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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select size, price (varies by submission date) and template. Complete order form completely. Provide photos for each space in the ad and your message. Please type or print your message legibly on a clean sheet of paper. Submit all materials and payment to: Laurence Manning Academy Celebrate with your student when the book arrives! If postmarked by 11/21/14 If postmarked by 10/24/14 1/8 page ad (3.5”x2.5”)
$80 $85 1/4 page ad (3.5”x5”)
$90 $95 *Submit one photo and no more than 50
words of text or 2 photos with no message.
Template: ___A ___B ___C
___D ___E ___F ___G
1/2 page ad (8”x5”)
$180 $185 Full page ad (8”x10”)
$255 $260 *Choose
Template: ___H ___I ___J
___K ___L ___M ___N ___O
Template: ___P ___Q ___R
___S ___T ___U ___V ___W ___X
___Y ___Z
*If you are submitting formats A-K, please submit your typed or legibly printed text
in a plain font on white paper.
**Please submit the appropriate number of photos by the dates above. Please number
the photos as you would like them to appear in the ad. Photos should be copies, not
originals, and should have the student’s name on the back in pencil. We will reduce
or enlarge all photos as needed, so please do not fold or cut them. We are not able to
use PROOFS from a photographer.
***All photos, forms and payments must be received at the time of submission. Due
to the limited amount of yearbook pages available, senior ads are sold on a “firstcome first-served” basis.
Photo Submission Tips:
*Poor quality inkjet printouts will not reproduce well. *Select vertical (tall) photos for
vertical spaces and horizontal (wide) photos for horizontal spaces. *We will scan and
enlarge or reduce photos to fit the layout. You do not need to resize. *Care will be
taken to return all photos; however, copies of prints should be submitted. The school,
yearbook staff, or Jostens Yearbooks does not take responsibility for lost or damaged
• The yearbook staff reserves the right to reject photos or text or ask the
customer to make changes to conform to the school’s standards. The content
of the ad and copy must be appropriate for a school publication.
For more information, email us at [email protected]
-FINAL DUE DATE: 11/21/14Name of student as you would like to
have it appear on the ad:
I would like my photos returned, so I
am enclosing a self-addressed, stamped
envelope. (If you do not, your photos will
not be returned.)
These photos are copies. I don’t need
**Please note there is a $5 late fee
for ads purchased after 10/24/14**
Total Amount Due
I have enclosed a check.
Check #____________
Please make all checks payable to
Manning Academy.
Laurence Manning Academy
Ashley Strickland, Yearbook
P.O. Box 278
Manning, SC 29102
(803) 435-2114