Commercials on the TV show itself
 Customized hospitality event to suit the sponsor’s
VIP audience
NOTE: These are just initial ideas, and we are open to working with you to create an even more
customized benefits package for you that ties in directly with your current promotions.
Following is an overview of the TV show and two day training/casting event and our promotions to begin the
PHONE: (949) 391-6560
[email protected]
Sponsor Packages
To receive the benefits above, we are requesting that ___________________________________
sponsors the Teen CEO Show by choosing one of our sponsor packages below. Or connect with us to
create a package that suits you and your company best.
Episodes possible (2)
Logo in Program
Print Advertising
Logo on Teen T-Shirts
Logos on Presentation
Booth Space
Logos on DVD’s
Logos on Website
Option of having
items in gift bags
Price (Including at
least one Radio Ad
Silver Bronze Corporate Individual
Major Major Minor
$10,000 $5,000 $3,000
These packages are a draft, and we are open to alternative buzz-generating prizes. Furthermore,
we are open to In-Kind donations as well as, or in addition to, your sponsor package.
PHONE: (949) 391-6560
[email protected]
2-Day Casting/Workshop
2-DAY WORKSHOP/CASTING: At the February 2013 live training the Host Nadine, John-Leslie Brown as
the co-host and other highly qualified speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen Co-Creator of “Chicken Soup
for the Soul” Books, Burke Franklin, the man who has launched over 1 million businesses and the author
of Business Black Belt, the book on business plans. There are any more in the works, you can check the
blog to stay updated! We will work with the teens to dream and design businesses of their dreams. All
teens 13 to 19 are welcome and already registering for the February event at This is
a unique interactive 2 day workshop JAM-PACKED with content rich information and a network of
support. The teens will not only receive a business education over the 2 day workshop but a lifetime of
connections and support.
This is a unique interactive 2-day workshop JAM-PACKED with content rich information and a network of
support. The teens will not only receive a business education over the 2-day casting/workshop but a lifetime of
connections and support. This is a unique opportunity for the teens because it’s not only a workshop it is also
the casting call for the first 13 episode season of “Teen CEO Show”. We are presenting to the world a new
platform for our youth to be super jump-started to success, in a fun, safe and family-oriented fashion. Our main
goal is to help as many teens as possible which is why we decided to host this 2-day workshop instead of a
traditional casting call/auditions. When we succeed in changing and improving the life of one teen making a
true impact than everything will have been a success.
Second half of all of this is the interactive and educational Teen CEO Reality TV Show. Fourteen teens from
the live training will be chosen to be on the TV show.
Teen CEO TV Reality Show is a multi-faceted, family-oriented
entertainment reality TV show. “We want to create more successful
entrepreneurs, which is the future now, with many interactive opportunities,
tasks and challenges, along with all kinds of business lessons from high
quality mentors”, said Mike Jones, the creator of the TV show. How you fit
in is by helping us do all this in a big way for the teens so they can get all
that is being offered to them. As you know it takes money honestly lots of
money for a live event and then a TV show so we ask you to help by
sponsoring. In addition, you can also support us by spreading the word or
linking to our pages. Every little bit counts and will be able to change the
lives of teens who are involved and teens who get inspired from watching
the show itself. Lots of winning going on around here for all involved. We
trust you see the value in what we are doing and thank you again for any
and all support to make this a HUGE success for these teens.
PHONE: (949) 391-6560
[email protected]
2-Day Casting/Workshop
The HOST - Nadine Lajoie: International Speaker - #1 best-selling
author - Success Acceleration Coach Award-winning entrepreneurs (9
awards and semi-retired at the age of 36 years old), the host and co-creator
is the champion "Motorcycle Racer who sings like an Angel" and
international speaker, Nadine Lajoie, who is a "Success Acceleration" coach
and business leader Canada-USA (finance & real estate) for over 17 years.
She is also a best-selling author and 4 times book award finalist (USA &
London) for her book "Win The Race of Life", and co-author with Les
Brown, the world's leading motivational speaker, in his book "Fight for
Your Dreams“.
The CREATOR: Mike Jones: Business
owner and entrepreneur. From education
and ecology, theme parks and family
entertainment industry, to real estate and
mortgages, his extensive entrepreneurial
experience lead him to create a better life
for others and to give-back to the teens in a
big way!
Earning over 50 trophies in her racing career, including Top 10 in National
USA and a 3rd place at Daytona against 75 men, Nadine Lajoie is inspiring
entrepreneurs worldwide, and is speaking amongst top speakers such as
Marianne Williamson, Michael B. Beckwith, Berny Dohrman, will be on
the "Women in Sports" panel at the California Women's Conference,
expecting over 25,000 people, in Long Beach, CA, Sept. 23-24. You can
also listen to her radio show twice a month for inspiration at 180 mph!
Nadine Lajoie has spoken at TEDx, California Women's Conference with
JAMIE LEE CURTIS, was featured on ABC, USA today and is speaking
amongst the top speakers like Les Brown, John Gray, Marianne Williamson,
Shannon Tweed, Marcia Cross, Michael B. Beckwith and many more.
Mike Jones.
Production Manager
3972 Barranca Pkwy. Suite J293
Irvine, Ca. 92606
Cell #: 941-225-1991
Email: [email protected]
2-Day Casting/Workshop
Mark Victor Hansen
World-renowned authority in the field of self-development
and business building. Best-selling author of the Chicken
Soup for the Soul and One Minute Millionaire series, founder
of the
v and winner of the
prestigious Horatio Alger Award, he has been on thousands of
radio and TV shows, and is the host of the infomercial series,
The Hansen Report.
Mike and Nadine are also creating a strong team around them with high quality
mentors, speakers, celebrities, TV producer, and many more, to make this event
a huge success and welcome you as a Sponsor to participate in making this all
happen. Our event date, Feb. 23/24th is right around the corner. We would
love to welcome ______________________________ aboard. So it is our
wish to continue conversations with you or your appropriate team member in
the near future. To continue our conversations with you and be sure we fulfill all
your needs, we are of course open to adding to or changing anything enclosed in
v beneficial sponsorship. Please feel free to
this packet in order to create a mutually
share this letter and packet with the appropriate members of your senior team as
well as to contact us with any questions. Thanks in advance for your
consideration and collaboration. We look forward to driving substantial buzz and
business to your wonderful company this year. For other ways you can be a part
of all of this please feel free to contact or connect with us online.
In Friendship,
Teen CEO Show!
(949) 391-6560
[email protected]
Burke Franklin
Founder & CEO of JIAN (jee’-on) Software, a successful
Silicon Valley software company renowned for BizPlanBuilder,
the popular software system for producing a comprehensive
business plan. Since introducing BizPlanBuilder 24 years ago,
over 2 million people across the world have used it to start,
finance and build businesses.