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In Brief
Sharia college
KAC Employees
By A Saleh
KUWAIT: MP Nabil Al-Fadl reminded of a memo presented by
former education minister Rasheed Al-Hamad proposing following other GCC states’ steps in combining the Sharia and
law colleges. “The Cabinet ignored that proposal under pressure from Islamists,” he underlined. The lawmaker also
inquired about how much Sharia College graduates were
needed in local job market and the total number of these
graduates so far.
Schools transformation
KUWAIT: The Parliament’s Deputy Speaker
Mubarak Al-Khrainej urged Communication
Minister Essa Al-Kandari to work on putting
Kuwait Airways employees’ demands into practice as soon as possible, pointing out that they
were all legitimate ones that had been already
approved by the Fatwa and Legislation
Department on Sept 20, 2012 that approved
increasing KASCO employees’ basic salaries by 25
KUWAIT: MP Majed Moussa condemned a
Ministry of Education’s decision to turn two
kindergartens of Jahra educational zone in
Saad Al-Abdullah into primary schools two
months after the school year has already
started. He added that many area residents
were upset with this sudden decision and
rejected it.
o f
t h e
d a y
KUWAIT: Winds reaching over 60 kilometers per hour in velocity caused a sandstorm yesterday that dropped visibility to less than 500 meters in some areas. The bad weather conditions halted sea navigation to and from the country’s three major ports: Al-Shuwaikh, Al-Shuaiba and Al-Doha, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported quoting Captain Marzoug Al-Qahtani, Director of Sea Operations at AlShuwaikh Port. —Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat and Joseph Shagra
KOTC receives oil tanker
Initiative launched to
help students overseas
KUWAIT: The Ministry of State for Youth
Affairs seeks to enhance abilities of the
Kuwaiti students posed to study abroad, the
ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for development Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi said yesterday. The Ministry has offered all forms of support to projects that seek to realize youth
expectations, Al-Mutairi told a press conference at the launch ceremony of the “Best
Ambassador” initiative, in cooperation with
the National Anti Drugs Media Project
(Ghiras). The cooperation between the
Ministry and Ghiras offers evidence of collaboration among the state institutions to care
for youth in all fields, Mutairi said.
For his part, Ghiras Executive Director
Ahmad Al-Shatti said the “Best Ambassador”
project aims at qualifying Kuwaiti youth who
will study abroad, providing them with basic
information and skills, and educating them on
organizing priorities and the potential difficulties they could meet overseas. One of the
chief aim of the project is to educate the students on the dangers of drug taking and
addiction, Shatti added. The project comprises a plan to arm students with education,
knowledge and positive behavior through
training courses and workshops that qualify
them to live as expatriates, he noted.
The “Best Ambassador” is a voluntary project concerned with the Kuwaiti students who
are to study abroad, launched by Ghiras and
sponsored by the Ministry of State for Youth
Affairs, the Ministry of Higher Education,
Kuwait Airlines, the National Bank of Kuwait
and the Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company
(KAFCO), Director of Ghiras Student Project, Dr
Ammar Al-Hussaini said. —KUNA
Kuwaiti-Iranian cultural
relations strong: Official
KUWAIT: Cultural Advisor at Iran’s Embassy in
Kuwait Dr Abbas Khamayar described
Kuwaiti-Iranian cultural relations as strong and
special. Khamayar’s remarks came in a press
conference yesterday on the occasion of the
planned visit of Iranian Minister of Culture and
Islamic Guidance Ali Janati, which starts today.
Janati is visiting Kuwait upon an invitation
from the National Council for Culture, Arts and
Letters to contribute to a seminar on the late
Iranian poet Shams-ud-Din Muhammad
Hafez-e Shirazi (1326-1390).
The cultural and artistic cooperation
between the two countries is thriving currently, Khamayar said, adding that Iran has recently hosted a large number of Kuwaiti cultural
and art activities including formative art
gallery. Moreover, many media, academia and
cultural delegations have recently visited Iran
and vice versa, he said.
Iran is planning to hold a plethora of cultural activities in Kuwait in the coming
months including a whole week for Iranian
cinema movies, he said. Khamayar noted that
such activities play a key role in boosting people-to-people relations. —KUNA
KUWAIT: Kuwait Oil Tanker
Company (KOTC) announced yesterday the official delivery of the
4th and last Medium Range Tanker
of its Phase III Fleet New Building
Project taking place in South Korea.
“Mutriba” is the last of four
medium range product tankers
being constructed at Hyundai Mipo
Dockyard (HMD) in Ulsan, South
The ceremony took place at
KOTCs headquarters situated in
Shuwaikh Administrative Area,
hosted by KOTC’s CEO Sheikh Talal
Al-Khaled Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah.
The delivery documents were
signed by KOTC’s CEO and Tae
Young Si, General Manager and
HMD representative to the Middle
East, in the presence of Ambassador
of the Republic of Korea to the state
of Kuwait, Boonam Shin, and
ClassNK Classification Society representatives Koichi Murata and
Sayyed Farrukh Gilani.
Classed to Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
(Class NK), “Mutriba” is approximately 186 meters in length, 32 m
in breadth, and 18.5 in depth, having a deadweight of approximately
47,000 tons and a cruising speed of
15.2 knots.
KOTCs fleet with the entry of
“Mutriba” shall comprise of 29 different types of oil/gas tankers with
various capacities. By the 31st of
KUWAIT: The two sides sign the documents. —KUNA
the current month, the final vessel
of the Phase III KOTC Fleet New
Building Program “Al Kout” will be
delivered by DSME bringing the
fleet to 30 modern vessels.
These tankers are designed and
constructed to meet maritime regulatory and industry latest trends
as well as forthcoming requirements that have not yet come into
force. The vessels are constructed in
full compliance with the international and industrial environmental
requirements for the carriage of
hydrocarbons by sea with the
adoption of greatest possible spectrum for the control of discharge
and treatment of ballast water,
emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
and volatile organic Compounds
Addressing piracy matters,
these vessels are designed with
highest security measures,
equipped with the latest piracy
deterrent solutions such as Long
Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD),
high pressure water jets, razor wire
fencing, CCTV with night vision
capabilities, secure accommodation arrangement at all access
points and the application of the
Citadel concept. —KUNA
Transparency Society takes part
in international conference
BERLIN: A delegation from the Kuwaiti
Transparency Society took part in the annual
conference for Transparency International
that concluded Sunday.
This year ’s edition saw Transparency
International celebrating Kuwait’s great role in
sustaining its reputation overseas in terms of
supporting transparency values, both domestically and regionally, said society chairman Dr
Salah Al-Ghazali in statements to KUNA.
“This participation comes after renewing
Kuwait’s membership in the international
organization for three more years, which
was preceded by a thorough and inclusive
revision of the Kuwaiti branch’s implementa-
tion of the Organization’s general requirements, standards and strategy,” he added.
He carried on saying that the conference’s
agenda included, among other issues, revision of anti-corruption policies followed by
every branch under the Organization in
order to realize the best model in this
Transparency International was established in 1993 and is now present in more
than 100 countries. The movement works
relentlessly to stir the world’s collective conscience and bring about change through the
creation of international anti-corruption
conventions, the prosecution of corrupt
leaders and seizures of their illicitly gained
riches, national elections won and lost on
tackling corruption, and companies held
accountable for their behavior both at home
and abroad.
The Organization has recently elected Jose
Ugaz from Peru as new chairman, and is currently leading a campaign; ‘Unmask the
Corrupt’, which focuses on secret companies,
and how the corrupt are able to move vast
sums of stolen money through them and
enjoy luxury lifestyles at the expense of the
public, calling on the public to take action and
lend their voices to be heard at the G20 leaders’ summit next November. —KUNA