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state conference 2014 october 6-9
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report book 2014
Presidents Greeting3
Department Reports
Australian Christian Women
Chaplaincy Australia8
Church Life10
• Church Health
• Church Planting
Indigenous Initiative12
Community Engagement14
Pastors Emeritus16
Kids R Us18
Youth Alive20
Rangers NSW22
Region Reports
Blue Mountains26
Capital Country26
Central Coast27
Hunter & New England
MidNorth Coast28
North Coast29
South Coast31
Sydney Central33
Sydney NorEast34
Sydney NorWest35
Sydney South35
Sydney SouthEast36
Western Region36
Ps John & Carol McMartin
Liverpool NSW
We trust that 2014 is an ongoing season of
God’s favour and blessings for you, your family,
ministry and church.
I have heard many favourable reports this year
from around the state; healthy churches, souls
being saved, people added, new buildings been
built or renovated, churches planted, youth &
kids ministries continue to flourish – the state is
progressing well, but not without its challenges.
Also we are full of anticipation for our up and
coming state conference this year in Port
Macquarie. We have a great line up of speakers –
Sam Chand, Brian Houston, John McMartin and
the State team.
If you haven’t already registered for conference,
please register online –
state-conference.php. I encourage you to make
it a family and church team event. We have a
great children’s and youth program for 1 year
olds right up to year 12 at school. There is plenty
of free time to enjoy the company of your family,
friends and teams.
Looking forward to seeing you in October!
John & Carol McMartin
State Election Nominees
John McMartin7
Andrew Harper9
Paul Bartlett11
John Iuliano13
Chris Smith15
Matt Tickner17
Sam DiMauro19
Darren Bonnell21
Financial Report38
Australian Christian Women
ACW NSW State Leader: Bobbie Houston
NSW Leadership Update
At our last State Conference in 2013, Julie Vine
worked on my behalf to “Gather”, “Equip” and
“Mobilise” into leadership 5 girls to fill ACW
leadership gaps in the various regions, and has
continued to help foster healthy connections within
our leadership in this year. The following girls have
been newly appointed (or reactivated) within their
• Annette Bartlett - reactivated for the South
Coast Region
• Bev Spence - reactivated for the North
Coast Region
• Libby Staines - for the Western Region
• Sue Brown - for the Mid-North Coast
• Kate Klemke - for the Riverina Region
Ps Bobbie Houston
NSW ACC Australian Christian Women
Sydney South East (Julie Vine)
We continue to focus on building healthy
relationships and networks within our Region. We
do this by:
• Having small coaching sessions with Senior
• Pastors and their wives. I focus on building
a strong relational connection especially
with our ethnic Pastors wives.
• We have well attended Regional meetings
where we make time to catch up with
leaders in our Region. The women leaders
of our Region are very supportive in the
attendance of our Regional meetings.
• We are proactive in encouraging the wives
of senior leaders.
• We join in with events that happen within
the churches of our Region. We have a
combined women’s camp that is attended
by 4 other churches of our region.
• We are having a High Tea and a round table
discussion for the women leaders of our
Region. This is an annual event that draws out
great wisdom from the leaders that attend.
• We encourage the women of our Region to
attend Colour and our Regional Leaders to
attend Hillsong. The State Conference is also
well attended by the Pastors of our Region.
Mid North Coast (Sue Brown)
I have been in this role since beginning 2014. I
seek to network as much as possible with women
in leadership within each church in the Mid North
Coast Region.
Hunter & New England (Meagan Atherton)
I am enjoying getting to know the senior pastors
wives and leaders within my region. Some I am
meeting for the first time and others I already have
strong relationships with.
Key Events
• Hoping to gather senior leaders and key
women they are raising up later in the
year for a Master class with Vicki Simpson.
Vicki has recently begun running a Master
Class called ‘She’s the Voice’, empowering
preacher chicks and women with a
message. This date is still to be confirmed.
• Many of the churches in our region
are running great women’s events and
conferences for their women and showing a
real heart for unity by extending invitation
to each others churches.
Good Reports / Highlights
• Close to 200 women from many of our
smaller regional churches joined the
‘Hunter Group’ and sat together in unity
within the reserved seating at Colour
Conference this year. Many seeds were
sown and it is exciting to watch church
leaders within our region taking the Colour
message and mandate back to the women
in our region.
• In early May Roz Zaia opened her home
to host a group of our senior leaders for
morning tea and opportunity to connect,
pray and encourage one another. We
shared our lives, celebrating our victories
and current challenges. Our focus is to
continue to provide opportunities to
gather in each others homes to further
strengthen our relationships and unity
within our region. Next gathering being a
winter meal together.
• A number of Hunter churches recently
combined for training for the Shine
program and in support of ShineWALK180.
$19K was raised from the 180km walk and
will be used to run the Shine program
within Hunter schools.
Leadership Changes
• Margot McCrindle stepped down from
leading the region back in 2012. I was
privileged to be on her team during the
time that she was leading the region.
Margot focused on faithfully gathering
the female senior pastors each term for
morning tea and much valued regular
connection. These gatherings were such
an opportunity to glean from senior
leaders both within our movement and
from several senior leaders in other great
movements who Margot embraced and
• I (Meagan Atherton) have recently taken
on the leadership and look forward to
continuing the gathering of our senior
leaders to bring encouragement and
further strengthen our relationships.
Western (Libby Staines)
Key Events
• 28 January 2013 - “Intimates Night” @
Peak Hill. Began as dessert night, sharing
heart and vision with our local church girls
and ended up having 3 other churches
represented. Around 60 women
• March 2013 - About 15 girls from our church
campuses attended Colour Conference 1 & 2
• 22 March 2013 - Visited and spoke at
Nyngan for their Women’s Outreach Night.
They had a lovely evening with dinner
and lots of crafts etc planned. There were
several ladies from other churches in the
town as well as several unsaved. Probably
around 50 women...from Nyngan...I was
26-27 April 2013 - Lioness Arising training
mini-series. Began as a local church event,
but word got out and we had ladies from
not only our 3 campuses at the time but
also another 2 churches in our region. We
squeezed the DVD’s and discussion time
into a Fri night/Saturday and had 97 girls
November 2013 - I visited Cobar women’s
event. Gingerbread House making evening,
I brought a short gospel word, along with
one of my girls bringing her testimony. The
event was amazing, they had only 4 women
from the church and about 25 unsaved
ladies there! I was so honoured to see how
God is moving in their local community.
27 February 2014 - “Intimates Night” @
Peak Hill. Again dessert and sharing heart
and vision for the year, we attracted around
50 girls with 3 other churches represented
as well as our 4 campuses.
March 2014 - About 25 girls from our
campuses attended Colour Conference 1.
17 May 2014 - Regional Women’s Event with guest speaker Elka Whalan. We had
117 people attend and had 2 salvations
and 1 re-dedication. Along with our 4
campuses, we had at least another 4
churches represented. As well as boys in
suits to greet, nice desserts and coffee, an
item with a dance and great worship, we
also launched a new ministry for women
in our region called “Rahab”. This ministry
provides assistance and love to girls caught
in the sex industry in our region. We raised
around $1200 to launch the ministry.
Rahab will come under the covering of
our church, but we have already got some
volunteers from other churches wanting to
be involved.
Good Reports / Highlights
• I was definitely blessed and impacted by
the amount of outreach and great work the
girls in Nyngan and Cobar are doing.
• It was so good to see growth in each of
the events, particularly when women in
cont... 5
Sydney South West (Michelle Hobbs)
Key Events
• Pastors region events held quarterly
• Colour conference.
• On the ground there are some good things
happening within the region of the Sydney
South (South West),
Good Reports / Highlights
• Continued connections with the women
leaders in region.
• The credentialing of women in region
both older and young, single and married.
• Senior church female church pastors
registering their churches, church planters
• Attending of Colour by key leaders and
wives in region seems to be growing and
broadening, I am not sure of the specifics
however I am more aware of those who
started attending and continue to attend.
South Coast (Annette Bartlett)
Annette was recently reinstated into ACW
leadership, and will be providing a report for our
next update
On a personal note, I have not been able to put lots
of time into the region as I would like, I am coming
to the end of my Masters in Leadership, as well as
pastoring and leading two congregations alongside
my husband Grant. So life is full and living in the
stretch! I look forward to giving some more energy
to the women, they are close to my heart and I
continue to encourage them in life and ministry as
well encouraging them to attend Colour.
ent N
o mi n
Leadership Changes
• I was asked to take on the region leadership
in October 2013 as there was no ACW
leadership in the region immediately prior
to me taking on the position.
• I have been in contact by both phone and
email, with each of the women’s leaders
in ACC churches in our region, introducing
myself and starting to build rapport. I
have invited them to our regional event
and have spoken to them about doing a
group seating allocation from the Western
Region for Colour 2015.
• Locally as a church after attending Colour,
I took the Paint can concept and took it to
the streets. We were coming into easter,
so got together some invites to easter
services and put together chocolate bags
to give out to the neighbours (church is
in a residential area), and took them to
the train station as the locals came home
from work, they were received favourably.
It was great to see the team run with it, I
gave a some vision to it and they ran with
it. I am looking forward to some more
initiatives like this.
God is good and I see His girls stepping up and
forward into their purpose and destiny, this is
the smaller towns are so hungry that they
just want to be a part of something greater
than what they can see.
North Coast (Bev Spence)
• Bev was recently reinstated into ACW
leadership, and will be providing a report
for our next update
Mid-North Coast (Sue Brown)
• Sue has only recently stepped into this
ACW leadership role, and will be providing
a report for our next update
Riverina (Kate Klemke)
• Kate has only recently stepped into this
ACW leadership role, and will be providing
a report for our next update
Australian Christian Women cont...
John McMartin resides in Sydney, Australia,
and is the Senior Pastor of Inspire Church.
Inspire Church ministers to many people at their
weekly services across Sydney Metro, New South
Wales and also through their weekly television
broadcast. Inspire Community Church reaches
1000’s of disadvantaged people each year.
John McMartin
Ps John McMartin
Hoxton Park NSW
John has been the Senior Pastor of Inspire Church
since 1982. He has taken the Church from small
beginnings in 1982 to what it is today. He has a great
love to see people attain the Promises that God has
placed in their hearts.
As well as the State President of NSW ACC, John
serves ACC on the National Executive.
John is married to Carol and they have three children
and six grandchildren. All their children love God
and are serving in local churches.
Chaplaincy Australia
Chaplaincy Australia (CA) is celebrating its 15th year
of operation this year and our expanding network
continues to provide chaplaincy services across NSW
and the ACT!
Ken Fischer
Chaplaincy Australia
Ps Paul Bartlett
Wollongong NSW
In August 2013, CA NSW/ACT hosted its inaugural
Chaplaincy Australia is in a strong position as we
move forward into the future. The network is
increasing in number and effectiveness as we work
with many churches and organisations and our
greatest asset continues to be the amazing chaplains
who give sacrificially of their time and resources to be
part of our network.
o mi n
b er N
M em
Ken Fischer was appointed as the State Director in
May 2013 and is supported by a dedicated leadership
team including Anne Iuliano (Secretary/Founder),
Susan Marcuccio (AC Director of VET programs Chaplaincy), Graham Blok (NSW/ACT Chaplain - Toll
Group), Richard Feeney (NSW/ACT State Executive
Director Prison Fellowship Australia) and Jen
Wendtman (AC Chaplaincy Trainer, School Chaplain).
Network Statistics
CA currently has 219 accredited chaplains and
chaplaincy team members. The CA chaplains
are employed in full time, part time or voluntary
capacities, offering services to the Australian
Defence Force, correctional facilities, aged care
facilities, health sector, emergency services, the arts,
industry and sports and more. 45% of chaplains in
the network are credentialed ACC pastors and 14%
are from other denominations.
CA People and Events
Within this past reporting period, Terry Cahill
resigned as the CA NSW/ACT Chairman of the Board
of Directors. Kevin Brett, who served on the Board
for many years, also resigned during this period.
John Iuliano was installed as acting Chairman until
June 2014, when the CA National Board was formed.
We are incredibly grateful to Terry, Kevin and John for
their leadership and sacrificial service to Chaplaincy
Australia NSW/ACT. Ralph Estherby has now been
appointed the CA National Director and is doing an
incredible job.
CA partners with AC
In October 2012, CA entered into a training agreement
with Alphacrucis College (AC) for specialized
chaplaincy training. Since that time, AC has offered
17 courses, with 298 students in attendance. This
is a 40% increase on the last reporting period and
AC is offering 6 additional courses by the end of
2014. AC now offers courses including Chaplaincy
Essentials, Cert IV in Pastoral Care and the Diploma
of Ministry (Chaplaincy). 77% of the CA chaplains
have completed specialized chaplaincy training.
The aim of CA NSW/ACT is to care for people at their
point of need, enabling them to better cope with
periods of instability. In order to achieve this, CA is
committed to discovering potential chaplains, to
developing and training future chaplains and to
deploying chaplains into areas of opportunity and
In September 2013, CA NSW/ACT withdrew from
the National School Chaplaincy & Student Welfare
Program (NSCSWP). The five school chaplains were
transferred to Your Dream Inc., which now has 21
registered school chaplains. In October 2013, in
partnership with the Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy
Network (DRCN), CA deployed specially trained
chaplains to assist in the Springwood, Richmond and
Raymond Terrace Evacuation Centres. We now have
more than 25 chaplains trained with DRCN, who are
ready for deployment, when needed.
We are currently experiencing a season of great
favour and have many opportunities to minister to
our community. Whether in a disaster, a correctional
centre, the armed forces, a sporting team or industry,
people from all walks of life and various faith
backgrounds are being supported by our skilled
national conference. More than 130 chaplains from
all states and territories attended the conference
in Stanwell Tops, providing an unprecedented
opportunity for unity and connection across the
Paul Bartlett is the senior pastor of
Lighthouse, a thriving church in Wollongong
about an hour south of Sydney Australia.
Lighthouse is an innovative church of around 1500
members who meet in four locations along the
south coast of NSW. The church is known around
the nation for its strong focus on community
involvement, from training the unemployed to
housing homeless youth and feeding the hungry.
Paul Bartlett
Paul is also the Chaplain for Wollongong Hawks
NBL basketball team and was recently appointed
the National leader for Community Engagement
for the Australian Christian Churches.
He is an impressive public speaker with a genuine
passion to see whole communities transformed but
also enjoys working with individuals as a personal
development coach.
Paul is married to Annette and loves fishing and
basketball, and has 3 children.
Church Health 1 covers the 10 essential systems
in a healthy church while Church Health 2 drills
down into the systems the regional leader feels is
important for their region. We have also had good reports of growth from
Adrian Thornton at Shellharbour, Nathan Battishal
at Forbes, Steve Lott at Moree, David Nathan at
Wahroonga, Sydney, and Aaron Wallace at Mt
Druitt, and most recently a plant at Dungog from
Real Life Church Maitland. WELL DONE!
Citylife Shellharbour has been meeting for a
year and a half now and is progressing well.
Our focus is reaching and discipling people one
person at a time. So far we have seen two mums
and their children connected into the life of the
church. It is a slow process but we are okay
with that. Our Sunday services are strong and
we are focusing on a lounge room feel for the
service as it fits our size. We also have a small
group of people attend our service who are from
our home church in Wollongong. Their presence
and help is much appreciated and helps add life
to the service. For me the highlights are the
connections our church has had with people in
Shellharbour through a group that meets at
the Shellharbour Club and through a mothers
Adrian Thornton
iv e M
e c ut
John Iuliano
Church Health
We have been able to give a number of small grants
to successful applicants and have also sponsored
some church planters to State Conference and the
National Church Planting Course (Ignite).
e Ex
Our desire is see our state filled with healthy
churches. This is one of the NSW state executive
initiatives to see this desire come to pass. Please
contact the state office if you want a church health
seminar to come to your region.
The highlights for me have been visiting many of
the regional Pastors events and sharing the Church
Planting vision and meeting some of the fantastic
Senior Pastors around our state who are open to
God speaking to them about Church Planting.
Particular thanks go to Ron Thomas and Steve
Spence for their work over the past year. One
exciting change has been the decision to work more
through the Regional Leaders as the Core Team for
Church Planting.
Mark Zaia
Church Planting
St a t
We are adding to the seminar a coaching connection
designed to help churches navigate through the
transitions required in implementing the healthy
church systems. Pastor Paul Bartlett is overseeing
the coaching component.
Church Planting NSW
New South Wales Church Planting has seen an
acceleration of plants in the last two years with
24 churches planted in 2013 and, to date, 12 new
plants and 8 potential new plants for 2014. This is
a significant increase on previous years. Well done
particularly to Ben Staines for sending out a number
of plants over the last few years.
er N
Church Health
The Church Health seminars have been very well
received around our state with very encouraging
testimonials coming from all attendees. 7 seminars
have already been rolled out this year with a
combined attendance of over 380 pastors and
leaders. Another 2 seminars are booked in before
the end of the year.
Church Life
Andrew has been in ministry since 1990. He
began with pioneering a community based
youth service with two other people. In 1994 he
became a full time pastor serving with Ps Brian and
Bobbie Houston and in 2000 Andrew accepted an
invitation to become the associate pastor with Ps
John and Carol McMartin.
In late 2004 Andrew along with his wife Mary Ann
and 3 children planted Bay City Church which is
an innovative strong church in the heart of the
Rockdale Shire.
Andrew Harper
Ps Andrew Harper
Arncliffe NSW
Andrew’s passion to see a local church influence its
community has seen Bay City Church now partner
with 10 churches across NSW to establish a practical
food program called Community Food Care. This
program now supports thousands of people each
week while opening the door for churches to build
a relevant connection to the people in their local
Indigenous Initiative
2013 stats, we were 6- so an increase of 3.
• National Indigenous Initiative Network
Luncheon. This year at state conference
we have scheduled in another meeting to
bring people back together & also attract
other ministers/leaders who are working
with Indigenous communities. This is a
great opportunity to not only connect but
to build support and provide resources
& strategies on how to break into the
Indigenous communities.
William Dumas
NSW ACC National Indigenous Initiative
Ps John & Anne Iuliano
Chatswood NSW
• To date we have 9 Indigenous credentialed
ministers in our state.
This is the very first National ACC
Indigenous Conference. We are breaking
new ground and are believing for
impacting results in our churches across
our great Nation.
o mi n
b er N
M em
Proceedings with the first National
Indigenous Conference were also received
with great expectation all committee
members added to the value of the
conference & see it as an annual event that
will assist in networking and highlighting
Indigenous Ministries in our movement.
12-14 September 2014.
• My first official Meeting with State
Indigenous Initiative was held on the 3
April, all attended were enthusiastic and
welcoming of me and Sandra at the helm
as the new chairperson of the National
Ps Michael Dumas from Port Macquarie
has transferred from an independent
movement back to the ACC just recently.
Michael brings with him an established
church in Telegraph Point and an outreach
work in Taree, he is a well recognised
Indigenous Leader in his region.
• To kick off the New Year we scheduled in a
meeting with Ps John McMartin on the 18
March, we discussed my role, and ways to
strengthen the Initiative in our state.
I have caught up with the majority of
Indigenous Pastors in our State who are
doing well.
Good Reports
• State Conference 2013 was the first
Indigenous Initiative Network Luncheon,
we saw an attendance of 30 plus people
who were interested in Indigenous
Ministries or who worked with or in an
Indigenous Community. Participation &
networking was great with pastors sharing
experiences & keys strategies on how to
support each other back in the field. Ps
Mark Zaia from Church Planting attended
& shared on his personal journey of
breaking barriers in his church community
& the activities they have strategically
initiated to achieve this.
John has been in ministry since 1981. He has
been involved in planting and pastoring six
churches, overseeing church planting movements
both in Australia and overseas, and releasing scores
of church planters and missionaries.
Since 1996 John has been the Senior Minister of
North Shore Christian Centre, a thriving multicultural and multi-generational church in Sydney.
John Iuliano
John has a passion for missions, church planting,
education, and training of ministers. He is the
director of Church Health for the Australian
Christian Churches NSW and served as the President
of Alphacrucis College for 10 years (between 2003
and 2012).
John is married to Anne and they have three adult
Regional Roadshows
NSW ACC Community Engagement held forums to
explore principles of community development and
to facilitate discussion on fresh and creative ways of
stimulating community and economic renewal.
Local assets are the primary building blocks of
sustainable community development. Building
on the skills of local residents, the power of local
associations, and the supportive functions of local
institutions, asset based community development
draws upon existing community strengths to build
stronger, more sustainable communities for the
1.Bring awareness to NSW Churches of the
importance of engaging their Community
2.Training on how to begin Community Care
3.Connect Pastors and Leaders to their local
community leaders and potential partnerships
ea s u
rer N
o mi n
• Speakers – Peter Kenyon, Janette Malcolm,
Gary Hourigan, Andre Van Eymeren, Russell
Deal and Donna Crouch
• Delegates – Fifty three organisations were
represented at this year’s Insight conference,
including 33 faith based and 20 non-faith
based organisations.
Speakers at the upcoming Lighthouse Community
Conference ( in 2014:
• Tim Costello – Baptist Minister and CEO
of World Vision, Tim Costello is one of
Australia’s most sought after voices on social
justice issues, leadership and ethics, having
spearheaded public debates on gambling,
urban poverty, homelessness, reconciliation
and substance abuse.
• Hugh Mackay - a social researcher and the
author of fourteen books – nine in the field of
social psychology and ethics, and five novels.
His latest book, The Good Life, came out in
May 2013, and his sixth novel, Infidelity, will
also be published in 2013, “The pursuit of
Paul Bartlett
NSW ACC Community Engagement
y / Tr
Moving forward, I would love to see ACC churches
linking arms with community organisations (Christian
or otherwise) in a greater way, loving and engaging
with people of all walks of life, even if they never step
a foot inside our churches. As part of the new focus,
we’ve changed the name from Community Care to
Community Engagement. This is not about shifting
away from social justice issues but about better
reflecting the wide range of community activities
already undertaken by ACC churches and leaders.
Community Engagment Conference
Insight Community Conference is conference for the
community about the community. Its purpose is to
empower community leaders to create transforming
community solutions, through inspiring stories,
relevant key note presentations, practical workshops
& take away resources and an opportunity to network
with other likeminded community leaders.
In recent years Donna Crouch has done a fantastic
job lifting the profile of Community, encouraging
our movement to embrace the area like never before.
Donna Crouch is now shifting to an oversight role
for all national departments and I will be taking
on the role of ACC national leader for Community
During these forums over 250 pastors, community
and civic leaders have been able to hear Peter Kenyon
speak on Asset Based Community Development.
Over 50 organisations have been represented
and strategic connections have been made with
community leaders.
Se c r
Name Change and National Appointment
I have been appointed as the new ACC national leader
for Community Engagement, taking over from Donna
Crouch who shifts to an oversight role for all national
departments. This is in addition to still leading in this
role in NSW.
NSW Regions visited between 2013 and 2014:
• New England Region
• North Coast Region
• Hunter Region
• Central Coast Region
Community Engagement
Chris is married to Sharlene and has 3 young,
active sons. Together Chris and Sharlene
pastor Citywest Church which is in Seven Hills, in
the Western Suburbs of Sydney.
They are strongly linked with the local community
through a ministry hub in the middle of Lalor Park,
which has a high percentage of low socio economic
and hurting people burdened by addictions and
long term unemployment.
Chris Smith
Ps Chris & Sharlene Smith
Seven Hills NSW
Chris has been on the Sydney Norwest Regional
Executive since 1997 fulfilling the roles of Treasurer,
Secretary and Assistant Leader. His mix of pastoral
and administration gifting has helped strengthen
and facilitate the region with nearly 50 churches of
different sizes, many being ethnic in make-up.
Chris was elected in 2012 in this role and has loved
serving the state and equipping our churches and
Pastors. He is excited to be nominated for another
Pastors Emeritus
‘Pastors Emeritus’ has been operational throughout
AAC around 4-5 years, but officially launched in the
2013 National ACC Conference.
Once a year we produce a News Update newsletter
that goes out to all in NSW ACC Pastors Emeritus.
Ivan Herald
NSW ACC Pastors Emeritus Director
Ps Matt Tickner
Campbelltown NSW
o mi n
ent N
• Keeping regular contact. It takes me
around 9 months to phone (sometimes
SMS) everyone on the list (all 200 pastors).
• Pastorally caring for our senior ministers.
• Responding to prayer needs.
broadcast email urgent prayer requests
& encouragement just to our NSW ACC
Pastors Emeritus.
Here is a list of the various activities we conduct in
NSW ACC Pastors Emeritus.
At State Conference we get together for a luncheon.
You are most welcome to join in on that day as we
honour together our Pastors Emeritus. Contact
Ivan for luncheon location, date, timing and cost.
V ic e
What It Is Not. NSW ACC Pastors Emeritus is not
our ‘old pastors.’ May we never encourage that
thought. It is honouring those who have so capably
served and continue to serve our fellowship. We
salute their tireless contribution over the years.
Scope Of Pastors Emeritus
The primary function of NSW ACC Pastors Emeritus
is to honour and pastorally care for our senior
ministers. We owe so much to them. In NSW we
include all ministers over 65 years of age in NSW
ACC Pastors Emeritus. Currently, that is just under
200 ministers. Only 15% are retired. The rest
are very capably and energetically ministering in
various roles throughout the State.
• Ivan, on behalf of the State Executive,
attends to floral tributes at the funeral of
any Pastors Emeritus pastor, attending
where possible.
• Occasionally get groups of Pastors
Emeritus together and have Morning or
Afternoon Tea to catch up & express State
Executive appreciation.
• Produces a yearly Newsletter for NSW ACC
Pastors Emeritus.
• Conveying current information/data
change with State office.
• Recognising major events (when informed)
eg: Golden wedding anniversary etc. of
Pastors Emeritus pastors.
• Sending Birthday cards on 65, 70, 75, 80 etc
Matt Tickner is a Pastor at Hillsong Church,
and along with his wife Tam Tickner, oversee
the South West Campus in Sydney.
Matt has been a part of Hillsong Church since its
early days, served in various capacities, and been
in full time ministry for seventeen years. He is
Matt Tickner
passionate about life & leadership, and helping
people live the adventure God has for them. He
currently also serves as part of the Australian
Christian Churches NSW Executive.
Matt & Tam have been married for sixteen years,
and have two beautiful boys, William and Obadiah.
We have also been working with many churches
across the State, assisting them in putting together
policies and procedures in these areas.
NEW Working with Children Check – NSW is being
introduced in NSW over the next few years. Kids
R Us has been working with the State to assist
churches with accurate information to ensure we
are meeting the guidelines.
er N
Kids R Us NSW partenered with a children’s
ministry team visiting from Cambodia. Providing
opportunities for training for them and the
opportunity to visit churches in our Nation and
attend our National Kidshaper Conference.
Safe Places Unit
To date for 2012-2014 455 people have completed
the NSW ACC Towards Safe Places workshop which
covers Duty of Care, Child Protection, Safe Ministry
Leaders and Safe Environments and Programs.
Kids R Us team travelled to Sri Lanka in 2013 and
ministered to 1000’s of children and trained local
children’s workers.
Alice McInnes
NSW Kids R Us State Director
iv e M
As a movement we are also in the process of
developing and implementing SRE training
modules across the State for Scripture schools in
accordance with guidelines to ensure scripture
teachers are meeting standards for accreditation.
State Conference
The children’s programs at the NSWACC Pastors
and Leaders State Conference have been a great
highlight in the last two years with children
experiencing God and being ministered to.
e c ut
Scripture In Schools - SRE
To date for 2013-2014 we have 245 authorised
teachers to teach Scripture In Schools in State
primary schools.
Training for Leaders
Training events for leaders have happened right
across our state – in individual churches as well as
in regions.
e Ex
Kids R Us
St a t
Conferences for Children
There have been many great conferences and events
happening across our State for children. These
include Xplosion, Young and Ready Conferences
and Camps. At these events we have seen children
empowered, reached with the Gospel.
Sam Di Mauro is the Hills Campus Pastor
of Hillsong Church. He has been part of the
Hillsong team for seven years, in which time he has
served as a Service Pastor, Connect Group Oversight
as well as Lecturing in the Bible College. Sam is also
an Executive Member for the Norwest Region.
Prior to joining the Hillsong Team, Sam served Ian
& Joan Woods at Hawkesbury Church for 12 years.
Sam Di Mauro
Ps Sam Di Mauro
Bella Vista NSW
Sam has been married to Kylie for eighteen years
and they have four beautiful children; Matisse,
Avalon, Marlon & Santina.
Sam & Kylie are passionate in their love for God,
seeing souls won for Christ, and seeing unity,
strength & growth amongst our ACC churches.
Youth Alive
Ps Darren Bonnell
Tamworth NSW
Youth Leaders
No EXO this year
No EXO this year
Impact Leaders Day
Combined with Young
Leaders Retreat
Impact Leaders
Ministries Represented
Groundswell Salvations
Big Exo Day
*2012 as 2013 isn’t until Oct.
Big Exo Day Salvations
*2012 as 2013 isn’t until Oct.
o mi n
b er N
M em
Scott Samways
Youth Alive NSW
Y.L.R. ran over two days on the central coast with
multiple key speakers. For the first time we opened
Y.L.R up to any leader in the church by having
specific break out sessions for the area of ministry
they are in. This year the break out streams we
offered were Kids Ministry, Youth, Leadership and
Creative. We have had very positive feedback and
are looking into ways of offering more options for
next year’s retreat.
Youth Alive NSW Staf f / Key Team
We have had a couple of changes to the key team in
Youth Alive NSW. As a result of Sanga being based
in Newcastle, Darren McMahon (who has been
with us for over 5 years), has become the office
manager, making sure everything is happening for
the year and overseeing the day to day running of
the office and staff.
Young Leaders Retreat - February 2014
Our biggest win this year for Youth Alive NSW was
in combining Youth Leaders Retreat and Young
Guns to form what is now known as Young Leaders
Youth Alive NSW events 2013 - 2014
Impact Tour - October 2013
Impact Tour is about empowering the local
churches and allowing Youth Alive to sow into
leaders. We keep the ticket prices to a minimum
so as to cover the cost of the tour so that it is not a
financial burden on people who attend but at the
same time is beneficial to those individuals and
their ministries. This year we are excited to have
Cam Bennett on tour with us. We are working with
the regional leaders to get the word out in their
respective networks that this will be a day they
won’t want to miss!
Groundswells May/June 2014
We have held 14 Groundswell events throughout
NSW with a further 3 more still to come later in
the year. These events have been the best so far,
when it comes to working with the regional leaders
and youth ministries, as far as organization and
budget are concerned. This year we looked after
the advertising, printing and wristbands cost but
gave each regional leader a budget to work from.
In doing this we have doubled the profit from
last year’s events which has put Youth Alive NSW
in a better position financially than before. We
anticipate that working closer with the teams even
more next year will enable us to see how we can
support them more and grow the attendance for
both the Groundswell event and also in their local
*combined with Young Guns
(3 more events to go)
(3 more events to go)
Darren Bonnell is the Senior Pastor of
Northwest Church Tamworth.
Active in ministry for 22 years and Senior Pastor of
a local church for 9, Darren has a passion for people
and the local church, especially country churches.
His love is his wife the gorgeous Bron and his three
children blessed with their mother’s good looks and
sharp mind.
Darren is known for his authenticity and obsession
with sport.
Darren’s heart is for people lives and local churches
to rise and flourish.
Darren Bonnell
Rangers NSW
Over the past 2 years Rangers NSW has held many
training events for our Leaders, training them in
various aspects of our ministry and has held many
exciting State and Region camps for our Rangers.
What is new?: We now open up all our camps to
those young people who do not usually attend
a Group of a local church. Rangers are now
encouraged to bring along a friend!!
Training Highlights:
• In 2012, February, we trained leaders
in all aspects of the Rangers Ministry –
‘Fundamentals’ Course.
• In 2013, our leaders were trained in the
‘Towards Safe Places Workshop’.
• Another course we conducted in 2013
was a new ‘Camping Skills’ Course, which
included teachings on camp layout, camp
kitchen, how to build a grease trap, tents,
how to keep warm when tenting, types
of fires and fuel, axes, camp cooking/
methods and also risk assessments.
• In 2014, training was in Risk Assessments
(to identify hazards, assess risks, control
risks, review control measures.)
• Another training course held in 2014 was
‘Archery’ – Training leaders to safely lead an
archery session.
Camp Highlights:
Our camps continue to be well attended, with many
families joining with their children to attend these
camps with them.
• In 2012 in September, we held our
Spring Youth Camp at Castle Mountain,
Wiseman’s Ferry. Our theme was ‘Dreams’.
Guest speaker was Ps Darren McMahon.
This camp was aimed towards the youth
age. He spoke on… Am I living my dream?
Am I making the right choices to reach my
dream in life? Activities included camp
cooking/camp ‘oven’ cooking, canoeing,
abseiling, mud world, bush walking,
navigation, archery, electronics, visual arts,
pottery, our evening camp fire, and our
Pinewood Derby race.
In 2013 in March, we held our ‘Family’
camp at Morisset with the theme
‘Puzzles’. Our guest speaker was Natalie
Miller, Ventriloquist and Evangelist. This
camp was run for the ‘whole’ family.
Activities included unravelling puzzles
and challenges, our evening camp fire,
canoeing, archery, mud world, tree-top
challenge, the giant swing and high ropes.
This was one of our largest camps with 190
in attendance.
In 2013, September, we held our Spring
Youth Camp again at Castle Mountain, and
the theme was “Everybody is a Genius”. Our
Guest Speaker was Ps Tepa Faletose, Senior
Pastor of Cross Central Church, Batemans
Bay. Again this camp was aimed towards
the youth. Activities were centred around
our theme on ‘talents’. It included spending
time together to get to know each other in
the group, was about finding everyone’s
strengths and talents and working
together as a team, learning camp skills,
and meeting new people. Other activities
were Rogaining, raft building, archery,
canoeing, bush walking, camp cooking, the
evening camp fire and the Pinewood Derby
In 2013, the Sydney Region organised a hike
from Killcare Beach to Bouddi National
In 2013, the Nepean Region held a camp
at Grose Wold. The theme was “Free”.
Activities included abseiling, hiking,
archery, camp skills, firecraft, bush
activities and our evening camp fire.
Speakers were organised for all age groups.
In 2014, we held an ‘Adventure Day’ at
Olympic Park, Homebush, for the whole
family. Young people followed clues to
unravel hidden messages, used a compass
to crack a code, solved puzzles and then
swam in the Aquatic Centre.
• In 2014, we have held 2 Regional camps at
Grose Wold, both with the theme “Solid”.
Activities included abseiling, canoeing,
archery, cooking a baked dinner in a fire pit,
evening camp fire, and many camp skills.
Speakers were organised for all age groups.
• We have not held a March Family camp in
2014 as we are getting ready to hold our
National Camporama in January 2015 and
we wanted to give families an opportunity
to save up for this camp. This event only
happens once every 4 years. The 2015
Camporama will be held at Stanwell Park
at “The Tops” Conference Centre. Any
young person is able to attend. We will
also be celebrating our 50th Anniversary of
Rangers in Australia.
Our mission has been to see children and youth
know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and to be
discipled and mentored along their journey in
Rangers. As a State body we facilitate this through
the running of our camps and outdoor adventure
activities and the training of leaders. The local
church Group is responsible for their weekly
discipleship/mentoring program.
At our camps, we have also included mentoring
topics for example … alert, clean, honest,
courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient and
6th - 9th
Over the past 2 years, our State team have been
very committed to our mission. These people are
capable and skilled and have been a real blessing to
the Rangers ministry.
Many young people and families have been
impacted with the Gospel through Rangers. We
have celebrated many first-time decisions and rededications at our State and Regional events.
Book now:
Liz Robinson
NSW Rangers NSW Director
nsw acc state conference
6-9 october
port macquarie
We are now only 9 wks away from our largest
annual fundraiser known as the Sydney to the
Hunter Cycling Classic. This can only mean one
thing and that is, “I need to train and it’s so cold at
the moment”. Fortunately for all of the riders, our
great friends at the Castle Hill RSL have helped us
to secure sponsored “ indoor spin classes” at the
amazing C2K fitness and aquatic centre. The classes
will help all of the riders build up strength and
endurance as we get put through an intense 45mins
of conditioning building.
Partnerships such as this one with the Castle Hill
RSL really assist ONE80TC to bring more awareness
into the local community about the life saving
work we are involved in and at the same time the
community gets to know where to source the kind
of help and resource we offer.
New Initiative
These are exciting days at ONE80TC after years of
desiring a garden and a program to help introduce
gardening skills to our young men we have partnered
with Food Ladder and TAFE NSW Western Sydney
Institute from Richmond Outreach.
Recently 13 students completed the “Introduction
to Horticulture” – Course in Vocational &
Community Engagement and received certificates
for this milestone. The students of ONE80TC
have continued learning from Paul O’Reilly from
the TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute about
seed propagation, building garden beds, soil
requirements, bush tucker and much more.
We have relocated the Green House to another
area on the property that now includes steel and
hay garden beds. We are waiting to have a fence
put around the new garden area to keep out
possums and kangaroos. Students started the next
horticulture certificate in July!
Key Event
Friday 17 October 2014, 6:30pm
Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Arts
Black Tie - $250 p/p or tables of 10 $2500
Guests attending the formal rooftop affair will
be lavished with first class entertainment whilst
being fine dined and wined by prestigious award
winning caterer “Fresh Catering”, on a sumptuous
three course menu overlooking Sydney’s magical
Harbour and cityscape.
All funds raised on the evening will support
the ongoing work of ONE80TC, a not-for-profit
organisation established in 1977 to provide longterm residential treatment and rehabilitation
services for young men (18-35) wanting to overcome
life controlling issues.
Tickets to this event are limited.
To secure your seat please click on the link below or
contact Raelene on 02 8884 0505.
Mark Hill
Chief Executive Officer
nsw acc state conference
6-9 october
port macquarie
Dr Sam Chand is a well known speaker, and author
of the Ladder Series; Developing a Leadership
Culture, Futuring, What keeps pastors up at night,
plus many more!
Dr Chand will bring many truths that will liberate and
empower us forward in Gods purpose. His passion is
mentoring and developing leaders to break all limits
in ministry and in the market place.
Group of 10+
ACC Retired Pastors
140 ea 150
JUNE 30, 2014
160 ea
Register at:
JULY 1, 2014
170 ea
Blue Mountains
Leadership Changes
Due to Pastor Eric Roggeveen taking a sabbatical for
an extended time. Pastor Kevin Brett was appointed
by the State executive to assume the role of leader.
An executive meeting was held in Bathurst where
Pastor Kevin informed the executive of the changes
at this time.
At the end of 2013 we had a Christmas dinner which
was well attended by all the churches in the region.
It was a time of great fun and fellowship.
The year started with the Wollongong 24 hour
retreat for Senior Pastors where we had a day
session with Pastor Paul Bartlett The time was very
valuable, discussing issues concerning Pastors and
our personal well-being, some lateral thinking in
relation to the church and community, Paul sharing
how the church can be the leader of the community
rather than being irrelevant.
May 29th we held our annual General meeting and
elected a new executive who are, Pastors Steve
Blackwell, Graeme Summerson, Frank Zuvela Ian
Bartley and Jack Hanes. We also had two sessions
with Pastor Ray Andrews addressing issues around
burnout and self care from an emotional and
theological perspective. There was a lunch together,
enjoyed by all . Again it was well attended by most
of our churches.
Reports from the churches are positive there is
a greater involvement of the Samoan churches
in regional events. A new church was planted
in our region by Hawkebury Christian Church in
Springwood - Faulcon Bridge in the Blue Mountains
Called Mountains Church which has been running
since the beginning of 2014. Pastor Frank Zuvela
from Lithgow Christian Life Centre celebrated 20
years of Pastoral ministry in Lithgow.
There were Two OMCs and Three PMCs received
in late 2013, early 2014. This has been a bit quiet
however there has been some enquiries for OMCs
in the past two months. We were able to welcome
and pray for all the credential recipient at our event
on May 29th.
Coming Events
The next big event will be our end of year dinner .
An event was planned for August but has had to
be cancelled. An executive meeting is planned for
August 14th to plan out the next twelve months.
Ps Kevin & Marilyn Brett
Capital Country
We have seen strong, steady growth in our
churches over the last two years, keeping in line
with our national 7% per year target for the ACC.
Churches have reported many new commitments
and rededications, particularly among the youth.
Life UC under the leadership of Ps. Sean and Lynda
Stanton report great favour with their community
through the new Health Centre and Early Learning
Centres located on their property.
Capital Edge Church has also seen rapid growth and
have recently taken on a central campus at Forrest
Primary School near the parliamentary triangle.
Two churches have gained registered status –
Goulburn and Gilmore in Canberra and Life City
Church has planted a church at Queanbeyan.
Jindabyne now has new pastors, Pete and Jacey
Richards who have taken over from Marc and
Heather Hunter who have moved to Japan.
The number of credentials processed in our region
in the last two years is as follows:
• SMC – 5
• PMC – 9
• OMC – 6
We have been blessed at our regional pastors and
leader’s events by the ministry of Mark Edwards,
Nick Resce, Tony Rainbow, Ian and Yvonne Zerna,
Danny Guglielmucci and Mike Murphy. Our Region
Retreat which we hold in March each year has
gone from strength to strength with some 50-60
Our annual Regional Ladies conference – Wise Up
- has grown to over 250 ladies in attendance. The
ladies have enjoyed the ministry of Jane Evans,
Janine Kubala and Donna Crouch.
In May, 2014, we farewelled Ps. Gloria and Bob
Neale. Gloria and Bob have pastored at Nation Light
Church for 10 years and she and Bob have recently
relocated to Queenscliff, NSW. Gloria has assisted
as the Region secretary for the last 8 years and we
will miss her input. We wish her and Bob every
We are thankful to the Lord for building His church
in Capital Country Region and are believing for
increased momentum and expansion, favour in
our communities and a harvest of salvations in the
years to come.
Ps Jon & Edith Cathie
Central Coast
We are excited to welcome Brad and Amy Hagan
who have been appointed at Shelley Beach, who
are now the Senior Pastors of ‘Thrive’ Church. And
happy to say that two women in our region have
received their OMC’s.
We would like to thank Mark and Jacqueline Bohr
for their service in this region and wish them all
the best in their future endeavors. Once again our
prime regional Youth Alive Event Groundswell have
had great success, with all of our youth and young
adult ministries represented and with hundreds of
unchurched attending.
We are seeing right across the coast more and more
engagement with the community as the different
churches are coming up with creative ideas on how
to interrelate with unchurched people. There has
also been great advancement with Chaplaincy in
the local schools.
Many of our churches are laying fresh foundations
in preparation for the next season they are
sensing God leading them into. And, as their
mandate becomes clearer, they are becoming
more specialised. Maintaining a strong culture has
also been a big focus, but with now a greater lean
towards evangelism and expansion through their
own unique expression. Many of our Senior Pastors
are wanting to transition their leadership to another
level, developing into more of a Senior ‘Father’ figure
in order to make room for the next generation.
Ps Murray & Suzanne Newman
Hunter & New England
It has been a real honour and privilege to begin to
serve as the regional leader of the Hunter & New
England regions in this past 18 months. There are a
few people I would like to thank:
Firstly, I would like to thank Ps Phil Camden who
passed on the leadership baton to me in February
2013. I continue to be amazed and inspired as I
watch and pray for Phil & Lenore as they walk
through this health challenge.
Secondly, I want to thank Ps Wayne Williamson
who after many years of faithfully serving on our
region executive, stood down from his role in June
Finally, I’d like to thank the current Hunter & New
England team who are a great leaders and friends.
The current team is:
Michael Lott (Region Leader)
Macquarie Life Church.
Grant Atherton
Real Life Church.
Greg McKewin
Bay Life Church.
Shannon Riley
Hillsong Newcastle.
Gary Barnier
New Hope Community Church.
Darren Bonnell
Northwest Church Tamworth.
Roseanne Vujic (Region Secretary)
Macquarie Life Church.
Some information and highlights from across our
• We currently have 26 Churches in the
Hunter Region and 7 in the New England
• Ps Trent & Leisa Haddow are the new
Senior Pastors of Terrace Christian Church
in Raymond Terrace and Ps Luke & Rachel
Main are the new Senior Pastors of Hope
Valley Church in Cessnock. Congratulations
to these great young leaders.
• Well done to Ps Greg & Stacey Allen who
planted Lift Church in May 2013 and
continue to be a great addition to our
• In the past 2 years we have presented 7 new
OMC credentials, 22 PMC credentials and 3
SMC credentials.
• The regional events have been very healthy
and well attended. In the past 2 years we
have had John Iuliano, John Morgan, Tony
Campolo, Ben Houston, Kevin Brett, &
Matt Tickner speak at our regional nights.
It’s been great to have such quality input
into our region.
• At one of our regional nights a year we
have had a focus on ‘emerging leaders’.
These nights have been inspiring for all
emerging leaders within our region as well
as challenging for pastors and leaders to
be intentionally raising up and developing
• Youth Alive has had some great
Groundswell events across our region and
continues to do a great job in reaching and
impacting a generation .
• And for all those who were wondering, we
currently have $5,730.16 In the bank account
Looking forward to a strong finish to 2014 across our
Ps Michael & Lauren Lott
Mid North Coast
Thanks for reading this summary of various
activities of the Mid North Coast Region over this
conference period.
This two year flyer is hard to comprehend and with
it has come a number of changes – all are significant,
here are a few from during this period.
• Our church in South West Rocks has come
back under the oversight of Ps David Betts
as Ps Allan and Jan Jones have retired due
to Jan’s ill health. We are thankful for their
service to the SWR congregation and
believe the best for them in the days ahead.
• Ps John and Judy Harwin have continued
to bring OneLife Taree to a place of health.
There is a real buy-in from the congregation
toward their ministry with great support
toward regional events and applications
for credentials.
• Kevin and Dawn Matters leading Destiny
Church are in a place of health with steady
growth and new opportunities during this
coming conference period to move their
congregation into a premises in Taree.
• Ps David Betts and Ros are now in their
30th year of ministry at Frederickton and
continue to lead a steady church with a
focus toward Kairos Goal Ministry and
ecumenical support for local churches.
David continues to serve also on the MNC
• Ps Phil and Sue Brown have partnered with
Charles Sturt University which has meant
a major renovation to their facility. Ps Phil
continues to serve on the MNC Executive
and I am very thankful for his ongoing
• At Honour we are finally having our road
sealed (the only dirt road left in Port
Macquarie). After 25 years our new road
will mark a new chapter in the life of our
• Forster CLC remains steady with one of
their biggest initiatives being an outreach
to men in the MNC southern region that
has attracted as many as 120 men for their
monthly gatherings.
• Ps Russell and Lorraine Saunders continue
in Purfleet their outreach to the indigenous
• 3 new works will join our MNC Region this
conference period with Ps Mike Dumas
transferring his Telegraph Point and Taree
church back to the ACC. And Lifehouse
Coffs Harbour sent Phil and Natalie Jupp to
plant in South Kempsey.
So joining the dots gives a small snapshot of our
regions health, hotspots and hopeful opportunities
this conference. It’s our privilege to serve God and
lift the name of Jesus in this amazing region.
Ps Mark & Cher Van Der Veer
North Coast
The North Coast region has continued to experience
encouraging progress with strong health and
forward vision over the past two years.
The region now consists of 32 churches, with a
sense of stability and longevity of pastor tenure.
Over the past 2 years there has been a total of 25
new credentials, consisting of 3 SMC, 12 PMC and
8 OMC credentials. The three accredited teaching
colleges we now have operating across our region at
Ganggalah Tweed Heads, Life Church Ballina, and
LifeHouse Coffs Harbour, are producing a string of
great new leaders equipped to move into more of
what God has for them.
Regarding new churches, in November 2012
LifeHouse Moree began its Sunday meetings
and in May of this year they opened their new
Bargain Centre. This has been a very positive and
encouraging growth in meeting the needs of
Moree. Another highlight has been the church
plant at the University of New England by Armidale
Community Church. The new church named
University Community Church began meeting in
February of this year and is in a healthy position.
Other positive news was that Vibe Church in Tweed
Heads has now acquired their own building,
positioning Senior Pastors David and Louise Nahi
well for a long and stable future. In Lismore Joy and
Allan Stiles have been operating a very effective
ministry throughout the local public schools with a
program designed for teenage girls; they are seeing
great results and impacting their local community
with this ministry.
Other positive news is that there is a strong overseas
missions focus throughout many churches on
the North Coast. In particular Pottsville Church,
Ballina Life Church, Eastgate Church and LifeHouse
Church have all seen excellent results coming about
through their international missions efforts.
Worthy of note is also the launch and development
of care ministries throughout the North Coast
Region particularly in the area of food pantries,
bargain centres and care houses. Both Ballina Life
Church and LifeHouse Moree have recently opened
facilities, and already Ballina is seeing an impact in
over 250 households each week. LifeHouse Care
Community Services in Coffs Harbour now operates
four bargain centres all with food pantries and their
Care House is currently positively impacting over
8000 people per year. They now have government
and non government agencies referring people to
them for assistance, and are engaging in more and
more proactive solutions to help people in genuine
need in the local community.
A number of great Regional Recharge days have
been held throughout the region at various
locations, guest speakers were, Paul Bartlett, David
McDonald, Ray Andrews, Murray Avril and John
Iuliano as well as local speakers. Our Regional
Recharge meetings encourage, inspire and build
relationships with our pastors and teams. We’ve
also had Senior Pastor Retreats, and Pastors
monthly breakfasts. Each of our 5 regional exec
members has the responsibility to run these
monthly breakfasts in their sub regions and this
helps towards maintaining church health and
strong relationships.
A Pastors Intensive was held in the region in Sept
2013 and saw 34 people attend. This was a great
opportunity for Pastors to develop their skills and
not have the added expenses of travelling to other
locations further away.
In the area of Chaplaincy there are approximately
25 chaplains currently training. Chaplaincy has
continued to build bridges of chaplaincy service and
support across the North Coast region into many of
our schools, aged care facilities, sporting clubs, fire
& rescue organisations, Coffs Harbour Marine and
Yacht Club.
Some Chaplains accredited with Chaplaincy
Australia on the North Coast are also accredited
with DRCN (Disaster Response Chaplaincy
Network) under Dr Stephen Robinson of the Uniting
Church. This is a great sign of how CA Chaplains are
growing in connection across the nation to serve
communities in times of major disasters including
bushfires, floods or other potential natural
In Youth Alive news the Youth Leaders Impact
Day held at Grafton, Groundswell at both Coffs
Harbour, and Ballina were all very successful events.
The impact day had Ps Stephen Lott from LifeHouse
Moree speak with 70 key leaders from across the
region. There was an incredible “family” feel with a
number of new youth ministries attending. Ballina
had a record amount of youth ministries attending
at its second Groundswell, with over 22 youth
ministries from across denominations attending.
Youth Alive National Director, Cam Bennett, spoke
at both Ballina and Coffs Harbour events. Coffs
Harbour Groundswell had a great night with a large
number of decisions for Christ. The team are looking
at ways to continue the momentum and building
youth leaders across the region towards the end
half of the year, especially building up a larger group
of senior high students and young leaders who will
continue to take the region forward. A team of over
60 volunteers across our region made our events
run successfully.
Over the next two years we are believing for further
growth and an ever increasing desire to reach
the lost. Thank you to all who are a part of our
unique and fruitful region and we look forward to
experiencing more of the power, grace and favour
of God as we serve the Lord with you in the greatest
cause on earth.
Ps Steve & Bev Spence
Following successful and well-received ‘Holy Spirit
Encounter’ nights in Wagga in mid-2013 and then
Temora, we held two further regional nights. The
first, held at the Great Aussie Resort (near Albury)
in March 2014 was attended by people from Leeton,
Deniliquin, Henty, Culcairn, Tumut, Walla Walla
and Tumbarumba. Many took the opportunity to
stay overnight at their own expense and fellowship
together the next day over an informal bacon and
eggs breakfast thanks to the Leeton Community
The second event was held in Deniliquin in May, with
participants from Cobram, Barham, Deniliquin,
Echuca, Yarrawonga and Albury. As part of this
weekend, North Gate Church from Lavington also
sent delegates to minister in Deniliquin, Barham
and Echuca for Sunday Church gatherings with
great success.
Feedback from all events has been overwhelmingly
positive, with testimonies of healings (many
were healed and testified to significant healings
without anyone laying hands on them as healing
power was released from within God’s presence),
breakthroughs, baptisms in the Holy Spirit and
release from emotional issues, as well as people
being generally encouraged in their walk with the
Lord. Many also appreciated the opportunity to
fellowship and network with others, a vital growth
tool for our often small and isolated Churches.
Senior ministers Ps Pat and Dave Morris along
with the Kings Christian Church in West Wylong
officially opened the doors to their new facility on
November 3, 2013, a testimony to their faithful work
and a great witness to the community.
An end-of-year Christmas luncheon and meeting
was held in Wagga Wagga on Friday December 6. It
was attended by 17 Riverina pastors and leaders. It
was a great day and an opportunity for the Riverina
Pastors to bless and farewell Senior Pastors Aaron
and Megan Jackson from Kings Christian Church
Wagga as they venture to Sydney.
A Christian Health Seminar (following on from 2
previous Church Health Seminars in 2012 and 2013)
was held on Saturday February 15 at North Gate
Church Lavington with Ps John Iuliano.
Riverlife in Henty hosted Lindy Chamberlain
Creighton to their area, and had a great response
from the community. A lot of people were touched.
For Riverlife, a great out-reach has been the Rangers
program. For Mother’s Day they invited the Ranger
parents for dinner at the church, which was very
Leeton Community Church has been tracking along
well, they are busy changing and improving a lot
of their structures as they deal with greater than
expected growth. They are currently in a period
of prayer and fasting, seeking God for direction
about the possible lease or purchase of a building.
Additionally four of their men are heading to the
Philippines in early July for what they hope is a long
term partnership of practical and spiritual missions
work in the Cebu region.
Tumbarumba Community Church has enjoyed
a productive start to 2014, with a dozen leaders
attending the Church Health Seminar presented by
Ps John Iuliano, as well as the regional Holy Spirit
Encounter at Hume Weir Resort hosted by Ps Jason
Mannering. The 5 TCC Home Groups have gathered
at one location for 15 weeks, to walk out ‘The
Discipleship Journey’ presented by Ps John Iuliano
from the big screen, followed by group activities.
They celebrated the conclusion of The Journey
with our ‘Kingdom People Dinner’! (Dress Theme:
“Like a Sir”!). TCC celebrated 10 years of Blossom
ministry - placing value on motherhood - in May
with an Annual Black & White Gala Dinner, and
hosted a Blossom Team Decade Celebration Dinner
with all past and present team members invited to
join as an expression of thanks for their grace-filled
servant hood over ten years! TCC also participated
in ‘National Day of Thanksgiving’ through gifts,
certificates and acts of service. They are particularly
proud of their ZION Youth washing the Community
Cars and Buses as an expression of gratitude to this
amazing service in the community.
The Riverina NSW Youth Alive ‘GROUNDSWELL’
events are always a great for impacting and shaping
the generations with many responding to the
invitation given.
There is clearly a great hunger in our region for the
‘greater things’ that Jesus said we would do through
the Holy Spirit’s work knowing that Jesus Christ is
the same yesterday, today and forever! A huge part
of the focus for such events is to equip the Saints
for acts of service, convincing them that each ones
calling and anointing lines up with Luke 4:18-19. The
healings, breakthroughs and testimonies that came
from this first event were crazy, all glory to God!
New Church Applications and Credentials
Emmanuel for Life Ministry Inc is planting a Church
in Coolamon.
An African Church which has been operating in
Wagga for approximately 18months is looking to
bring their church into the Australian Christian
We had a number of PMC and one OMC applications
completed, and 3 more PMC’s and 2 more OMC’s are
in progress.
Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce
also that I have tendered my resignation as the
Riverina Regional Leader, as has my Regional
Secretary Kate Cann. I’ve been the Regional Leader
since 2007, which has been an absolute honour and
privilege and I want to sincerely thank the executive
for this opportunity. I simply feel that this season has
now come to an end as other doors are opening and
that it’s the right time for a successor with whom I
look forward to supporting and encouraging.
Ps Jason & Treena Mannering.
South Coast
Regional Events
The last two years has seen many regional events
take place. Each year is split between our Regional
Retreat and additional regional meetings held
throughout the year.
Regional Retreats
February 2013, February 2014
• Held in Ulladulla, the region’s retreat is
attended by 40-50 leaders from churches
around the region. In the past two years,
we have had the privilege of hearing from
Kevin Brett, Mark Zaia, Bruce Robertson
and our own local leaders with a focus on
succession planning and developing and
releasing leaders.
Regional Brunches
Nov 2012 / May, Aug, Nov 2013 / May 2014
• These meetings are held over brunch and
allow pastors and leaders in the region to
get together for encouragement and prayer
support in a casual setting. Since October
2012, we have had the opportunity to hear
from NSW State President John McMartin,
Stephen & Sandra Fogarty (Alphacrucis
College), as well as input from Regional
Leader, Ron Thomas.
State Conference Lunches
October 2012, October 2013
• In addition to the regional brunches, every
year the pastors in the region catch up
over lunch at the State Conference in Port
Upcoming Events
• The regional executive is endeavouring to
ensure that regional events consistently
address issues that are currently affecting
pastors and churches in the region. Future
regional events will also have a stronger
training focus with more substantial
input. Our next training day is scheduled
for August 30 with guests Michael &
Valerie Murphy sharing on church health
and development. To combat the vast
geographical distance of our region, subregion meetings will be held to help build
relational connections in different areas of
the region.
Good Reports
• Adrian & Liz Thornton planted Citylife
Shellharbour in February 2013 and have
been going strong for the past 16 months.
They are continuing to meet weekly with
a life group and a Sunday service with a
vision of helping to win Shellharbour one
person at a time.
• Lighthouse Wollongong has commenced
an exciting Community Based Church
Planting process earlier this year in the
Northern part of Wollongong under the
leadership of Grant & Jess Lowe.
• Citylife Church is seeking an appropriate
property for their Wollongong Church
to enlarge their presence within the
community and release further ministries
and outreach opportunities.
• The Dapto Church has benefited from
effective oversight from Inspire Church
Liverpool and is currently being rebranded
as Inspire Wollongong looking to God for a
new season of increase.
• Cross Central at Bateman’s Bay has
commenced multiple services on Sunday
mornings and is building contacts in
other local communities leading to future
Church plants.
Regional Executive
Ross Stewart was released at the end of 2013 from
his role on the executive to pursue a ministry
opportunity in Sydney. We thank Ross for his
tireless service of the region and wish him all the
best for the future.
Lionel Rattenbury from Helensburgh joined the
executive in February 2014 and has taken on the
responsibility of overseeing the churches within
the Northern part of our region. Lionel’s insight
and keenness to help develop the region further
has been positive and is a welcome member of the
The Regional Executive as of June 2014 is:
• Ron Thomas (Regional Leader)
• Andrew Thomas (Youth)
• Lionel Rattenbury (Region North)
• Tepa Faletoese (Region South)
In 2013, four leaders were issued with ministerial
Adrian Thornton – PMC
Deb Kuhna – PMC
Linda Pesavento – PMC
Grant Lowe – OMC
There are currently six other leaders within the
region who have initiated the application process.
Looking Ahead
We are excited about the plans that are in effect
for a church plant in Narooma and the work being
done towards rejuvenation of the Ulladulla Church.
Our constant challenge is to recruit and raise up
effective Church leaders, particularly in the coastal
communities of the region.
Ps Ron & Heather Thomas
Sydney Central
Good Reports
Regional Events:
• Our regional events have been going from
strength to strength seeing our largest
attendances to date.
• The atmosphere of these have been
reflecting the growing sense of community
as we’ve been encouraging and fostering
relationships between pastors. There’s a
greater sense of belonging with pastors
connecting beyond the events.
• Seeing churches get connected and lean in
is always encouraging which has happened
with a few more on the fringe. One church,
where the flame was nearly out, we saw
a new pastor come in and it’s now going
strong and a part of the family.
• One of our events was a senior pastors
dinner hosted in our home which was a
huge success in connecting and where our
pastors were encouraged by a word from
Ps John McMartin
New Initiatives
• Groundswell came to our region in 2013 for
the first time kicking off strong with 640
youth gathering and 30 decisions for Christ.
• We’ve been working with and encouraging
many of our smaller churches to step
out and build various ministries that are
enabling them to expand and grow like
youth, children’s or care ministries.
• It’s also been fantastic to see a couple
of churches get established in rented
buildings. This has resulted in one of our
churches seeing considerable growth.
• It’s been so good to see various churches
appoint youth leaders and start building a
youth ministry as we’ve been working with
them and encouraging them through this
• It’s a healthy sign to see teams growing and
people fulfilling their call and becoming
ordained. During this period we’ve issued
39 credentials. (27 PMC, 12 OMC) And we
have quite a few in the pipeline.
Number of Churches & Church Plants
• The number of churches in our region
is currently 43. And we have another 6
churches that connect with us for our
• After a quieter period where prior to this
several churches had planted out from
in our region, we have had one recent
plant and a few recent applications being
2013 Financials
• Overall, we’re in a healthy strong position.
• There are a few churches with unpaid dues
leaving us under budget by $1,600
• Our expenses were all to budget.
Regional Events:
22nd November
Looking For a Strike End of Year event
18th April
Let’s Talk Church Evening Event
29th April-2nd May
ACC National Conference
Groundswell Central
23rd May
Central Pastors Connect (Morning event)
1st-5th July
Hillsong Conference
15th August
Senior Pastors Dinner
12th September
Let’s Talk Church Evening event
7th-11th October
NSW State Conference
21st November
End of Year Party (Evening Event)
9th April
Central Pastors Connect
16th May
12th June
Pastors & Leaders Dinner
Regional Exec Team
Leader: Stephen Farr
Administrator: Sri Srikanthan
Team: Steve McGhie, Evan Peet,
Nathan Bridgewater, Barry Saar
New addition:
Ken Fisher was added in 2013
to assist with overseeing Credentialing
Ps Stephen & Rebecca Farr
Sydney Noreast
We absolutely love the Sydney Noreast Region,
the beaches, bush land, cafes, culture, churches
and people. We are delighted to have recently
been appointed as the Regional Leaders for Sydney
Noreast and look forward to an amazing season
We would like to thank and honour Ps Nathanael
and Bec Wood for the leadership and friendship
they have given our region over the past seven
years. We pray God’s richest blessings on them in
their future journey with Hillsong Church. Our new executive team consists of old and new
faces. Ps Ralph Estherby (Breakthrough Church)
and Ps Terry Appel (Mona Vale CLC) bringing a
wealth of wisdom; and Ps Stewart Ross (North
Shore Christian Centre), Ps David Nathan (The Hive
Church) and Ps Jerry Groenestyn (Hillsong Northern
Beaches) bringing new passion. The Noreast region, which consists of approximately
25 Churches, 12 of which are Ethnic, has held some
fabulous events recently which have included:
• A Senior Pastors and Credentialed
ministers special event with beautiful
worship and round table workshops for
our Senior Pastors, Associate/Assistant
Pastors, Worship/Creative Pastors and our
Generational Pastors proving a great way to
develop relationships and an opportunity
to glean from one another. • Groundswell, a sensational Youth Alive
event, which Ps Richie Marrett hosted with
over 400 youth from our region attending
and 35 young people committing their lives
to Jesus!
For the remainder of the year we have a number
of events planned, including a Regional Night for
all leaders and volunteers hosted at Breakthrough
Church, a Women’s Event and an End of Year party
for everyone! We look forward to the opportunity to help unite,
equip and inspire those in our region. We hope to
strengthen existing churches, plant new ones and
look to see a greater number of men and women in
our region receive credentials.
As a region we look forward to all God has in store
for us and will be praying for His hand of favour and
blessing on all Australian Christian Churches. We
look to experience God’s will being done ‘on Earth
as it is in Heaven’. Ps Glenn & Clare Wysman
Sydney Norwest
Our region continues to thrive!!
Our Regional events are always well attended…
our end of year Christmas Dinner for 2013 was
a fantastic night with delicious food and great
fellowship, we also had the honour of Ps John
McMartin as our guest speaker.
Since last year’s report we have seen seven OMC’s,
thirteen PMC’s and one SMC presented within our
Sydney Norwest Region and we look forward to
witnessing the expansion of our region through
their faithful work.
The last twelve months has also seen changes to
our Region Executive…one of which was Pastor
Chris Smith who now serves as the secretary for
the State Executive…we know the State will be
richly blessed by the excellent training he received
while serving with Sydney Norwest!! We also had
two new team members join us…with Ps Sam
DiMauro and Ps Chris Bonsu being a welcome &
wise addition to our Region Executive.
We as a Region are looking forward to the days we continue to see lives impacted by
His grace & love.
Ps John & Cat Cannone
Sydney South
The ACC South Sydney Region covers a large area
of the state of NSW and has had positive growth
in the last year. Currently we have 49 churches and
104 pastors; of this number of pastors, 56 hold an
OMC credential, 52 with PMC’s and 3 SMC’s. It is
also encouraging that we are seeing more women
and young people receiving their credentials. We
have also had one certificate of fellowship and two
pioneer churches.
The Regional Executive has had a change in
personnel under the leadership of:
• Ps Grant Hobbs (senior pastor of Liberty Hill
Christian Centre and Revival Life Centre).
• Ps Matt Spokes (Inspire Church, Liverpool)
Assistant Leader
• Ps Andrew Periasamy (Influence Church,
Campbelltown) appointed in March as
• Ps Matthew Waqanivalu (Revival Life Centre,
Penshurst) appointed in March as Secretary
• Ps Matt Tickner (Hillsong Macathur)
• Ps Lex Rayment (Open House Church,
• Ps John Guerra (Fairfield Community Church)
Regional Nights
Within the two year period we have had at our
regional events some outstanding guest speakers
to minister into the lives of our pastors and leaders
• Ps Wayne Alcorn (ACC National President)
• Ps Alun Davies (ACC National Vice President &
National Missions Director)
• Ps John McMartin (ACC NSW State President)
• Ps Ken Harrison (Former NZ AOG National
Also our own executive team have been involved in
The regional night begins at 7.00pm with a supper
for connection and fellowship, followed by a half an
hour Q&A session with guest speaker, senior pastors
and their key leaders. This is followed by a service
where we give out credentials, pray for pastors and
be blessed by a message from the guest speaker.
Ps Grant & Michelle Hobbs
Sydney South East
Martin & Julie Vine
• Andrew Harper
• Mark Bridgewater
• Raymond Kim
What’s been happening?
We are continuing to assist and coach local Pastors
throughout the year. We also are intentional about
meeting with small groups of pastors over lunch to
discuss any needs and how we may be of assistance
to them. There are now 18 churches relating to us in
our Region.
Working Together
We worked together in mission over the past 12
months with the Fijian Pastors. We were able to take
a team of 12 into Fiji to work with several churches
there. Sharing at their National Conference about
the need for Pastors to experience an encounter
weekend was received with a very positive response.
The Superintendent for the Western Region strongly
recommended that all newly ordained Pastors and
their wives attend a two-day encounter. Our team
was stretched but it went really well. This was an
amazing time of blessing with over 60 pastors in
attendance with amazing testimonies at the end of
the course.
Regional Events
We like to begin the year with the prophetic ministry
so our first Regional event for 2014 was in February.
Fergus McIntyre ministered in the prophetic to
our Pastors and leaders and everyone was greatly
encouraged. Our second Regional event was in May
and we encouraged Pastors who had participated
in the NCLS to bring their results. We spent the night
strategizing ways to lift areas that needed attention
and Pastors and their teams who attended went
away with fresh ideas to move forward.
We have seen a good growth in both church health
and new people throughout the region.
Over the past conference period, I have enjoyed
the challenge and the privilege to work alongside
a number of our ethnic churches and pastors. On
behalf of Pastor John McMartin and the State ACC,
I have tried to make myself available to our nonEnglish speaking churches so as to assist them in
their unique needs and challenges.
Generocitychurch planted a new work in Forbes
with February being the official launching date.
Nathan and Mel Battishall spent 2013 gathering a
core group of people meeting as a connect group to
start with.
They stand with a regular 50-60 people in February
and is steadily growing.
In Parkes both the AOG Parkes and Generocity
church are seeing growth and due to their different
styles attract different people to them which shows
the town of 8 to 10,000 plus people can easily have
more than one church of the same movement.
Overall the region is in good health.
We have three Regional days to encourage the
pastors and leaders.
Julie Vine has been doing an excellent work among
the Pastor’s wives in our region with another well
attended and much enjoyed High Tea where they
were totally spoiled.
• In February we met with Ps John McMartin
and in June we had our third Church Health
Seminar on Vision and Values which was
excellent and well received.
Our next Regional Meeting will be in August and
Mark Zaire will be sharing on this evening. We have
had a good variety of ministry in our Region and
the majority of our Region events have been well
attended and well received.
• In September we have Ps Wayne Alcorn as
our guest speaker.
Personal news:
Julie and I are still happily married and we now have
7 Grandchildren under three! Loving life!!
Ps Martin & Julie Vine
We have received 7 PMC and 3 OMC applications
this year.
Ps & Bev Mark Pearce
Coming up with strategies to assist our ethnic
churches need to be very flexible and fluid, as what
may work for one particular culture may not work
for another. Also, my role on behalf of the State ACC
is not in competition with the work of our Regions,
who continue to do their best in connecting with all
their churches.
At present, one third of our State ACC movement
is non-English speaking churches. This in itself
provides a huge challenge, as this portion of
our movement can easily become isolated and
disconnected from the main body of churches.
Compliance Issues
A real challenge with the recent changes to the
Working With Children Checks and Toward Safe
Places has meant that a high number of our ethnic
churches are at risk at being ‘non-compliant’ with
State Government guidelines. Dealing with this
has taken much time and effort, however we
are working hard to address this as we know it
ultimately reflects on our ACC movement in the
eyes of the Australian Government.
Church Dues
We continue to work in assisting churches that
have defaulted on paying their required dues. We
have had relative success, which has seen us ‘save’
a number of churches that were in danger of being
closed due to their continued non-compliance in
this area.
New Churches and Credentials
Assisting pastors and leaders with their credentials
continue to be a source of joy as it is a privilege to
meet them and hear what God is doing in their
churches. We should be very proud of some of
the wonderful ethnic churches we have in our
movement. Also, our ethnic churches continue to
church-plant throughout our State at a rate that at
times exceeds our English-speaking churches. Well
Regional Initiatives
Under Pastor John McMartin’s direction, each
Region must now have a designated ‘Ethnic Church’
executive member whose primary responsibility
is to connect with each and every ethnic church
in their respective regions. This is harder than it
sounds due to the difficulty of the language barrier.
But due to the increased ‘compliance’ issues, we
cannot afford any longer to have any disconnected
churches within our ranks.
A final thought:I think the State and Regions are doing everything
within their power to breach the cultural and
language divide that can exist within our church
numbers and they should be acknowledged for
their efforts.
If I could have one wish … it would be if our churches
would actually keep their contact details up-todate. It is very frustrating when contact cannot
be made. Unfortunately, I am a simple pastor and
not a ‘Sherlock Holmes’-style private eye skilled in
tracking down elusive people. “We cannot help you
if we cannot contact you”.
Finally, I would like to specially thank Betty Goulimis
and Heidi Thomson for their tireless efforts and
assistance to me.
Barry Saar
Financial Report 2013
YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2013 20132012
INCOME Dues 591,051 603,282
Interest 15,757 16,755
State Conference 201,209 206,610
Sundry Income 31,042 37,224
TOTAL INCOME 839,059 863,871
Audit fees 4,570 4,218
Advertising - 3,414
Bank Charges 2,947 2,667
Computer Expenses 6,434 8,952
Consultancy fees 3,000 4,000
Depreciation 2,511 3,203
Executive Expenses 68,885 80,280
General Expenses 143 1,814
Gifts and Flowers 14,725 17,246
Insurance Premiums 5,272 5,963
Legal Fees 3,000 1,734
Office Rent 23,781 25,488
Printing, Postage & Stationery 13,263 9,425
Salaries & benefits 112,776 124,397
State Conference 207,418 225,553
State Department 198,818 214,746
Telephone & fax 9,002 8,737
TOTAL EXPENSES 676,545 741,837
Accumulated funds at the beginning of the year 122,034 ACCUMULATED FUNDS END OF YEAR $284,548 $122,034
BALANCE SHEET - 31 DECEMBER , 2013 20132012
ACCUMULATED FUNDS Funds at the beginning of the year 281,443 159,409
Surplus ( Deficit ) for the year 162,514 122,034
Funds at the end of the year $443,957 $281,443 REPRESENTED BY
NON-CURRENT ASSETS Fixtures & Furniture - at cost 32,520 32,520
Less Accumulated Depreciation (22,523)
9,997 12,508
CURRENT ASSETS Cash at Bank 510,396 356,501
Petty Cash - 200
Receivables 39,959 19,605
Prepayments 14,735 5,384
565,090 381,690
TOTAL ASSETS 575,087 394,198
CURRENT LIABILITIES Payables 26,073 23,793
Future Income 90,838 82,780
Leave accruals 14,219 6,182
TOTAL LIABILITIES 131,130 112,755
NET ASSETS $443,957 $281,443
Financial Report Summary
The two year period of 2012/2013 finds our accounts in a very healthy place. We tracked on budget, with a nice
surplus at the end of the period. Cristy Olmos, who administrates our accounts, has done a wonderful job, and is
to be thanked and applauded for the way she has managed our finances with me. We are truly blessed to have her!
One of the many positives is that our church planting account (funded from a percentage of your dues) is continuing
to grow, meaning that we are in a position to generously support the start off of new church plants. So...dream big
and present to your region a well thought through and prayed through business plan. I look forward to seeing your
submissions and seeing towns and suburbs impacted-better in church plants than our bank account!!
As a movement we continue to move forward in strength in numbers, churches and our finances. I count it a privilege
to be a part of this fantastic movement.
Ps. Chris Smith
Unit 408 / 12 Century Circuit, Norwest
PO BOX 6747, Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153
[email protected]
P 02 9894 1555
F 02 9894 1552