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2625 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC V5K 3W7
October 2014
Denise Johnson
Director of Instruction
Ken Clement
Liaison School Trustee
PH: 604-713-5507
FX: 604-713-5509
Newsletter # 2
Donna Emeno
Janis Myers
Janeen Patchell
PAC Chair
Principal’s Message
We’ve been back for a little over a week and already students are well underway with classroom activities and
projects in their new classrooms. There is a great energy around the school as everyone works hard to get right
back into teaching and learning.
I must say that I was so impressed with all of the students at our first assembly this month. I was delighted with
the exuberant atmosphere as it certainly showed that the staff and the parents have created a wonderfully,
positive learning environment for the children at Hastings. At this assembly we reviewed the Hastings Code of
Conduct and behaviour expectations. All through the year we will be teaching cooperation and respect, kindness
and safety when at school. Every morning students make announcements promoting weekly virtues to help
develop a culture of character in students. This reflects our School Goal of Social Responsibility. Literacy is
another goal and we are focusing on student improvement in the area of writing. Our third goal is a districtwide Aboriginal Enhancement goal to increase knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation
of Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures and contributions among all students.
It’s going to be a great year, as usual, at Hastings! Welcome back everyone!
Donna Emeno
List of Classroom Division, Grade and Teacher
Division Grade
1/ 2
Ms. Christine Gagnon
Ms. Ann Munro
Ms. Elizabeth Bion
Ms. Wendy Mah
Mr. Chris Donegan
Ms. Sylvie Lavoie
Ms. Rino
Ms. Caitlin Steward for Kristiina Harris
Ms. Sharon Wong
Ms. Gloria Nystrom
Ms. Marilyne Nadeau
Ms. Fiona Berger
Ms. Natacha Corrie/ Moria Vis
Division Grade
Ms. Karen Beattie
Ms. Michelle Catalano
Ms. Nathalie Davis
Ms. Lisa Wall
Ms. Katrina Wong-Rutledge for Teresa Hampel /
Gabbi Morrow
Ms. Alex Simonut / Simon Hansed
Ms. Sandra Patrick
Mr. Steve Kirby
Mr. Chris Archer
Ms. Isabelle Daoud-Herbert
Ms. Daniele Carrara
Ms. Gabbi Morrow/ Ms. Danielle Burkett
Ms. Sheelagh Brothers
Kindergarten Registration Procedures for 2015-2016
Applications for Kindergarten for the year 2015 – 2016 year
will begin on November 1st. Catchment
students applying for registration between
November 1st, 2014 through January 31st, 2015
will be given first consideration over those who
apply later. If you have a child born in 2010 or
know someone that will have a child attending
Kindergarten in September 2015 please register them during
the above time frame in order to help guarantee your
child’s placement in their home school. Stay tuned for
upcoming registration proceedures.
Supervision of
Students are supervised
before school from 8:40am to
9:00am and after school from 3:00pm to
3:20pm. Children should not arrive before
8:40am or leave after 3:20pm unless
specifically requested to do so as part of an
organized/ supervised activity, otherwise they
______________________________________ will be unsupervised.
-------------------------------------------Shake Out BC
Hastings school will be participating in
the province wide earthquake drill on
October 16th at 10:10am. Hastings staff
is working on a detailed emergency
evacuation plan following the Vancouver
Board of Education Emergency Management Program.
This will be one of two earthquake drills we will have
this school year, the other being the Big One at 2 on
Thursday, May 7th, 2015.
School Lost & Found - There are jackets, many hoodie sweaters,
shoes, rubber boots, socks, lunch containers, thermos, collecting
in this area (lounge). If your child has lost any of these lately,
please have him/her come down and take a look. These items
will be removed to the free shelves within a couple of weeks if
Elementary School Supply Fees
A School Supply Fee letter has been sent home.
This fee covers the cost of basic school supplies
used for student’s personal use. If you have not
already done so, please drop off your payment to your child’s
teacher. As in past years, the Vancouver School Board will not
deny a child access to the school supplies required for his or
her educational program because of financial hardship.
Parents and guardians who would like to request to postpone
payment of the supplies fee or require the supplies fee to be
waived for the current year, should contact the school
Principal directly or in writing.
Traffic Safety
Please remember to exercise
caution when dropping off or
picking up children from school. Familiarize
yourself with restricted areas and avoid
double parking and U-turns. Don’t expect
your children to run between cars to cross
the street. Please acknowledge and respect
all traffic signs and parking regulations.
Student Valuables at School
Parents are reminded that there
is no Vancouver School Board
insurance coverage for student
belongings. Please leave all
valuables at home.
Verification Forms as soon as
possible if you have not done so
already. It is extremely important
that any health issues be brought
to our attention.
Bikes, Skateboards and Scooters
on School Property
For safety precautions, please
walk all bikes, scooters and carry
skateboards when entering school
property from 8:30am until
3:30pm. Thank you for your
A reminder that school is not in Dogs at School
session on Monday, October 13th for
Thanksgiving Day. As well , our next We kindly remind families not to
dogs into the school for
Professional Development Days are bring
safety reasons (if an adult is able
Friday, October 24th and Monday, October 27th . to carry the dog securely in their
Peanut Allergy Reminder
Parents and students are reminded that there are students in
our school who have very serious nut allergies. While
Hastings is NOT A NUT-FREE environment, we ask parents to
be mindful of the kind of snacks/lunches they
pack for their children especially if there are
fellow classmates who are allergic to nuts.
hands, we are able to make an
exception). We have many students who are
afraid of dogs or have allergies to them, and
we are also very mindful of not wanting either
a student or a dog to be unintentionally
injured in the already crowded hallways. A
reminder as well that any dogs on the school
grounds must be on a leash. We thank you for
helping us keep the school a safe environment
for all.
Hot Lunch Program
A few reminders
1. If you are combining 2 or 4 student Hot Lunch registration forms in one envelope,
please mark on the outside of the envelope the names and divisions of each child.
2. Fold the order form so the name of the child appears in the envelope window.
3. Please take careful note of the due date on the form, as these are sent away to the school board and
NO LATE ORDERS can be accepted.
School Nurse News
Welcome back to school! As kids head back to the classroom, here are a few pieces of information
to help ensure a happy and healthy school year.
Make sure that your child’s immunizations are up to date
Vaccines are a healthy choice for your child. They provide immunity and help prevent
the spread of disease. Children routinely receive vaccines before or during Kindergarten, and
in grade 6. Vancouver Coast Health (VCH) Medical Health Officers advise that all children,
ages 4 to 6, get the Tdap-IPV vaccine that protects against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis
(whooping cough) and polio. Children should also receive vaccination against chicken pox
(varicella). Parents can get free shots for their children from family doctors or from public health
nurses at VCH community health centres. An immunization visit is also a great way to catch up on any other shots that
may have been missed as part of a child’s infant vaccination series. Kindergarten clinics are currently being offered at
community health centres around Vancouver. Children in grade 6 will be offered the opportunity to receive their
recommended immunization at a school-based clinic; please keep an eye out for a consent form that will be sent home
with your child.
Chronic Medical Conditions
It is very important to notify us of any chronic medical conditions (for example: diabetes or asthma) or severe allergies
please let the school know in order to ensure that there is a plan in place to protect your child’s health during school
General Health
There are multiple services available to help with a variety of possible health concerns.
If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s health (for example: vision, dental, hearing, nutrition or
behavioural concerns) please don’t hesitate to talk to the school, or contact the school’s public health nurse. This school
year, kindergarten students will be offered school-based dental, vision and hearing screening.
All Vancouver schools have access to a public health nurse who is available to help support the health of your child. The
nurse for your school is Florencia Olivo. She can be contacted through the school, or directly at 604-872-2511, ext. 3348
Library News
Dear Parents
Welcome to both new and returning students and families! My name is Frances Renzullo-Cuzzetto and I am the teacherlibrarian at Hastings School Library. Some classes have had their first visits and book exchanges while others will be scheduled in over the
next few weeks. Kindergarten parents will be receiving separate letters from me this week with more specific details. Parents, if you would
like to see what books your child has signed out please visit, Webcat, our Vancouver School Board electronic library catalogue by typing
in “VSB Webcat” in your browser search bar. Or you can visit the site at:
Under the tab, “My Account,” please type in your child’s BCeSIS number. (If your child does not know his/her number, have them ask
their teacher or myself) Once logged on, you are able to see your child’s book list and due dates. If there is a problem with funds owing,
or refunds from the library, please have your child drop by the library to discuss further.
The annual September book fair has been postponed because of strike action. I hope to reschedule it again before Christmas as it is the
only fundraiser for extra library funds.
I always look forward to volunteers. If you are able to come into the library for shelf-reading a few minutes per week, it would be greatly
appreciated. (Shelf-reading involves making sure books are in the right order based on the dewey system on the shelf, 678.8, 678.9,680.1
The library will be open on Monday, Tuesday , Thursday and Friday afternoons until 3:20 if your child would like to return or take out
more books. Parents, feel free to drop by if you have any questions, concerns or comments. I look forward to seeing you and meeting
you if you are new to Hastings School.
Have a wonderful start to the school year!
Mrs. Renzullo
Raise a Reader
Wednesday, September 24th was Raise a Reader Day. Here are some tips on creating a lifelong reader, taken from
Home and School Connection:
 Continue to read with your child at home. It’s free, it’s fun and it will bring you and your child closer.
 Find a time each day when you and your child can get cozy and enjoy a good book!
 If your child doesn’t already have a library card, sign them up!
 Find books that expand your child’s interests (animals, outer space), deal with an event (a new baby, a visit to the dentist, and
build character (friendship, truthfulness).
Ask librarians, friends and teachers for recommendations on stories for both information and enjoyment! Try real and makebelief stories, poems and chidren’s magazines.
International Walk to School Week
Did you know that October is the International Walk to School month? Check out the
website at www.iwalktoschool.org. “Hike it. Bike it. I like it.” October is International
Walk to School month! International Walk to School Week is October 6th to 10th and
International Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 8th. Walking to school is so
important for so many reasons. It is a healthy way to start the day; it reduces pollution and creates a
safer walking environment by having fewer cars on the road; and it is a fun way to be with friends. Some
children walk to school everyday and we commend them for this! If the distance from home is too far
for your child to walk, your child can still participate. You can drive part way to school and walk from
there. Remember to think about pedestrian visibility. Pedestrians should wear light or brightly coloured
clothes or reflective materials on their coats and backpacks to be more visible to others. Also, teach
your children to cross at intersections and designated crosswalks. Teach children to look left, right and
left again and cross only when it is safe to do so. Make eye contact with stopped or slowing drivers and
continue watching for traffic as you cross.
Translink will once again provide free transit for all students during
International Walk to School Week. You may want to take advantage of this
opportunity to take your child on a journey using transit. Translink has been
providing options for students since 2005, as a way of acknowledging International Walk
to School Week and as a prompt to encourage more parents, students and teachers to consider using
transit for day to day transportation.
Please check out the PAC's new bulletin
board across the hall from the office. Read
about all the upcoming events, monthly PAC
meetings, sign up to volunteer and
more. You can also read all about this on our
website, or follow us on Twitter.
Do you want to help out, but don't know how
much time you'll have to do so? Sign up for
our volunteer pool. You'll get "call for
volunteers" email before each event and
you can decide then. Or if you want to help
out a little more, there are other committees
you can volunteer for. To sign up just sign up
on the list across from the school office or
email us at [email protected]
PAC Potluck and AGM - Wednesday, October
All parents and guardians are automatically
members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
and are encouraged to attend any or all
meetings. The next meeting is on October 29th
and will start with a potluck dinner at 6pm
followed by the meeting from 7-830 in the Multipurpose room. Please
plan to attend to mix, mingle, and meet new parents, hear about what
is happening at Hastings, have your questions answered (the
administration will be there), and see how you can get involved with
your child's school. Free childcare will be provided for the AGM portion
of the evening - please call Adrianna at the community school office so
that we can ensure that we have enough babysitters for the evening.
Upcoming PAC meeting dates:
Monday, November 24th
2015 dates to be determined...
Monday, November 3rd, 2014
Doors open at 6:10pm in the School Gym
Admission is FREE!
Community News
This notice is provided on a courtesy basis only to inform you of events occurring in the community.
Welcome back! Fall 2014 Program Guides &
Registration Forms are now out! Program Guides have
been distributed to all students. We have added new
programs to the list along with the multiple programs we
have offered in the past. If you have not yet received one,
come by to the Community Office and pick one up to
register before they fill up!! Registration is on a first come
first serve basis.
Winter Break Information: The Templeton Community
Schools Team will be offering programs during the Winter
Break! Please call the Community Office and speak to
Adrianna Teoh if you have any questions at 604-713-5268
or e-mail at [email protected]'
Return forms to teacher ASAP
PAC AGM and Potluck
International Walk to
School Day
Walk to School Week
10 Photo Day
Lunch Envelope Due today Parent Coffee Club 9am
School Not in Session
Shake Out BC 10:10am
PSA Day School
NOT in Session
Pro D
School Not in Session
PAC AGM and Potluck
6 – 830pm