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Bachelor of Sustainability
Great discoveries don’t always happen in the classroom –
that’s why we take you outside the square. Our practical,
hands on programs will take you out into the amazing natural
environment and into working commercial facilities. Let
Federation University help you discover your full potential.
Designed in consultation with industry, our programs are
internationally recognised for producing graduates who are
equipped with relevant, up to date knowledge and skills.
Program outline
The Bachelor of Sustainability integrates environmental science, social
science and EXVLQHVV to equip students with a broad theoretical
understanding of sustainability issues, as well as the necessary
practical skills to allow them to flourish in a rapidly expanding sector of
the employment market. The program incorporates material from each
of the three core disciplines, and allows students to choose one area
of sustainability (environmental, social or business) in which to major,
while gaining a rich understanding of all aspects of sustainability
theory and practice.
Now accepting
applications for
Semester 1, 2015.
The program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills
and knowledge to bring about transformative change in the workplace
and the community via a multidisciplinary approach, with a holistic
core of focused sustainability courses. The applied nature of the
program will ensure that graduates of the Bachelor of Sustainability
are work-ready.
Career Opportunities
The focus on sustainability in global and national governance is
reflected in an increasing demand for sustainability qualifications
in the employment market. There are many career opportunities
for sustainability graduates in a wide range of public sector and
community organisations and in private industry, including roles
such as sustainability and environment officers, governance officers,
policy advisors, and planning and research officers.
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Program entry requirements
Fee information
Year 12: Satisfactory completion of VCE including pre-requisite units 3
and 4 English (any) or the equivalent interstate, overseas or mature entry
Domestic Students
Non Year 12: Mature age entry (When considering your application we
take into account your life experience, working and volunteer experience,
and the further study and training you may have completed)
Program Structure
Below is a sample program structure for a student undertaking the
Bachelor of Sustainability with a major in Environment (Social and
Business majors are also available - please view our website for sample
structures for these majors).
Programs in italics are elecWLves
Year One
Semester One
Semester Two
SCSUS1500 Sustainable Earth?
SOCOG1004 Neoliberal Modernity
BUGEN1530 Principles of Responsible Business
SCSUS1001 Introduction to Sustainable
Environmental Studies
Practical Ethics
Business Microeconomics
Sustainability Practice
Year Two
Semester Three
Semester Four
SOCIN2200 Community Engagement and
SCSUS2000 Sustainability Auditing
SCGEO1104 Landscape Evolution
SCENV2200 Population and Community Ecology
Wetlands and Water Resources
Creativity and Innovation
Business Statistics
Chemistry 1
Year Three
Semester Five
Semester Six
SCSUS3000 Industry Project 1
SCENV2600 GIS (Spatial Analytics)
SCENV3120 Landscape Restoration and Mine
Site Rehabilitation
SCENV3110 Fire Ecology and Management
ENV3761 Waste Management and Remediation
SCSUS3001 Industry Project 2
SCGEO2101 Regolith
SCENV3100 Land and Water Contamination
For fee information please refer to:
International Students
International students must apply through our
International Admissions section, and must
satisfy Australian Government requirements
and conditions for study in Australia as well as
meeting the entry requirements for the intended
program of study.
For full information relevant to international
students please contact:
tel. email. web.
+61 3 5327 9018
[email protected]
About the Faculty of Science
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Our programs are internationally recognised
for producing graduates who are equipped
with relevant, up-to-date skills that ensure they
are industry ready by the time they commence
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