Prayer For World Mission

Prayer For World Mission
Father, you will your Church to be the sacrament of salvation for all peoples.
Make us feel more urgently the call to work for the salvation of all,
until you have made us all one people. Inspire the hearts of all your people
to continue the saving work of Christ everywhere until the end of the world.
Tuesday, 21st October 2014
Term Four, Week 3
‘29th Sunday in Ordinary Time’
‘Readings for the week:
Is 45:1, 4-6
Thess 1: 1-5
Mt 22: 15-21
(The Question about Paying Taxes)
Friday 24th October
Transition for Group 1 of our 2015
Kindergarten Students
9.30am -12pm in 501
Thursday 30th October
Principal visit to Ballarat
The Year Five excursion this year to Ballarat was nothing short of sheer brilliance!
Congratulations to our staff who organised the camp and made all things possible.
The students were fine ambassadors who really represented our school in all
aspects. Parents should be very proud of them as it was a pleasure to observe them,
support, care and look out for each other throughout the camp. The highlight of the
camp in listening to our students was the sound and light show entitled Blood on the
Southern Cross. It is truly an explosive show like nothing else. It depicts the story of
the Eureka Rebellion and the dramatic battle between the gold miners and the
Government forces at Ballarat. All this was shown in an open air set where the voices
and light effects stunned us all! To help join the dots the students on the second day
independently enjoyed the marvellous museum of Sovereign Hill. This place
brilliantly recreates Ballarat as seen in the first ten years of establishment since the
discovery of gold in 1851. Our students saw firsthand and actively participated in
gold panning, saw how a musket fires, watched a candle stick maker in action, went
back to school and dipped pens in ink whilst writing letters on paper, discovered how
boiled lollies were made, watched a blacksmith pour gold and some of our students
got the opportunity to hold the gold bar worth a cool $130,000 dollars! Now that is
the spirit of valuing gold! As the students walked down the streets, they frequently
engaged with people in traditional costume and even went for a ride in an old stage
coach. How fortunate that we were able to be there as this year marks 160 years
since the extraordinary events at Eureka etched a unique place in our nation’s
history. On behalf of everyone involved in planning behind the scenes, the teachers
and staff and Mrs Woodhouse for keeping all our families updated on Facebook, a
huge thank you!
Crazy Socks Day!
Wear your crazy socks to school and
bring a gold coin donation for
Friday 31st October
Feast of All Saints Day
9.30am in Sacred Heart Church [email protected]
Catholic Primary Schools Basketball Challenge
Last weekend under the guidance of St Patrick’s school teacher Kellie Kelly, students and
families from St Patrick’s Primary School Griffith travelled to participate in the Annual Catholic
Primary Schools Basketball Challenge in Wollongong and Kiama. With support from our
brilliant coaches our boys and girls played some fantastic and gutsy basketball against
competitive teams ranging from Mosman to Queanbeyan! Outside the basketball arena our
students also engaged in a celebration Mass. Isaac Testoni and Sam Kelly proudly represented
our school by carrying a candle, symbolising the spirit of the games. Thank you boys! There are
so many people to acknowledge, without the fear of leaving someone out, I wish to express my
heartfelt thanks to all our coaches, parents and supporters who travelled to Wollongong. From
all the photos I have received it looks like our boys and girls had the best time ever in a
sporting carnival. Thank You!
Enrolments Now Open Years 1-6
We are now accepting enrolments from Year One through to Year Six. Parents, if you know of
families who are moving to Griffith or who are considering an enrolment in a Catholic school,
please direct them to the school office on 6964 2888 for an information package. Our school
website and Facebook page are an excellent referral in order to gain an understanding of our
Catholicity, education and sporting achievements, resources, facilities and grounds. Please do
not leave to the last minute and be
disappointed- as there are now only limited
spaces in certain year levels. Make an enquiry
School Fees Overdue
Parents, a gentle reminder that there are some school fees that are well overdue. This week parents will receive emails and
phone calls due to overdue fees. I was surprised by the number of parents who had simply forgotten their payment of school
fees. I understand that it can be embarrassing to receive such a phone call, so I ask all families to check their school fees and
their bank accounts to ensure that outstanding fees are paid by the end of this month. As a business, we have a reputation to
uphold in the community as we meet our commitments to the payment of goods received, electricity bills, water rates and other
maintenance bills. Thank you for your cooperation and support.
Have a great week and thanks for reading.
David Adams-Jones,
Merit Awards at Assembly
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Key Punch-Jackson
Michael Wilson
Marcus Virago
Tahli Connor
Samran Sidhu
Natasha Stradiotto
Amelia Clarke
Keira Andreatta
Tucker Collins
Harry Morshead
Ayushi Ghosh
Nicholas Salvestro
Chloe Zamin
Milly McGregor
Sienna Sergi
Samuel Scott
Noah Puntoriero
Shyanne Hodges
Taleea Hodges
Olivia O’Connor
Mischa Northeast
Luca Belardo
Oliver Crockett
Jordan Bonaccorsi
Koby Clark
Lochlan Painting
Beth Huxley
Pepper Malijan
Charlie O’Sullivan
Hardi Patel
Zaviea Connor
Role Potgieter
Kayla Curran
Year Four
Year Five
Year Six
Max Vardanega
Sebastian Piccinin
Isaac Railo
Mia Terblauche
Hayden Volk
Joe Sergi
Lexi Salvestro
Arabella Dorata
Alyssa Quinn
Ane Miller
Frank Pirrottina
Nicholas Zanatta
Ned Stewart
Aribo Kaibwa
Nikita Piromalli
Christopher D’Aquino
Dharmik Mongrolia
Isaac Testoni
Nathan Bruss
Ella Yardley
Molly Balind
Joanne Sebastian
2 [email protected]
MJR AWARDS – Ella Yardley for making Jesus Real by
offering to help a student lock up their bike when they were
having trouble with the lock.. CONGRATULATIONS to YOU!
From our Assistant Principal
Professional Learning: QELI
I will be away in Sydney from Monday 19th October to Tuesday 20th October attending a Professional Learning Opportunity. I
will be attending the final phase Emerging Principal’s Program™ (EPP).
I have been identified as one of those with high potential for Principalship, which is a great honour as well as a responsibility.
The EPP aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and participate in key changes across their
schools. The program will help me to step up to the challenges involved in leading whole school improvement—through a focus
on strengthening my capabilities in the areas identified as critical in making a difference to the outcomes of students in our own
school now and in the future. The program is aligned with the professional practices outlined in the Australian Professional
Standard for Principals (Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership) including:
 Leading teaching and learning.
 Developing self and others.
 Leading improvement, innovation and change.
 Leading the management of the school.
 Engaging and working with the community.
I have been working on a personal project with our Year 6 students and teachers focused on Student Feedback – Helping us all
learn. In an Educational Inititiative, students gave feedback to their teachers to help the teachers identify and understand
student learning and thus help to direct their teaching. Students answered the followng questions:
1. What did I (the teacher) do that helped your learning today in Literacy / what occurred that helped your learning?
2. What are you not sure about?
3. What would help?
The project was a great success and I am currently examining ways of continuing this project to other grades and Curriculum
Areas in the school.
Updated School Calendar
Parents please note that we have an updated version of the school calendar on our website for your reference. You can find it
Virtue of Courage
Without courage, people would only do what is
easy. No one would try new things. Everyone
would do what everyone else is doing, to avoid
standing out – even if they knew it was wrong.
Fear would always be in charge. Fortunately, at
St. Patrick’s we are teaching that with courage,
you can face any situation. Courage helps you
to do great things.
At St. Patrick’s we recognize that courage helps
you to do the right thing. When you feel afraid,
name the fear and then let it go. Then do what
you really want to do. Admit mistakes and learn
from them. Keep trying. Stand up for what you
know is right even if all your friends are doing
something wrong. Ask for help when you need
it. Let courage fill your heart.
2015 Kindergarten Orientation
This term we will be welcoming our 2015
Kindergarten students as they continue their
transition to Primary School. This Transition Program is aimed at having fun, with hands on activities promoting a learning and
stimulating environment, giving our 2015 Kindergarten students an opportunity to interact with one another under the careful
supervision and leadership of one of our Kindergarten Teachers and a Teacher’s Aide. Our current Kindergarten students will
continue their learning program as per their normal routine with one of our regular casual teachers leading the learning.
This year, there will be three groupings for Orientation Days with each group completing 2 sessions. Below are the dates for the
children. A reminder that the program commences this Friday 24 October
3 [email protected]
Group #
Group #1
Day 1 - Friday 24 October
Day 2 - Friday 31 October
Group #2
Day 1 - Friday 7 November
Day 2 - Friday 14 November
Group #3
Day 1 – Friday 21 November
Day 2 – Friday 28 November
9.30am -12pm in room 501
9.30am-12pm in room 501
(information session for Parents from 11am -12pm in Fr. O’Dea Hall)
9.30am -12pm in room 505
9.30am-12pm in room 505
(information session for Parents from 11am -12pm in Fr. O’Dea Hall)
9.30am -12pm in room 502
9.30am-12pm in room 502
(information session for Parents from 11am -12pm in Fr. O’Dea Hall)
Teacher supervising
Mrs Louise Hill
Mrs Louise Hill
Mrs Sarah McNicol
Mrs Sarah McNicol
Miss Kayla Page
Miss Kayla Page
Last Thursday 17 we warmly welcomed the
Four Year Old Preschoolers from Kindy Lane
who had a meet n’greet and look at our
facilities and our friendly faces. I wish to
thanks Mrs Alissa Woodhouse and Mrs Daniela
Armanini for their organisation and leading of
the tours of “Big School” and for their
organisation of Morning Tea for the parents. Whilst I was engaging with the parents, I was able to share with them the fantastic
opportunities that we have here at school. Stimulating lessons, teachers weaving in amongst the students, open plan learning,
ukulele lessons and Melissa Brown leading Year 3 Students in preparation for the dance concert to name but a few. We have
plans to continue to invite the wider community into our school to showcase our work here and spread the very positive
messages about St. Patrick’s Education.
A reminder that on our school website under the Enrolments Tab is a link to the KidsMatter
site which has a wealth of tips and information on starting school. I have been featuring these
tips regularly throughout the year and will be sharing more as the year continues and our
Transition program continues.
2014 Concerts
The students and staff are excitedly preparing for the 2014 Concerts. They are a magnificent opportunity to showcase the
student learning and achievements in the Key Learning Curriculum Areas of English and Creative Arts.
Please put the following dates into your diary:
Kindergarten, Year One, Year Two Christmas Concert:
Friday 12 December starting at 10 am in the Fr. O’Dea Hall followed by picnic lunch in
the school grounds. Entry by gold coin donation.
Years Three to Six Concert:
Monday 10 November – Full rehearsal in Fr O’Dea Hall – all day.
Tuesday 11 November – Full dress rehearsal at Griffith Regional Theatre – all day.
Wednesday 12 November – 11am Matinee performance and 7pm performance.
K-2 St. Patrick’s students attending Matinee (no cost to students)
Tickets available for purchase for Matinee and Evening performance
Thursday 13 November – 7pm performance. Tickets available for purchase
Tickets available for $15 for parents, friends, family via the Griffith Regional Theatre website or Box Office from 9am on Monday
October 27 .
Parental engagement
More than ever parents are turning to schools for advice, information and direction about
how to raise their kids. Yet their issues are increasingly complex, demanding specific
advice. At St. Patrick’s we seek to provide assistance often and share our experiences and
information to help you. Attached to this newsletter is an article by Michael Grose
featuring ideas for every parent to build better relationships with their children. At St.
Patrick’s we believe that building relationships with children is every parent’s dream. This
article we have shared with you has some simple, timely tips based around one-on-one
time for all parents.
Maintain & share your awesomeness,
Alan Wedesweiler,
Assistant Principal
4 [email protected]
Congratulations to Carly Amery on the birth of her beautiful baby boy, Hudson William Amery who was born on 15th of October.
We are pleased to say Mum & Bub are doing very well and we are looking forward to seeing them very soon.
From our Religious Education Coordinator
As we move through the month of October please remember the power of prayer through saying the Rosary. It is a
valuable time to remember those less fortunate than us. Start thinking what crazy socks you can wear on Thursday,
30 October. We will be having an All Saints Day Mass on Friday, 31 October, if you wish to join us. Kindergarten
will be organising the Mass.
Take care,
Maryanne Dodd
Pastoral Care Corner: Seasons for Growth
Dear Members of our School Community,
Just a reminder that due to unforeseen circumstances Mrs Vickie Wigg will be away for
a few weeks. As a result of that we are putting Seasons for Growth on hold & we will
resume next week on Wednesday 29 of October. Thank you for your understanding.
We pray for all families that are grieving the loss of a loved one/ones.
Cath Catanzariti, Pastoral Care Coordinator
Please Pray for
We pray for all the members in our school community who
are sick and for all families who have lost loved ones.
If you have any special intentions for prayers that you would
like us to include in this section, please email Alissa in the
office on [email protected]
From our Parish
Dear Lord,
We entrust to your love, care & healing all families
who are experiencing grief as a result of the loss of
loved ones. May your healing spirit also restore to
good health all who are ill and others that may be
enduring difficult times in their lives.
In Jesus’ name, AMEN.
Dear Friends,
I am currently on a pilgrimage in an amazing place called Medjugorje. On 24th June 1981, in this parish in Bosnia- Herzegovina,
the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to 6 young people. On the second day, Our Lady spoke and ever since (with few exceptions
early on), she has been appearing daily to them all, then later three of the children and annually to the other three. The
apparitions have taken place at various sites, some outside of Bosnia Herzegovina. Secrets pertaining to the future have been
given to each and there have been countless messages. Our Lady identified herself in Medjugorje as the Blessed Virgin, Queen of
Peace.Her central message is peace – peace with God and man. She told the young people, "I have come to tell the world that
God exists. He is the fullness of life and to enjoy this fullness and obtain peace, you must return to God". In bringing the world
back to Her Son, Mary has been sent by the Father to make
Medjugorje a model parish. During the apparitions, the
visionaries don't react to light, they don't hear any earthly
sound, they don't react to being touched. They have been
subjected to many scientific tests, even during the
apparitions and the findings are well documented. While
with Our Lady, they feel they are outside of time and space.
Our Lady is especially requesting us to pray the Holy Rosary.
This month of October is dedicated to the Rosary and so on
Saturday we will have a special day commencing at 4pm at
our Parish Grotto which will conclude with a giant Rosary of
helium balloons being released into the skies of Griffith. It
will be a wonderful spectacle, be sure not to miss out.
I hope to see you this Saturday.
God Bless,
Fr Grace,
Parish Priest
5 [email protected]
Our Weekly Recap
Highlight of our week this week was definitely making table top soccer boxes. Made from old cardboard boxes with green paper
for the field and a foam balls for the soccer ball the kids had so much fun using their straws to verse each other in games.
Our Extend Superstar is… Jackson D. For always being so creative
Monday 20 October
Tuesday 21 October
Wednesday 22 October
Thursday 23 October
Friday 24 October
Make Your Own Board Game
Make Your Own Board Game
Blow Paint Monsters
Ellie's Birthday
In reference to the Administration Office Hours in previous newsletters, please note that during
‘Office Closed’ period times (Tuesdays from 12.30- 1.30pm & Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm) carefully
selected, skilled staff will be monitoring any emergencies that arise. An answering machine will be on
for our landline (6964 2888). In the event of an emergency you can contact David Adams-Jones on
0459 142 177.
News from St Patrick’s School Council
The St Patrick’s School Council annual general meeting (AGM) is fast approaching and that means if you are interested in joining
the School Council in 2015 then you need to nominate now! School Council members are elected for a 2 year term and are able
to sit on Council for up to 3 terms. Current members are eligible to stand for re-election at the completion of their term. Any
parent of a child enrolled at St Patricks in 2015 is eligible for nomination. This year, 4 board members finish their 2 year terms.
They are Jane Bonny, Margaret Andreazza, Oscar Roche and Roy Catanzariti. Additionally, Robert Kelly has completed 6 years on
Council, 3 of which he served as Chairperson, and is departing us for good. I wish to thank all of these for their hard work, valued
input and commitment to our school during their time on the Council. The call is now being for made for interested parents to
nominate, re-nominate or nominate someone else for a position on the School Council. There are 4 vacant positions. The School
Council consists of: the Parish Priest, Principal, Assistant Principal, representatives from the P&F and staff, along with 8 parents.
Members attend a meeting on the 2 Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. There are no more than 10 meetings per year.
Below you will find a nomination form. Simply complete this form and return it to the school office by the date noted. The AGM
is scheduled for Thursday 11 December 2014.
Why should you join?
The School Council is an advisory board that assists the Principal in meeting his obligations to
education, parents and the community. The Council assists in policy making and financial control of the
school and as such is a vital component of the school. I urge you to consider a Council position or to
nominate someone you consider would work in the best interests of all members of St Patrick’s
Anthony Salmon
Chairperson, St Patrick’s Primary School
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nomination for membership of St Patrick’s Primary School Council
I, Mr or Mrs ______________________________
Phone: ____________________
Wish to nominate _________________________________________________________
for a position on the St Patrick’s Primary School Council
Signed: __________________________________ Date: ______________________
Nominations must be returned by 4:00pm Friday 28 November 2014
6 [email protected]
Canteen Roster:
Wednesday 22 October: A Woodhouse, M Harrison
Thursday 23 October: J Davidge, S Piccoli
Friday 24 October: L salvestro, P Minato, V Forner, K Salvestro
Monday 27 October: K Yardley, M Dalo, V Emery
Tuesday 28 October: A Barbaro, C Musolino, J Sergi
Wednesday 97 October: D Della Franca, J Calabria, R Torresan
Diocesan Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and Softball Trials
Diocesan Sports Trials for Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and Softball for boys and girls for 2015
will be held this term. The reason we hold them at this time is because the MacKillop Trials
are later this term or early in term one 2014 we need to be organised to have our Diocesan
Trials started or completed this year. The students who can attend the Diocesan Trial would
more than likely be in Year Five in 2014 and should be playing in a local competition to a high standard. Year Six students in 2014
are not eligible as they will be in high school next year. Diocesan Trials are not “come and try” days.
Nominations close on Monday, 27 October 2014. Forms are now available. Please see Mrs Dodd or Mrs Cavanagh for more
If anyone can donate empty 2 ltr white ice-cream containers for Year 5 for the concert. They can be left in the
office. Thanks in advance.
Parish Fete
Trash ‘N Treasure / White Elephant Stall
Clear all your cupboards of pre-loved or unused saleable items – display plates, Bric-a-brac, CD’s & DVD’s,
Non electronic games, crockery, crystal, toys etc. (NO CLOTHING THANK YOU). Items may be dropped off
before the Fete in the box provided at the entrance of the church..
Contact Liz Sergi 0448 004 118 for more information.
Operation Christmas Child
A note to students and parents that the Operation Christmas Child Boxes are due in to the school office by this Friday 24
October. Thank you to those families that have already donated.
7 [email protected]
8 [email protected]
9 [email protected]
10 [email protected]
11 [email protected]
12 [email protected]